BS Hestia

Viper Pilots

Mugshot Name Information
CPT Karim "Spider" Marek A recent transfer and ex-CAG of the CEC Kharon, Spider is known for his intolerance of bullshit and generally even-keeled nature. Not the most sociable of pilots, he smokes too much, thinks jello is a delicacy and has more uses for the word 'frak' than the average marine. His dark hair, slight accent and swarthy looks peg him as a native of Sagittaron. Age: 35. Squadron: Red Aces.
LT Kallisto "Sketch" Arturis Former Caprican history teacher and Colonial Fleet Reserve on board Hestia during extended reserve fleet exercises (one weekend a month, two weeks a year, you know) on Warday. Solid pilot, with neither excessive risk nor excessive injuries on her record, which helps account for her state as a perpetual-Lt. Earned the callsign Sketch not for any sort of sketchy flying, but for the detailed sketches she makes of the important people in her life, namely, the husband and three children she lost. Age: 34. Squadron: Red Aces.
LT Castor "Shepherd" Leda The Man of a Thousand Callsigns. Squadron: Furies
LT Vega "Punchout" Navarro Flight instructor (grounded). A former chain smoking stick jockey with a penchant for sculpture and other arts, Vega was injured pretty severely in the initial days of cruising with the Hestia. Though she is undergoing physical therapy, her return to the cockpit does not look probable. She occasionally helps out on the Deck with minor issues when an extra (not too technically skiled) hand is needed, but serves primarily as a flight instructor for for the younger pilots, and a reminder that sometimes you should punch out instead of trying to save your viper on approach. Those saying that to her face are likely to experience her callsign, however. Age: 32. Squadron: Red Aces.
LT Alex "Icarus" Nikolo A long serving military member and stranded pilot from the BSG Pegasus. Age: 27. Squadron: Gunslingers
LT Samantha "Case" Passi One of the more senior pilots from the Kharon, Samantha might have gone far with her career if she could pick a frak flame and stick with him. Now that she has, it seems things might be too late for this once promising, well flying pilot. Squadron: Furies.
LT Willem "Rebound" Price Strangely, Price almost went for a career in journalism before doing a complete 180 and enrolling in the Fleet. After a Bad Time(tm) doing planetside Garrison duty on Tauron, Rebound pulled his first spaceborne assignment on the Kharon. He's a gifted enough stick and keeps a cool head within the cockpit, the war's transformed him from a slightly awkward, idealistic dreamer into a fairly responsible pilot. Well. Fairly responsible. Age:27. Squadron: Gunslingers.
LT Freya "Stonewall" Ramses A career officer hailing from the same region of Aerelon as the Hestia's CAG. She's been with the fleet since age eighteen and she's been a part of Hestia's wing for many years. A natural talent in the cockpit, she proved her mettle a few months back during an engagement with a Cylon fleet. She is a very genial and approachable (and traditional) sort of person as pilots go. Age: 30. Squadron: Furies.
LT Rocco "Caveman" Leoni Misogynistic, racist, and asshole could be a few words to describe this officer from Virgon. Born a famer, he quickly joined the Navy to escape an angry father and has since then dedicated his life to the surface. Loyal, but over all he's a Viper Jock and it shows. Age: 29 Squadron: Red Aces
LTJG Martin "Dash" Black A wise-ass and a Viper pilot. Brother to Jupiter "Fingers" Black. Squadron: Furies.
LTJG Jupiter "Fingers" Black The origin of Fingers' callsign is a much contended rumor running rampant among the Kharon's pilots. Some say they heard the tale for themselves, and others have made up their own. They say she's a thief. They say she's easy. They say she used to break fingers for a mobster back on Picon. Any or none of it could be true, if you've met the jock, you'd understand. She's loud, she can be obnoxious, and she lets the curses flow freely. There's hardly a dirtier mouth aboard the ship, with the possible exception of a marine, or Eddie Morales. Older sister to Martin Black, another of the pilots on board, she is known to be affectionately referred to as 'Peanut' by her little bro, while she rudely persists in calling him 'Boner'. Childhood nicknames never die when your sib is a viper jock, and a paperwork mixup lands you at the same station. Squadron: Red Aces.
LTJG Eddie "Mooner" Morales Originally called 'Hashmark' due to the litany of scars that tick up her arms, Eddie eventually earned the callsign 'Mooner' by reportedly dropping trou on top of a mess hall table in front of both Captain Marek and Captain Legacy. Rumored to be self-destructive, hot-headed, and foul-mouthed she's well within the definition of 'jock'. If you're looking for a redeeming quality, you might need a magnifying glass, but she's supposedly fast on the stick (though reckless) and was once accused of being viciously loyal. Squadron: Gunslingers.
LTJG Sapho "Percy" Pournelle A one-time competitive swimmer and published poet, Sapho became a Viper pilot after realizing she wanted to do more with her life. Age: 27. Squadron: Furies.
LtJG Nadiv "Poet" Roubani The original Viper Nerd. Squadron: Gunslingers.
LTJG Iggy "Booster" Nikos Squadron: Red Aces.
LTJG Otho "Echo" Titus Viper pilot. Age: 26. Squadron: Gunslingers.

