PHD 233: Brave Enough
Brave Enough
Summary: Roubani catches up to Eddie in storage, shortly after the announcement of impending mergers.
Date: PHD233 (Dec 8 2009)
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Kharon - Storage

Storage doesn't have all the lights flicked on, just the one bare bulb by the door. No doubt there's someone in here, though, as there's active cigarette smoke clouding along the ceiling. Eddie's in back, sprawled out on the floor on her back with the heels of her boots hitched up on a shelf.

The hatch makes noise when it opens. It could be greased, but the fact that it isn't is likely on purpose considering the things people get up to in here. There's the sound of boots. And then someone raps twice on a box up front, a nonverbal communication to the smelled smoker that someone else is indeed here. Behave.

"I'm dressed. And alone." Eddie doesn't immediately assume the double rap is Roubani, as it might just be a coincidence. "Either come in or get out, I'm not airconditioning the whole neighborhood." There's a chuck of laughter, lacking any real mirth.

"Air conditioning?" The bewildered voice is Roubani's, that's unmistakeable. He's still not in sight, not having reached the back yet. "I mean, I appreciate the 'dressed' thing. I am too. For the record."

"Something my father used to say, if I was going in and out the back door too much. When he was actually home, I guess." There's a pause as Eddie takes another drag off her cigarette, then let's her hand fall back to the deck with a heavy thud. "Rubix, if I ever saw you completely naked, I think I'd believe I had died and was on my way to meet the boatman."

"Sagittarians are born clothed, you know." Roubani's voice gets closer and pauses, unsure where to go. Marco Polo. In the pause, he conveniently uses it to light a cigarette himself. Scritch scritch. "Spared that small trauma, at least."

"Small favors. Though I'm not sure for who. I guess we should stop saying 'small' in reference to your nakidity." Mooner purses her lips, exhaling a long stream of smoke towards the ceiling. She's never mastered smoke rings, maybe never will. "So you hear the message?"

"Puns never grow old." Roubani finally finds the right turn, footsteps coming around the corner. He crouches down near where Eddie's lying, heels staying flat on the floor. Silence a moment, then, "I heard it. I can't say it wasn't expected, what with the state of the Kharon now. Not that it makes it less of a jolt."

Eddie rolls her eyes to look up at Roubani. "We're going to get shuffled like a deck of triad cards. I don't know if I can do it." She says simply, before calmly lifting the cigarette to her lips for another drag.

Roubani exhales quietly through his nose. His eyes glance at where wall meets floor across from them, then back towards her elbow. "The new people? Losing your bunk?"

Eddie scratches at her bottom lip with her gnawed thumbnail. A faint smile appears at the corners of her mouth. "Break in a new CAG."

"Ah, yes." Roubani taps ash off his cigarette. "We have the chance to reinvent ourselves, you know…we could trade roles."

One of those rare full Eddie smiles blooms, "Wouldn't that just be a frakking riot. We could maybe keep it up one…possibly two weeks. I think we'd blow it around the time you'd have to do the shower scene and I'd have to do….math." Mooner finally pulls her feet off the shelf, letting them clunk back to the floor.

"You would be fine. Just say 'parabola' a lot." Roubani waves a hand, and a plume of smoke with it. "But you're right. Alas, I can't fake your panache. At least not without lessons."

Eddie gives a little grunt as she pushes into a seated position. "Oh, I could give you lessons, alright. But I'm not sure I want to sully you. You're one of the few things that's just perfect in my life." She pushes her hair back out of her face, smoothing it behind her ear. "Lords of Kobol, give me strength."

"They are listening," Roubani murmurs. He rolls back off his feet, sitting crosslegged on the floor with his back against the wall. "Are you really afraid of transferring?"

Eddie shifts slightly to face him, "I can't do this again. I just can't. This is the only place I've ever belonged, and look how often I frak that up. I can't get transferred over there. I won't survive."

"Yes, you will." Roubani rests his arms down on his knees. "You'll still belong to us. We'll be there with you, most if not all. And you've seen their CAG. If anything it's likely the ones without your courage who won't fit the mold."

Eddie gives a little heh under her breath. "Don't mistake courage with bravado. Courage is one thing I've never really had. Stubborn pride, sure. Hard-headed tenacity, maybe. But never courage. Never bravery." She pinches the bridge of her nose. "Frak. I have a…thing. I gotta go."

"I disagree," Roubani says, mildly. "But I suppose you'll have to ask later if you want to know why." He lets his back rest against the wall again, having nowhere to be, himself. "Good luck with your thing."

Eddie reaches out to touch his cheek ever so briefly. "Well. Hold that thought then. Maybe one day, I'll be brave enough to ask." She smiles a touch more, then hauls herself to her feet to skip out to whatever it is she needs to do urgently.

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