PHD 260: Captain Jack Cylon?
Captain Jack Cylon?
Summary: Shooting breaks out on the Hangar Bay. Speculation abounds! Deaths, blood, bullets, and injury!
Date: PH260 (03 January 2010)
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BS Hestia, Deck 16, Hangar Bay A
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #260
OOC Time: Sun Jan 03 21:03:57 2010

The hangar deck is where the Hestia's Viper and Raptor squadrons are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but a lifetime of wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft. The place is rather a mess, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all over the place. But despite the apparent disorder, everything has a place and the deck crew's foremost concern is safety.

Thea's up in her bird, for those just arrived, in uniform - though there are a few buttons undone and her hair is down. She's got a file folder open on the console in front of her and the door to said bird open. She glances out toward Vicks and Logan, lips quirked in a bit of a grin. She's not interrupting that one. Nope.

Logan chuckles. "Of course I do. But when I'm working on some theoretical stuff, it's easier to do the testing myself then tell them what the mods are for the other birds." He glances over and grins at Thea, but doesn't say anything to her yet.

[Into the Wireless] Pickup's voice comes over the comms, "Hestia, this is Raptor 2202 returning from the Sapta Rishis with Captain Krauss aboard. Request permission to land."

"Oh theoretical. Of course, that's what you guys call it before you frak up your systems with un reg mods-and then the electricians and specialists have to go back uninstall the hardware and rewire as it should be. Brilliant, I can see why OCS is so frakking awesome." Vicks comments back, but then he's not an electrician. No he's strictly mechanical-so really, it isn't any skin off his back. Gloved fingers scratch at his skin, before he's reaching for some steel wool looking sit- and now he's reaching in to carefully scrub.

Thea just shakes her head as she listens to the chattering, slightly bemused, it would seem, by the interplay. Ahhhh, Vicks. Everyone's favorite ex con. She lifts a hand, briefly, to Logan, then goes back to her file.

The revolving door of the hangar bay revolves again, admitting the bulky form of another of Hestia's pilots. Judging by the lack of flight suit and the presence of blue duty uniform, Marek's here on some sort of task other than flying vipers. He has a folder under one arm and his service pistol holstered at his thigh, perhaps a little unusual given his attire.

[STC] A clipped response issues over the comms, "Raptor 2202, Hestia. Permission granted. Welcome home, Captain and company. Wipe your feet."

Logan shrugs. "Or I could be makin' do with what we've got and trying to improve our odds the next time the toasters decide to come play."

About five minutes after it's scheduled to land, Hestia raptor 2202 comes in from the Sapta Rishis. The raptor is supposed to carry a pair of marines, Sgt. Mike Kites and Cpt. Jack Krauss. It was late leaving due to some sort of issue with the gimble, and is thusly late returning. The crew tows it to a spot near the Security Area, and the vessel is shortly secured. The comms chatter dies down and the hatch opens. A redheaded marine Sgt is the first out.

Sgt. Mike Kites hops out with a backward noted, "I'll file the request with the paper pushers." With that, she hops off the wing, and is headed across the Hangar, passing the Security area with her sidearm still on her hip.

Sharp tack that he is, Spider seems to have spotted the arrival and subsequent towing of raptor 2202, and turns on his heel to head thattaway. The hustle and bustle of the 'bay don't really seem to perturb him as they do some, and he doesn't stop to chat with the pilots that he passes. A curt nod or a two-fingered salute seems to suffice, with Black Cat getting a small smile when — and if — he manages to catch her eye.

"Right. I am sure it'll be a big improvement." Vicks states flatly, before he's looking back to his work, and whistling softly. The song itself holds little to no importance. Just some tune picked up on one, of the PO's various journeys. And so it's back to scrubbing build up from filters. The exciting lives of them that work the decks. Hell it is so consuming that that he doesn't even seem to notice the Raptor being taxi'd and secured.

Samantha is on the deck early from her CAP, mainly going over her ship and making certain everythings in perfect order. She's been hiding around the back side for most of this time, but now she walks around to the front, nodding to the few others present before she goes back to going through her list.

Thea catches sight of Kai and movement, and her head tilts slightly to the side. She hesitates for just a moment before doing up her uniform and tying her hair back. Out of her Raptor she slides, moving over to fall in behind Kai. Is she curious? Does she know what's going on? It's hard to tell. She nods, once, to Samantha.

Logan looks over to the new arrivals curiously, and sets the gear he's carrying down by his own bird, then heads toward Cat's bird quietly.

Sgt. Kites disappears off the deck, headed through the hatch and down the stairs, presumably headed for marine country to have a chat with someone about some report. The sound of her boots is lost long before she's out of sight, thanks to the noise on the deck.

Mason slides around from behind a viper, and glances over toward Vicks. "What was that?" Her voice carries a heavy accent, which puts her as a native speaker of Thracian, with Standard as a second language. "Did you say somesuch thing to me? Was it mechanics related?" Was it important, she could have said. Same difference, yes? The blonde PO1 adjust the zipper on her coveralls, then frowns slightly at PO Vicks.

"Hell if I know.." Vicks barks off right on back towards mason as he looks over to the incoming raptor briefly, before he's looking back over to Mason. A faint shrug, and with that he's looking back to his scrubbing. "Just giving the pilots and their tinkering, shit." A sniff and eyes are on Mason, briefly. "Electrical. Try standard.." grumbled out with a few scrubbing strokes.

Samantha looks up from her craft, staring at the few people she doesn't know, the new arrivals. She doesn't directly insert herself into things, preferring more to watch… but she is listening, now splitting her attention between her pre-flight thorough check and the mass of people on the deck.

Logan and his ECM module get a glance and a furrowed brow from Marek, but he doesn't seem inclined to ask questions at the present juncture. He weaves between parked vipers, careful not to get in the way of Petty Officers Mason and Vicks as he proceeds toward the recently arrived raptor. "Evening, Passi," he greets Case, somewhat briskly, in passing. His voice is low, the words almost lost to the noise of the busy deck. Blue eyes flick sidelong to Legacy as she approaches, and he gives her a curt nod. "The CAG asked me to speak with you and Krauss regarding some training scenarios. I was advised to meet up with him before he left the hangar bay." It's accompanied by a wry twist of lips.

