Castor "Shepherd" Leda
Steven Petrarca
Steven Petrarca as Castor Leda
Name: Castor Leda
Alias: Shepherd
Age: 30
Hair & Eyes: Dirty Blonde, Green Eyes
Faction: Air Wing
Position: Lieutenant
Colony: Aquaria
Play Times: TBA
Timezone: KST (UTC+9)

Biographical Info

Aquaria has had its share of sailors, fishers, and the occasional Priest or two but rarely if ever warriors. Pollux and Castor Leda however were twins who would grow up to be warriors born on Aquaria who carried a terrible and yet blessed destiny. When the two were born, they were taken to an Oracle who declared, "Like the immortals one shall be leading all into safety. The other death will take and yet the bond 'tween the two won't break." According to the oracle would live in greatness and one would die. As they grew up Pollux and Castor had separate interests, Castor wanted to move as fast as he could and became a racer. Pollux who was the more physical of the two became a skilled boxer. Things went well until there was a terible accident leaving both of their parents dead in a plane crash. Sadly the boys had no other family and no one ever successfully contacted them and this lead the brothers to work together to survive on the streets. They would con, steal, and roll over people they thought were less than kind. They did this from the age of 13-16. It was shortly after their 16th birthday that they ended up being found busking by a police officer. Officer Palmer was his name. Officer Palmer decided rather than to arrest the two boys he would send them to a State House where the boys would once again begin to learn. In two years the boys managed to learn enough that they had the chance to go to a University. Interestingly, Castor would stay in touch with Officer Palmer over the years via electronic communication. However, the last communication was at least two years ago.

Pollux quickly graduated on time and completed flight school at the top of his class. His hard work showed Comand that he was an incredible Viper pilot and leader. Everything Pollux did earned him respect and he rose through the ranks rapidly. Castor on the other hand spent extra time during his Univesrsity time. It took him five years to graduate. While Castor got along with his classmates, he lived in the shadow of his brother whom he adored and yet it is hard to live in someone's shadow.. Life in his brothers shadow caused him to mouth off in attempt to show he was just as skilled. It was also his life in his brothers shadow that made him push harder and search for glory at any moment he could so he could be compared with his brother. it seems that both destiny and luck were with Castor. Eventually, Pollux was reassigned as the Viper Training Instructor for the decommissioned Battlestar Athena. The Athena was re-commissioned into a Flight School that was famous for turning out top notch officers. Castor was stationed at the Athena Flight School out of dumb luck. Pollox would always say, "You have the potential to be a top notch pilot and a good leader but you have to try harder. Try to be more like me. Though pull your own weight, I may be your brother but I refuse to be your teacher." Everything changed when an accident occurred on Pollux's Viper. After a routine flight the landing gimble on Pollux's viper cracked and caused a crash landing which left Pollux dead. Fate it seemed wanted Castor to live.

Castor was crushed by the death of his brother and even the slightest mention of Pollux name in any negative manner caused Castor to fly off the handle often leading to fights. Though, Pollux's death had a strong effect on Castor as it gave him a push to graduate from the Athena Flight School at the top of his class at the age of 23. In fact while he was in school he tutored other students helping them to learn so they could pass. Additionally, Polluxs death affected Castor in other ways. Castor became obsessed with becoming the Viper Pilot and officer his brother wanted him to bePollux has become the model that Castor has taken himself to living up to. Castor has also come to realize that he is the brother who lived. He is the one who, Like the immortals shall be leading all into safety This causes him to sometimes act in a foolish manner in an attempt to care for those who are close to him. Castor was stationed for several years on the Battlestar Orpheus, an older Battlestar with the goal of chasing down pirates and smugglers and while he was there he received a lot of flight experience fighting off pirate attacks and chasing smugglers throughout the Colonies. He received high recommendations from his commanding officers, though, his files notes that he does have some hot shot tendencies. Though his skills and his desire to become a better officer was noticed by his superiors which eventually earned him the rank of "Jig." Castor has been on the Kharon for a while now and mostly he fits in, however, on occasion he does say stupid things sometimes. Leda also recently made Lieutenant which is a shock to him.

Socially, Castor is a fairly easy going guy, he has taken to drinking and smoking cigars a lot most likely as he still feels the death of his brother. Castor never talks about his brother holding Pollux's memory close to his heart. Though, if someone were ever to smear his brothers name it would most likely cause Castor to fly into a rage. Castor is generally known for being a likeable guy around the crew who is known for his love of carousing when off duty. He has been described by certain crew members as being a bit like a puppy dog and an optimist which is to say he is the constant cheerleader for just about everyone on the Kharon. If there is such a thing as the classic nice guy than it is Castor. One interesting fact about Castor is that he is the go to guy when things need to be found as his scrounging skills are fairly well known.


