Cinder Brand
Pvt. Cinder Brand
Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag as Cinder
Name: Cinder
Alias: Cin
Age: 21
Hair & Eyes: Blonde; Blue
Faction: Marines
Position: MP
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Whenever logged (typically)
Timezone: US EST (GMT-5)

Biographical Info


Like so many kids who are products of the slummy, nasty underbelly of Caprica, Cinder was raised by a single parent with too many bills, too few hours in the day, and a fridge full of beer. In this case, maybe bucking the trend a little, was that it was her mother. A hard-working woman making the Caprican-minimum wage as a custodian, she wasn't often around, leaving Cinder to her own devices. There was always just enough money, but never more. Money for clothes, but not anything designer label; money for food, but hardly ever to go out and eat; money to keep the car running, but never enough to get it totally fixed (or, forbid, by a new one). Like the rest of the neighborhood kids she went to school on the bus, got ridiculed as part of the group, tried to learn, came home, forgot about homework, and just…did what the other kids did for fun.

Despite the poor grades and ridicule from a lot of the more well-to-do students, Cinder soon found that the boys paid her quite a bit of attention. Puberty for her hit like a Mack truck, and she went from the tomboy to rocking hottie. With a mother who was seldom present in any sober state following her 12 hour shifts, a freshly sexified Cinder found herself picking up a job at a local strip club promptly at age 18. Seemed like the best thing for her to do at the time, taking advantage of her particular…assets. Of course, feature dancing lead into other pursuits…chief among them, providing companionship to rich men (and women) all over Caprica City…and even into the other Colonies, as the need arises.

In her time at the club and escorting she made quite a lot of money, enough to move herself into a Caprica City penthouse and live the life she had always wanted, with plenty of change to cover her business expenses, traveling around, buying sexy outfits, etc. All in all, despite the somewhat dubious occupation, life was really on a positive upswing. She had a career where she was raking it in (and one in which she was good at, despite mediocre grades, no college, and having been the 'ugly duckling' through elementary school), a totally stress-free relationship with her mother that she never had before (because she just moved out and left that drunk alone), and even two cute little dogs who she got to be mommy to!

The Holocaust was a life changer for her, maybe in more ways that it was for others. Career military had it the easiest, some would argue, as they were able to swing into action and do what they trained their entire life for. For those like Cinder, soft civvies, the whole world quite literally ended. Her way to Kharon was roundabout. What was a simple luxury cruise on the Elpis for an intra-Colony jaunt (business-related, no doubt) turned into a fight for survival; a ship full of business travelers and in particular. Maybe it was just dumb luck, maybe not. Either way, Cinder was on board when the Holocaust happened.

Drifting, jumping, rations, things imposed by the Bellerophon; it was a whole new life for her once the Holocaust happened. Passengers used to opulent lifestyles soon grew discontent with the no-frills lifestyle. Whatever happened on board that ship, it caused her to see her life in a new light. Marine intervention might have been responsible for saving her life, but whatever did happen, she enlisted shortly after being evacuated to Kharon. Rather than make herself a drag on the ship, she wanted to help, to serve a purpose. It was hardly a hurdle, given that she could never go back to the life she knew before.


The Brand name isn't a big or important name in any circle on any of the Colonies.

In terms of Cinder's family, she had one known relative, a mother (deceased), a single parent. Cinder never did care for her much, avoiding her as much as possible, since she left for work before Cinder woke, and making sure she came home after her mother was drunk and asleep for the night (if she came back in at all). The day of the Holocaust, Cinder had left Caprica on the Elpis, not even bothering to say goodbye to her mother before she left; of course, nobody could predict the horrors that would await. Now, she finds herself pining for her childhood home and family, even if it was little more than a trashy, tiny, messy flat with a drunken mother.

Her father was some random lay way back, something less than a one-night stand, even; for the most part, she considers him a sperm donor. He is zero influence in her life, a complete non-factor, beyond donating half of her genetic information.


Cinder barely completed the required public education, sliding by with barely passing grades in everything but gym. She did not completely any post-secondary education or specialized career training. What knowledge she does have is from her time working as a waitress, hairdresser, and eventually, stripper and escort. These are her fields of expertise, one might say.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

She's green. Not so green anymore, but still by far one of the least-experienced marines on either ship. She was a civvie recruit from the Elpis, having been on the ship during its intracolony jaunt, traveling from Caprica to Aquaria on business.

