BS Bellerophon

Battlestar Bellerophon (BSG 76)

Basic Information

The Bellerophon was a Valkyrie class Battlestar, which put it right between the Galactica and Mercury ships of the line. Given their size she was clearly a precursor to the mercury style of ships. Both sharing non retractable flight pods, and similar CICs. However she still required a large crew in order to maintain normal functionality. The Bellerophon came equipped with:14 small dual turrets, 35 heavy dual turrets, six ship to ship missile silos, and an unknown number of point defense guns. Her crew complement consisted of 3000 enlisted, 400 Officers. Her Air wing (107th Th' Goths) consisted of 160 Vipers, 80 Raptors

  • CO: Commander Jacob Nightlinger
  • CAG: Captain John "Crackerjack" Carver
  • Marine CO: Major Ezra Cass


The Bellerophon was considered a great duty to pull for older career men and women. Her usual route took her between the shipping lanes and touched base with Stations: Idi, Ori, Trichonis. As well as five of the twelve colonies. The Bellerophon has been called in for duty along the Armistice line, as well as, has been known to be a heavy hitter for the tougher Garrisons such as Saggittaron, and Tauron in times of need.

Notable Events


Character Ties

  • Major Ezra Cass
  • Liuetenant JG Sapho Pournelle
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