Castor has served for the past few years on the Battlestar Orpheus who had the mission of hunting down pirates, crimals, and anyone else dangerous to the Colonies. It would seem other than that Castor doesn't seem to talk much about his past.


  • None living - this is before the Cylon Attack.


  • Posiedon University
  • Athena Flight School

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Graduated as the Top Student from the Athena Flight School

Distinguishing Features



  • Graduated as the Top Student from the Athena Flight School
  • Never attends any worship services and he never talks to Priests. It is known that he is not a fan of the Lords and would appear to be some sort of agnostic. He accepts other religious beliefs but he is not a fan of the Lords. Most likely some past wound dealing with the loss of his family.
  • In stressful situations he suddenly becomes dead calm, detached, and unemotional. This knack earned him the callsign Tinman. However, since his time in the brig this has changed and his cool demeanor has cracked and gone away.
  • Seems to feel like every crew member is his family.
  • Has an odd ability to scrounge for things that he wants - he isn't always successful but he can get things - sometimes.
  • Has recently stopped drinking - though who knows how long that will last.
  • Former callsigns were Tinman and Bubbles.
  • He has had three callsigns since boarding the Kharon.


  • Viper Piloting
  • Gunnery
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Fast Talk
  • Fire Arms
  • Teaching

On the Grid

Known Associates

Lieutenant "Knight" Demitros. The pair on the surface are unlikely friends but it would appear that pilots and CIC Officers can be friends. (Parxis' Song - Times Like These - Foo Fighters)
Samantha "Case" Passani. The two are best friends and confirmed fans of not liking the Lords. (Samantha's Song: Statues - Foo Fighters)
Corporal Jarot. The two seem to have bonded over having an odd childhood. He has deep feelings for her even if he can't act on them.(Epi's Song - What if I do? - Foo Fighters)
Captain "Blackcat" Legacy. The older and cooler sister he never had. (Legacy's Song: Come Alive - Foo Fighters)
Lieutenant JiG "Crybaby" Ajtai. The younger energetic sister he never had. (Kitty's Song: Everlong - Foo Fighters)
Captain "Spider" Marek. While not officially associates Leda is a huge fan of Kai as he often refers to Captain Marek as Papabear.(Kai's Song: My Hero - Foo Fighters)
Lieutenant JiG Martin "Dash" Black Martin is without a doubt one of Castor's warbuddies. (Martin's Song: Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters).
Lieutenant JiGJupiter "Fingers" Black Jupiter enjoys spending time around Jupiter but she probably can't stand it.
Lieutenant JiG Eddie "Mooner" Morales Eddie is the crazy friend who reminds Castor of how good life is.
Lieutenant JiG Abigail "Booster" Mikal The woman utterly confuses him and yet Leda respects her though the two are a bit of puppy meets kitty around each other.
Lieutenant Kyle "Birdman" Sparro The man who slept with his ex and is marrying his non-biological older sister. Leda doesn't hate him but if Thea has faith in him so does Castor.
Lieutenant JiG Sapho "Percy" Pournelle Castor thinks she is utterly professional but sometimes to much so and yet he still likes her.
Lieutenant Anton "Thorn" Komnenos Castor isn't sure what to make of Komnenos but he figures that his callsign Thorn says a lot about who he is. Again another person he likes even though he is probably disliked by Komnenos.
Lieutenant JiG Sol "Smalls" Ambrose Castor likes Ambrose and he thinks of the man as good people but he isn't sure why he favors kitty Iggy so much.
Ensign Virgil "Cooter" Gresham Castor feels bad about his first meeting with Gresham and he has been trying to make up for it ever since.
Lance Corporal Pandorian Ajtai Castor has done his best to look after the guy but recently he has been asked to give the pilot a wide berth and he is complying. Still though he doesn't hate him.
Private Amaranth Rian Castor thinks she thinks she is a good marine and he hopes she had a good future.

Timeline of Events

  • Castor is currently out of the brig after a bomb was found in his locker.
  • Two days before the attacks Castor arrived after being reassigned to the Kharon.


Where's the hooch?.
No, but seriously, the hooch, where is it?
You have to pull your own weight.
You can't roll with the big dogs if you pee like a puppy.
Yeah, we are well fraked and far from home.
Children crawl, and so we lift them up, men fall and so we help them rise, old men hobble and so we support them.


  • Alcohol
  • Cigars.
  • Sleight of Hand.
  • Vipers
  • Women in General
  • Making Jokes
  • Keeping hope alive
  • Keeping morale up
  • Keeping an open mind
  • Smoothing things over


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