Thea's lips twist in reply to Spider's words and she dips her head. "I was waiting until things settled a bit," she tells him quietly. "If he tries to escape, shall we run the standard pursuit pattern? I'll likely be able to cut him off from the left and herd him toward you." Yes, she's going there. Quietly - but she's going there. Apparently there's a question beneath what she's saying.

Jupiter strides onto the Hangar Deck wearing her flight suit. She's not scheduled for a CAP. In fact, she's not on the schedule for several hours. The safe bet would be she's going to check something on her viper, and is simply wearing the flightsuit because it's easier to clean than offduties. "Frak me, do these things shrink in the wash? I don't remember it riding up before." Chances are better Martin swapped her flight suit with someone else's. She'll figure it out sometime.

Briefly, if someone was paying complete close attention back towards the Raptor one might catch a bit of blue as the other passenger leans forward to have a quick word with the Pilot and ECO. The little chat only seems to go on for a minute before he's coming back into view. Dressed in the same blues that the other officer's find themselves in, out comes Captain Krauss. Dark hair kept short, though looks a bit disheveled like the rumples in his duty jacket. he, like Kites, also is armed with a side arm hanging low on his hip. Marines and their guns, I guess.

"Thanks for the ride, boys." comes a similar sounding accent, thrown over his shoulder. One hand moves up to rub over his bearded face, before brown eyes skim over the deck as he's beating a clipped walk on to the stairwell. A turn of his head, looking back towards Security. Leave it to a marine to check the angles.

Mace's eyes flick to Vicks again. She reaches into the pouch on the vest of her coveralls to pull out a wrench. "I try standard on your head," she replies, with a mutter, before the woman disappears around the viper, headed for the nose cone. She nods to Legacy as she moves on past, and then nods to Logan. She then nods to Samantha as she passes the pilot as well. There's an unguarded toolbox nearby, all set for raiding. Mason usually has her head and arms inside or under a viper, but her orange coverall identifies her as a deckie. "Perdoname," she murmurs, a little roll on that 'r' as she steps around Marek.

Samantha gives a quiet, respectful nod to Kai as he passes, and then one to Mace… but it's not long before she goes back to her ship. Trying to listen, but it's not really her business.

Logan just leans up against Cats' Raptor for now, watching the interplay, trying to figure out what's going on perhaps.

"You know it," Kai tells Thea glibly, his expression turning briefly amused as the pair make their way through the 'bay. He draws to a halt some ten or fifteen feet away from the raptor, checks his watch, and slides his hands into his trouser pockets while he waits for the other Captain to emerge.

Mason drops to a knee by the toolbox, flipping the lid up before she fiddles around inside the thing, being quick about her picking through it. She snags a wrench and something else, then stands again. There's a maneuver where she slides them into her vest, then turns to walk away as if she didn't just pillage. She heads back past the officers, toward the viper she was assaulting — fixing.

Thea pulls up to a position next to Kai, giving the other Captain a wry little smile before she pastes on 'Professional' and glances toward the visible Marine, head canted to the side. It looks as though she's either sizing him up or trying to figure out whether or not he's going to run. Hestia's version of the Runaway Bride, anyone?

Logan stays where he was, propped up against Thea's bird, watching, trying to track what's going on.

Krauss is already on the move, as one hand strays by his side. Quick steps, means a b-line for the stairs. Brown eyes catch sight of the pilots and deckies lingering. Great. People. A clearing of his throat the Marine Captain is moving on. The quicker he can plow through all of these people the quicker he can make it back to his safe office, or something. A lick of lips and eyes move over to Kai and Legacy, before he's looking over to where the other pilots are loitering. And with that he's picking up speed. Walking speed. Someone probably doesn't like hanging about in Wing country.

Jupiter, with her hand down the back of her flight suit, and a scowl on her face, glances over as King Marine makes his way across the deck. She catches a glimpse of his profile, frowns more as something tickles her brain, then almost walks right into the nose cone of a nearby viper. Thud. Check that, she walks right into the nose cone of a viper.

Roubani is just off CAP not a few minutes ago, elevator and towing done. He makes his way down his Viper's ladder and boots hit hangar floor with a dull thud, gloved fingers pulling at the tight collar zipper of his flightsuit. Damn, that thing chokes. A brow raises slightly at the throng of air wing, and the man headed off around them.

Samantha is about to climb into her craft…when she turns slowly, her eyes wide, a suddenly good amount of blood draining from her face. She suddenly drops her checklist to the side of her viper and, still in her full flight suit, she begins to march fast across the deck towards the Marine Captain…"…sir… Sir! Captain!" She calls towards his back, trying to get his attention. Get him to turn around towards her. Her green eyes are wide and hard… perhaps just a bit crazy, but this is now the second time she's heard that voice after he was gone..

Kai opens his mouth to address the Marine CO as he steps down out of the raptor, but whatever he was about to say.. well, isn't said. He's caught in a rare moment of indecision; half of him seems to want to reach for his sidearm, while the other half is inclined to reach for Thea's flight suited arm and shove her away. In the end, he does nothing but track the Captain's progress away from them both, silently.

As some people are finishing CAP others are gearing up to go on CAP and one of them is Hestia's own puppydog pilot and all around nicenik Castor. As he zips up the top of his flight suit he starts making his way through the deck with a clipboard in his hand however he stops to look at what is going on as he tries to account for who is where and doing what.

Perhaps it was the pilot walking into the cone that has the Marine looking back towards the Viper, or maybe it's just something in the air. however the Marine is not waiting. Well that is till someone calls out Captain. "Hm?" Jack, says before he is turning around to look back to the pilots. Eyes looking right back and dead on towards Samantha, before eyes are flashing back to the pair of Captains. "Lord love you..Cause you'll see him soon." And with that his hand is down, and over for his sidearm. There's no shout nothing, just quick marine Precision as the gun is flashed and pulled. The first shot is aimed directly at Kai. Senior most on the Deck. And with that a few more shots will be given over in quick succession. Send them into Chaos, and take cover. Priorities.

