PHD 279: A Pilot's Goodbye
PHD 279: A Pilot's Goodbye
Summary: The pilots gather to toast Hale off to the Elysian Fields.
Date: PHD 279 (1/22/2010)
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Pilots' Berthing

Matto has just gotten the sign-up sheet, punny opening line and all, finagled up to the berthing wall, and has signed up Moonshine on one of the teams. Five more slots, he looks at the thing a moment longer, evidently considering writing something further. But finally he just hangs the pen there. Nope, Kissy's not going to ruin the memorial game falling all over himself out there.

Eddie pushes into berthings with a burden of a cardboard box occupying her hand. She doesn't bother closing the door behind her, as she's obviously expecting someone or several some ones to filter in. She sets it on one of the steel chairs near the table and starts pulling out cups. "Matto-man." She greets simply.

Harrison arrives from the Corridor B - Deck 12.
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"Oh, hey!" Kissy turns around, "Need an extra set of hands?" He stands there, those hands outstretched, offering his services. "I hope you don't mind, I gummed up that sheet for the other memorial."

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"Of course not. Gotta fill up the rest of the teams in order for us to play, right?" Eddie's over by the tables, pulling out stacks of cups. She hands Matto a mug or two as he's offered to help. "Just set these out for me so I can start to fill them up." She's solemn in her work for once, not having the heart to kid around right now, it seems.

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"Sure, anything you need," Kissy replies, helpful and succinct, himself. he sets down the mugs and then begins to unstack the cups, grabbing up four or five at a time and upturning them to set out along the tabletop in more-or-less tidy rows. Okay, maybe there's a little drift.

Harrison enters from the corridor, still in uniform, but this time with a piece of gauze taped over his forehead. He pauses on his way to his door, watching them set up glasses. "What's up?" he asks after a few moments of watching.

Roubani barely got off CAP in time for Eddie's gathering. Still in flightsuit and with his dark hair in style: 'Plastered au Helmet', he's unzipping his collar as he comes down the hall towards the sound of what voices have congregated.

Eddie squints into the bottom of a mug and makes a face, then uses the bottom hem of her tank top to wipe out the inside of it. Good enough for viper jocks, besides, alcohol will kill anything right? "Just stick around for a minute, it'll be worth your while." She tells Harrison, just as she pulls out a bottle of Ambrosia from the box.

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Jupiter wanders out of the Head after being in there for Gods know how long doing Gods know what. She definitely had a shower amid all that Gods know stuff, because she's wearing a towel when she steps out, and her hair is wrapped up in one. "Oh, cups. That means drinks are imminent."

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Matto looks up to the field Trip, about to answer, but, then, as Moonshine takes
care of it, he just gives her a low-key smile. And waves to the Poet, before going back to setting out cups in a methodical enough fashion.

Harrison blinks as the ambrosia appears, then leans up against a bulkhead and crosses his arms. "Looks that way," he observes to either Fingers or Mooner. He does stick around in either case.

Roubani lifts his hand to Matto and Eddie, and others along the way. He tugs off his flight gloves, flexing his cramped fingers before scratching them through his flattened, sweaty curls. Yum.

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Once all the cups are out, Eddie moves the empty cardboard box to the floor and nudges it out of the way with her foot. "Drinks, yes." She tells Jupiter, quirking a bit of a smirk but there's not any happiness behind it. Roubani gets a chin up nod in greeting, and then she goes back to the task at hand.

The hatch leading to silver's pod is shoved open with a boot, and the fatigues-and-tshirt clad form of the 11th's erstwhile CAG lumbers on into the berthings' main hub. He's carrying a duffle bag across one shoulder, its contents probably not a change of clothing given the odd thunk and rattle. The flight suited Roubani, along with the rest of the loitering pilots, get a somewhat brusque "evening, boys" in unisex greeting. The duffle's slid off his shoulder and onto a couch, and he clambers up so he's sitting on the back of it, with his combat booted feet planted in the cushions.

Accompanied by the jingle of dogtags, Willem moves wordlessly out of the actual squadron berthing areas, into the berthings hub itself with a tight-lipped expression and a lazy, rolling walk. He too has a duffel bag slung over his arm, although he doesn't appear to be in any particular hurry to get where he's going.

