PHD 267: Accidents Happen
PHD 267: Accidents Happen
Summary: Eddie and Kairos have a chance to chat. Things get bloody.
Date: PHD 267 (1-10-2010)
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Black and Silver Pilot's Berthing

Things at the current point in time are fairly quiet in the Black and Silver berths, the air filled with the light breathing of napping off-duty pilots. You see, Kairos had a pretty rough night shift flying CAP and went out for the count as soon as he got here. Well, groggily he comes to life, lids barely unveiling his ice-hued eyes. He quickly glances to his wrist to look at the watch and he grumbles, "Oh good gods," before pushing the covers aside and sloooooowly rolling out of bed. "It doesn't feel like the frakking hour that it is." As two bare feet pad against the floor, our zombie Raptor pilot begins to get together his change of clothes. At one point he even moans like a zombie.

Eddie's been up. Has been up. She probably slept at some point, but her shifts are so frakked up, it doesn't look like it's been any time recently. She's sloughed out of duty clothes and pushed her hair back with a headband, though the hair sticks up at odd angles. Mooner comes up on Jupiter's bunk, hitching a foot up on the ladder to give her a loftier view of the cave as she rummages around and pulls out a NAVY t-shirt like it belongs to her. "You look how I feel, Backfire." She grunts as she hops down, balling up the shirt and giving it a sniff.

There's a voice! Coming from somewhere! Kairos turns his head and glances over at Eddie, his eyes blinking in order to attempt to get the acquaintance in focus. "Oh hey. It's the Moonster. Moon Buggy. Moonbeam. Mooner, that's it." His voice is totally raspy and croaky; typical of someone who just got up. "Do you always feel like shit? Because, you know, every time I see you, which has been a grand total of TWO whole times, you're kinda, you know, not all 'here'." There's a little shrug of the man's shoulders as he yanks his tanks off in favor of a fresh pair. "Maybe you should lay off the partying, Party Girl. I'm just saying."

Eddie shakes out the t-shirt then drags it over her head. Fluffing out her hair wouldn't do a damn bit of good, and she doesn't seem the vain type anyways. "Only place I gotta be all 'here' is in the cockpit. Rest of the time, I can fall to frakkin' pieces if I want. What's it to you." Eddie ambles over towards the coffee maker, pulling out the carafe and filling a steaming cup of Joe straight to the top. Instead of drinking from it, she approaches Backfire and thrusts it in his direction.

Dak starts walking towards his locker, opens it, and glances in the mirror, eyes widening. "Shit, you weren't kidding," he mutters as he starts smoothing down his hair and rubbing out his eyes before listening to Eddie's words. There's a slight shake of his head. "Nothing," Backfire replies. Ugh, how horrible it would be if someone thought he actually cared. Although he's a little more than surprised when the coffee is shoved in his direction, fingers curling around it. "But I wager that it's going to catch up to you sometime. And then where will you be?" He gently lifts the mug to his lips.

"Hopefully dead." Mooner says drily, stepping back to give him his personal space. "Speaking of which, something died your mouth last night." She quirks a bit of a grin and retreats to the safety of the table and out of morning breath range. Hopping up on it's surface, she drags out a pack of cigarettes and shakes one out, tucking it between her lips which will surely help out here own breath here. Ashtray face, ew.

All that Dak gives at the observation of his breath is a little smirk, but as Eddie retreats he quickly sticks his face in the locker and breathes into his palm before smelling it. He does it like, three more times before deciding to down some more coffee. Better coffee breath than morning breath. "Yeah, well, don't kick the bucket just yet. I kinda like the idea of having a coffee girl as long as I have the CAP shifts that I do," Backfire expresses while lifting his mug, before setting it aside on a flat surface before he grabs his blues out of his locker. "Speaking of which, you'd be that much cooler if you started giving me the lowdown on all of these new Kharon pilots. I've kind of been too busy to do all that socializing shit. Save for that one time out there." You know, where they both met. "Readysetgo."