Thea's not quite as hesitant as other people, strangely enough. She's usually the quiet one, more apt to play linebacker than quarterback. Tonight? Well, tonight's different. Before Krauss can get more than three steps, Thea's weapon is drawn and pointed at the man's back. "Freeze," she calls, her voice like ice. "Code blue." Wait. Did Thea just drop the code for 'enemy combatant'?

Thud again. That would be Jupiter tripping over a toolbox after cracking her head on a viper she failed to notice while wandering around spelunking for her panties in her asscrack. Something about the marine Captain knocked her internal DRADIS offline. She swaps paint with a viper, which is marginally less amusing without her own armored craft around her body, then sprawls on the deck on her back.

Mason, oblivious to the oddities going on about her, continues her approach in the open area of the Bay, headed back to the viper she was working on. She pauses, stopping when Thea yells freeze and 'code blue'. A frown crosses her features. "Code blue." her eyes sweep the deck. "Is that not the code for enemy ag — mierda." That's right about the time she notes the posture of the marine with the weapon. Her brain's still canoodling that translation, and she just stands there for a moment.

Roubani's attention gets yanked towards Samantha when she calls out, brown eyes turning towards the Lieutenant and her prey. Helmet tucked under his arm, his gloved hand rests on the rung of the ladder he'd just climbed down. Until someone shouts, and something glints, and his left hand's at the hold for his pistol against his flightsuit. His hands act almost before his brain can process what just happened, neurons catching up once that pistol's aimed at the man called as target. Who's aiming at his Captains and Lieutenant.

Having entered the flight deck not too long ago for his duty shift, Glitch was underneath Viper 108, working on repairing the ship as he was assigned to do today.

"Shit." And with that Vicks is moving, already filters and oily shit is spilled out onto the floor As the Mechanic moves-already beating a rapid run towards Mason. There's a dive, and with that he's looking to tackle the woman and knock her to the deck floor, as the bullets already are beginning to fly. "Shit, shit."

Having entered the flight deck not too long ago for his duty shift, Glitch was underneath Viper 108, working on repairing the ship as he was assigned to do today. Unfortuantely for him, he didn't really realize things were getting hairy down here till he'd rolled out from under the ship to grab a better wrench, that's when he hears issues about Code blue's and all sorts of other things. He blinks, looking around wildly. He doesn't even get cover cause frankly, the guy was a civilian not so long ago.

Thea's already shooting. Her finger was on the trigger as soon as she pulled the weapon. There's something oddly quiet about the way she's standing, relaxed, simply pulling the shots off one by one. It's only after the first shot comes off that she starts to move toward cover. But for now, she's out in the open.

Normally a man of quick reflexes, the Red Aces' Captain appears genuinely dumbfounded as Krauss turns and cocks his pistol in he and Thea's direction. Blue eyes lock with the marine's for a count of two while he speaks; no time to process that he said 'Lord' and not 'Lords'. The weapon discharges before he can reach for his own sidearm, before he can shove Thea out of the way, before he can respond.

At the call of the code blue and seeing guns coming out, Logan dives for the hatch of Thea's raptor, looking for a weapon of some sort.

The moment the marine Captain turns around, those words said, meeting her eyes for but a heartbeat, Samantha's frozen. It's him… she wasn't crazy. He's here, and now everyone's seeing it. But he's also got a gun, and he's firing… Samantha swears, actually doing the first thing she can think about, which is shove herself at the man who looks like Ajax, trying to physically tackle him out of the way.

Jupiter, on her ass at this point, is lucky enough to miss any bullets flying around the Hangar Deck. She could be unconscious. She's probably unconscious, or wishing she were.

Samantha is moving fast now. She was already walking in his direction…now she's half running. Shock, anger… a whole mess of things is turning her mind to something that isn't exactly combat savvy, but also isn't letting a madman kill her senior crew. While she's not exactly in tacklign range, she does have her side arm, having been about five minutes from CAP, so she drags it out and fires, still walking in the open, determined to fire at the man with a face she once loved. She holds her shot strong and steady, never ceasing to dash at him now.

"Pilots." mutters Krauss as the bullets come whizzing by, grazes, scratches if anything. Still the bite of metal does catch him, and he can feel the bite up in his collar. Nothing. He's killed with shrapnel in him. The shot off towards Kai, the next shot is coming in towards Legacy, as he's moving for cover-which paints itself as Samantha comes screaming in. Hand moving to deflect like he was an all star pyramid player. "Learn t' shoot." A taunt- probably, but then he is moving for cover. See how many of them he can take out before the calvary comes. in.

Sitrep says there is a cylon on deck and the Padre has to die he doesn't hesitate in raising his pistol and taking a shot at the enemy on the deck. He doesn't sneer or look angry by any means, instead he looks utterly calm as he fires off attempting to hit something vital. However he does say in cold tones, "Should have stayed dead, motherfrakker, seems the only thing you are good for is dying." He aims again to take another shot.

Sitrep says there is a cylon on deck and the Padre has to die so it is Castor's lucky day as he doesn't hesitate in raising his pistol and taking a shot at the enemy on the deck. He doesn't sneer or look angry by any means, instead he looks utterly calm as he fires off attempting to hit something vital. However he does say in cold tones, "Should have stayed dead, motherfrakker, seems the only thing you are good for is dying." He aims again to take another shot.

Thea's moving for cover - and shooting. She pulls another shot off at Krauss as she takes her steps. Unfortunately, cover's not RIGHT THERE, but she's heading in that direction. "Where are your gods now," she calls out to Krauss.

