PHD 281: Arrest Development
Arrest Development
Summary: The circumstances may be different in each case, but most arrests probably develop like this. Use this scene as a mental template.
Date: PHD 281
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Corridor C - Deck 11 - Battlestar Hestia
Security Station Entrance

Tombs is standing by the hatch with a few pieces of paper in his hand. Eyes skimming over a few pieces of paper before he's shaking his head. "Whatever.." muttered before he's looking back and moving to the hatch, probably to just step out into the corridor. "Let me know when Marek gets over, as we need to sort this shit out.." Probably one of the more, frakked days to be around.

Marek, at that precise moment, is just stepping in. The hatch is shouldered open, and he nearly whacks the marine with his helmet in an effort to skirt around the unexpected obstacle in the hatchway. The CAG's evidently just come off a patrol, judging by the zipped-down flight suit and sweaty hair. "The frak's going on," is the first, and typically inelegant thing out of his mouth.

LCpl Ajtai is following closely behind the CAG, having finished up as much of the brig processing as he needs to do himself. He's got a deep breath in and is calling out, "Hey Marine, go let Captain Tombs know…" but doesn't get beyond the first syllable of 'Marine' before an impact with Marek from behind cuts off the rest. This picture is in a reg somewhere to define clusterfrak.

Tombs looks catching the helmet just in time. Still, that doesn't mean the Captain is getting all smiles and shit. Instead the Captain just stares. "Hold it." said plainly back to the pilot, before he's…waiting for someone. "Step outside with me, we'll be meeting a Lance Coolie-" And it seems everyone here has come into the right place at the right time. "Right. Good- Ajtai, walk with us, since you aided in the detainment." forget that Panda is no MP, this is what he is working with at the current. "We've got two of your pilots. One, I've got under a charge that doesn't even frakking exist so you can decide what the hell to do with her.." A rub of his jaw "The other there might be some cause, but then it is up to you to decide. An Ensign Tychodes..and a Lieutenant Passi." A motion for the men to follow him into the corridor.

The pilot, fortunately, is heavier than the grunt getting up close and personal with him from behind. Shorter, but heavier. So the impact doesn't jostle him too badly; he only ends up looking mildly annoyed. But 'annoyed' is pretty much Marek's default state. "Sure," he mumbles as Tombs indicates for them to follow him out. With a glance at the mostly unfamiliar Lance Corporal, he hefts his helmet back up under his arm, and steps back into the hall.

"Aye Sir," Panda grunts, straightening his shit (as Marines say) from the bump into Kai. Normally LCpl Ajtai is rather gregarious and prone to open his mouth at the wrong time. Apparently brass and uniform zips his lips quite well: He falls into place at the end of the column as if on parade.

Kai adds, once he's moved apace of the marine Captain, "You want to start from the beginning, and tell me how the frak a couple of my pilots ended up in your brig?" If the names given set off any alarms, he gives no indication.

Rian is leaning against the corridor wall, taking a long drag of a cigarette watching Kai as he goes into the Sec Hub and then back out again. A glance is tossed to Ajtai as he snaps to life. Butting out her smoke on the metal wall she puts the butt in her pocket. She stands up slowly and looks to Kai with a shrug.

Tombs looks up over towards Kai. "The Ensign, brought in Lieutenant Passi on charges of dereliction of duty for not reporting her liaisons with an enemy agent on the ground, on Scorpia." a pause there for a moment as eyes look back towards the LncCpl. "Ajtai here can confirm the charge, which if true, is a failure to report activity…" but, the tricky side of this shit is that they just now figured out skinjobs thanks to the recon on the basestar. "So that can stick, and that is something I would like to follow up with the Lieutenant. If anything it makes her a risk." Which the Ensign was correct on. However, "I have the Ensign held, mainly to see what you want to do with her. She had a superior officer detained…" So take that with a grain of salt. "Right now I have false arrest, which technically doesn't exist- so an hour to hold her, so we could wait for you." Method to the madness there.

Marek's features harden, almost imperceptibly, as Tombs begins to explain what transpired. It's not quite a scowl, though it's inching toward one. The thunk of his boots on the deck, the crunch, swish, crunch of his flight suit are the only sounds from the pilot for a few seconds after. Then, "Questioning Lieutenant Passi's your and the Admiral's prerogative, Captain. But I want her out of your godsdamned brig. The charge is bullshit, and you know that. You want to start brigging everyone that's had anything to do with one of those bastards, you're going to run out of room in there damned quick." Blue eyes slide briefly toward the Private lounging nearby, then back to Tombs. Pandorian isn't addressed unless or until it's warranted.

Not directly asked to confirm, Panda still drops his head in an affirmative nod. His eyes are going back and forth between the two, following the conversation intently. The level with which Tombs backs up the arrest gets a brief widening of the grunt's eyes. Surprise surprise.

