PHD 249: Dance Dance
PHD 249: Dance Dance
Summary: A dance is held in Hangar B - much alcohol was consumed by all.
Date: PHD 249
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Hangar B has been transformed, well, not really, but the lights have been lowered slightly and there are a few banners in plain and simple colors that have been lowered from the sides of the catwalk. There is a station where someone is taking charge of the music which is being played in four directions all facing each other so the music can clearly be heard from around the hangar however the strategic placement of the banners keeps the music from bleeding off into Hangar A. Off to the side there is a place to get something to eat that is being managed by Marcon and just a little off from that Castor is managing what can be called the bar. Currently the music is lively and full of energy and it is inviting people to the dance floor.

Marcon bustles about the food table with all the overbearing atmosphere of a mother hen readying her chicks for a long walk. The table is quite simply amazing, with various breads, sweets, and even some baked goods available alongside the punch (which at least to this point has not been spiked.) He waves at Castor from the table. "We're about all set up here, sir. Dunno how long it will last, though. You sure you can get me more flour from Hestia stores? I'll be awhile replenishing my reserves…"

From the bar Castor looks over at Marcon, "If I said I can get it, I can, get it…" he mutters to himself, "Wonder if I made a bad deal here." He then gives a thumbs up to MArcon as he looks at the DJ who can't clearly be seen at the moment and he gives another thumbs up. For his part Leda is in front of a table with different mixers, and alcohol both hard and soft. Wait, is that a lime, does he acctually have a lime, yes, but he only has one and it looks like it is about to get old.

Booze. It's what's for dinner. And when it's free, you'll be sure to bring out the cockroaches from the woodwork. One such bug is Mooner, coming in from the hatch that leads to the Central Stairwell. She gives a glance around, locates Castor (and more importantly, what he's serving) and bellies up to the proverbial bar. "Strong. Neat. Mind erasing." Eddie orders up, a slight smirk on her lips.

Absalom is a few feet behind Eddie in moving towards the bar. Pilots know where to go before they start dancing and making fools of themselves. He comes to a stop behind the woman, and adds to Castor, "One for me too."

Marcon gives a solid nod, then goes back to his table. The presentation on the chocolates could have been better, and so he worked it until it was. Cakes, cookies, and even a pie are all carefully arrayed on the table. Luckily, being the chef of the Kharon had left him with some spare time. "We've got some goodies over here as well, if you would like any." he calls out.

Daliah isn't normally the kind of person who attends parties like this but with the stress of the past few weeks and the need to relax hitting her like a brick, the medic writes herself up a 'script for some fun, this being the perfect opportunity to get some recreation in. Still, even with her desire to have fun and meet more of the newest members to the crew, she finds herself balking, hanging back just inside the hangar.

Since having been released from the medbay, Ensign "Littleboy" Ferris had been a scarce commodity. When not in the mess hall or the head, the pilot was spending a lot of time behind closed curtains of his bunk - or at least, his temporary bunk - in the Gold squadron berthings. He had yet to actually sit down with the 'new' CAG, waiting patiently. Yet, still nothing had happened. Tonight, though, Ferris had decided to turn the tide on his anti-social behavior. Moving along with a group of others as they enter the hangar bay turned party room tenatively. Looking for familiar faces… he spots Daliah, but doesn't immediately speak. Instead, he's moving toward the bar, where even more familiar faces hover…

Eddie glances over her shoulder to Absalom as Castor actually mixes a drink. "I guess the bartender doesn't know the meaning of 'neat'. Ah well, beggers can't be choosers." Eddie eyes the lime with speculation, not having seen fresh fruit in some time. A bit of a shrug, and she's taking the drink, pulling out the little superfluous straw, and tossing it on the table. "Thanks mate." She tells Castor, then steps off to the side to enjoy her alcohol out of the way. "Hey hey, look who's walking of his own free will." Mooner remarks in Littleboy's direction, lofting her drink in a salute.

Absalom takes a sip of his drink once he gets it from Castor, and then smirks a bit at Mooner's words. Listening to her still, he turns to look over at Ferris, and asks, "Who's that?" in an undertone, nodding in the Ensign's direction.

Castor turns and looks at Eddie, "I could have made it neat, but I'm placing emphasis on the strong part of your statement and this is strong." He says with a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye since he may not be drinking but he does know what works the best as he slides the drinks over to Eddie and Absalom as he looks over the new arrival and then he looks over at Daliah as she arrives and he smiles.

There's Littleboy although he's caught just out of the corner of Dali's eyes, making her have to double-take just about to make sure it's him before she goes to follow. With the number of unknown people, she doesn't speak but rather nods or waves hello, the first being Castor who also gets a slight chuckle out of her. "Hey, Littleboy," she murmurs once she's sidled up beside him. "Can you get me a juice, please?"

"Yeh, I know, right?" Ferris is quick to respond to Eddie, raising a hand in a greeting as he approaches. The irony behind the callsign will be noticable as he parts the other people to join them - his stature's pretty… well. Tall. Siddling up to the bar after speaking to Eddie, he waves for Castor to come over. "What's on the tap?" he asks idly toward him, grinning. When Dali speaks, he glances over toward her, tilting his head a little… Before turning back to trying to get his own drink… But he does also consider the murmuring. "And… ah, can I get a juice, here, too?" he asks.