Roubani's shot hits body armor, grazing on its way. With the man's firearm turned on the Captains, he takes a few swift steps closer, trying to get off a better-aimed bullet at closer range. One of him, many of them. "'Tis himself the snakes are stinging," he mutters. "Himself on whom the horrid-sounding lash is wreaking its ire."

One shot, to the abdomen. It could be worse; Krauss could've aimed for his head, or aimed for his heart. Maybe he'd intended to, and simply lacked the time to seal the deal. Or maybe he just meant for it to hurt like a bitch. Marek drops back two steps with a hiss of pain, trips over a toolbox, and catches himself on the wing of a nearby raptor. He's too far from the raptor Captain to help her, so he fumbles for his sidearm instead. There's blood on his uniform, and more blood spattering his hand and weapon; the grip is slippery, but he succeeds in tugging it out and thumbing off the safety before bringing it to bear.

Logan dives into Thea's raptor and knowing her, checks for a spare weapon. Sure enough, there's a backup stashed. He pops out of the hatch and fires.

Glitch really doesn't know what else to do, but everyone else is going after Krauss so he looks at that wrench he'd picked up, and then at his definite lack of any other sort of weapon and hurls the wrench at Krauss. That may have been a bad idea.

Mason, pinned to the deck under Vicks, flails a little, then remains still. There's a muffled, "You must shower," but it's likely very much lost to the gunfire going on around them.

"Stay Down." That's all that the Mechanic hisses to the other whom he's forced himself upon. No, Vicks is not trying to take Mason out on a date-instead he's looking over to where the nearest wireless could be. After all they should be going about doing the whole calling people who kill other people for a living motion. If the pilots can cover he might make a dash for it next. However, until he can spot one, Judah remains on the other PO. "SOMEONE CALL SECURITY!" this more or less to the more technically inclined. Again. Shit. Shit.

Just about then, Private Cash, a fresh faced MP, puts in a call from the Security Area. The marines are between shifts, meaning it's not fully staffed up here just now. He picks up the Comms, grabs a rifle, and takes care of business.

[Intercom] A slightly hurried and definitely harried voice comes over the ship's comms. "Security patrol to the Hangar Bay A. Security team the to Hangar Bay A." There is the sound of gunfire in the background, during the brief transmission. "All other personnel stay clear!"

[Intercom] Adriana says, "Medical standing by."

Kai would probably have called for a security detail himself, if he wasn't singularly focused on the rhythmic act of chambering and pulling the trigger. Once, then twice if that fails, then again and again and again. He doesn't speak, he doesn't try to move toward Thea similarly firing and seeking cover nearby. There's just the weapon in his hand and the man he's trying to put down with its repeated application.

"Son of a…" Thea bites off the last word as she trains her weapon on Kassus, watching him as he goes down under the hail of gunfire. Red has blossomed on her left shoulder and her left arm gets cradled against her chest. She doesn't fire again, but provides cover - for now. "Spider," she calls. "Are you hit?"

Cass gets his shot off, catching Krauss with a body shot. When he sees the man fall, he starts looking around to check who's wounded.

Castor for his point has been walking out in the open and taking shots as if he was damn near unkillable as he continues to shoot and as bullets whiz by he is as calm as if he was walking through a spring field. He doesn't say anything as he takes steps closer toward the Padre and he takes his shot never once freaking out as he fires. He is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid or both…

Samantha was, pretty much, asking for it. Too much in the open, and one of Krauss' rounds actually does find it's way to her. She stumbles back, but only as she too lands a strong, violent shot to his chest in turn, and a whole hail of bullet fire is landing in him from other people. She watches him go down and only then does she shakily lower her weapon. "…its him… You all see that… it's -Ajax-… I wasn't crazy. I'm NOT…crazy… that's Frakking Ajax Crydel…" And then she looks down, blinking drowsily as a part of her realizes that warm, sickly numb feeling in her chest. Her free hand comes up beneath her right ribs and slowly away, covered in blood…"…frak me…"

Roubani can't tell for the life of him if that round hit. There are so many, coming from every direction. It's suppression if nothing else, his concentration so firmly on that that he nearly misses the sting and feeling of heat from a round whizzing right into his flightsuited gut. Some countdown starts in the back of his adrenalined mind when that's going to start hurting rather badly, but damned if that registers. "Passi!" He calls out.

The bullets rip out, from his gun and from theirs. Even a dying man knows when he is outnumbered. Still it is at the point that Jack just hammers out the trigger firing off and out the remainder of the bullets in the clip wildly in the direction of the enemy combatants-and in the direction of the stairwell. Still that doesn't stop him from receiving hits as well. Teeth are flashed as something bites him under his stomach, but it's not enough to cause him to stop, nor the other that hits into his side. Blue and red shreds hitting the air as rounds catch chest his abs, and all over. However the one that takes him off his feet and stops his body from jerking would be the slug from Kai.

Back on the Deck, there's no groaning or crying. Just gargled, and rasped laughing. Jack remains still even if his gun is clicking dry in his fingers. And with that he's slowly pushing himself up into a sitting position. However whatever is said, might be lost. "God'll cut you down…" To whom it is directed is unknown as the life is gone from Krauss' eyes. And he slumps forward.

Castor raises an eyebrow as things come back to and he starts walking towards the body with his gun still drawn, someone has to make sure the former Padre is dead..for the second time, and as his hands pistol is raised he continues to move toward the body moving closer and closer just so there is visual confirmation of death. The wounded are being tended too by the others so this is Leda's self apointed task, guard a military mystery.

Thea's voice is a bark more than anything else. "Leda, get your ass behind cover," she calls. "NOW." No, it's not a request. "Logan, get Case behind cover. Nobody go near him until Security gets here." Her gun is still trained on Krassus.

Glitch eyes as his wrench goes flying off and misses and then he just stares as Krauss gets gunned down, along with a few other people. He swallows hard and leans against the viper with a deep frown. The mechanic wasn't made for this crap. He just leans there and watches the rest of the mayhem now.

