PHD 280: Baby Boy!
Baby Boy
Summary: Jacobs is on guard duty in sickbay as Lena comes in with contraction pains. Jerhico is quick to the scene and successfully delivers a baby boy.
Date: PHD 280 (24/01/10)
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Hestia's sickbay may not look like much, but it is equipped with state of the art medical technology. Gurneys are lined up along the forward bulkhead, each with a vital signs monitor mounted on the wall above the patient's head. Metal poles for additional diagnostic monitors and intravenous medications are next to the cots, and gray curtains can be drawn for patient privacy. On the far side of the room is a desk for the chief medical officer. An annex in the rear has an advanced imaging scanner for everything from broken bones to neuro scans, and a set of double doors leads into the operating room. Immediately near the hatch is a waiting area where crew members line up for sick call.

It's one of those times of day. It's long before morning Sick Call and the shifts are midchange, leaving the place pretty much empty. The only folks around at the moment are a couple of nurses and Corporal Jacobs, standing guard at the door to the morgue. He's in his blacks currently, getting them more and more broken in as time goes it seems, with a rifle slung into the low ready across his body. Hands resting on top of the rifle he spends his time here looking bored and possibly forlorn while he watches the nurses go about their business.

It was the middle of the night shift when Lena first started feeling the strange pains and yet she chose to remain in her quarters. As morning started to move on to afternoon the pains have been growing increasingly more intense. Lena was in the head taking a shower when she first called out from the pressure in her stomach, doubling over in mid scrub. A few officers grew quite concerned and insisted they escort her down to sickbay. Lena and two others walk into the neon lights of the medical ward, the young woman's face white. Wearing a long green tshirt and some oversized sweats she waddles along with the help of the other too enlisted, jerking her elbow away as one tries to hold it. Wet red hair clings to her features as green eyes search around the ward nervously.

"We need some help here!" One young male officer shouts out from the door, looking quite afraid. Lena? Well she looks more annoyed then anything else.

Officers. Always needing help. Being the Man of Action that he is, Jacobs does what any good marine medic would do right now. Nothing. He's guarding corpses, for the Gods' sake, how is he supposed to abandon this all important duty?

It's when the nurses start to converge on her slowly, chattering and starting to get all mixed up with what they should be doing, some completely abandoning their original duties, when Jacobs decides he has to step in. "Oi!" He says to get their attention before he storms through the crowd, pushing them aside. He points at 3 of them in turn, "You, you and you, get back to what you were doing. Can't have you causing other problems while this is going on." Then it's a pair of fingers jabbed at another pair, "You two, get a damn gurney over here." His voice is smooth and silky but addled with the firm authority that being a marine NCO forces upon you. Hell, he's ordering the officers too. "And you, keep supporting her. When the gurney gets here, we're going to help her up onto it."

"And what the frak about me?!" Comes a shrill voice dripping with attitude, green eyes staring at the dark man that starts to bellow orders. As people start moving excitedly around her she seems oblivious to it, once again she jerks her elbow away from the officer beside her seeming perfectly able to stand by herself at this point in time. "This isn't happening yet. It can't be," Lena's normal kind demeanor starts to show through though the sweat on her brow says otherwise. Browse arched she pleas, "it's just false contractions, or from breakfast!"

The gurney swings up beside her and she shakes her head, green eyes glazing over, "By the grace of gods this can't be happening yet…" She finishes in a dull growl, falling back against the support of the officer beside her as the pains from her gut ripple through her body.

The Corporal giving the orders looks Lena over and says, "Looks like it might be about ready to happen to me…" Especially when she falls back into the supporting arms of the officer who escorted her in. With the help of said officer, Jacobs pushes her up onto the gurney. Then the rifle is unslung, mag dropped and then tossed to a nurse. "Nobody hears about me giving that to you." When she's on the gurney he turns to the officer again. "Sir, wait here." He's assuming the officer is the father. Probably mistakenly. Then the nurses need direction once more, "Alright, let's get her into the OR and one of you get me my satchel." Yes even when he's going to be delivering a baby, he wants to have his Satchel.