  • Her first action came in the Tinos assault: she was part of Salazar's squad in the assault on the southern facilities to explore the mystery building located there. What was found was ordered to be discussed strictly on a need-to-know basis, as per the S2's orders. First confirmed kill of both a human and toaster. Injuries sustained: none.
  • Her next action was a set of hot-landing training and evac as part of the Scorpia II events, with Cylon attacks every 42 minutes. Injuries sustained: none.
  • Took part in defending Kharon's CIC from Cylon invasion prior to the cessation of 42 minute attacks. Injuries sustained: two bullet wounds to left shoulder and chest; shrapnel to lower back.
  • Sentenced to house arrest (AiQ) by Hestia S2 (acting CO) Tombs on PHD 260 for violating orders: sentence currently in effect.

Distinguishing Features

  • Big smile
  • Long, blonde hair



Basic, entry-level-MP training in:

  • Firearms (Rifles/Handguns)
  • Melee
  • Demo
  • First Aid
  • Repair
  • Her people-oriented career choice has given her acute attenuation to people: what they want, what they need. As such, she's more alert than one would think.
  • Having worked for 3 years as an exotic dancer, she's light on her feet and nimble, making her fairly stealthy.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Lieutenant Salazar Nikos-Marek. She's the bosse-lady now, and still, there hasn't been much chance to sit down or ever chat with her. Relationship's been all business so far, but it definitely seems like there are worse people to learn from. Tinos would've been a bitch if she hadn't been there to give some direction to the greenies and civvies. Made the other action on Solos II and the basestar deal-with-able…and kept us from busting out the grenades in tight quarters. Also, married to the CAG now.
Lance Corporal Pandorian "Panda" Ajtai. So far Cinder's helped him keep his cool at least twice. Who knows if that's going to be the dynamic of their relationship, but so far he seems like a hothead who's going to need her to keep him from blowing his lid…or to throw him in the brig.
Corporal Benjamin Jacobs. He was the first Marine Cinder met upon arriving in the berthings after basic and MP school. He had needles for her when the first met, but that's ok…she made him twist his ankle in the gym the next time they ran into each other alone.
Lance Corporal Ashe "Paradox" Swift. He seems a bit out there…met up with him once in the gym, once in the brig. Apparently is a competent marine, but has had some recent troubles with authority. He doesn't seem so far off his rocker that we won't get to know each other though; I'm not going to actively avoid him.
Corporal Epiphany "Shortstack" Jarot. She might be small, but she blows stuff up real good. She can also take more bullets than the average marine has on their tac vest in magazines. Godsdamned girl, am I going to be that way when I grow up?
Private Dell Triptolemus. Another relative newcomer. He seems to share some of the same trepidations and habits, and shared in some of the same punishments, courtesy of the no-nonsense Marine officers on Hestia.
Private Amaranth Rian. Another newbie Marine. She seems to like getting into fights. I'll probably see her in the brig a few times…heck, might even have to be the one to throw her in there!

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Playing Librarian PHD188 Cinder chats with Selene after looking for a new book. Cinder & Selene
Memorial Service PHD186 The crew assembles for Commander Sheridan's memorial service. Cortez, Praxis, Legacy, Mimieux, Martin, Cinder, Kai, Eddie, Ezra, Xanthus, Barghest, Fenris, Roubani, Martin, Matto, Salazar, Damon, & Castor
Never Gonna Give You Up PHD185 Callie, Cinder, and Panda have a chat in the chapel, and make a promise in front of the gods. Callie, Cinder, & Panda
Pulling the Pin & Pulling the Pin - Selene PHD183 Cinder is an MP responder after the events resulting in the death of the CO. Salazar, Kai, Jules, Absalom, Selene, Cinder, Panda, Ezra, Dutch, Praxis, & Cortez
Exercise Miscues PHD182 Just waling into the gym is enough for Cinder to make Jacobs twist his ankle. Cinder & Jacobs
Squeaky Clean PHD179 Cinder & Mimieux gab a little about life while in the head. Cinder & Mimieux
Pilots and Marines PHD178 Proof that Marines and Pilots CAN get along. Jacobs, Dutch, Cinder, Legacy, Kai, Kitty, Matto, & Praxis
Casual Crossfire PHD175 A few Marines hassle each other in the barracks. Cinder, Damon, Epi, & Panda
A Few Words PHD175 Cinder again tries to keep Panda from doing something stupid. Castor, Cinder, Legacy, & Panda
Unconventional Warfare PHD175 Cinder plays MP; a fight is avoided with some help from friends. Callie, Cinder, Martin, Panda, & Tiera
Welcome to Marine Country PHD174 Cinder arrives from basic; Jacobs gives her vaccines. Cinder & Jacobs



  • Swimming
  • Frakking
  • Handguns
  • Puppies
  • Beer


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