BS Atlantia

Battlestar Atlantia (BSG 77)

Basic Information

Battlestar Atlantia was one of the twelve original battlestars commissioned during the First Cylon War, representing the colony of Picon. She had a crew complement of approximately 3,200 and was unique among her peers in that she carried not one but two Raptor squadrons. She was destroyed along with the majority of the Colonial Fleet in the first hours of the Second Cylon War.

  • Commander Virginia Mattis, CO
  • Colonel Arthur Ballard, XO

Notable Squadrons Aboard

  • Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron Three Nine (VAQ-39: Night Owls) - Captain Mira Pent, CO
  • Early Warning Squadron One Four Three (VAW-143: Hawkeyes) - Captain Nolan Laramie, CO


After the Armistice was signed, Atlantia was tasked with "putting out fires" across the Twelve Colonies. Her Raptors found themselves in particular demand, developing a reputation for excellence in search-and-rescue operations in harsh environmental conditions.

Notable Events

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Character Ties

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