Lena breathes out the pain, the men pushing and pulling her onto the gurney, not even seeming to wait for the contraction to pass. Doesn't anyone know anything about giving birth around here? "Ghhahhh, gods damnit," Lena hisses, green eyes darting around the ward, "get on the wireless and get a real frakin doctor here. Right. Now." The officer that was behind her is still holding her elbow, though she is sitting up by herself on the gurney. With one final jerk of her arm she pushes him away with an evil glare. The once meek and proper lady is no more. "We are /NOT/ going to the OR," deadly glare turns to Jacobs now.

Jacobs is a combat medic. Ignoring people's pain while he gets things done is business as usual for him. Probably not the best person to be delivering a baby. He does take one bit of advice from her, "Someone get me a wireless." he says, sounding a bit dejected with her lack of faith in him. But that's not what matters at the moment. Her other suggestion, however, is disputed. "Well, if you would like to have your baby right here, without anasthetic, we could do that too." Seems he may honestly leave that up to her. The wireless is brought and the comm goes out.

Corporal Jacobs tries to keep them in order. What's causing all the rucus? Well, that would be Lena laying on the gurney next to our dear Corporal. She is easily 9 months pregnant and about ready to pop it seems. The Corporal looks her square in the eye and in the most relaxing voice he can manage (an incredibly pleasant one. Someone was given a gift) he says, "Even if you do not think you're ready, this baby is coming. Don't you worry, the doctor's on his way and we will take real good care of you and your child." The hand on his wrist is covered with his other hand, offering a more tender kind of support with a gentle squeeze. Then it's back to being Action Jackson. "Alright, we're moving to the OR /now/." He nods to a nurse, "When a doc shows up, you explain what's going on."

Jericho practically sleeps in her scrubs, likely because they're far more comfortable then those scratchy military uniforms. As such, she's already half dressed for the job as she pushes through the hatch into sickbay, looking like she's still knocking the cobwebs off her brain from sleep. "What's the emergency?" She asks in a voice crisp with the tone of efficiency that's common around sickbay. Already, a nurse is approaching the surgeon who holds her arms out to get slipped into a surgical gown on her way to a sink to scrub up.

Even the soothing voice or the gentle touch from the marine doesn't sooth the young woman. Panic strikes her features as she looks back and forth, the gurney moving fast and against her will towards the OR doors. Crying rivers now her cheeks are flushed and lips puckered, hand still gripping at the man's wrist. "Please no," she sniffles out.

The woman's panicked expression and tone seems to be infectious. The nurse that Jacobs gave the order to approaches Jericho, almost running in place with her nervousness. She runs down the situation as fast as she can.

"Aladycameinhavingababyandweallpanickedandthatcutemarinewaslike'dothis,dothat'andnowtheytookhertotheORandOhGodssomeoneshavingababy!" Someone needs to relax.

And in the meantime, 'thatcutemarine' (also known as Corporal Jacobs), helps to wheel the gurney into the OR. Being trained to deal with things on the fly in the middle of battle, he doesn't bother with a surgical gown or anything like that. Instead he just rolls his sleeves up and slaps on a pair of latex gloves. With Lena probably still gripping his wrist.

Oh. Hey. Pregnant lady. Jericho dries her hands off on a towel gets a pair of gloves slapped onto her hands as she gets updated on the situation by the nurse as she trails after the gurney. "Alright then. Looks like we're having a baby. Let's get a drape, some iodine wipes and a surgical tray ready incase we have a c-section on our hands." A pause. "Ma'am? Ma'am, what's your name? Has your water broken? How far apart are your contractions?"

As the new doctor arrives Lena looks even more panicked the mention of a c-section forces another sob from her lips. Looking to Jacobs she peels her palm away from his wrist, moving it to the side poll of the gurney. Holding her belly she doubles over on the bed, groaning with the pain, about thirty seconds pass and she is left panting.

Swallowing hard she turns her teary eyes to Jerico, "Around ten minutes apart. Water hasn't broken," Pausing she breathes hard, "I'm Lena Marie Bellanca… MD from the Kharon…"

Jacobs raises an eyebrow when she takes her hand away from his wrist but says nothing. Now's not the time for him to talk. While the two women get the introductions out of the way, Jacobs moves aside to have one of the nurses remove his load bearing gear and helmet and get a surgical gown thrown onto him. When he returns he starts getting Lena attached to the machinery that will be tracking her vitals. Easy business.