Eddie settles onto the surface of the table, propping her feet up in the seat of a chair. She digs out lighter, the zippo attached to a chain around her neck, and sparks up her smoke. "Don't expect coffee bitch duty, I was just taking pity on your sorry ass." Mooner inhales deeply, cycling the smoke back out through her nose. "Alright, you have Icarus. Who's an antisocial ass. Roubani, or Poet, who's the antisocial brainiac. Don't touch him, that's bad juju. He's also dating Matto, though it's more socially acceptable just not to comment on it." She takes a pause if only to take another toke. "Fingers is world class, just don't get in her way. If you want someone to party with, she's your gal. Her brother is Martin, Dash or Boner if you're brave, he's the class clown. Then you got Timon and Komnenos, who are part of the Brain Trust. Who else?" He asked, she delivers.

"If looking pathetic every morning gets me what I want, then I'll do it," Kairos proclaims, though it's pretty obvious that he's climbing out of the groggy state at a rapid sort of pace. He pulls on his blues and begins buttoning them up. As Eddie begins to go over the personnel, he nods along with each and every one of them, little mental notes created. "Sweet, another party girl. This merger is sounding better and better all the time," Backfire mentions with a grin, closing his locker tightly and locking it before turning to look over at Mooner. "Timon and Komnenos. Smart dudes. Cool. Okay, so I think you're missing the one big guy. Captain Marek. Haven't really had a chance. Sketch didn't really tell me much about him." With a pair of the blue pants over his forearm, he heads to the bunk and drops trou, switching out his pants. "What do I do to avoid pissing him off? Don't tell me I have to brush my teeth."

Eddie smirks again, though the expression has a hard time sticking. "Marek doesn't expect perfection. He just expects you to be an officer when it really counts. Hard for some of us to pull off then others, but shit, if I can do it, anyone can. You try your damnedest, that's all that matters." Eddie scratches her cheek with a thumbnail, "Uh, there's also Abraham Hale, pretty stand up guy if a bit aloof now that he's married. Surely you've had your fill of Leda already, who pretends to have his shit together and gives us all unsolicited advice while he's just as frakked up as the rest of us."

"Oh. Well, that's really not a problem at all. I think. We'll find out, won't we? I'm not exactly officer-like most of the time, but I can try." A helpless shrug. "Ah, yeah. Leda. Shepherd. Can't say I really liked his nose in my shit. Suppose he's harmless enough if I just ignore him," Backfire resolves, buckling up his belt. Smoothing out everything, he finally looks like he's ready for the remainder of the day. Looking up, he considers Eddie for a little while, crossing arms over his chest. "Well. Thanks," he murmurs. "What about you? What don't I know?"
Eddie slips off the edge of the table, grinding out her cigarette on the edge of it before slipping it back into the package. "Me? I'm the poster child for why you shouldn't do cocaine when you're pregnant." Joking? Surely.

"It's a hell of a drug," Kairos mentions lightly, though he scrutinizes over Eddie just a little bit more after she says that, a brow slightly raised. There's a slow intake of cigarette smoke-saturated air and a subsequent but slow sigh, having watched her terminate the stick before replacing it in the pack. "Yeah, well, be that as it may, you don't exactly get on my frakkin' nerves. Bonus." Unfolding his arms, he resolves to go retrieve the mug of coffee he was given so he can finish it.

"Yeah, well." Eddie's face gets a little stormy, and her jaw tightens. "Guess that's just one of my few redeeming qualities." She watches his reaction to the cigarette smoke permeating the air, "Reformed smoker, or born again sinner?" She asks, extending the pack in his direction if he's so inclined.

