Corporal Daliah "Patch" Erasmus
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly as Daliah Erasmus
Name: Daliah Erasmus
Alias: Patch
Age: 21
Hair & Eyes: Black hair, blue eyes
Faction: CMC
Position: Combat Medic, Corporal
Colony: Picon
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info

There has been at least one doctor to be found in each generation of the Eramus bloodline for at least the past ten with no specialties left untouched just about. Oncology, pediatrics, cardiology, genetics…you name the field there was a Dr. Erasmus involved in it in one way or another if it was on Picon. Born to Drs. Kevin and Genny Erasmus, both renown emergency room physicians, Daliah was the fourth born of five children, four of whom were girls. Daliah started taking interest in medicine at an early age. She was given a toy doctor's kit for her third birthday and from there on it was her favorite toy, everything within it used numerous times to fix her doll's broken arms and legs and to take her stuffed animals' temperature. Bandaids were used skillfully on her friends' scraped elbows and knees, each one applied with a caring hand along with a liberal dose of bedside manner.

Family reunions almost always wound up being more like medical symposiums as each of the doctors who were a part of the Erasmus' would undoubtedly 'talk shop', something that thrilled her as if she was being told fairy tales or stories of high adventure. The gorier the better, in her opinion. Those who didn't follow the paths of those before them and study the science of medicine studied oftentimes took part in the arts; several aunts, uncles and a couple cousins were who sparked her interests in genealogy, painting and literature.



Name Relation Profession Status
Kevin Erasmus Father ER Physician Presumed Dead
Gennifer Erasmus Mother ER Physician Presumed Dead
Lissa Erasmus-Dalphe Sister Housewife Presumed Dead
Brent Erasmus Brother Physics Professor - UofP Presumed Dead
Cassi Erasmus Sister Art Gallery Owner/Artist Presumed Dead
Daliah Erasmus Self Combat Medic - CMC Alive
Zaphnie Erasmus Sister High School Student Presumed Dead


Reputation (or Mil. Service)

By the time she reached adulthood she knew she wanted to be a doctor but also wanted to see the colonies as well, thus compelling her to join up with the CMC. Her parents had mentioned their worries but Daliah would hear nothing of it. Pointing out that it'd be no different than taking part in a work study program and that she promised to start medical school once her enlistment was over, she eventually assuaged their concerns and, as she was sworn in, they watched with pride in their eyes.

Basic training and medic training took place on Picon, the former spanning six weeks while the latter took several months, each week that passed making her more and more enthusiastic about her pending assignment once graduation took place. She almost didn't see the end of training, however; during a live-fire training accident; a bullet ricocheted, resulting in one of her squad mates having to push her out of the way. He took the bullet that technically should have killed her, the projectile causing a bilateral neck wound that severed both of his carotid arteries, causing him to bleed out within seconds despite her best efforts to save his life. A tribunal was held in effort to see if Daliah was accountable for the young man's untimely death but between her testimony and that of not one but two forensic specialists, she was eventually cleared of any suspicion and allowed to complete training with her class. Despite being cleared, Daliah was very shaken up, the loss of life something unacceptable to the fledgling medic. It's what prompted her to go to the chapel and pledge to Asclepius to never take a life unless it's absolutely necessary and to lend aid to whoever might need it whenever possible along with promising to go and pray for those lives that were lost.

Upon graduation they were sent out on a training mission before receiving their assignments and Daliah was attached to the First Battalion of the Twelfth Colonial Marine Regiment. Taking part in Operation April Thunder during the insurgency on Sagittaron, the rookie Marines got to cut their teeth on more action than anyone could have ever hoped for. For Daliah it was a nightmare, a bloodbath that resulted in many lives lost - -too- many lives for Daliah to save but it was also a good experience as it showed her just what her limitations were, not only as a medic but as a human being. Once the insurgency was quelled, Daliah and the rest of the trainees were promoted to Lance Corporal and sent to where they were going to serve; for Daliah, it was aboard the Battlestar Hestia.

Serving during a time of peace made for much in the way of boredom with only the occasional call to play peacemaker or something similar occurring to breakup the tedium of everyday life. She honed her skills when she was able to, primarily by helping in sickbay and during the occasional mishap but other than that she felt her 'talents' were being wasted. Even then, as the end of her enlistment neared, she accepted a promotion to Corporal in trade for enlisting for two more years, putting off medical school to extend her contract with the CMC. Unfortunately War Day would put the newly promoted medic's life on hold indefinitely as the world as she knew it was thrown into chaos.

Distinguishing Features

  • Fairly religious, Daliah believes in the Lords of Kobol and seems to favor Asclepius over the others. She can often times be found in the chapel while praying for the souls of those lost during engagements.
  • Has hinted to having problems during a live fire training exercise but has never been forthcoming with details and will never diverge from telling the same details over and over again to keep people from being able to figure it out if it ever happens to be discussed.


  • Is rather fond of pudding, especially chocolate. On the flip side, she can't really stomach red jello. Most likely a side-effect of her profession.
  • The Erasmus Family Tree is gigantic, the majority of which is filled by extended family, both blood and by marriage.


  • First Aid/Combat Medicine
  • Literature (as in the partaking of, not the actual writing)
  • Genealogy
  • Painting

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Ensign Jaimson "Littleboy" Ferris. I really don't know what to make of the pilot. Seems sweet enough but there's something almost manic in how he proclaimed to want to get to know me better upon our second meeting. I am all for making friends…and perhaps even an occasional frak buddy or two…and yes, I'd like to get to know him better as well, but I really need to find the breaks on this guy before we stumble and wind up getting ourselves hurt.
Specialist Michael "Glitch" Zane. I don't get this guy at all. I walk into his shower stall, the both of us naked as the day we were born and he actually tries to cover up the goods, that while he was trying to convince me that he has had experience with women. Then, to make it even more confusing, he went as far as to tell me he's shy, 'not virginal', and then washed my back after he was asked to by me. I swear I am a hair's breadth away from telling the frakker to piss or get off the pot as the old saying goes.
Lieutenant Colonel Praxis "Knight" Demitros. The CO of the Kharon. Going by what he said, it sounds like people might not have a very high opinion of him but he seems rather nice. Personable, which isn't something you often see in a commander. Would like to sit down with him someday, pick his brain a bit and see what lays under the surface.
Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas Dane. I can't say I really like this guy. Forget that he did the old shake-n-greet while I was trying to get my shower. It goes beyond that. There's this air to him that reeks of someone who is trying to act above their rank and it's something I have always loathed. Maybe I'm wrong and he is different from what first impression is telling me but he has a long way to go before he will succeed to be seen in any kind of positive light by me.
Sergeant Barnabas Volker Went out on a mission with him recently. Got to speak to him just a bit ago. Got to say I like him. He's lacking the boo-rah mentality so many people associate Marines as having, making him actually…more human-like in some regards.
Lance Corporal Pandorian Ajtai Think he's the guy who wound up with the Sergeant's missing boo-rah mentality. Seems like an alright sort, from what little I've interacted with him; going to leave it at that until I know him better.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Log Title PH# What happened in this log. person1, person2 & person3.




  • Pudding.
  • Havng people she can keep close to her for those times she is in need of comfort as well as being that kind of person for others.


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