Raptor Pilots

LT Dak "Backfire" Kairos Stay away from his rear end. I mean it. Squadron: Furies.
LT Cass "Surgeon" Logan Former Test Pilot. Squadron: Gunslingers
LT Kisseus "Kissybear" Matto Don't look at me, I just drive the Foxbat. Squadron: Furies.
LT Kyle "Birdman" Sparro When they say Senior Pilot, they often are referring to rank. With Birdman, they are referring to age. Easily the oldest of the pilots and nearly the oldest officer aboard the Kharon, Sparro brings in experience more than enough to make up for the quickness his age has stolen from him. Squadron: Wardogs.
LT Timon "Ivory" Stathis Philosopher and navel-gazer extraordinaire, in charge of teaching new and not-quite-new Raptor pilots the ropes. He's been indefinitely removed from the flight line after a nasty accident involving a Raptor, a training drone, and the CAG. Don't ask. Squadron: Red Aces.
ENS Marissa "Mouse" Delann Raptor 'Nugget'. Squadron: Wardogs.

Raptor ECOs

LT Anton "Thorn" Komnenos Prior to his military life, Thorn was an itinerant, unemployed computer programmer with a master's degree and a foul demeanor. The latter provided him with his callsign, when his trademark prickliness drew comment from an instructor. His demeanor's eased some in the years since, though he remains far from genial most days. Formerly the senior surviving ECO on the CEC Kharon, Thorn was promoted to Lieutenant not long after his arrival on the Hestia. Age: 29. Squadron: Wardogs.
LTJG Katherine "Crybaby" Ajtai ECO. Age: 25. Squadron: Wardogs.
LTJG Sol "Smalls" Ambrose Poached from the Battlestar Aeson on PHD 60, Ambrose has been flying with the Furies ever since. He'd be an ideal officer if he didn't talk so damn much. A nice guy and an excellent ECO, he just seems incapable of keeping his trap shut for very long. Originally from Leonis, he has a Masters degree in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Delphi and even worked at a firm that designed ECO equipment for the Colonial military. Not only does he know how to operate those devices, he's also fairly skilled in repairing them. It's not uncommon to see him pitching-in, fixing and running diagnostics on the ECO systems. Despite the fact that he's quite short, rumor has it that his callsign of "Smalls" has nothing to do with his height. Age: 27. Squadron: Furies.
ENS Virgil "Cooter" Gresham ECO Nugget. He also loves Werewolves and has a totally sweet Unicorn t-shirt. Previous to his posting on the Hestia He was a copilot for the commercial freighter Marrietta in which he also served as her ECM Officer, navigator and head of communications. He graduated Cum Laude from Caprica University, and hails from Libris. Earned his callsign after asking if the north wind comes from the CAG's crotch. Age: 28. Squadron: Wardogs.
ENS Reverie "Tycho" Tychoides A freshly commissioned officer and recent graduate from Caprica, Reverie was immediately assigned to the Hestia. Young and ambitious, she was set to join the Furies as an ECO. Once quiet and in the background, now she has broken out of her shell and is determined to live her life to the fullest. She's already gone through two callsigns: Perky and Cheerleader. Fortunately, only one person knows about that onboard the Hestia. Age: 22. Squadron: Furies.
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