"Did Lieutenant Passi, tell you she was with a cylon on the ground?" Tombs asks, "And I am not about to just fill my brig with anyone accused in a godsdamned witch hunt, but if this is the case-that she did and never said shit, then I need to question her." simple as that "And I will keep her for an hour, just to get the details from her, before I let her go." So Passi, might be returned. "Do you want the other pilot now as well?" because he has no qualms with turning Reverie back over to Marek. Given the information He'll move Sam up on his list, to interview as of today. "That's what I am willing to do…I'll be sure to have Passi out before she has duty or CAP, but I am going to keep her for an interview-if anything to clear her, so we don't see lynch mobs forming."

The CAG's face remains difficult to read, even as Tombs' spiel nears its conclusion. The perceptive might notice a heretofore absent tension in the pilot's bulky frame, perhaps a crisper report of his boots on the deck. His voice, when he speaks, is low and edged with an irritation that may or may not be directed wholly at Tombs himself, "You've got an hour to get your godsdamned questioning done. If Passi's not out by then, I'll be filing a formal complaint to the Admiral." He doesn't lift his eyes from the deck in front of them; his stride remains brisk, especially for a man with a slight limp. "And if you're keeping the charges against Passi, then I want Tychoides released. You can have your frakking cake and eat it, Captain." A few paces more, and then he confides, "Passi said a few things. None of which I particularly feel like discussing here."

Tombs holds a look back towards the CAG. "I'll send her ass to you then." Tychoides, that is. Passi he'll run through the ringer. though given the aside he just recieved, he simply nods. "We'll talk about it later when you come back to sign for Passi." that way if anything sticks out that Kai should know, he'll pass the info train along. A look over to Ajtai. "Sorry to keep your ass with us Lance Coolie, but it won't be a moment longer. Go bring bring Ensign Tychoides, and release her to the Captain.. Then we got debrief, understood?" And with that Tombs is moving back to the hatch.

Panda had been just absorbing the information coming to him, not thinking on it - after all, with what's being bandied about, thinking on it would just be too dizzying at this point. Since he's not thinking on it, the reaction to his title is immediate. "Aye Sir" and an about-face happen immediately. Indoors, not reporting, there's no salute from the man before he strides off to the Brig proper.

Brig - Deck 11 - Battlestar Hestia

Today was not a good day for Reverie. She's already thinking of what's going to happen when she becomes a pariah in the air-wing. Still in cuffs, she sits on a bench and looks down towards the ground.

"Corporal," Panda's calling out before the hatch has even finished opening. "Ensign Tychoides has been released to her duty section." The Marine moves directly to the duty desk, a stylus coming from his breast pocket to fill in the form (which the duty MP will have to transcribe to electronic record most likely, considering the state of supplies). "Ensign Tychoides, you have been released to your duty section. There are no charges against you to dismiss. However your actions, blah blah," he says boredly, finishing off the papers and standing up straight to look at the young woman as the locks on her cell and wrists are being undone. "Just be ready, alright? You put charges on an officer above you. Your boss will make sure nobody gets the idea that's something to be done lightly. Trust me," he adds, tugging at his shirt collar."

There's a soft sigh as she wrinkles her nose. She eases on up, grabbing her cane once the cuffs on her wrists are undone. "I'll be ready. I thought about this, and I had a feeling this would happen. The CAG is from the Kharon. I gave a charge to a woman from the Kharon. I have a feeling it'll be brutal." Reverie says matter of factly as she motions for him to lead the way. Click clack, click clack goes the cane.

Pandorian steps forward to get his cuffs back, and also escort the lady. Not prisoner; her status is returned. "Don't get too upset," he says quietly, matching her pace. "There's limits to what they can do. You might be scrubbing the Head for a white glove inspection, or scanning your unit's paper records in, but…" Dorian shrugs. "Like I said, there weren't even charges to drop. If it goes overboard, any Marine can direct you to the proper office to report it." As he opens the hatch LCpl Ajtai smirks. "Most of them, from experience." Slight fib; Marines report it to the PT mats, but it's part of their training to know, or know who to ask.

Reverie shrugs her shoulders once more. "I'll be sleeping in the observation deck for a bit. I don't think it'd be good to relax in the pilots' berthings. Come on, let's go and face my cee-oh." she says with another sigh of impending doom before slipping out.

Corridor C - Deck 11 - BS Hestia

Pandorian is walking beside the released pilot, nodding conversationally. "Probably a good call. I spent a few weeks in a cargo bay with refugees once I sobered up," he notes, a boyish grin of sheepish pride on his face.