Spider sidesteps to the left as friendly shots ring out around the 'bay, slicing into Krauss like hot knives slid through butter. While Thea's stopped firing, the viper pilot continues pouring rounds into his marine adversary long after he's gone down and it's clearly unnecessary. Only when his pistol clicks empty does he cease. He's breathing heavily, his right hand pressed over the wound in his abdomen where blood can be seen to seep between his fingers. For five long seconds he keeps the weapon pointed at Krauss. Ajax. Whoever the frak he is. Then finally breaks out of his trance, and shoves it back into his holster. He slowly skims his eyes over Samantha, the two cowering technicians, Poet, and finally Thea. "I'm fine. I'm fine, it's fine, he's down. Get yourself to medical. Private-" The latter's barked to Cash, as he moves away from the wireless station, "Secure the area until medical gets here. Passi, Roubani, sound off."

From the top of the steps, Bootfalls are heard as already Marines are pouring in only moments after the call. But, that is how these things go. Rifles drawn, guns are trained mainly to the action on the floor, even as the bay is being secured. Cash is even out from the Security hub his rifle trained on the dead person of Krauss. "Lieutenant back up!" come's the marine's bark towards Castor.

But shortly after Cash has yelled towards the pilot The S2's voice is ringing from the stairwell. "Medical! Frakkin' someone get on th' horn to Medical!" And if one were look, there would be the crumpled body of the CAG, by where Tombs is kneeled. "Lower your weapons, and someone call th' godsdamned medics!" Rifle directed towards the floor, slightly as one hand is pressed on a big red stain. Uh-oh.

PO Montgomery remains stoically silent beneath the form of PO Vicks. Or perhaps that's terror. In any case, she's silent and not visible around the bulk of her body shield. They are a melded orange blob of coveralls and limbs. Very smallish, since she's only five two.

"On it!", yells Surgeon as he safes his weapon and stuff it in the empty holster of his flight suit and grabs Case and physically hauls them out of the line of fire behind a the nearest heavy object - a toolbox in this case.

As Thea barks Castor moves away from Krauss' body and he takes cover though he has his eyes on the dead mans body and a gun pointed at it as well. He doesn't move at all but as the tension has passed he begins to come back into himself and he calls out to Thea, "Aye, aye, Captain." Still though his pistol remains on the body, the first twitch and bullets will probably fly from Castor's pistol.

Vicks knows the sounds of military police intimately. However, right now he's not going to move. Instead he's remaining on Montgomery, using his body as a shield. Even though the shit might have settled for a moment, he's not going to give anyone a reason to shoot him, till everything is confirmed as clear. That could be a minute or a while.

Roubani's pistol is still trained down on the fallen man, though he isn't pulling the trigger anymore. By now he's dimly aware that something really hurts, pain throbbing in time with his heartbeat. Blood's gradually staining through his green flightsuit, turning it darker in a slow bloom over the bottom of his ribcage and hip. "Poet," he calls over his shoulder tensely, at Kai's request to sound off. "Still here, sir. Passi, are you with us?"

Passi is in a bit too much shock right now to really register the tall pilot suddenly hauling her out of the way, the chest of her flight suit a mess of blood, but her eyes are still open. Samantha's gaze rips towards Roubani as he calls her name, still conscious, but shock is setting in fast…"You saw him…Nadiv…" She breathes out raggedly, trying to scramble out of Logan's arms, "I'm fine!" BUt her knees aren't carrying her any more. He's got her out of the way just before she was going to collapse on her own… "Case…" She very belatedly calls out towards Kai, not much power behind her voice now. Consciousness is fading fast. Hopefully it's jus shock.

Thea looks at Kai for a moment, glancing down at his abdomen. "Not until you do," she tells him, in a very low, very quiet voice. Apparently one Captain will go when the other does. "Leda, stand down and lower your weapon." Thea's in the process of putting hers away. "The rest of you, get the frak out of the S2's way." If her voice is shaking a bit, it's probably just reaction.

Castor listens Thea again and he holsters his weapon and he makes room for the S2 as he starts walking away from the body and he lets his eyes fall on the body one last time. He looks over at the wounded now and he takes a moment to process who has been hurt. he looks on each of them with a bit of sadness as he isn't sure what is going to happen to them since he isn't a doctor.

Luckily, Glitch has no weapon, nor is he standing in anyone's way. The Specialist just keeps leaning against Viper-108, looking down at the tools. Maybe he should get back to work? That sounds like a good plan. Work is good. Work keeps his mind off of people getting shot.

"Back off the Captain." Whether or not the Captain was a nutter, or an enemy Tombs is taking control of the situation. And right now that includes yelling at Castor. "I need All weapons down, Safeties on." How's this for conflict-he can't go and check on his own CO who looks like he lost a fight with a hole puncher, and he is trying to keep the CAG stable with one hand. "You-" motion towards Castor with his head. "Call up medical now!" With that the S2 is whistling back, which earns a 'sir' from another Marine back behind him. "Secure the Captain with Cash. Rest of you clear the deck." IE take frakking control. How hard is it to get people moving?

Logan calls out "Chest wound over here, bad! Someone get me a frakking kit from a raptor, NOW!!!" He's got a knife out, and is finishing the job on Case's suit that the bullets started, frantically trying to find the damage and at least slow the bleeding till the pros show up.

When Tombs starts yelling at Castor he doesn't say anything since his gun has been holstered with the safety on. However, he doesn't argue when he is ordered to call medical he moves to the intercom and he presses a button as he begins to speak into the com.

[Intercom] Castor says, "Attention Medical to the Hangar Bay A, I repeat Medical to Hangar Bay A, we have serious wounded here."

Specialist Zane doesn't seem to want to get back to work…mostly cause the deck has been ordered to be clear. But he is standing near a raptor so he moves into it and comes out with a medical kit, "Got one!" and he moves off towards Logan with it. Glitch arrives next to Logan and kneels down, opening the kit.