Kairos observes the darkening of Eddie's features but doesn't say anything until he reaches into the pack. "Let's just say I'm not afraid to do what's wrong once in a while," Backfire mentions before extending the business end of the cigarette he's withdrawn towards her, awaiting the magic flame. Only until after he's presumably acquired ignition, he places it between his lips and breathes. Deep. "So." Dak reaches for a nearby chair and pulls it to him, sitting on it backwards and facing Eddie, "Are you always so abrasive or is there something in particular that crawled up your ass and started rearranging things lately?" Strangely though, he doesn't ask this with the notion of attacking her. It's genuine curiosity. Maybe even twisted compassion.

Eddie gives a little snort of what just might be amusement, but the mirth doesn't translate over to her features. "This is pretty much par for the course. It can vary a few degrees, depending on the weather. Abrasive though, that's a nicer way of calling me a bitch. I appreciate that." After she lights his cigarette, she takes another one for herself.

"Ah, see, now /that/ information is good to know," Kairos says, gesturing to Eddie with his cigarette before replacing it between his lips. "This is good. Gods forbid you're just a sweet little girl beneath it all," Backfire suggests dryly, unfazed by the lack of transition in her features. "If I call you a bitch, it just might be a compliment."

Eddie wets her bottom lip with a pass of her tongue, sticking the paper of the cigarette to the moisture. "Aw see." She says, the cancer stick waggling precariously between her lips as she talks without removing it. "Even bad girls need love too. But yeah, derogatory terms are like foreplay."

There's a long drag, the end of the cigarette lighting up with that orange glow before the intake ceases, a subsequent plume of hazy smoke ejecting from his nose and lips. "Of course, I wager that bad girls like you do more repulsing than they do attracting quite a bit of the time," Dak observes. "Well, unless your definition of love is saying a few 'kind' words and filling a hole or two subsequently after. Can't say you really need to do a whole lotta bonding for that."

Eddie twitches a little amused grin. "That's the thanks I get for the cup of coffee and the cigarette?" She pushes off her lean, from the table, reaching over to thunk her still lit and viable smoke into what's left of that cup of coffee. "Keep sayin' shit like that, my friend, and you won't be filling any holes with anyone. Anytime soon. Now put down your cigarette and stand up. I'm going to break your nose, and I don't want anyone to say it was a sucker punch. C'mon." She flicks her fingers.

Dak watches the cig get dipped into the coffee mug and he looks back up, listening to her words before taking it from his lips and pressing the lit end down into the table like she had done with her first one a while ago. Carefully he stands up, pushing the chair to the side. "Both favors I am going to return sometime." Backfire mentions, before unbuttoning his blues and tossing the jacket over the chair. In through his nose, he breathes deeply. "Do I get any final words?"
Eddie nudges the chair just a bit more with the toe of her boot, making sure it's out of the way. She takes her sweet time rolling up the sleeves of her t-shirt until they're secure on the tops of her shoulders. "Sure. But no last meals, we don't have the time and I don't have the pull with the kitchen staff here that I did on the Kharon." She balls her fists and waits expectantly.

Backfire glances behind him, hoping he won't need pillows to fall on after this. He looks back up to Eddie, and folds his arms. "Then I'm just gonna say, after this, you and me? We're gonna be friends. Because I know you know I'm not all bad. There's a miniscule part of you that likes me. And friends don't tell anyone about what happened here. If you really do end up breaking my nose, I'm gonna say it was an accident. UNLESS of course, you WANT everyone to know so you can boast, which I can totally do for you too. 'Cos that's what friends do." There's a little bit of a nod. "I like you. I really do. Now let's get this over with. I'll try not to scream like a little girl." He watches her fist with his ice eyes intently, holding his breath. He's scared of it.

Eddie's hands go slack at her side, her head tilting just a bit as if she certainly didn't expect /that/. "That's incredibly…awesome of you." She takes a step closer to him, the tension easing out of her frame. "I guess I just have this…pent up anger, you know? And when I can't find productive ways to release it, the littlest thing can tip me off and I end up lashing out." Instead of hitting him, she gently lays one hand on his chest. She exhales, hanging her head a little bit, "Thanks for being so understanding…" And /that/ is when she whallops him. No real warning, in fact, she was probably trying to get his defenses down a little bit. She immediately hops away from him, shaking out her fist. "Shit. Damn. I needed that. Ha…yeah, I went for the sucker punch. When you tense up like that, it hurts more."

