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Amy Yasbeck
Amy Yasbeck as Adriana Polyduekes
Name: Adriana Polyduekes
Alias: AP
Age: 30
Hair & Eyes: Auburn and Baby Blue
Faction: Navy
Position: Medical/ER Doctor
Colony: Aerelon
Play Times: Most evenings
Timezone: Mountain

Biographical Info


Adriana is the youngest daughter of Leandros and Tethys Polyduekes one of the noble families of Aerelon. While rich by Aerelon standards anywhere else they'd be just considered middle class, this didn't seem to bother her parents who were always putting on soiree's and tea's and such for those they considered their equals. Her older siblings, Mmene, Kassandra and Hector were all much older than she, she was the classical 'oops' , because of this she was often left to her own devices. Adri, as she was often called, had the run of the estate, she kept her Nanny very busy keeping her out of trouble. As she grew she sort of latched onto her older brother, Hector the two became pretty good pals even though he was 7 or 8 years older than her. Hector taught her to play Chess, something that she took to very well and soon was competing on the Junior level, even winning a couple of Regional titles. She always seemed to be in trouble in school, either skipping out completely to play chess or ride her horses, the fact that her parents were what equated to Aerelon "high society" kept her from getting kicked out. Her solace during this time were her animals, she had several horses and seemed to adopt any stray she found. She spent most of her free hours with her horses, taking care of them, riding them and stuff. Finally her parents had enough of getting called to the school, because of Adri getting in trouble. They scraped together enough money, everything they had, getting loans on all the property they owned and she was sent off to a very well known all girls school on Caprica. Ariadne's School for Girls, while they didn't normally accept girls from the outer colonies, but her father was able to pull a few strings and got a recommendation from one of the planetary officials on Aerelon. Once again she was on her own, she missed her home and Hector and her horses and cats and dogs. She tried everything she could to get sent back home, but her father had left specific instructions under no circumstances would she be allowed home until she was finished with school. Her father didn't tell anyone that they didn't have the money to have her come home. So, lonely and ostracized because she was from an outer colony, she spent many a night crying herself to sleep.

Her first year at Ariadne's was rough, her grades slipped to C's and D's. She spent all the breaks there at the school, during the last break of the year one of the Teachers at the school noticed she never went home, she never called home and rarely got any letters or packages from home(the only ones where when Hector would write). This Teacher, named Penelope took the homesick girl under her wing, becoming a surrogate parent. The start of her second year at Ariadne's saw a big improvement in Adri's grades and attitude with the help of Penelope. Soon she was making straight A's and even joined the school's Equestrian Team. Her breaks now were spent with Penelope and working in the schools stables taking care of the horses. She sometimes even traveled with Penelope around Caprica and some of the other colonies. She also picked up playing Chess again, mostly against he classmates. During her third year she started working every afternoon at the stables often helping the vet and trainer. Toward the end of her Third year a several recruiters visited the school, she was almost tempted to join then but Penelope convinced her to keep in school and go on to University. During the summer between her third and fourth years at Ariadne's came an oportunity to earn even more money, the local Fire and Rescue was offering EMT classes. Penelope, always encouraging Adri to learn all she could, paid for her to take the classes, once she got her certificate she worked as a Volunteer with the Department during her senior year, this brought in a small amount of income supplementing what she earned at the school. Her grades and good test scores helped her earn a scholarship to the University of Caprica. She had to leave the Fire and Rescue as the University was in another part of the colony. Once she got to the University she applied and got a job working in the ER at the University Medical Center as an EMT. This way she could again use her skill to supplement her income. After taking her generals she pondered what field to go into, she really liked what she was doing as an EMT, but her parents were pushing her to study Medicine and become a Doctor, they kept saying what an honor it would be to have someone in the family who was Doctor! She did like Medicine and decided to go into Pre-Med. She graduated in the top 10 of her class at the University and was accepted into the Medical School at the University. She still worked at the ER, though not as many hours during her time in Med School. She studied hard spending many long hours in her room pouring over the texts, she still never went back to Aerelon, instead she spent her vacations at Penelope's, a place she considered home more than anyplace on Aerelon. Four years later she finally achieved her goal, graduating at the top of her class. Her parents had taken to putting pressure on her to join a prestigious Medical practice as soon as she could, even suggesting a few. So far she had been able to hold them off. Since she was an EMT at University Medical Center she spent a year there doing her Internship, spending many hours in ER and in the Trauma center. After completing her Internship she applied to do her residency in Emergency Medicine, after 3 more years of schooling she was done. Toward the end of her residency she began to get offers from all over to practice medicine. Many of them she found out had been approached by her parents. This was the last straw, mad clean through she told her parents off and signed on to the Navy to spite them. The Navy, always needing skilled medical staff, quickly jumped at the chance to recruit one such as Adri. After Officer Basic she was posted to the main Naval Hospital, where she was able to realize her dream of working in ER as a Doctor. She was posted there for two years before being transferred to the Hestia right before Warday, where she settled in becoming known as a comptent doctor witha good beside manner and not above going the extra mile for her patients.


Leandros and Tethys - Parents presumed deceased
Mmene - Older sister, presumed deceased
Kassandra - Older sister, Teacher on Aerelon, presumed deceased
Hector - Older brother, Pilot, VFA-77 on the Archon, unknown


Ariadne's School for Girls
University of Caprica
University of Caprica, School of Medicine, MD

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Caprica Naval Hospital
Battlestar Hestia

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Horses, well she likes all animals but Horses are her passion.


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