BS Hestia

Battlestar Hestia (BSG 13)


Race Colonial
Type Military
Role Battleship
Class Olympia
CO Rear Admiral Sabah Mehra
XO Commander Kato Taji
FTL Propulsion Yes
Crew Capacity Approximately 2,436 (approx. 2200 enlisted, 230 officers)
Weapons 600 dual point-defense Kinetic Energy Weapons, 50 primary dual Kinetic Energy Weapons, 20 missile tubes capable of firing conventional and nuclear missiles
Viper Complement 68
Raptor Complement 36
Status Active

Computer Systems

NAVCON 5.0 (Navigation) Yes
Integrated triple redundancy DC (Damage Control) and Fire Control Yes
Hardpoint Gateway (Mainframe) Yes
CNP (Command Navigation Program) No
Networking No


Length 5100 feet (1554.48m)
Width 1952 feet (594.9696m)
Height 710 feet (216.408m)

Basic Information

The Hestia was deployed, two years prior to the Holocaust, as an early warning and fleet reconnaissance vessel. Its prerogatives frequently took it past the armistice line, where it patrolled with a small armada of two Frigates and a Destroyer, comprising Battlestar Group 13. Due to the subversive nature through which the attacks on the colonies were carried out, its crew had no knowledge of the impending Holocaust. Far removed from its duty assignment at the time of the Holocaust, the Hestia and its armada came under attack at the Deep Space Station Ori, where it was docked for resupply and shore leave. Admiral Mehra made the decision to fight rather than leave the sublight civilian ships also docked at the station, behind.

Hestia's air wing suffered heavy losses during the battle, though the Hestia neither ran the CNP nor networked its systems (due to its sensitive mission parameters), eliminating the backdoor that was present in many of the fleet's battleships. The Frigates Sol and Luna were crippled, and their crews decimated by damage taken during the attack, but managed to buy the Hestia time for switching to the Viper Mark II fighters in the air. With the fight quickly becoming lopsided, the Hestia and the Destroyer Kansai ultimately abandoned the station and jumped out of Colonial space, along with one or two other FTL capable civilian cargo freighters.

Hestia has patrolled the outer reaches of Colonial space since, staying largely under the Cylon radar. Its mission has remained one of tactical reconaissance and intelligence gathering, for the most part, with regular attempts made to locate and contact other surviving remnants of the fleet. Its armada at one point numbered six or seven FTL capable ships, with three of those (including the Hestia) being weapons capable. It isn't generally known, outside of its crew, precisely how these ships were lost, but the Hestia now travels alone, with the tylium refinery ship Sapta Rishis. Still flying under the radar, still accumulating data on the enemy in secret, and venturing into Colonial space infrequently when circumstances require it.


Notable Events

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Character Ties

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  • Lt. Jg. Eddie Morales' father, Colonel Domingo Tomas Morales, served as the TAACO on the Hestia, having retired six years prior to the Holocaust.


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