Samantha is just out of the shower from her last CAP, her hair damp and odd duty sweats still slightly clinging to faintly wet skin, but she's ready to party and has 16 hours off to drink and subsequently recover. She gives a quiet, saddened smile as she heads in the room, a few nods in the directions of the others…

Eddie's made a round through berthings and some of the other off duty area, drumming up people from air-wing as she was able and trying to herd them into pilot country. Now that people are starting to filter in and fill the spaces, she's working on distributing a bottle of Ambrosia between various drinking vessels. Not a lot is poured into mugs, plastic cups, and what not, just enough to give everyone a taste of one of the last portions of private stock left on the ship. Castor's name is floated around when asked where Eddie got the drink, and no doubt Mooner's going to pay heavily for it in one way or another. She starts to distribute the glasses with Matto's help until people get the idea that everyone should take one, and she herself appropriates two.

Thorn follows through the still open hatch a few moments after Kai, still clad in his blues. The top two buttons are undone, and a cigarette dangles from between his lips. Luckily, there's no CAP for him in the near future, so he's free to get as plowed as he likes; there are some good things about light duty, anyway. He accepts a cup of ambrosia from Eddie with a thin smile.

"Captain." Roubani greets Kai in return, lifting his chin slightly. His flightsuited arms fold, for lack of anything better to do with them, as he leans against the corner of one of the couches, eyes flickering from face to face. When the cups of liquor come around to him there's quite a long hesitation, but in the end he does take one.

Harrison takes hold of his glass as Eddie pushes it into his hand, staring down into the liquid for a few moments. Free ambrosia, as scanty an amount as it is, is nothing to be frowned upon. He does, after a few moments, look back up with a question lingering in his eyes.

Matto drifts backward from the table once his work there's done, watching Moonshine with the uncertain sort of fondness that comes of watching someone in prayer or other intensely personal activity. His chin tips up with a sudden attention when his help's needed again, and he takes up two mugs and turns aside, handing off one to Fingertips and another to Beece, as they're nearby, then turns and takes another two, venturing a little further, repeating the process until a brief scan of the room shows that everyone who wanted one's gotten one. And remembers, in an afterthought, to take one, himself.

Right now, Rocco's dressed for sims and CAP for those back to back performances that can be called on, so if there is booze, it will be light. His flight suit tied at his waist and left there,allowing for the gun to hang at the side. What? He doesn't want to have to come back for it, at all. One hand moving to rub the side of his face, before coming to stop before Eddie. Hand out for a cup. "Gracias."

Kai seems like he might eschew the ambrosia entirely. He hesitates a good twenty seconds before pushing back off the couch with a soft grunt, and hooking one of the leftover mugs with his fingertips. "Nice of you to put this on, Morales," he tells the young woman quietly, closing his free hand over her shoulder and giving it a solid squeeze. Then he finishes brushing by her so he can pour himself a finger or two of the booze once it comes his way.

Samantha accepts one of the glasses of Ambrosia, not sipping yet, apparently waiting for a… toast, maybe? She wasn't really certain how this worked. It never felt right… never felt good. She wanted to celebrate, but for the moment she just exchanges looks between a few of the crowd and that bit of green in her hand…

Jupiter pauses to tug on a pair of sweatpants folded against the crook of her arm, shimmying them on up and under the towel. She reaches for a cup without hesitation. She doesn't seem particularly sad about the occasion, but that's simply because one must never mix sadness with booze. That's what assault is for. She tucks the top towel a little tighter, and considers briefly going for a shirt, then decides to stick with the towel and pants since the booze are in here.

A girl should be dressed up for things like this. Fresh from the head, Reverie slips into the crowd keeping quiet. She really didn't know the man that well, but she was the one who was sent to try to find him. And so she stays quiet, wrinkling hernose as ambrosia is passed around.

Handing off a glass to Rocco, Mooner starts, "I'll make this short and sweet, at least from my end. If everyone would raise their glass." Eddie looks around the room, meeting some glances, avoiding others. Kai gets slanted a small wavering smile in greeting as she's glad to seem him here above all, the squeeze from his hand bolstering her up for this schtick. Being solemn and serious and mourning outwardly isn't her typical fare. "This one is for Lieutenant Abraham Hale, a writer, a hell of a pilot. A husband. A friend. One of the best damn wing-mates I'll ever have, and had Captain Marek not had the presence of mind to stick him on my ass like glue, I'd never had made it this far. I owe him more then I could have ever repaid, but I'll start with one drink." Mooner lifts her glass, leaving the one that's presumably for Hale's memory on the table. "I'll see you on Elysian Fields, my friend. Warm me up a spot." And with that, Eddie tosses back the round of green liquid, her eyes closing against the welcoming burn.

