PHD 262: AiQ and A
AiQ and A
Summary: Serving AiQ, Cinder pops on down the mess hall; Selene wonders what's up, and words aren't minced too much.
Date: PHD 262 (January 5, 2010)
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Hestia - Mess Hall

Selene is seated at a table in the mess, far from the central hubbub of the always-busy feeding center of the battlestar. She's poking quietly at the food for today, trying to figure out how far it stretches the accepted definition of "edible."

Still serving AiQ for what she continues to think of as a misunderstanding of orders, a freshly-showered Cinder storms into the mess a little aggrivated. Patrol was a little boring, and there's no chance of going to the gym to work any excess energy off. So instead, she bangs around at the chow line, and comes away with a tray full of "food," finding a seat at an empty table and starting to chow quickly and aggressively. It would seem she's not especially interested in sitting with anyone in particular.

Selene looks up and around, her eyes finally falling on Cinder. She hasn't really seen the other woman too much since their last encounter, and she's a little nervous to talk to her. However, after summoning up the courage, she picks up her tray and makes her way over toward the table, offering a quiet "Hi" as a greeting.

At first, Cinder regards the person joining her at the table a little warily. When she sees who it is, however, she seems a little less pissed off about whatever it is she's pissed off about. "Hey," she manages to mumble out between shoveling mouthfuls of "food" in. Eventually, she stops, and sits up a little straighter, no so slouched over, and pulls her damp hair back over her shoulders to look a little more presentable.

Selene waits for a nervous moment before sitting down at the table with her own "food", picking at it quietly. She isn't really sure what to say, especially not at this point in their relationship, so she manages to do something smart and just be quiet.

The silence continues for a few moments, a few more bites of chow. Eventually, Cinder breaks the rather uncomfortable nothingness. "Frakkin' Marines…" she says, just putting it out there. Just because she's on AiQ doesn't mean she thinks she should be.

Selene looks up at Cinder, tilting her head slightly. After a moment, she softly inquires, "What happened?" Her hand slides over on the table, attempting to rest itself upon Cinder's, if permitted.

"I'm on frakkin' AiQ, for trying to do my job!" Cinder blurts out, looking to make sure there aren't any other Marines around who might think differently. Both of her hands are up on the tabletop, around the tray of food, and she doesn't pull them back when Selene reaches over. "And here I thought I signed up as an MP to do police stuff…but no. Instead, I was supposed to stick to a stiff like glue, and I didn't."

Selene frowns a little, trying to keep quiet about it, but does offer Cinder's hand a squeeze. "I'm sorry," she whispers. "AiQ isn't any fun, but at least it's better than brig time." She's had both recently, so she's familiar.

"Eee gods, I couldn't imagine what would happen if I was brigged. That'd be frakkin' embarassing as all get out," Cinder replies, looking a little disgusted at the prospect. "Miscommunication, I swear. Now I don't even get to hit the gym for PT or anything. Feel like a caged animal or something…so it's almost like being in the brig. Except…I still have to go to work and do my duty."

Selene listens quietly, nodding and lacing her fingers with Cinder's. She's trying to be as supportive as she can, and also to gauge exactly where they are right now.

Interlacing fingers, Cinder curls her fingers back and locks them back together with Selene's. She clenches her jaw a little, and figures maybe she's rambling on about her own goings-on a little too much. "So how about you? How've you been with the new ship and all? What's the bridge here like? Lot less shot up than on Kharon, huh?" As she talks, she manages to put a little grin on her face.

Selene smiles softly, shrugging a little. "It's nice," she replies. "Newer than Kharon, and larger. There's an actual plotting table, instead of just whatever flat surface I can find. I kinda like it."

Selene giggles softly, taking a bite of her "food". "Well, it's not for everyone," she replies, smiling in Cinder's direction. "I'd ask if you were busy tonight, but with AiQ, it's not like it matters, I guess."

"Hmmm…let me check my schedule." Smirking, Cinder reaches down to a pocket on her pants, and pretends to pull something out. Sliding the intertwined hand away from Selene, she mimes opening a book, then drags her right index finger along her left palm as if tracing lines in a date book. "Hmm…today. Duty. Shower. Bunks. Bunks. Bunks. Sleep. Tomorrow…duty. Shower. Bunks. Bunks. Bunks. Sleep." As she talks, Cinder keeps smirking, joking, obviously. "Yeah, I have so much on my plate, I dunno when I could /ever/ fit you in…"

Selene elbows Cinder playfully in the side, but doesn't say anything more.

"Ooof!" Cinder playfully reacts, leaning to the side away from the elbow. "Been hitting the gym, huh? You're a serious brute now!" She chuckles a little, since Selene most certainly is not a brute, not even close! "Well, either that, or the big bad Marine is rubbing off, eh? Pretty soon you'll be getting hit with disciplinary actions!"

Selene blinks and giggles a little, then turns back to her food, eating quietly and leaving her hand on the table where Cinder abandoned it. Even when she's not lost for words, she's still fairly quiet in social situations.

Finished joking for the moment, Cinder rights herself at the table, and settles back to chowing down. Maybe it's better not to say anything else, now that they've had a little giggle, and know why at least one of them has been a little sparse for the last few weeks, what with patrols on a ship that she's still not too familiar with, and AiQ and all. So instead of saying anything, she grabs ahold of Selene's and just keeps eating.

Selene smiles softly and continues eating, letting Cinder hold her hand. It's not much of a thing, but it's what they get, for right now anyway. Maybe later, there can be something more

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