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Fresh Start
Summary: Vendas meets the Raptor Squadron Leader, Legacy.
Date: MD010
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The Ready Room

There's sounds from the front of the room. Vendas is shuffling paper work, seated alone in the first row. Dressed in her blues, her legs are crossed while she bounces a pen off the top sheet of paper on her metallic clipboard. There's another stack of papers sitting on the chair beside her. Without a war, bureaucracy must be served first and foremost.

The hatch opens and in steps a pale, red-haired woman who moves with a quiet dignity and grace, smile on her lips. "I get the distinct impression that this is where I'm going to be spending quite a bit of my time," she comments in a low, sweet voice after watching Vendas for a moment. A brow arches slightly as she turns to close the hatch.

Vendas looks up from her paperwork and smirks. "Holy Hell I hope not. That means more paperwork." She flicks her eyes over the pins on the woman's collar, ready to possibly tack a 'sir' on the end of it. But she rises slowly from the chair and tosses her clipboard aside. "Please tell me you're my new squad leader for the Fourth?" she asks, stepping forward to Legacy. That smirk starts to ease into a smile.

Legacy gives Vendas a wry little smile as she turns around and offers a hand. "If I tell you that, does it mean *I* get the paperwork," she asks, lips pursing a bit. "Because if so, I may have to plead out on this one, Major. If not, well, Althea Legacy, Fourth squad leader reporting for duty, Sir."

Vendas chuckles. "Damn, I like you already." She takes the offered hand and gives it a good shake. "Danika Vendas. I'll be your CAG.. but you probably already knew that." She drops the other hand and moves to lean against the wall. True to what others may have told Legacy, Vendas is pretty laid back outside the pit. Her whole demeanor seems to back this up. Her hands find her pockets. "Glad we're finally getting some of you all aboard. I've got half a dozen Viper sticks on already but I heard from the uppers than you guys were in the process of moving your operation. How's that going so far?"

"Slow but sure," she says, dropping the pack from her shoulder. "I'm part of the first wave coming aboard. The rest are wrapping some things up and will be along as their leaves are up." She moves to settle on the edge of flat surface, leaning back on her hands. "What do I need to know coming in, Sir," she asks, head canting to the side.

Danika nods her head a few times. "I know how it can be transferring a whole unit. We used to see it every month or so at Cafferty Air Base, my last posting. Whole squadrons moving in and out for training rotations. You have my sympathies." To the last, Vendas looks away to the stack of papers. "Well first, I'm not sure what you know or have heard about me. So I'll preface everything by telling you that I don't fuss or issue subtle hints. I tend to be very direct with how I interact." She then looks back to Legacy. "Second, I don't meddle. Your squadron is still your squadron. Obviously I'm the CAG and all that good stuff with rank, but I would rather maintain unit cohesion. What I mean by that is that if your crews look to you for leadership instead of me, all the better in my book. I will do my best not to interfere with your group." She waits there to see if there's any questions thus far.

While Thea seems relaxed, there's a certain intensity about her, about the way she attends to the CAG. For now, she doesn't interrupt with anything other than a simple nod, waiting for the other woman to continue. It's that Point in a relationship where first impressions are formed.
Vendas continues. "Third, I expect my squadron leaders to be professional. I don't care if you hang out with and fraternize as per the usual with everyone else. Your personal life isn't my business unless it effects your work. But I expect anything that I should know about brought to me without hesitation. Formally or informally. I don't eat messengers and I don't make rash judgments. But along those same lines? I appreciate feedback in private settings like this. Tell me what you think. I'm approachable and open. I'm human and prone to being wrong." Danika chuckles and adjusts her lean. "Last? Have fun with your job. We're both pilots, I'll assume. We both know what it means and how to blow off steam." She grins. "So tell me, Captain Legacy.. What do I need to know going in?"

Legacy chuckles quietly and dips her head. "It sounds like you and I have very similar styles of work, Major," she says quietly. "I keep my squad close, as close as possible. Professional's one thing, personal is the other. I take care of my people, they take care of me and the Fleet. Going into things, I've got a tight group. There are a few mavericks, but I keep them on a tight leash and they know it. We work hard and we play hard, but my people come together and do their jobs."

Vendas smiles. "I don't blame you. Tight groups work the best, I've found. Some people claim effectiveness goes down the tubes." The CAG shrugs, rolling her eyes. "I think that opinion is a load of shit. You know your boys and girls better than I do. Like I said, though, I'll try not to interfere too much. But if you have a problem child or something, send them to me if they are resistant. But when it comes to disciplining pilots, be warned.. I am harsh. Very harsh." Legacy might have heard a rumor or two confirming this. Danika clears her throat. "One question I have for you.. do you have any training officers in this first batch or people who know how to train?"