"Alright, Lena." No rank, doctor, or last name used. This is as up close and personal as it's going to be. "You know the drill then. We need to get you laying on your back and your feet up in the stirrups so we can check how far along you are. If you're water hasn't broken, yet, we're still in it for the long haul. I'm sorry, though. We're going to have to do this the old fashioned way, without any drugs. Let's get a monitor on your baby, and make sure they aren't in distress, okay?"

Green eyes grow even wider as she resists the nurses as they try to push her torso to the bed. "NO DRUGS?!" Breathing heavy her arms reach out, eventually gripping at Jacob's arm again, "this can't be happening, this is a nightmare… oh gods.. oh gods," starting to hyperventilate.

Gloves be damned, Jacobs' other hand rests on Lena's now while she grips his arm. His eyebrow is raised as well. No drugs? Sounds pretty bad to him. "Don't worry." He says again, using that soothing voice. One that's usually reserved for the dying. "Don't worry, she's a good doctor and she's going to make sure it's all ok." At least he believes it. He then scolds a nurse with a glance, "Oi, get the stirrups in here." He forgot to mention the monitor too, but the nurse is on the ball.

Jericho lays a comforting hand on Lena, patting gently. "You can do this." No more mention of the drugs, but needless to say, things like epidural anesthetics need to be reserved for injury now. Childbirth ranks pretty low on the scale for need of painkillers. "Glorious thing, is you won't remember any pain or any fear when you look into your tiny baby's face for the first time. But I need you to CALM DOWN." As the nurse sets things up, Jericho gets to work. She's a surgeon, but no doubt she's delivered a baby or two during her time in the field. Things start to happen rapidly, like divesting Lena of clothing and getting her into a hospital gown, in the stirrups, and an exam performed. Monitors are hooked up at lightening speed, and already Jericho is frowning at the outputs. "I'm sorry, but we're going to put you under, alright? You get some happy drugs afterall." And then she's waving in a different crew, one that'll handle the c-section. Obviously, there are some complications.

The panting woman on the bed screams to the doctor, "WHAT?" Green eyes dart from the marine and back to Jericho at lightning pace, brows arched in fear. "What's wrong?" hot tears well her eyes and fall down her cheeks into the mess of red hair on the pillow. "What's wrong with my baby?" her chest bounces on the gurney as she sobs.

Jacobs doesn't really understand what's happening here right now, but isn't letting the pregnant woman's hand go. She's got his support right now, pretty much all he can give really. He reiterates, "Don't you worry, your baby's going to be fine. We're going to take care of you here, ok?" When the new crew comes in, he just gives them a long hard stare. He's staying and they know it.

Jericho leans over to take the anesthesia mask herself, hesitating before she puts it over the woman's mouth. "Just a precaution. We'd rather be safe then sorry, right? Don't worry, we're going to do everything we can to take care of you and your baby, and make sure you're both healthy. I'm going to put this over your face, now, and I just need you to breath deep and count back from one hundred. Here we go…" And Jericho puts the plastic piece over Lena's mouth and nose, holding it firmly in case the pregnant lady fights.

Lena allows the doctor to place the mask over her face, the plastic covering her nose mouth and cheeks. Eyes still panicked and wide she looks around as much as possible seeing people moving around her with instruments. 99..98… Tears stream down her cheeks as her stare finds Jacobs once more. 95.. 94… Lashed lids begin to flutter shut against her will, and moments later all is dark.

The marine medic just watches the proceedings from his place at her side. What else can he do? When her stare reaches him once more with the anasthetic doing it's work, he looks her dead in the eye and gives a confident wink.

Once the woman is off in a land of pleasant drug induced slumber, Doctor Stevens works quickly. A belly is exposed, the area is sterilized, and with quick efficiency, Lena's baby is brought into the world and wisked off to be cleaned up and weighed. A Battlestar isn't exactly equipped to handle babies or their delivery, but they make due. Once her job is done, she shakes Jacob's hand on a job well done, and is off to do the paperwork.

Baby boy 13:40 PHD 280. 9lbs 2oz.

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