BS Pegasus

Battlestar Pegasus (BSG 42)

Basic Information

Pegasus (BS 62) is a Mercury class Battlestar. Technologically more advanced and far greater in size and firepower than the to-be-decommissioned Galactica, Pegasus is presumed destroyed in the Cylon attack. In the Extended Cut of the episode "Pegasus" Admiral Cain states that the ship is nearly twice the size of Galactica, but needs only half the crew. This probably refers to either the dual landing bays or the ship's volume, but not its length. The decreased manpower requirement stems from increased computerization and automation. This is also evident in the comparatively small size of the Pegasus CIC. Pegasus is also informally nicknamed "The Beast" within the Fleet (The Captain's Hand). Prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Pegasus was a prize assignment in the Colonial Fleet. Frank Bruno at the Caprica Transfer Station tells Kendra Shaw that "half the officers on this base would kill to get posted to that ship". It is apparently important enough for the Cylons as a military target to infiltrate, as Gina Inviere (a Number Six copy) assumes the role of network administrator on the ship (Razor). Kendra Shaw is not listed below because her transfer came the day-of the bombings and prior crewmembers would not know her.

  • Admiral Helena Cain (CO)
  • Commander Jurgen Belzen (XO)
  • Colonel Jack Fisk (TACCO)
  • Colonel Barry Garner (ChEng)
  • Captain Cole Taylor (CAG)
  • Lieutenant Alistair Thorne (Naval Intel)
  • Gina Inviere (Network Administrator - Civilian)


Pegasus operates up to 10 squadrons of Viper Mark VII space fighters, but the numbers are ambiguous because of the inconsistencies within canon. It is probably more likely that the number is around five or six squadrons.

Notable Events

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Character Ties

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