PHD 263: Boolean Search for God
Boolean Search for God
Summary: Roubani takes his post-shooting queries to Fiver, who answers some questions about what a monotheist might be. Weed is smoked.
Date: PHD 263
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Hestia - Chapel

It is late here in the Chapel, and most normal people have gone off to bed. Not amongst them would be the young Chaplain who is focused more on the smoke in one hand-and the scrolls in the other. The sickly sweet herb burning along, as hooded eyes skim over the words like flame to flash paper. A lick of his lips, before the join is drug from. Smoke eases in and out. Lungs expand with the smile, and Fiver turns a page. Yes, it is a normal night here in the chapel, this evening.

'Late' is, of course, relative on a ship with round-the-clock shifts. The hatch opens at this quiet hour to admit somebody in dull olive off-duties, T-shirted instead of in the normal tank tops. A preliminary, quiet sniff tells Roubani that someone's here, and so when he's still at the back row of pews he pauses. "Hello?"

Touche. However there is someone here, someone dressed down as their duties for the most part are over. A turn of his head, and eyes flit back to the other clad similarly to himself. "Oh, Hello Lieutenant." comes the normal accent-perhaps a tad heavier given his state, before Fiver is waving him down to join him. "Sorry, just doing some reading before bed." A faint smile that doesn't quite reach. "How can I help you?"

Smoking up in the chapel? Doesn't appear to bother the Sagittarian. Roubani takes his hand off the back pew and heads deeper into the battlestar's place of worship. His gait's still a little stiff, much as he tries not to look like it is. "Please, don't let me interrupt." Almost a smile, there. "Are you well?"

"I shan't. I was actually wondering if you would join me, as long as you aren't needed on the flight line anytime soon." So perhaps he is smoking something a little stronger than a licensed cigarette. A screwing of his lips after one more toke, before the joint is held out towards Roubani in a silent offer, before he is shaking his head. "Not entirely. A good friend of mine was killed, and others are hurting. I am in one of those.." a pause as one hand lowers the scrolls to gesture "Odd loop holes..purgatories."

Roubani sits down on the bench, leaning on his hand until his weight's settled. "As it often is when Kharon passes by." Oh, the levels contained therein. He looks at the 'cigarette' a moment before reaching over to accept it, no real qualms about doing so. He fans a little bit of the smoke towards his face, getting the smell of it more richly before taking a hit off the stick itself, and reaching it back to Fiver. The smoke's kept in his lungs for a good while before exhaled again, silently. "I'm sorry for the ship's loss. It seems we've barely had a memorial and now…another."

"Understood." the Chaplain says before he's nodding back to the other man, hand coming to take the smoke, and the hit, so as for him to mull over Roubani's words quietly. Finally exhaling Fiver, closes his book all together. "Such is the way with war. However now it seems more dire than ever. Death, is never an easy thing to accept, even from those of us who deal with it, day in and out. And the way she met him…" Silence before he's taking one more puff before passing. "It is one cycle after another."

"A cycle of what, these days, though," Roubani can still smell the last dregs of the smoke in his nose, the scent of it settling like a heavy cloud. "Birth and death is what we're taught, in the most literal terms. Some kind of balance." He takes the smoke back when it's offered.

"Right now, I would argue some sort of continual harvest without any chance for rebirth." A shake of his head, as hands moving to scratch back through his hair, giving the usually held back locks a rather unruly look. "Usually an even one." And with that he's leaning back into the pew. "So, Lieutenant." A grin from Fulk "What is on your mind, beyond sorrow? If it is mourning you need. I can help with that too, but my eyes already sting from crying too much."

"I came to distract you with a question or two, if you don't mind it for a little while," Roubani says, with a hint of a half-smile. He stops to take his hit from the 'cig', passing it back and talking as he exhales. Thin smoke leaves his mouth in short puffs. "If now isn't the time, I would surely understand."

"Of course not. I enjoy discourse of any kind..Unless you've come here to insult me." A slight tease there, as no doubtly, the Chaplain doesn't expect that from Roubani. A grin showing briefly before he is taking the 'cig' in question back. "No, now is a good time, as ever." Fiver responds, before patting the pew beside him. "Sit, and talk."

Roubani moves over a little bit, where he can talk at a slightly lower volume than perhaps necessary. "Were I to insult you I would expect a parry and a riposte twice as sharp, or else you've gone soft after leaving piloting." He smiles at that, the expression coming easier with the faint buzzy fog that the smoke's slowly inducing. That's let to fade completely away, however, before he talks again. "Do you encounter a lot of people that believe…something other than what you do?"

"I've tried, sadly, my wit won't leave me. Odd isn't it. You learn quickly how to hold court in the berthings as a pilot, than you do a priest." A chuckle from the chaplain before Wolfram's shaking his head. However as the words come up, he takes a little puff, only to release and suck the smoke back in. Finally, after a moment's time he's nodding. "I Do. I have come into contact with Atheists..Followers of Demeter, Ares…Mithras…You name it, I have seen it at some point in my life, given what people choose to cling to."

"Demeter, Ares, or Mithras…alone?" Roubani asks, letting his shoulder rest against the pew back. "As though they said 'This one exists and no others do'?"

Fiver is silent for a moment before he's looking back towards Roubani. "I've heard a few Mithradites say that. That Mithras is the one god and the others are merely aspects of his mystery." Obviously that is not what the Chaplain himself believes. "But, for the most part. I would say I have not heard anyone say a singular god, alone. Only one…No."

Roubani's eyes flicker to the altar of figurines after Fiver explains. "You knew these people?" He looks back at the older officer, scratching his thumb between his brows. "Why Mithras?"