Thorn hustles through the corridor, hastily buttoning the jacket of his blues as he walks. His jaw is set; worry wars eith anger on his features. He slows up as he sees Kai ahead of him, stepping away from Tombs; coming to a stop, his cold blue eyes flick from Kai's retreating back to the marine captain. "What th' frak is going on? Just heard some bloody ensign going on in the head, something about Sam being arrested." He says the word with distaste.

"Ajtai, Quit your jawing." comes a sharp bark from the Captain across from the brig. Arms folded over his chest and Tombs just watches the pair for a moment, that is till he's looking back at Komnenos for a moment. A faint raise of a brow. "If you mean Lieutenant Passi, then she's being detained. You've been misinformed…" a pause to look over the man in his blues. "Lieutenant." And with that he's looking over to Reverie and Panda. "Ensign, you're to report to the Ready Room. Lickety split."

There's a nod and a salute to the captain before a nod to Thorn. She gives Panda a look before nodding to the captain once more. "Yes sir." and with that she starts to hobble off.

"Ayesir," Panda drawls, straightening up. The Lance Corporal tucks his handcuffs back into their holster on his kit and takes up post just outside of the security station. He looks to the Captain, awaiting debriefing or dismissal.

"Yeah, I mean Lieutenant Passi." The marines have a gift for the obvious, apparently. Not unlike some pilots Anton knows, as well. "Detained?" Thorn asks incredulously. "Semantics. What th' frak for?" He repeats his earlier question; the tenacious ECO knows a non-answer when he hears one.

A pause as he watches the ECO for a moment, before Tombs shakes his head "Can't say.." which should be translated as he's not going to answer that question. "If you want to know, talk to your CAG, but right now she's detained. If anything comes up, Captain Karim Marek will be the person to ask." A folding of his arms. "Is that clear Lieutenant?" A motion is made to Ajtai. "Let's do a quick de-brief Lance Coolie, then I'll send you on your merry. That work?"

Thorn stares flatly at Tombs for a moment, but finally nods. "Yes, Captain." His voice is heavy with carefully restrained anger. "Believe me, I will." With that, Komnenos turns on his heel and stalks away, leaving the Marines alone to do their marine thing.

"Ayesir." It's a rare chance when enlisted get to stick it to brass, so even though it's someone Panda's got a favourable view of, he still takes the opportunity. Granted, 'sticking it to' him just by following orders is only one step above 'fighting the power' by watching the devoted march in protest on TV. Even so, Panda twists on ball and heel to follow the Captain's gesture.

Security Station - Deck 11 - BS Hestia

Upon coming in there's a pause as the Captain turns to look back towards Panda "Next time, for reference sake, when I say something. Trust my judgement even if it seems off. I've done this job for most of my damned life..and right now I am trying to keep the damned ship from sniping apart. If anything we've kept one side of a rumor that could have everyone and their mother from turning someone in, kept under raps." At least for a few minutes. A pause there for a moment. "That being said. LC, you handled yourself well. Can you give me an account of what you encountered upon coming into the berthings? Because…If you don' mind me saying so. This situation is more spunked up than a whore on singles night." leave it to Tombs to cut to the meat of the matter.

Panda flares bright red, the muscles and veins in his neck flaring like a cobra. It's fight, not flight, that the Captain's dressing-down brings out… but that's why he's a Marine. "Ayesir," he grinds back during the pause, with no sign of any further pursuit. That's the discipline that came after becoming a Marine. "Sir," he nods when asked for a description. "Private Rian was a few steps ahead of me. The Leftenant was in motion at about two o'clock toward the bathroom. The Ensign was at about eleven o'clock." Pandorian shifts from foot to foot. "They were both surprised, I think. The Leftenant wasn't fleeing, it seemed more like…" A shrug. "You saw how she was dressed."

Tombs nods. "Well, that's something.." said back for a moment. The dressing down woulda come harder if the need was felt. As it stands it was a small bit of hesitance that stuck out. Albeit he would expect the LC to do something different if he ordered him to charge a centurion with just a stick and a knife-this however was nothing nigh as stupid. "Did the Ensign say anything to you on the way here or upon coming up, beyond leveling her charge aloud?"

"Nosir," he declares decisively. "I advised her to remain silent after confirming the charges." Panda clears his throat. "May not the sharpest brick of cheese, Sir, but I know better than to let a riot get started." He glances aside, starts to open his mouth, then snaps it shut.

Tombs nods for a moment. "Good call. If you were an MP, I'd be frakkin beyond thrilled." A grunt as he's moving over to pick up a pad of paper, and a pen. He has questioning to do here in a minute to get the other pilot on out. A look is given back over his shoulder in time to see Panda snap his mouth shut. "What's on your mind, Ajtai?"

The Marine rolls his shoulders, shifts from foot to foot, then shakes his head. "Can't say, Sir. It's in here," Panda says sullenly, poking his forehead. "If it turns into words, I'll let you know, Sir."

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