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Cafferty Air Base

Basic Information


Cafferty was a large airbase located on the northern continent of Aerelon near the town of Alconbury. It was home to the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron (The Ironhands). Cafferty housed around 5000 members of the Navy (including dependents) that supported the Ironhands as well as their operations. The base served dual-purpose as both a training location for new pilots as well as one for entire deployed squadrons.

  • Commander Lance Nelko, Base CO
  • Lieutenant Colonel Erin Haggarty, Base XO


The 26th was the only resident squadron at this base and had been for the prior 17 years. The mission of the 26th, as stated above, was two-fold. Some nuggets would be sent to Cafferty Air Base to learn basic air combat tactics. Failure of this course meant failing the entirety of their training. However, the other half of their mission involved large-scale operations. With such a large base only housing one squadron, what was all the other space for? Cafferty would host major fleet exercises for training entire Viper squadrons in Cylon combat tactics. Every couple months a new squadron would come in and be tasked with fighting against the Ironhands in pitched battles that were both atmospheric and spacial in their setting.

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