Character Information

Character Information


Though any staffer may offer advice or insight when players are in the process of character generation, ultimately the app must make it through the Application Coordinator. If you log into the game and hit +staff, you'll note that this handy dandy person happens to be our very own Nike.

Other staffers may, of course, look over your BG for plot hooks and other information. Please be concise and clear with your backgrounds. If the information is not necessary to shed light on the character in some way, either by explaining skills or motivations, consider omitting it. Remember that we like every action skill above a three to get a mention in the background as to how a character became so familiar with it, and also be sure to touch on any background skills taken.


Cylons are a strong part of the BSG theme and world. While they are a part of the universe we here on the MUSH are taking them in a slightly different stride.

These are a list of common questions:

Do Cylons / Skinjobs exist in this universe? Yes they exist in not only robot form, but also the humanoid or 'skinjob' form. Before referring to them ICly, please be sure the PCs know they exist (as of PHD 198 no one does!)

Can I apply for a cylon in CG? No.

Will humanoid cylons be played by PCs or staff? At the time when we decide to introduce humanoid cylons, we will do it by a selection process of players that have stood out repeatedly not only in RP, but as players as a whole.

Are you going to use the skinjobs the ones from the series? You'll know it when you see it!


Any department head may put in a recommendation for military awards for personnel whom qualify, similar to recommendation for promotions. The Commander must approve all award nominations, and may commission an investigation to determine if the award is warranted.

Distinguished Airman's Medal — Awarded for heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in an aerial flight. RL Equivalent: Distinguished Flying Cross
Silver Cluster — Awarded for valor in the face of the enemy. RL Equivalent: Silver Star
Air Medal — Awarded for meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight. RL Equivalent: Air Medal
Fleet Commendation Medal — Awarded for distinguishing oneself by heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service. RL Equivalent: Army/Navy/AF Commendation Medal


Promotions in the Military are a moment of distinction and pride. They are also something that does not necessarily come easily as people make careers out of the Military. In an effort to keep a good balance between realism and RP, our MUSH utilizes the following process to handle promotions of characters.

E-1 to E-3 — All promotions can be given without formal consultation of the XO and XO by the respective Commanding Officer (Department Head).

NCO (E-4 to E-9) & Non-Competitive Officer Grades (O-1 and up) — All promotions will need to be approved a DH meeting. Officers give a yea or nay that the person has earned their promotion either through leadership, mission involvements or other levels of excelled merit. Once the review has confirmed the promotion they will notify the Commanding Officer of the person getting promoted and send a CC to the CO & XO on the promotion.

Competitive Based Officer Grades (O-7 to O-10) — This is one of the more difficult promotions because not only does it require approval from DHs, but both the CO & XO have to give their approvals before the promotion can be administered.


Having trouble trying to figure out your rank? Think you should be a higher or lower rank because of your characters age? Have no fear we have created this handy reference chart to help you out!

Rank Level Enlisted AGE Officer AGE Officer Ranks Navy Enlisted Ranks Marine Enlisted
1 18 23 Ensign Crewman Apprentice Private
2 18.5 24.5/24.5 Lieutenant JG Crewman Private First Class
3 19 27/27 Lieutenant Specialist Lance Corporal
4 20 33/30 Captain PO 3rd Class Corporal
5 23 39/33 Major PO 2nd Class Sergeant
6 26.5 45/36 Lieutenant Colonel PO 1st Class Staff Sergeant
7 33 * Colonel Chief PO Gunnery Sergeant
8 37 * Commander Senior Chief PO Master Sergeant
9 40 * Rear Admiral Master Chief PO Sergeant Major
10 * * Admiral

The listed ages are based on 'average' service and are to be used as guidelines. Officers need to keep in mind that they are required to serve 'minimal' time at certain grades. The ages that are highlighted show your absolute minimum age for a "fast-tracked" career. Rank 7+ for any Officer is competitive based, which means you won't get promoted through attrition Command has to promote you.

Note: On the game, this info can be found in +news ranks and +ranks.


The Brig is not a military time-out, it's jail. You only get sent to the brig when you are ARRESTED or DETAINED.

Arrest is a power given to all officers (and ONLY officers). They say the magic words: "Sergeant Bob, you are under arrest for <blah>. Corporal, escort him to the brig." Obviously you have to actually have a crime to charge them with.

Detainment is a special power given to military police, who are usually enlisted. It is effectively the same as arrest, but technically it's not arrest because it still has to be "approved" by an officer at some point.

After someone has been arrested, their Department Head has the power to a) dismiss the charges, perhaps with a slap on the wrist (more on this below) b) perform non-judicial punishment, which can include temporary confinement, arrest in quarters, loss of pay, demotion (low-ranking enlisted only), or a formal reprimand, or c) contact JAG and convene a full-on courts-martial.

But what if you don't want to arrest someone or file charges but still want to punish them? Commanders have a variety of tools at their disposal, including Counseling (lecture), Reprimand (formal letter in the file which reflects negatively on promotions and such), Extra Training (more on this in a moment), or withholding of administrative privileges (shore leave being the most obvious choice).

There's a fine line between Extra Training and Punishment, but commanders often skirt the line and you can get pretty creative. Peeling potatoes can't really be construed as training, but reorganizing the supply closet twenty-seven times until it's perfect could. Also, there's usually some form of drudge duty in every department - night watches, paperwork, cleaning the gun barrels in an EVA suit, etc. - and troublesome soldiers can find themselves getting these duties frequently.

Random notes: It is usually considered poor form to arrest someone who does not report to you, or for a junior officer to arrest someone unless they're doing something dangerous/egregious. Also, one does not normally arrest someone for misdemeanor crimes - you can file charges via paperwork without actually sending them to the brig (just like a civilian cop can write up a citation without arresting you).


Security Clearances are the Military way of determining who has access to utilize certain equipment and privvy to certain mission details. It is safe to assume that persons holding certain clearance levels know when the mission they are assigned should be discussed publically or whether discretion should be exercised. This alleviates the need for extra measures like Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Security Clearances are as follows:

Confidential — This refers to material, which, if improperly disclosed, could be reasonably expect to cause some measurable damage to Fleet security.

Secret — The unauthorized disclosure of secret information could be expected to cause serious damage to the Fleet security.

Top Secret — Individuals with this clearance have access to information or material that could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the Fleet security if it was released without authorization.

Pilots, Deck Crew, Engineering, and Command typically have Top Secret clearance. Marines, depending on job and rank, Medical and most other crew will typically have Secret clearance. It is very important to remember that just because you have Top Secret or Secret clearance does not mean you have ready and full access to all files and information classified at those levels.

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