"A couple. Marines." he added before he's looking back towards the altar for a moment. "I do not know. It is just something that is common with Mithras, I believe. Find any believer in Mithras and ask them. See what they say. In truth, I do not know that cult entirely too well." And with that he looks more to the join in his hand, before taking another toke, helping to burn that little bit of bud down. The tiny roach passed back. "I wish I could help more."

"It's alright." Roubani easily waves a hand, on the way over to take the dying smoke back. "I would ask one, believe me, but 'Are you a follower of Mithras' isn't something they asked on the personnel intake forms. Could you imagine." He snorts quietly, pausing to get a sip or two of smoke from the little roach and then extend it back. Last puff for its owner, of course. "There isn't anything you remember about it…that somone said, perhaps? Even small things?"

"Maybe it is a trip to finding more books on religion, though I think between me and the other two, I have the corner market on such things." A faint smile there, before he's reaching to take that last drink of smoke, before he's carefully rising and slowly, making his way to the altar. Smoke blown out over towards the wooden figurines as if giving a last bit of sacrament, and what is left is placed reverently into a bowl to smolder. "Well." A pause as Fiver turns and regards the pilot for a moment, "They do have odd rirutals, baptism in blood, bulls preferably. A three sign sort of following that denotes what rank the follower is. Raven, Bull…The other is elusive to my mind at the moment."

Roubani's shoulders have slouched comfortably by now, tilted left. "You are one of the only trees around to shake for knowledge, for certain. You'll warn me if I'm giving you whiplash, won't you?" His faint grin has a touch of smirk in it, then he rubs his forehead as he takes that in. "Did they believe that one would see Mithras after one died? Or…at least that one would be 'with him' somehow after death?"

"That I do not know- I know they believe him to be the unconquerable sun. And that all bow to him. A mover of the universe. Though they keep those beliefs a secret. I do believe at one point someone did say that one would be with the gods after death. A hint of rebirth, but those are rumors heard in the Serminary, so take them with a grain of salt." A pause as Fiver watches Roubani for a moment. "Are you thinking of converting to Mithraism? If so, I could point you to a few officers and crewmembers that I do know of who worship Mithras…" And then a raise of a brow "Or is there something else on your mind?"

"No, no conversions. Just…curious." Roubani makes it sound offhanded with ease. "Surely you know what happens to Apollo's faithful when they get a whiff of something shrouded. Take up the holy flashlight and barrel on in."

A grin there. "I do, but then the same could be said of any brother of Hermes. A sniff of a vision or a hint of adventure and we're off on winged feet." A grin there before he is coming back to sit back down with the Lieutenant. "Something has sent you into this hunt, that much is for certain…" And with that fingers move to rub at his eyes for a moment. "Though.." And Fiver pauses "I do remember something more-Yes. As cycle of rebirth was often though to be with Mithras, or in his Kashmiri name of Zorastor.."

"Zorastor…" Roubani repeats under his breath, with no familiarity in the term. "Is he a vengeful god?"

"It is mainly confined to the more..agricultural or poorer parts of the colonies. That is why you see a bit more marines with the beliefs.." Fiver adds, before he's raising a brow. "I do not know. I do not think he is, but he promotes a few things. His own ethics. Honesty, oath keeping, Loyalty, Courage, courage under trial, modesty, respect and forebearance." A pause there "Ahh, there are those courses…And I do believe they though that the darkness would be reunited with the god..So reunited in death?" A shrug "I cannot say."

Roubani can't resist a chuckle, not with his mind still swirling on sweet smoke. "Is that why. Interesting correlation, if I wouldn't repeat it in front of marines, myself." He rubs the bridge of his nose, then, gently, his right eye. "I cannot imagine being a monotheist."

"It is just how the recruiting demographic goes. Trust me. I barely paid for college as it was. Only a commitment saved me to being a pilot." Fiver responds with a faint chuckle, which carries on for a few moments. "Nor can I personally. There is a vast abundance of emotion seen through each god, and to say one is in control of everything. There is no democracy, no kinship nor kingship." and the Chaplain silences for a moment. "I do not know how one finds love in it, personally."

"Indeed." Roubani's silent for a while then, absorbing or merely thinking. His eyes are watching some point to the left of Fiver's face and the various figurines on the altar. Then they come back, and he offers a vague smile. "Is there anything I can do?"

Fiver shakes his head. "Nothing, beyond what you are doing now." he offers to the other pilot, before looking back to him. "Even we chaplains need our fellowship outside of the whole chapel setting. So talking, this is good." A flash of teeth. "It makes the passings much more bearable.." and with that he falls silent. "I do hope I helped, or at least stoked the fires?"

"Granted," Roubani says, "Talking about more religion. I don't suppose you like discussing ergodic theory, or…Pythagorean harmony and musical spheres. Because I could certain branch into one of those next time, even if one might need something stronger to smoke." He smirks. "You did help, though, thank you."

Fiver grins "I could try, but I wouldn't mind doing it again. After all I might not follow completely, but I will aid in what I can. Even in herb." a pause there for a moment. "I supposed I don't need to tell you that we keep that quiet, do I?" asked before he is grinning again. "Good. I am glad I could. You know where to find me should your brain catch flame again."

Roubani puts a finger against his lips in a 'shh' gesture. "Not that anyone would believe me." He scoots forward on the bench before standing, pushing down with his hands. Still hurts. "And if you find you need anything, likewise call. Take care of yourself."

"Of course." Fiver says as he rises with the Lieutenant. The Chaplain is ever polite, even when stoned out of his mind. "Gods go with you, brother." And with that he's moving to retrieve his Scrolls.

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