Ambrose Air Base - Scorpia

Ambrose Air Base

Basic Information

Ambrose Air Base was home to more than 7,000 military personnel and over 1,200 government contractors (including dependents). It housed three complete squadrons of Viper Mark VII and two Raptor squadrons along with two major transport squadrons. This base was located roughly 50 miles northeast of Paros, just outside the city of Fayette on Scorpia.

  • Admiral Alina Zachary, Base CO
  • Commander Medved Stephanos, Base XO


This is the primary Viper assembly base that feeds into the Scorpian Shipyards. While the Vipers are built at factories, its at Ambrose that avionics programs are installed, guns loaded, and all the final details are added. Including painting. Also performed at Ambrose was some minor flight testing that was performed by one of each of the Raptor and Viper squadrons.

332d Air Expeditionary Wing


LTC. Michael Marius Trenton, CAG

The 332d AEW was the primary Fighter wing assigned to Ambrose Air Base, comprising itself of the three complete Viper Mk.VII squadrons, as well as two Raptor and Transport Squadrons. With a long history spanning back to the Cylon War, this wing was deep rooted in the tradition it's pilots and air crews relished deeply in. During peacetime, the 332d proved it's worth at Ambrose, working diligently as a mostly reserve and testbed fighter wing, mobilizing when the Fleet called upon them to take part in military wargame maneuvers.

302d Fighter Squadron - The Red Tails


MAJ. Joshua "Hammer" Mabru, Commanding Officer
CAPT. Iasha "Nails" Flannery, Executive Officer

The 302d Fighter Squadron was one of the three Viper squadrons that the 332d relied upon for Combat Air Patrol and intradiction exercises. Some of it's pilots also pulled part-time duty as either engineers or data analyists, working closely with the Ambrose Shipyards to ensure quality products were being churned out. As old as the Wing itself, this is another aspect of the long standing tradition of the wing; the reason this squadron is known as 'The Red Tail Squadron' is because they paint the rear stabilizer foil-tip of their Vipers red. Nothing more than an asthetic touch today, this would have been enough to raise the morale of ground troops during the Cylon War, seeing the Red Tails fly over for a strafing run. Today, as said, they shared the same fate as the rest of the wing - regulated to mostly reserve duties, and when needed for war games, mobilized and hard-fighting.

Notable Events

  • None.

Character Ties

  • ENS. Jaimson Ferris - Assigned to the 302d Fighter Squadron just days before the Holocaust occured. To date, he has been the only pilot officer to be recovered by the CEC Kharon.
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