Kai's lips flicker slightly as Thea speaks to him, as if he's finding some morbid kind of amusement in the situation that wouldn't be apparent to most. "Touche," he murmurs to her, shoving back when the S2 arrives to take care of business. "You heard the man," he barks at the various pilots and non pilots still lurking about the periphery of the altercation. "If you can walk, and you aren't medical or military police, get the frak back." He doesn't stick around any longer, his own self. He's headed toward Case at a good clip, to hunker down and help Logan staunch the bleeding while they await medics. A couple of coughs spatter blood across the back of his hand, with more soaking the side of his blues uniform.

Sizemore clambers down the stairs, having heard the commotion from above-deck. He looks out at the sea of Hestia personnel and looks to all of the faces in the room, searching for some sign as to what's transpired.

Roubani lowers the pistol, thumb clicking safety on. Done. "Passi…" Did he recognise that face? He doesn't say explicitly, but there's something in his eyes. "Calm down…calm down and let them help you. Please." He would move if he could, really, but his knee's sunk to the ground. One hand presses over the gash in his flightsuit, blood welling between his fingers and continuing to drip onto his leg. His hand's on Sam's shoulder, holding tightly. "Just hold on."

Jupiter has the presence of mind to finally sit up, from her position half under a viper over yonder. She reaches a hand up to her head, blinks several times, and drags her own self off of the ground with a wince. "Aw. Shit." Maybe no one saw her extreme performance of grace and alertness after being distracted by spotting Ajax/Krauss. Let's stick with that.

There's a clatter from the stairwell as Medical arrives from where they've been staged nearby. Right behind the gurney is…the psyche? Wait. People are shot, not having psychotic breaks, right? But Aly's there and looking to the S2. Yes, she sees blood and wounded, and a few steps are taken toward Krauss. Triage.

Samantha isn't for consciousness much longer, eyes wide and glassy, but her gaze fast flickers between the men at her side… Logan, Glitch, just tryign to read on their faces quite how bad it is. Then her green eyes fall to Roubani's side, and Kai's…"You… you two are hurt too… need a frakking… doctor… Don't let them take that body…it's him… I know it's him…" That last bit of insistance is the last raggedly breathed thing to her lips, a cough catching her, blood everywhere…and soon her head just slumps back.

Sizemore looks to Mimieux as she arrives, but makes no move to overcrowd an already crowded scene, especially since a number of his fellow pilots seem to be leaking vital fluids.

Thea's got one hand on her shoulder to staunch the bleeding, but she's heading over toward the other wounded - among them, Sito. She crouches next to the woman, looking for the wounds. "Got one over here," she calls over her shoulder. "Serious…" Hands go to Sito's neck, looking for a pulse. "FRAK." It's amazing how much can be said with that one word. It's not just the word, but the tone in which it's said.

Logan looks to Samantha. "Stay down." Well,s he's not going much else given the pressue he's putting on her chest, trying to stop the bleeding. Seeing Medical he calls them over. "Chest wound, no idea how bad, and the Captain's injured too." He nods toward Kai." Whoever else is injured, he hasn't seen, what with two right in front of him.

Gun set down, Tombs is placing both hands now on the wound, once the duty jacket's been ripped open. "Godsdamnit Nini-keep your eyes open. You hear me Captain, you keep your frakking eyes open!" barking though there could be a hint of a choke in his throat, as he tries to apply pressure further using what he can to handle the bloody CAG.

Currently the stairs are slightly crowded with a couple of marines, one trying to help the S2 figure a way to deal with Sito. And of course Sizemore coming down to what would seem like an armed invasion. Krauss, the marine CO lies bloody in the center, while other pilots are tending to wounded. As medical comes, Tombs' already shouting an order "Medics here. Come here." More of a bark there than anything else. "CAG's bleeding out here!" Come on people "Frakking shits." hard to say if he's bitching about the lack of movement or everything.

As Aly moves towards Krauss Castor speaks up, "Step away from the body Eltee. Orders are orders, the dead thing is for the S2." He looks back over at Samantha and he raises an eyebrow, "Sam, I'll do what I can." Then when he head slumps back he takes a breath and he lowers his head and he puts his fingers to his temple, "Frak me." He looks over at Thea when she announces the bleeding and then whe he notices just how bad it all is and he winces as he says, "So, they either do look like us or we shot down the Padre's crazy twin brother."

Aly's still for only a moment before she and the gurney are heading over toward the bleeding-out CAG. "Call for reinforcements," she calls over her shoulder toward one of the medics with her. "I've got the CAG. Move," she tells Tombs and Legacy. Apparently there's no such thing as manners when it comes to emergency medicine.

Sizemore just shakes his head at all the carnage. His eyes lock on Sito, scarcely believing that the CAG's this close to death. He slumps backwards against the bulkhead, unable to process it all.

There is very little response from the blonde CAG, spawled on the deck as she is just outside the open Bay's hatch. Sito took a stray bullet at the top of the stairwell sometime during the firefight, seems like. Chances are pretty great it was one of Krauss'. Something important was hit, and blood bubbles past her lips when she tries to breathe. The red stain under her body grows, her eyelastes flutter, then her eyes close. If any words made it past her lips to Tombs, they're too quiet for anyone else to hear.

Arriving with the Marines via the shipwide page, Cinder races on down from patrol. The situation is muddled, and the S2 appears to be busy tending to a very bloody CAG. Things are pretty frakked to hell, and just what's going down is hard to figure. Of course, the focal point seems to be Krauss in the center…dead or alive. Pilots seem to be looking at the body/man wondering what to do, avoiding it, whatever, waiting for Marine intervention. Better with a rifle and cuffs than a medkit, Cinder beelines for the body, kneeling to check vitals quickly, but keeping her rifle at the ready.

Roubani keeps his hand tightly on Sam's shoulder. To comfort her, or just to keep himself upright, who knows. He coughs roughly, mostly pinched back by grit teeth, and there's a small spray of blood on his lower lip as he turns his head, teeth clenched as he looks back at the body of the Marine shooter lying there. He breathes slowly through his teeth and then looks back at Sam, squeezing her shoulder again. "You'll be okay," he says under his breath.

