PHD 233: Close
Summary: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
Date: PH233 (07 Dec 2009)
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Battlestar Hestia, Deck 14, Ready Room
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #233
OOC Time: Mon Dec 07 21:07:14 2009

The Ready Room is used for pre-flight briefings for the Hestia's Viper and Raptor pilots. It is arranged much like a classroom, with row of tiered chairs facing a podium that sports the squadron logos on its veneered front. Each orange vinyl chair has a small fold-out desktop for taking notes. The front of the room is lined with large display panels to show mission details or review post-flight video footage that can be loaded from a computer terminal instead of the old-fashioned projector still affixed in the rear of the room. On the starboard wall is the whiteboard showing flight schedules and wing assignments - each pilot identified only by their callsign. The Hestia seal is displayed proudly over the hatch entrance, while other awards and accommodations line the walls.

Role reversal. This time it's Marek being escorted to Sito's ready room, and sticking out like a sore thumb throughout the maze of corridors the pair traverse to get there. Doubtless a few crew members stop to glance at the pilot with the Kharon and Vigilante patches on his flight suit. The rumours have already been going strong for days; it's hard to say whether he's a welcome intrusion. "Don't mean to keep you too long, Captain," he explains once they've stepped inside and are finally alone. "Sure you're a busy woman, and I've got a couple of raptors waiting on me out there. I'd look a bit silly missing my ride home."

Sito leads the way down to the Ready Room at the port and aft of the main stairwell. "You'll only keep me as long as I wish to be kept, Captain," the blonde pilot replies with a little bit of a smile. "I'm sure your ride won't leave without you. 'Magine they'd notice you'd gone amiss." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a piece of paper folded a few times. "Your copy of the report."

The Saggie Captain doesn't offer so much as a glimmer of a smile on their way down. His features, if anything, are fixed in a near-permanent moue of mild displeasure that eases only slightly as the report is handed over. It's accepted with a murmured "thanks", and unfolded one-handed for him to skim over while he sets down his helmet. "While investigating the accident isn't my job, Captain, I'm curious:" His blue eyes lift, and find hers. "How much time was there between the initial distress call, and scrambling of the SAR?"

"SAR was dispatched immediately. According to the logs, it took about two minutes to get to the raptor and get it hooked." Sito nods to Marek. "Another minute and a half to tow it in." She drops her hands to her hips, and shakes her head slightly, "They were close with their systems shut down, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."

Kai watches the woman a little longer, then drops his eyes to the paper again and continues skimming. He's a bit slow with the reading comprehension, and it's pretty clear that he re-reads a couple of sections in the process. Nodding finally, he folds up the report and slides it into a pocket of his flight suit. "Our S2 might be over to have a few words with the crew involved. I appreciate your wing's efforts to save their lives, Captain. Would've liked my first trip over here to be on a better note, but.." He reaches for his helmet again. "..shit happens."

"There will be other trips, I'm sure." The words are light. Sito studies the man for a moment, as if considering something, mulling it over. Could be anything from his hair to the dead to his hesitation when meeting Iggy. "Send whomever you like. The report will be the same. Flowers is thorough." She doesn't even mention her SAR team. It should go without saying they're thorough. "You come up with any questions, don't hesitate to shoot 'em across the way."

"Not up to me, Captain," the younger pilot answers, voice as lacking in inflection as it ever is. "Cortez or Demitros might order a full inquiry, my job's to get them the report and get my people home." His eyes shift away from the blonde, and sweep over the room briefly. The projection equpiment at the front is noted, and the seal above the hatch. He tucks his helmet up under his arm, and takes a step back the way they came. "I can see myself out. Thanks again."

Sito nods, her eyes still on the man. "Careful on the stairwell, Marek," May-wreck. "You hear a medical call go out at any time, flatten it to the rails. Our medics haul tail and don't always watch where they're going. It's like a frakkin' pyramid match in there, without pads." She glances over to the white board, spots something that needs a change, and turns to go take care of it. "Keep Iggy a while if you like." That's all she says on that.

"I've served on a battlestar before, Captain," Karim notes blandly, pausing in the entryway a moment to study her at the whiteboard. At his age, he's probably served on a few. He divulges nothing further on the subject however, and merely sketches a curt nod to the woman before offering gruffly in parting, "Have a good evening." The heavy cadence of his departing bootfalls is marred slightly by that bad leg of his.

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