Lieutenant Ajax Crydel
Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler as Ajax Crydel
Name: Ajax Crydel
Alias: Padre
Age: 38
Hair & Eyes: Hair: Dark brown. Eye: Brown
Faction: Support
Position: Chaplain (Full)
Colony: Aerleon
Play Times: Late afternoons and nights
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


Ajax Crydel was born the eldest of seven sons to Lazarus and Seirra Crydel out in their quaint little home on Aerelon. on the farm he learned to pull his weight, but at the same time knew he needed to get off of the poor planet, that th' life of farming never did quite sit well with him. Who knows, maybe small town life was not as adventurous as he had hoped, or he just didn't like the feel of always breaking his back for others to profit off of it.

So when he got the first chance, which happened to be after highschool. As a means to pay for college en enlisted in the Colonial Marines. Upon two years in he was called to Active duty and served with the 38th Division aboard the Rah, an escort ship in the Colonial fleet. They were dispatched to Sagittaron to deal with an uprising. It was during this time that he would be wounded, and lose an eye as a result to combating terrorists.

His friends would go on to say that it was on Sagitarron that the now young Corpral would find religion. As soon as his tour ended, Ajax completed college and enrolled in Seminary again this time returning back to the military in order to help foot the bill.

He excelled when it came to the Seminary, formally dedicating himself to Poseidon, as a nod to the Navy that he felt called to serve. His marks were mainly in his theology courses and his Preaching courses. During his second year he won the Young Preacher's award and was looking to become a promising Priest. But, as always his love was for the military despite some of his teachers urging him into the civilian center. After his third year in the Seminary he was enrolled in the Officer's academy and finished the remaining credits as well as went through the basic officer's training.

Ajax graduated at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and promptly was sent to work on the Hospital ship Aelos. After a short period of time, he was given leave till they could find a more suitable role for him, and to help develop his counseling skill. As such he was assigned to the Kharon as his first real trip into the space on a "working vessel" as it was noted. However, it would be here that Ajax would come to live as when the ship was thrust into the fight against the cylons- there was nothing to show that life would return as they knew it. So in this realm Ajax finds himself- Having to provide faith to those that feel their gods have forsaken them.


Lazarus Crydel- Father
Seirra Crydel- Mother


4 years, Aerleon University (2.3 gpa)

4 years, City Seminary- Caprica 93.8 GPA. Distinguished Preacher's Award)

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

1 tour with the CDF Marine Corps. 38th Divison

1 year on the Hospital Ship- Aelos

Distinguishing Features

  • Eye Patch
  • Tattoo: Waves and the Trident on the left arm and part of torso
  • Tattoo: Marine Crest on his right arm


  • Ajax was once a member of the Marine Corps, with the 38th Division
  • Ajax's name in the Greek means "Mourner"
  • Ajax knows Samantha's grandmother, as she was a mentor of his in Seminary.


  • Preaching
  • Theology
  • Farming

On the Grid

Known Associates

Raptor Pilot - Captain Althea "Black Cat" Legacy
Viper Pilot - Ensign Nadiv "Poet" Roubani
Viper Pilot - Lieutenant JG, Jupiter "Fingers" Black
Viper Pilot - Lieutenant Samantha "Case" Passi
Assistant Chaplain - Lieutenant JG, Marius "Prophet" Cygnus

Timeline of Events



  • The gods, talking Theology. My luscious beard


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