"I don't know how much she's lost." Tombs is giving over what he can for Medical. When Aly says to move, Tombs does indeed move over a little waiting to relinquish the stopping of bloodflow for the able fingers of medical personnel. However Tombs does stay close to Sito. pausing he leans his head down as Sito's lips move.probably trying to catch whatever she is trying to say. "Hang on, for me Cap. Hang on." He'll move further when he can. Right now he's aiding till enough medics swarm for him to move out of the way. And then? Well Shit-folks might not want to be around.

Kai hauls off his uniform jacket, and uses it as best he can to help staunch Samantha's bleeding. Rough, bloodied fingers draw back the hair from her forehead and throat as he tries to get a feel for her pulse, and as he becomes aware of the injured CAG across the way, his head jerks that way sharply. Frak and shit. His eyes keep returning to Sito, but she's too far away, and a medical team already has things well enough in hand. As the medics move in to take care of Samantha, he rolls back to his feet and out of their way, and is accosted by one of them intent on checking the wound in his side as he attempts to move toward Roubani. A muttered exchange follows between he and the medic, the Captain visibly agitated, though he grudgingly submits to being examined.

Aly hits her knees hard as she starts the assessment of the CAG. One hand goes to the woman's throat, the other grabs for gauze to apply the pressure and staunch the bleeding. "Hold here," she tells Tombs, giving the man something to do. "We have to get her into surgery." There's something, though, slightly off about Aly's tone. One of the corpsmen comes over, bringing the gurney closer. "Keep your hand there," she tells Tombs, reiterating things. With a nod to the corpsman, she moves to Sito's head to prepare for transport. "One, two…"

Castor watches Marek and he doesn't look even remotely pleased, so a possibly dead or heavily wounded Sam, Kai not in a good place. Roubani wounded, and worse. He looks around at Medical and he waits to see if he can help in anway. For now he is awaiting further orders.

Samantha still has a pulse, if all too faintly. But she's fighting for it. She always has. Kai's jacket's quickly soaking up blood, Passi's blood mingling with his own that was leaking there but a few moments ago, and no doubt one of the medics swooping in on her just holds it equally as tight and close. It's keeping some of the red stuff in, at least. She's limp now, however, under the departing touch of Kai, Roubani on her shoulder, and the unfamiliar Logan on her other side… hopefully she's not as bad as Sito. At least there was more room in surgery on this ship. But she's definitely, completely unconscious. Her last, fevered words about the supposedly dead man once named Ajax Crydel.

Thea backs away when told to, letting the medical folks do their work. She looks around for a moment and takes a deep breath. "Crunch," she calls to Sizemore. "Get everyone not involved out of here. Rec Room, ready room…just…OUT. Anyone not injured, that pilot is your man. Follow him out. Give your name to the nearest Marine and go get cleaned up." She keeps the hand on her shoulder. "Leda, help Crunch."

One of the medics comes skidding over to Samantha and the crowd gathered around her. "Need a gurney," he calls. Ahhh, Medical. They're the ants at a picnic. He catches sight of Roubani and Kai, then calls, "Need a fleet of gurneys. Three."

As the med-team takes over Sam's care, Logan gets the hell out of their was just as soon as one of them are on the bleeder he's trying to control. Looking around he finds a rag and starts getting the worst of the gore off of his hands while looking to Thea with a look of "The /FRAK/ just happened here?" plain on his face.

"Brand." Tombs yells Distractedly towards the Private. "You stay with Krauss, even whem Medical takes him. For now till we can figure out what in the hell is going on-do not allow anyone beyond medical Personnel, Command, Kalson and myself near that body." That's an order. Either way he's giving that much out "Batch, take my gun and clear the wound. Get medical out and do not let anyone near this site- if they have to take a CAP out then direct them to a frakking other tube." Either way do not spoil the crime scene. For now he's moving with the others. Security has their orders.

Sizemore moves away from the stairwell entrance to give Aly and her medics enough room to haul Sito in for surgery. His attention reverts to Thea and nods. "Yes, ma'am!" He claps his hands twice. "All right, if you're not medical or wounded, we need this frakking deck cleared! Up the stairs, folks, c'mon!"

"I'll get Thorn for you," Roubani promises the unconscious Samantha. He sits back as the medics take her up, shoulders curling as he keeps his hand pressed over what he can only guess is the source of the white hot pain under his ribcage. That felt like a mosquito bite four minutes ago, what the hell. As a medic comes over towards him he drags a foot back under, standing unsteadily. His mouth's pursed into a tense, straight line.

Logan doesn't have to be told twice. Bloody or no, he starts making for an exit.

Kai waves off the call for a gurney, and wipes some blood off his mouth and cheek as he pulls away from the medics. He's still on his feet, which counts for something. Especially since he was shot from damn near point blank range. "Tend to Nadiv first. I won't bleed out, I can wait my turn." He sinks down atop a nearby toolbox, grimacing slightly as the motion sends a few fresh stabs of pain through him.

Vicks slowly rises up at this point, with the marines sweeping through to secure the deck, well at least this part of the deck, he's looking back over towards Mason. One hand given to the woman, whom he had her pinned down there. "Come on." Judah mutters before he's nodding. "Let's clear out.." Though for the PO, that means the fun, cramped confines of berthings. A plus though-no crazy people shooting there.

Without saying a word, Logan grabs a couple gauze pads from the medics and moves toward Thea. "Do what you gotta, but let me look at it, Captain."

In reply to the S2's orders, Cinder gives a curt nod. If there are vitals on the body, the MP can't find any…not like she'd expect him to have any, based on the way he looks. No need to crouch down anymore then. Standing up, cradling her rifle loose to her shoulder but letting the barrel dip, holding it across her chest, she stands guard at the body. Even if she might want to help the hurting pilots, orders are orders…she just wishes they didn't make her seem so heartless.

