A. Kaius Akander
Kate Moennig
Kate Moennig as A. Kaius Akander
Name: A. Kaius Akander
Alias: AKA
Age: 26
Hair & Eyes: Dark Brown/Honey Brown
Faction: Support, Navy
Position: Chaplain
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: ?
Timezone: ?

αλλ' ει χειρας εχον βοες ιπποι τ' ηε λεοντες,
η γραψαι χειρεσσι και εργα τελειν απερ ανδρες,
ιπποι μεν θ' ιπποισι, βοες δε τε βουσιν ομοιας
και κε θεων ιδεας εγραφον, και σοματ' εποιουν
τοιαυθ' οιον περ καυτοι δεμας ειχον εκαστοι.

And yet if cows had hands, or horses, or lions,
or could write with their hands or complete crafts without the aid of men,
horses would depict the forms of the Gods like unto horses,
and cows like unto cows, and they would make out the Gods' bodies
to be of the same sort that each of them had themselves.

- Xenophanes

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