Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst as Calistia Manfrin
Name: Calistia Manfrin
Alias: Callie
Age: 19
Hair & Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Faction: Military
Position: Engineering, Crewman Apprentice
Colony: Libris
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


Some might say my childhood wasn't ideal growing up on Libran in an orphanage from the time you're born isn't the best of situations but it beats being raised by a mother who doesn't want you. Besides, the people who ran the place were nice enough and we were given lots of encouragement and even love which helped to normalize what would have been a frakked up life otherwise. Many of the kids were adopted from a young age but those of us who weren't taken in by a family were still treated well, schooled and given a chance to find things that interest us. For me, it was mechanics. It started as fixing things that'd break around the orphanage only to then help people around the neighborhood once I was old enough to get out to do things on my own. One guy, this older man, took a liking to me and started teaching me how to play chess and how to tinker with computers (he even taught me how to fire pistols but that was something we kept secret) while a lady took me under her wing and started to teach me how to sew and speak Thracian.

As I got older my skills improved and what once was minor aptitude at mechanics grew and it soon became accompanied with what I've been told is an uncanny ability to 'jury rig' stuff together to make them work. It was something that wound up being a blessing as it helped me get off of the planet. As soon as I was able to get out on my own I traveled a bit only to eventually wind up employed as a mechanic on the passenger vessel Elips. It was everything I dreamed of as it allowed me to see things and places I would have never seen before and it gave me a chance to see people from the various colonies all in all a great opportunity for a kid like me. It also became a lifesaver as it meant I wasn't dirt-side when the Cylons began their attacks. But our safety in space was to become short-lived.

I can't say I know what happened, really, nor can I say I know got here. Everything was so fast and all I ever got the gist of was that it was the Cylons who were attacking us. I got myself banged up pretty good and I guess I lost consciousness as everything else is one big unknown. All I know is that I got a big gap in my head and the need to figure out what the frak I'm supposed to do with my life.




  • Schooled and given vocational training during her youth at the orphanage.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Processed in on PHD 148, given rank of Crewman Apprentice.
  • Sustained an injury on the job on PHD 190.

Distinguishing Features

  • Has a small, solid black tattoo of a wrench on her right hip.
  • Has a teddy bear Panda gave her during a picnic on Salon II which she named PJ (short for Panda Junior). Can be found carrying it around when she's not on duty. (picture of PJ in gallery)
  • Her left forearm bears some distinctive scars from when she had surgery to repair several fractures.
  • Despite her age and some of the things she has seen, Callie is still fairly innocent and even naive.


  • Knows the basics of chess - is on the lookout for someone to help her improve her game.
  • Is at her happiest when she has something to work on or repair, the messier the better.
  • Sometimes claims to have never been kissed although there is no proof to indicate if that's true or not.
  • Is really smart (in an unconventional sense) but tends to downplay her intelligence. She doesn't go as far as to try to make herself 'look dumb' but she's very careful about who she lets see the geeky side of her.


  • Mechanics
  • Jury Rigging

On the Grid

Known Associates

The Gang The Poop
Panda Ajtai As much as it surprises me, I find my feelings for this man deepening despite how we don't know each other well at all and I feel as if I am maturing as a result. This isn't the end of Tassel Lass, don't worry. It's just that I am finding my feelings for him growing more 'adult' and not just in 'that way'. He completes me, makes me feel whole. I just pray that someday he'll lfeel the same way about me.
Cinder Brand Part of me really wants to dismiss her as an airhead and consider her a threat but I find her growing on me. I am not sure if we'll ever be BFFs but I do believe that we'll good friends even if we don't.
Captain Praxis Demitros I met the XO before he became the XO. Pretty much a 'work first'-minded kind of guy but that's to be expected. I think he didn't know what to make of me but that's to be expected, too - I'm not the typical Colonial military person-type, after all - but I think we kind of hit it off regardless. In short, nice guy. Definitely one who could wind up on my 'friend list' someday.
Ensign Marissa Delann I feel super bad for her reaction to how Lieutenant Leda told her about Panda and me. She's nice and deserves so much better than being treated like that by guys like him. But I guess she still likes me because she came to help me feel better during the Cylon attacks. Nice lady. Can see why Panda's so into her.
Ensign Reverie Tychoides She was laid up in the sickbay when Panda introduced us. Seems nice enough although I think I've met my match in the innocence department. She offered to give me a makeover. I think I'm officially scared.
Specialist Michael Zane I really find it refreshing to meet a guy who is pretty much the same as I am. Well…not exactly the same as he has bits I don't have. I mean who is as innocent and stuff. Nice balance to the testosterone-overdosing gruntheads I have to be inflicted with.
Sergeant Hippolyta Kore Haven't seen her around since the night in the head when I met Glitch. Wonder what the frak's she's gotten herself into since then.
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  • Getting her hands dirty as she works on something.
  • Being treated like someone who is special.


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