Camp Clarkson - Libris

Camp Clarkson

Basic Information

Camp Clarkson is very large military installation, primarily inhabited by Colonial Marine Corps personel. It is used both as Libris' biggest garrison of troops as well as an extensive training area that nearly all soldiers who do basic courses on Libris will pass through. The two primary units stationed here are the 4th Colonial Marine Division and the 13th Colonial Marine Division.

  • Lt. General Mark Nashrudi, Base CO
  • Brig. General Patrick Paulin, Base XO
  • Sergeant Major Michael Denis, Base Sergeant Major


Both the 4th and 13th Division have active sub-units stationed on Sagittaron and have had a long standing presence there, though Camp Clarkson is their official headquarters. The units going on deployment do their pre-training here.

Notable Events

  • See above.

Character Ties

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