Still not really interjecting, Wil looks around, a few glances akin to a man who might be described as a little 'out of his element.' "A lot of us owe Rabbit something." He finally does speak, flashing a little bit of a reserved smile. "I know I do." He starts fumbling in his pocket. "I think the most remarkable thing about him was how it would happen effortlessly. He'd never make a big deal out of it."

Harrison lifts his glass in toast as well before he tosses it back, then wipes his mouth. He remains silent for the moment, just listening as Willem starts speaking.

Jupiter raises her glass with Eddie's words. She nods, and 'so say we all' mutters the best damn wingmate bit. "To the least backwater shit from Leonis ever to grace the tubes. May he talk dirty in Elysium, and pave the way for the rest of us." She tips her cup, and pounds back the shot in a gulp. "Happy trails, Bunny."

Roubani lowers his eyes as Eddie finishes. Briefly, as if simply turning things over in his head. The normally-reserved Viper pilot is no less so tonight; even with the floor open to speak, if there's a dedication it's made quite privately. His shoulders shift up and down as he draws and exhales a slow breath through his nose.

Samantha raises her glass quietly, "One of the finest men I ever flew with…" It's all she manages to say, but she means it, quiet, oddly gentle for her usual self. She leaves it there, swallowing back a moment later…

Reverie raises her glass in the toast before bringingthe glass to her lips. She doesn't say anything and just wrinkles her nose as the polishes off her ambrosia.

Thorn nods in Willem's direction. "And me." He raises his glass. "T' Abraham Hale, who died so my arse could make it back home in one piece. He died as well as any of us could hope t'." Not one for stirring speeches, is Komnenos. He mutters a 'so say we all' before tossing back his own drink in one swift gulp.

Matto seems momentarily tempted to retreat to some other region of the room, but a glance to Rocco and one to Reverie later, he simply retains his post at the corner of the table, holding a cup in front of him in both hands as his attention fixes on Moonshine. He lifts the mug, still in both hands, listening in turn to Moonshine and Willem and then letting a smile have at his mouth at Fingers chimes in. "To the Viperbunny. The Lords know the kindness he showed me in this life. Let them show tenfold that to him now." And he drinks with the rest.

Rocco raises his glass. He didn't know the man that well at all. "Ha avuto un pene enorme. E sapere? Qualche gente gradice quella. La sua moglie per esempio, probabilmente amato esso. Cosi here' s a coniglio. Un buon uomo. Grande pene. Scopata felice…" muttered out. Probably some old Thracian saying. The man was in his Squadron, and deserves something as fitting. A hold of his glass. "So say we all." uttered back, before taking his own shot of Ambrosia down.

Kai re-situates himself on the back of the couch, one booted foot anchoring him on the floor while the other digs into the cushions. As the other pilots pitch in with short epithets for the man, Spider's looking a little discomfited. Public speaking's never been his forte. When the toast comes around to him, he murmurs, a bit hoarse-voiced, "To a good friend, a damn good pilot, and the best deputy I ever had. Ba'sal ama'ti, Rabbit." The cup is turned between his fingers, and then its contents are tipped back in a single swallow like most of the others'. Yeah, that burned a little.

Eddie turns her face away from everyone and grinds a fist in her eye briefly. Blech. To hide that 'moment', her empty cup gets tossed back into the cardboard box and then the box gets nudged out in the open so others can do the same once they finish off their Ambrosia. Just like that, an entire bottle is gone, but one doesn't go that far when you pass out that many shots and it was likely open to begin with. And it went to a good cause. She clears her throat, lifts her chin again, and offers a wane smile at the kind words from others. Wow, even Marek drank.

Catching Rocco's statement, Wil looks between him, Thorn, and amongst several other pilots. Getting himself a cup and pouring himself a snort, his mouth clenches. "Beatae Memoriae, boss. Bibo ergo sum. Just like you'd want it. Sorry, man. We're all a little less with you gone." And with that, he banishes the platitudes, the toasts, and just says, "I'll think of you with every chrome chunk I take out of a Raider's ass."

Matto finishes downing the drink in time to slowly turn his head to find the voice speaking in Thracian. 'Cause that was certianly no old saying he's ever heard. Of course, how well could he possibly know Thracian, being from Leonis? Still, he just lets the moment go with a soft huff from flared nostrils, not quite a laugh.

Thea was here long enough for the toasts, tucked in the back of the room with her cup o'send off for Hale. As Eddie starts the box around, she finishes off her drink then slips out.

Iggy moves off her spot at the wall after knocking back her shot and heads for the box. "I only knew him briefly," she tells Eddie, voice low and quiet. "But he was a damned good pilot and a good man."