There was something fishy about that the whole time. He unfolded his arms as she took a step closer, a single brow raised the whole time. Nothing but confusion is written across his features for the duration, and once the hand is down on his chest he glances down at it and back up, now wide-eyed. And that's when he makes the mistake of letting go of his breath. At the instant he actually relaxes, that's when the fist comes, his head recoiling back at the impact shock, our hero so stunned he just topples backwards like a tree and ends up a pile on the floor. There is no lack of pain, here. It courses throughout his face and causes him to growl, Backfire sitting up and cupping his nose which is effectively a fountain of blood. "Oh, you bitch." he chastises, the world a sort of haze around him. His hands are painted red, Dak looking back up to stare at Eddie with incredulousness. "Good gods. Augh. You could at least give me a frakking towel or something." Ouchouchouch. "Was it good for you?" He picks himself off of the floor, pinching his noise.

Eddie doesn't have a towel, but she's peeling off the t-shirt she pulled on not long ago. It's rather too big for her anyways, so likely it's not hers. At least she has her tanks on underneath that keeps her modest. "Aaawww. C'mon. You look good in red. Here, here." She's holding out her hand to help him to his feet and press the wad of material to his face. There's actual laughter in her voice, lighting up her dark eyes. "That was like an orgasm. You have no idea."

Strangely enough, when she holds out her hand he takes it. She has the power to drop him, drop kick him, or otherwise, but somehow Dak feels like he can trust her on this one. Being lifted to his feet, Backfire turns an eye onto Eddie. "Oh, well, I'm glad I could satisfy you," Kairos mutters so dryly it's like the Sahara being channeled through his lips. He buries his face into the shirt, uncaring as to who it belongs to. Until he has a revelation. "Wait. I know you don't live in the bunk where you got this. Just who is going to kill me for bleeding all over their shit?" he asks.

Eddie doesn't do anything funny, she bloodied his nose and that was her goal. She might be a little disappointed to find out it's not broken, but she'll live as the saying goes. "It belongs to the reason why you're bleeding right now. Think of it as divine justice, the way of the universe righting it's scales against him." She stays close, helping apply pressure and petting his hair like a puppy. "Any other day and I should have just laughed off the comment. I'm not feeling quite up to my usual standards." Mooner says quietly. "You gonna be alright?"

"You see, I /knew/ something was going on," he mentions, regardless of actual truth in that particular statement. His voice is muffled by the fact there's a bunched up T-shirt in his face, but not nearly enough that his words are indiscernible. "Well, you know, hopefully you're feeling a little better. Cause, you know, I paid pretty big to make that happen. Please tell me you are, or I might hit you back," Backfire grumbles, though he may be joking about that, too. There's just something about his tone that doesn't have any weight behind it. "Yeah. I'm fine. Thanks." Although Eddie may not feel as happy now rather in the case that he /wasn't/ going to be all right. Who knows.

Once she's sure the bleeding has at least slowed, she's stepping back to let him tend to his own injuries. "It's always something." Mooner says simply enough, one arm crossing over her chest to scratch absently at the scars that travel up her forearm like the little tickmarks a prisoner makes while in the clink. She makes a tch sound, "Sorry you tripped and fell into the table. You should be more careful next time." Mooner says, backing towards the door.

As Mooner backs off, Dak lowers the shirt and smiles slightly, although he looks worse than he did when he got up this morning. "Yeah. Well. I had a feeling," Backfire says. "Yeah yeah. Don't rub my 'clumsiness' in. I'll see you later, Moon Buggy," Kairos says in farewell, sitting down in order to tend to his injuries for a while longer before he has to go on duty.

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