"I'm a training officer," Thea replies with a small smile. "Not the best at it, but I do train. I have one or two who might be up for the task as well. I'm right there with you on the discipline. My people know I'm hard on them and it's for a reason. They deal with it. But if I have someone who needs to hear it from up above, I'll come talk with you."

"Ah, excellent." Vendas grins. "As for discipline? Do what you feel is warranted. They're your people. But if you yank any flight statuses, I'll need to know to take them off rotation." She pauses for a moment. "In regards to training.. It doesn't matter if you're top dawg with training, though. Once we leave the shipyards I'll want to start conduction operations. Some of our Viper sticks are already volunteering to run patrols around the shipyards just to kill time. Our Viper squadron, the Vigilantes, have a Captain by the name of Marek leading it. Get with him about suggestions on training and what kind of operations you all would like to see done." The CAG tucks a lock of hair behind an ear.

Legacy dips her head, quietly filing everything away. "I'm somewhat versatile and can do what's needed," she says quietly. "Whatever you need, that's why I'm here." A shoulder lifts delicately. "I'll track Marek down as soon as I get settled in."

"Too right," Vendas sighs. "Well.. hmm.. a little about the ship?" She stands off the wall and glances around. "Uhm, the coffee sucks. I've heard the CIC has the best but haven't been able to find an excuse to go bother the old man long enough to get some to test." Her gaze continues as if she's following a map of the ship in her head. "Here in the Fore section there's a crew lounge and a game room.. they're down on Deck Three. CIC and Marine country is down on Deck Two. Offices are there, too. All the berthings are on Deck One. We're aft and Starboard of the main stairwell. ..Have you been down to the Berthings yet?"

"Not yet," she admits with a quiet laugh. "I came straight here off the boat, as it were. I've been going over the map and think I know roughly where everything is." At least she's thorough. "I brought some coffee with me, some of the good stuff from Caprica. I figured it would be a very good thing to have…just in case." Her eyes twinkle a bit and she reaches down into her pack, pulling out the pound and tossing it over toward the CAG. "Consider it a welcome to the ship gift."

Vendas leans to catch the pound and she eyes it, hefting the bag in one hand. "I don't much like kiss-asses." She lifts her gaze to Legacy. "Good thing this is a welcome-aboard gift." She winks and sets the bag down on her chair. "I think you'll like your berthings. I had a peek in there a few days ago to plant rubber dog poo on a few bunks. Pretty nice set-up. Makes me a wee jealous. But.. there was something else." She lifts a hand to tap her chin with a finger. "Oh! Right across the hall? We've got a line of simulators. Four Vipers and a Raptor. They don't work at the moment but I've got engineering on it. They said it shouldn't be too long. Week or so, tops. But there's a small set-up in there. A little hangout and lounge for pilots. Nothing plush like the general lounge, but its got some glasses, a sink, microwave and some locked-away booze."

Legacy quirks a brow and laughs quietly. "Ahhh, excellent. A place for my pilots to stay out of the general populace and keep themselves out of trouble." She pauses. "Ok, they'll get into trouble anyway, but every little bit helps. When will the sims be up?"

Danika laughs knowingly. "Aaaayep. Pilots.. will be pilots.. will be pilots." She shakes her head. "I don't want to segregate the pilots from the rest of the crew so I'd prefer to keep that for just informal gatherings. And it will be a duty area - that's my call." To the last she quirks a lopsided smile. "Week or so. It all depends on matters outside my control. So until then, any training will have to be done with the real deal." Vendas seems very sure of herself. There's a quiet confidence that while she may not be vocally subtle, her self-confidence is. "Any questions for me at the moment? Concerns? Feel free to speak your mind."

"Right now, I'm doing well with everything. Looking forward to getting settled in, finding out who's here, who's got what and what I'm working with." She leans back on the table again. "Honestly, I'm looking forward to meeting with my Vipir Counterpart."

"Karim? He seems like a good guy. Very business-like. Not sure how he will hold up with the rest of the Viper jocks but I guess he's got a good rep." Vendas shrugs. "I don't have anything negative about him that I know of. As for the both of you, I'm going to assume you have perfect reps with me until proven otherwise. We start square at the top."

Legacy smiles and straightens, dipping her head respectfully. "Thank you, Sir," she says quietly. "I'm looking forward to the posting and working with you."

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