Rocco glances over towards Wil just once as he hangs the mug off of his finger, and shrugs slightly. What? He's no good at these things, so he said what he'd want said over him… A cough and he's nodding to the words. "Frakkin' A." Agreement there from Caveman before he's looking back towards Matto. The look almost seems as if to say, 'What?'

Roubani is one of the last people to finally drink, downing the single finger of ambrosia and softly clearing his throat. Though he hasn't said a word himself, he offers Eddie a subtle, thin smile. Eyes turning down to the cup then, he tilts his wrist, moving the bottom of the empty cup around in a single circle.

Samantha silently reaches a hand over to the base of Thorn's spine, gently… not speaking after he does, or even to him, but giving a press of her warm fingertips in attempts to reassure him… Or perhaps just give a hint of stability.

Kai's lips twitch slightly when Willem speaks. A hint of melancholy that's subsequently smothered. He clears his throat lightly, balances his cup on the back of the couch, and reaches for the duffle bag he brought. "All right, listen up for a moment. I, uh, I've been told there's a tradition in the eleventh.." The zipper's tugged open, and he begins withdrawing a few items: a pyramid jersy for the 'Virgon Volunteers'. A pack of cigarettes, still in cellophane wrapping, with a price sticker from some long ago nuked mini mart that's not quite been scratched off. "..where when a pilot buys the farm, his shit gets auctioned off to the rest of the wing." A pyramid ball that's clearly seen some use is next, set down on the couch cushions. A cigarette lighter with a 'playboy' bunny decal. "So, I got the Chief to break off his lock." Lastly, a full bottle of rum is withdrawn, and plunked down on the table.

Jupes tosses the empty into the box, then glances across the room, from one pilot to the next. Her attention turns to Kai when he notes the tradition, then she watches, with interest, as the contents of the locker are presented. Namely, the booze. We have tone. "Nice."

Harrison makes his way to the box to drop off his empty before he looks toward the contents of the locker. He stands quiet for a few moments, then shakes his head and starts making his way through the crowd toward the hatch to the hallway.

His head rapidly darting from person to person still, Willem's gaze briefly focuses on Rocco. "Learned that on Tauron." He explains tersely before downing his cup with a quick, almost businesslike gulp. As the contents of the Late Lt. Hale's locker are arrayed, his forehead wrinkles in a pensive fashion and he takes a step backwards. Away from the box.

Eddie sees the items that Kai drags out. "Dibs on the jersey." Her eyes glance around, seeing if anyone will buck her for it.

Something about that doesn't feel right. Reverie winces a little and just shakes her head. She starts to head towards the hatch, hoping to leave in an inconspicuous manner.

Matto steps forward and shifts to the side a little to set his cup among the others in the box, turning his eyes toward Field Trip a moment as they meet there, then to Marek, whose words give him a little pause. He looks a little uncertain about this particular custom, but eventually he eases into motion again, shifting the other direction and backing up before turning and heading along a course toward the Poet to see if he wants him to take the empty cup up for him.

Roubani leans back against the wall as the shark circling begins on Hale's possessions. His expression is tough to read - not disapproving. Distracted, a little bit, his eyes focused on the items and mouth in a thin line.

Rocco moves up a little as the contents of the locker laid out. One hand riding up to run over his chin on consideration, before he's looking blankly back towards Willem. "Ah." responded back, as his cup is set down, finally. "I'll put in for the cigarettes." Those should go like hot cakes. But it seems he is at least isn't going for any of the personal possessions. Leave it to his friends to snag a lighter or something.

"First crack at the rum," Jupes glances over to Eddie and grins. Nope, Fingers isn't about to go for the jersey. Fingers clearly doesn't have a problem with the wing auction of Hale's belongings. She probably would have been elbow deep in the lockers contents shortly anyway.

Thorn looks over at Eddie with another of those humorless smiles. "As long as I get th' lighter." He undoes the remaining buttons on his blues, letting the jacket hang loosely on his frame.

Eddie nods to the others who speak up for Hale's belongings. No doubt Rabbit's wife was given first dibs and these are the items she wanted to go to the pilots. It's not like Kai's doing this maliciously, it's just…the way. Nothing wasted in this world, not anymore. "And the ball can be donated to his memorial game."

Rather than outright disapproving, Willem simply gives his head a little shake, a slightly drawn look on his features. The same one he's had a lot for the past several days. "Not for me. I'm out of this one. Respectfully."

