Alexander "Icarus" Nikolo
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as Alexander Nikolo
Name: Alexander Nikolo
Alias: Icarus
Age: 29
Hair & Eyes: Dark eyes, Brown hair
Faction: Air Wing
Position: LT. Viper Pilot
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Play Times
Timezone: Time Zone

Biographical Info


Born to middle class suburbia of Caprica, Alexander Nikolo had what most would consider to be a relatively standard life. No great orphanage, no dysfunctional family or major incidents. He has a younger sister that was two years his junior and two loving, kind parents. By no means a standard bearer of intelligence, he was not a slack off either. In nearly all facets of life, Alex fell under the straight forward category of: Average.

It was only upon entering into Secondary School that things began to change, physical traits settled in and personality habits established themselves. The class clown persona developed and worked for Alex so he became Mr. Popularity across the campus, leading to a string of girlfriends and a longer string of discipline issues. None of which were severe but certainly annoying for the child of two educators. A steady female counter part calmed the young man and over the final two years of school the relationship bloomed.

Acceptance into the University of his desires was celebrated by Alex and his girlfriend with a bit of excessive activities which would lead to a motorcycle accident. He would suffer injury and a scar upon his left hip whereas his female friend would perish in the accident along with their unborn and up to that point, unknown, child. The incident severely upset Alex who spiraled into a depression that was further complicated with rejection from his family who partially blamed him for the accident despite all evidence indicating the other driver was at fault.

Feeling rejected, Alex would continue to pursue his University education until losing the motivation fully and would drop out, finally enlisting via the help of a family friend in the Colonial Military. Aptitude tests placed him into Flight School and thus his new path was established.

Con't in Reputation


Alexander's parents are both living (as of Warday)
Alexander's Younger Sister is living (as of Warday)
Alexander's daughter <Name Unknown> is living (as of Warday)


Flight School
Naval Academy
Officer Training

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Following completion of Flight School, Academy and Officer Training, Alex was assigned to the Battlestar Pegasus where he served alongside a recently promoted LT JiG Karim Marek. The two have a bit of a history which would lead to occassional tensions later on. A decorated career on the Pegasus where a reputation as an efficient pilot along with a bit of a jokester side kept him in good graces of command. None of his activities or actions were ever deemed detrimental or particularly pinned on him leading to promotions over time due to commendations to the rank of Lieutenant.

During resupply of the Pegasus and a retrofit, Nikolo was planetside on Scorpia when Warday occured. He survived on the planet until encountering members of the CEC Kharon with whom he returned to the carrier with and joined the Vigilantes squadron. Never fully accepted, in part to his own refusal to give up hope on the Pegasus, the blending of the man with the new ship was far from smooth. Running into an old one night fling also complicated matters within the group.

The arrival of the BSG Hestia however has invigorated Nikolo's spirits and certainly brought back his old habits from the Pegasus of disciplined hard work in the cockpit along with the occassional light hearted moments, perhaps attributed to the much more familiar settings and feelings of the Battlestar.

Distinguishing Features

Scar on his left hip
According to some (Jupiter) 'has a nice ass'.


Alex's callsign, Icarus, came about due to multiple incidents where he would push the redline of his Viper. His training officer continually told him he was flying too close to the sun just like the legend of Icarus, which would become his call.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events



  • Ladies
  • NCO's
  • ECO's
  • Pilots for anything except relationships
  • BSG Hestia


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