Thea dips her head to Sizemore, offering a bit of a smile, then looks to Logan. "Surgeon, get up to CIC and tell them that this part of Hangar Bay 1 is offline until the S2 clears it. All CAPs should run from Hangar Bay 2." She pulls her hand away from the wound. "They'll get me in a second, Cass," she says quietly. "I need for you to keep the screaming down with the pilots. Get on damage and rumor control." She shares a look with the taller pilot then takes a deep breath. "I have to make sure Spider isn't stubborn." Yeeeahright.

At this point, the medic has a gurney for Samantha and one for Roubani. Kai's being eyed funny. "You're not walking up there, Sir," he says respectfully. "Your ride's almost here. It's my ass if you get hurt on the way up there or slip in your own blood." There's too much work to be done, however, for much chatting. Roubani's next. "Sir? Can you stand?"

Aly, by this point, is disappearing with the begurney'd Sito, even as other medics come streaming in like a well-oiled machine. Capriel, apparently, runs a tight medical ward.

Logan nods to Thea, saying "Yes ma'm. I'll find you later."

Sizemore continues directing traffic to the stairwell hatch. "C'mon, guys, let's give Medical and the CMC room to work…"

"Yes." Roubani's mostly standing on his own power, though that might change within a few minutes. Awareness of things other than Samantha's bloody body are slowly filtering, among them the fact that Kai's also bleeding and there's another body lying over there dead. Someone'll have to tell him later, as he's being gurney'd. Hope they don't expect a tip.

Castor begins to step away since he has CAP to get to and he begins moving to the other Hangar Bay as he waits for his Viper to get brought over and he does not look pleased since this is not going to be a fun CAP to pull. Normally the shooting happens during a CAP and not before it. Still though duty is duty and there is duty to do still. He rubs his forhead and with that he pulls himself together to fly.

The medic moves for Roubani as the gurney slides into place. A shoulder is offered. "Let's get you in your ride, Sir. You'll be up in medical before you know it." No, really.

Stubborn? Spider? Never. He appears content to let Thea do the barking of orders at the moment, with the CAG down for the count. He's not so much protesting the gurney, as making sure the more seriously injured are being taken care of first. The medic who addressed him gets a distracted nod; most of his attention's on his bleeding side, and the CAG he can only see in glimpses, being wheeled away. The body of the Marine CO lying nearby is watched only after Sito is long gone.

Another medic moves toward Kai with the gurney and pats it, once. "Here you are, Sir," he says. By this point, Aly has left with Sito's bleeding body, moving quickly. Thea's waiting for the rest to be seen to before she settles down on a crate, patiently waiting her turn for fun. She looks toward Tombs and calls, quietly, "We've got this locked down and arrangements made. Do you need anything else?"

Sizemore sighs and looks out at the deck, satisfied that all nonessential personnel have vacated. He gives Thea a glance, "All nonessential personnel off the deck, Captain."

Tombs is silent and has been since he helped rise with Sito, though she is long gone. One blood stained hand rubs along his cheek before he is turning his head to look back towards Thea. "Get off the damned deck." That's his order concerning anything needed or anything else that needs done. "And tell your personnel not to come within the marked perimeters." Slightly stunned? Yes, the S2 is that, after all there's the body of a man he's served under for some time, and a man he's called a friend riddled with holes. Numbers of wounded, and another fellow officer bleeding out on her way to Sickbay. With that he's turning to get his gun from the Corporal holding it. "Let's start working." this more or less to the team he has. "Batch, Clives. You're off duty. Go and get me Kalson.." Now into damage control mode.

"Sorry to get blood over all your nice white sheets, PO," Spider mumbles, his voice not quite carrying past the medic trying to coax him onto the gurney. He eases his weight onto it, still holding his bloodied side, and leaves a couple of smudgy handprints on the stretcher as he repositions himself. His head flops to the side as it's wheeled away, and he watches after Krauss' body for as long as he's able. Might be that his mouth moves slightly to speak some sort of murmured prayer. Might not.

Thea looks over to Sizemore and smiles a little bit. "That means you, too, Crunch," she tells him gently. "I need you on damage control upstairs. Keep them calm. Hit my locker if you need to." Then she's pushing to her feet, slowly, to look at Tombs, a brow arched ever so slightly. "Now that the gunshot victims are off the deck," she tells him quietly, voice low. "I'll be more than happy to." One of the medics pulls a gurney up next to her and points. Nope, she's not happy about it, but Thea settles in and leans back for the ride.

With nonessential personnel being wheeled off the deck, Cinder finally figures it safe to leave the body of Krauss. Crisis over, the hangar bay is now a crime scene, and has to be cordoned off. She starts into running a sweep of the area to make sure there's no peronnel stowed away anywhere, then starts to look the deck over for anything obvious…beyond the pools of blood.

The deck is fairly clean aside from the casings and blood pools. There may be a few dropped tools in the mix, but the crime scene seems to be fairly obvious, and all that remains are documentation of the locations of bullet strikes, and retrieval of rounds.

Sizemore nods. "Will do." The expression on his face is a bit haunted, no doubt from the sight of Sito being wheeled away nearly dead. "See you upstairs," he says, before leaving.

Tombs turns his head back towards where Brand has wandered off, leaving the body it seems. A bit of a blink and Tombs is watching the Private for a moment. "Brand. Get your ass back over to that frakking body, and do not leave it till an MP is sent to frakking relieve you. And then once you're relieved you are put on house frakking arrest till you report to me tomorrow." What in the hell is it with these Kharon marines. "Now, do it!" by it he obviously means stick to that body like glue. With that he is moving to check on the Raptor Krauss came in on.

Ordered to stick to it like glue, that's just what Cinder does. She returns to the corpse, and stands like a statue by it, rifle in hand, and staring blankly at the door as other marines pick up shells and do her job.

Tombs glances back towards Cinder, before shaking his head and going back to work. As the night would go on, pictures would be taken, and tapes collected. Sure the damage wasn't too bad on the deck. However the damage on the crew-that would be something to see. Echos and waves, in emotion, morale, and paranoia. Either way, tonight is far from over.

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