Ashe "Keeper of the Fork" Swift
Jeffrey Donovan
Jeffrey Donovan as Ashe Swift
Name: Ashe Swift
Alias: Paradox
Age: 19
Hair & Eyes: Dark Hair, Green Eyes
Faction: Marines
Position: Rifleman / Corporal
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: 6 PM
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info



Ashe is the only son of two Engineers who work at the Scorpia spaceyards as engineering advisers. He grew up on the world of Scorpia but never seemed to take well after his more intellectual parents, instead having gifts along the lines of physical activities. His uncle, Jebiah, spent a large amount of time with Ashe as he grew up, hunting and pursuing other such activities and instilling a desire to be out and about within the young man.


Ashe received the standard education of a Scorpian citizen. Primary education followed by secondary. Although he was intelligent he was far from brilliant and did enough to get by in school. His time was spent more in physical pursuits. He was captain of his school gymnastics and pyramid teams. After school, Ashe enrolled in the Colonial Marines and received basic training education.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

The young man has shown a proficiency for military life. After basic, he was assigned to the Battlestar Antares for a term of service for one year. During this time he was taken under the wing by the Marine CO to be trained and groomed due to his likable personality. A sharp tongue and a quick wit often lands him into hot water but drags him out shortly after. At each eligible period for promotion, Ashe has received it due to his abilities. His most recent promotion coming one day before his nineteenth birthday to Lance Corporal. This coincided with his transfer to the Kharon.

Since the transfer and with the onset of Warday, Ashe has shown to be competent in combating the Cylon threat. A short period after Warday a significant change in personality of the young Marine has shown itself as he has transitioned away from being likable to far more aggressive particularly with pilots on board the vessel. This has led to several run-ins and blow ups that has resulted in various repercussions.

Boarding of Kharon - Sustained 12 bullet injuries.

Distinguishing Features

Ashe has dark hair and green eyes with olive skin. He often has a slightly goatee on his face. A slight scar under his left eye is noticable in certain lighting. Ashe is also known as the Keeper of the Fork of Justice.



Eidetic Memory - Ashe has a near photographic memory when he chooses to apply it
Pyramid - What, most people have played pyramid in their lives
Gymnastics - Flexibility can get you out of some tight situations
Firearms - pewpew
Melee - punchpunch
Kharon Verbal Punching Bag - Known to some as 'The Mouth' Ashe has a quick fire wit that often gets him into trouble, especially with officers who fall back on rank when they realize they can't win.

On the Grid

Assigned to the Kharon early into its deployment mission, Ashe Swift joined the Marine Unit following his nineteenth birthday and subsequent promotion to Lance Corporal. Following many conflict run ins with pilots, particularly Jupiter Black, Swift began to develop a reputation as a hot head and would constantly seek out incidents with pilots. During a shore leave to a space station however, Swift was able to detain and disarm an armed attacker using a fork. Unfortunately his work was for naught as the fair Althea Legacy still took a bullet to her ass. A crime against all humanity for damaging such perfection.

Shortly after the incident on the station the Kharon recieved a distress signal. It was there that Swift and the Marine team boarded a vessel and encountered what would later be identified as a Cylon Centurion. For all he knows, Ashe carries the burden, or priveledge, of being the first human to deliver a killing blow to a Centurion in the new war. The escape from the vessel occurred and would subsequently follow many engagements with the Cylons. Through these battles, Ashe would himself be wounded multiple times with shrapnel and Cylon bullets. He is known to keep a collection of the bullets in his bunk that have been taken out of his body.

During a recon to Scorpia, Swift amongst others were shot down and he sustained a severe life threatening bullet to the chest. This was however after Ashe had walked amongst cylon bullets unscathed for days, but only upon realization that instead of death there was life ahead would he come face to face with his end. However the work of medics pulled him from the brink.

Close friendships for Swift developed, particularly with Epiphany Jarot, a fellow Marine and the conflicts with Jupiter Black continued upon the ship. Often the pair would spar, violently be it in the Gym, the Hall, or on Fight night. Rumors would begin six months after Holocaust Day of the two being romantically involved but never fully confirmed and would be quashed further falling a rather nasty falling out.


A recent trip to Solon has left Ashe shaken. Upon returning to the Kharon following Shore Leave, Ashe has began to hum rather often and chant under his breath. The words are lyrical, poetic in a way and have manifested themselves in an artistic drawing within the shooting range. A simple display of the word 'One' which is done in red, blood like, lettering. Despite orders to remove it, Swift refused and was sent to the brig. Only a rescue operation on Scorpia pulled him out of the brig and Major Cass along with Ensign Salazar are evaluating the Marine as time progresses.

With the Cylon attacks on Solon, Swift has faced greater issues. Swept over with a feeling of distress, he was in the process of turning his rifle over to the Major on the planet in order to step away when the Cylon attack commenced. During which, he would shoot two raiders in the cockpit with his rifle while they were in the process of strafing runs. A trip to medical has confirmed as well that there seems to be increased cerebral activity for Ashe and his full current situation is unknown. When questioned about the procedures and actions taken, reports have stated his only explanation for his skill in combating the raiders was: "One."

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Lieutenant Samantha "Case" Passi. It is really tough to believe that Sam was one of the first people I met on the ship. She gives me hell of a lot of issues because I'm young. Granted, that doesn't mean much when she's suited for a walker and some crime drama vids before curling up with an afghan at supper around 4 pm. That was way to wordy to say she's an old fart, but decent to me.
Lieutenant JG Martin "Dash" Black. Ok, we really kicked off on the wrong foot over Samantha way back in the day. Then things got much worst when I started getting into fist fights with his sister. But somehow over the past month or so we've sorta come to understand each other. Honestly the dude's pretty cool in my book. Probably take a bullet cool even if need be. Doesn't mean I wouldn't beat him upside the head if it was needed though.
Captain Karim "Spider" Marek. There's moments where I think the dude likes me. Kind of in that big cool kid on campus lookin' out for the freshman kind of way. But then again, he's tough to know what's going on in his head at all. What I do know? I told him something I shouldn't and he hasn't busted me up on it. Maybe he'll handle some other news well also. I just wish he kept his minions from being all surly.
Corporal Epiphany "Short Stack/Squealer" Jarot. About the closest thing I have to as far as family goes. Honestly we get into a bit too much mischief be it gymnastics or executing our own form of justice in the barracks. Talk to her about everything, and she talks to me about everything. Recently she took a bullet, honestly it shook me up pretty bad.
Lieutenant JG Jupiter "Fingers" Black. Frak you Universe. I admit it. You win. But I am too stupid to do what is right. She needs to be safe, and safe is not wtih me.
Private 1st Class Jules "Sunshine" Oxymandias. Jules is a good person in the purest sense. Real sunshine and rainbows, hope and future sort. Everyone deserves a chance. Honestly, Jules represents most of the parts of my soul that I try to keep buried. She wears who she is. Another time, another place? Yeah. Definately. Now? Well if I weren't so fraked up. Be it as it is though, I'll break face if I see her crying again. I made a bad call on this one. How could I be so wrong?
Major Ezra Cass. The new S1, no BS here and I'm good with that. Although I have to wonder if he's out of his bloody mind. Promoting that idiot Swift is not a good idea.

Timeline of Events


Life is about living, death is about dying. Don't get the two confused or you won't do either right.


  • Cigars
  • Whiskey
  • Other Marines


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