Samantha smiles a bit more to see his stuff being brought out, though she doesn't chime in for it… she wasn't as close to him as some. She studies each piece though, remembering, thoughtful…

Spider is not a delicate creature, by any stretch of the imagination. And he clearly has no compunctions about getting the Deck crew to break off the lock to his dead best friend's belongings, so he can marshall them out to his other friends. The silent disapproval, the reticence from some of Kharon's pilots, seems not to deter him in the slightest. He catches up the lighter and tosses it Thorn's way once it's claimed. The jersey, once it appears nobody wants to fight her for it, is held out to Eddie. "You got it," he murmurs, in regards to the pyramid ball. And the rum? Well, believe it or not, it seems like Jupiter's the uncontested winner. "The rest of you, lighten the frak up," he chastises, a little gruffly, as he pushes up and off the couch. "This isn't a memorial service. It's a godsdamned toast to our former friend and wingmate. He sure as shit doesn't need this stuff, where he's going." And, in a rare moment of pique, the CAG's headed for the hatch. "Enjoy your evening."

Cigarettes taken, Rocco's looking at the pack and begins the tell tale actions of packing that thing right away. A look back towards Thorn "Hey, Amigo." added to the Raptor driver. "When I open this, I'll see you get a couple out of the pack before I smoke them all." And with that he's checking his watch, before moving to file out behind the Captain. He's got CAP and stuff.

Matto hovers by as his helpful gesture seems lost on the pensive Nadiv. Awkward, he turns, and leans one shoulder against a free patch of bulkhead, moving one hand to pat the Poet lightly on the shoulder.

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Roubani stiffens slightly at Kai's reproach, knocked out of his thoughts. No apology offered for his naturally reserved manner, though, his other flight glove peeled off as he turns to head for the head. "I need a shower," he explains to Matto, unnecessarily. Into the head he slides.

Thorn reaches a hand up, plucking the lighter out of the air. He hefts it experimentally, turning it over in his hand. There's a faraway look in his eye as his head cants slightly upwards. "I'll put it t' good use, bro," he whispers. But then, anyone who's seen Anton's smoking habits knows that goes without saying. He nods in firm agreement to Kai's words; Rocco, too, gets a terse nod, followed by a languid two-finger salute of acknowledgement and thanks.

Jupes wastes no time in leaning over the table in her towel to snag the bottle of rum. "And many toasts to come, Bunny. Cheers, Spider." She tucks the bottle under her arm, and gives a loose little salute. She turns to head into the Black berths, probably to go change or squirrel away the booze. "Drunk sim games later, kids." And off she goes.

Cass come in at a near jog, having just come off CAP and nods to the others, grumbling slightly to himself that he missed everything, it seems.

Eddie gathers up the material of the jersey in her hands and crumples it up in her fists. She focuses on that for a moment, then gives a little shake of her head. Out of uniform or not, she's slipping it over her arms then ducking into it. It gets pulled down over her offduty gear. "Thanks boss man." She tells Kai. As everyone seems to have had their fill of booze and memories, they all scatter to the winds again.

Kai nearly slams into Logan on his way toward the hatch. Bulky the Captain may be, but the taller pilot would probably win that little altercation. He murmurs an 'excuse me', skirts around the Lieutenant, and bustles on out of the packed berthings.

Iggy is quiet as all this is going on. Clearly she's used to the tradition, but she doesn't put in for any of the items up for offering. Once it's done, she turns toward the berthings.

"That's true, sir." Willem says calmly. "I've enough stuff of my own for now. Good hunting." With that, he hefts the duffel back over his shoulder and pads a step or two away, not long after Poet and Madman get a move on.

Harrison shakes his head as he finally hits the door. "Just another day," he murmurs to himself.

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Matto nods to the Poet, lets him go wordlessly. A deep breath later, he's beginning to feel a little rosy warmth at his cheeks from the liquid warmth. He takes up his spot against the wall again, eyes finding Moonshine in the jersey. "Oh." He speaks up. "The, um. Sign-up sheet for the memorial game is over here," he points out to those who are still here.

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Shaking his head a little, Cass heads toward his berthing, squeezing Eddie's shoulder as he goes past.

Eddie reaches over to claim the pyramid ball too, for the time being. At least so it has a safe place to stay and doesn't go walking away or get misplaced in the meantime. "Thanks for the help, Kiss. I'll come out later and clean this all up." A small smile is afforded Logan, and then Moonshine is off to go hide herself.

"Dude… I'll get it," Kissy assures Moonshine. And, shuffling off from his spot on the wall, he starts doing a round of the berthings to clear up any mugs which got left.

Eddie nods a bit numbly to her friend and slips out.

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