The music shifts as it moves into something that now has shifted from a high energy pop song to something that is almost like a salsa piece with elements of electronica. People are starting to move to dance with each other as the song changes so this is clearly not a junior high event. Off in the corner a couple of marines begin to watch some of the people dancing as they quietly comment to each other, off in another corner is a pair of pilots who are sharing a cigarette, and on the dance floor a pair of knuckledraggers hold each other as they dance slowly even though the music is full of life and energy.

Eddie crosses one arm over her midsection, using that as a shelf to prop her opposing elbow on. Her rather frilly yet apparently strong drink drangles from her fingers as she half turns to Absalom. "He's our wingmate. Been off the grid for a while after getting banged up." She stage whispers, "Some say he's not right in the head."

Emerging from the stairwell is the stalwart Praxis Demitros. The Kharon CO looks about the atmosphere created by the music surrounding them, nodding his head approvingly before moving away from the mouth of the stairs. He folds his hands behind his back and moves slowly towards where Marcon's got goodies, a little brow lofting and the Colonel's voice asking softly, "What've you got here?"

Marcon grins as he is approached by the Col. "Got the lot, sir! Cookies, chocolates, Cake, even a pie!" He grins wide. "Been doing some stashing and this seemed a proper occasion. Would you perhaps be interested in a slice of chocolate cake?"

Into the hangar bay comes bouncing the ship's smallest Marine. She's got that wide eyed, curious look that most Marines get when they wander down the wrong hallway. The Hangar Deck is not Marine Country. It's where those…those…BOYS live. You know, the ones with cooties. But still, Epi's smiling and looking around, eyes wide.

Castor moves to his series of mixers, "Juice, I can do that." He pours some ice and orange juice together into two different glasses, "Two glasses of orange juice." He slides it forward to Littleboy and Daliah, "Enjoy it in health." Castor then goes back to cleaning up the bar since he is all about helping others have a good time here. Though what is the bartender drinking, ice water, by the looks of it. He stays at his station as he takes a rag to start cleaning his counter and then he packs the precious lime up as he places it on some ice in a small tupperware container.

"Oh goodie. Well, least he aint gonna spend all his time up in medical like my last wingmate…" Absalom replies, before downing his drink, and holding out a hand for Eddie, "Up for a dance?" As he pushes away from the bar a little.

Alyssa looks more than a little shy and self conscious as she steps onto the Hangar Deck. Red hair flowing down her back onto the little black dress she had borrowed from Dr. Polyduekes, she makes a very different image than she does in her usual scrubs. Her eyes dart around the room, looking for somebody.

Eddie's eyes shift down to the offered hand, as if she momentarily doesn't trust the offer or the man behind it. Mooner flicks a glance back up to Absalom's eyes, downs her drink, and apparently thinks what the hell. Her glass is clunked back down on the table Castor is serving from, "Fill 'er up?" If Castor wants to play bartender, Eddie's certainly going to keep him busy. Her free hand then slaps into Absalom. "You step on my toes, I knee you in the balls." Though the thread is delivered with a sparkle in her eyes, proving at least in this instance, she's more bark then bite.
"Thanks." Daliah nods to the 'tender and then bumps her shoulder against Ferris' arm, angling her head to the left of where they're standing. "Let's go…uh…as far away from the dancefloor as possible." She knows that her suggesting that just might put the bug into Ferris' ear as far as asking her to dance goes but she can at least hope he'll avoid doing so or, at the very least, be okay if she says no. Which she just might.

Alyssa looks more than a little shy and self conscious as she steps onto the Hangar Deck. Red hair flowing down her back over her off-duties, which have the odd effect of making her look even more on duty than usual… it was hard to get more casual than scrubs. Her eyes dart around the room, looking for somebody.

"I do not mind if I do, Specialist," Demitros says cheerily to the cook, quite adamant that he must receive a piece of this chocolate cake as soon as humanly possible. No matter what it's REALLY made out of. "Your offer is, I am sorry to say, irresistable. I do not suppose you could supply me with a pair of forks instead of one, hmm?" Once and if he receives this, he looks over at Epi. "It is agreeable to see you once again, Corporal. I suggest you try some of the treats made availiable, hmm?" Gaze then flips to the new entrance to the Hangar Deck, eyes tracking over the woman in the black dress. Praxis approaches with his cake. "I am glad you made it. I don't suppose you would like to try some of this," the man offers with his plate and extra fork.

"Mm?" Ferris had started sipping at his orange juice, making a small face. After Daliah makes her offhanded request, he tilts his head a little bit. "Don't fancy yourself much of a dancer?" he asks idly, before sipping his drink again and offering a light chuckle. He shrugs a little, and gestures, "Lead the way." At this point, his eyes gaze around to sort of watch the other goings on; for someone not rumored to be in the right state of mind, his demeanor seems to reflect otherwise. Maybe just a little impersonal, but otherwise, perfectly… normal. After a moment, his eyes fall on Eddie, watching her threatening the dance partner she's with… and quietly supressing a light snigger.

Castor looks over at Eddie, "Same thing or do you want a series of shots?" Castor asks Eddie as he waits to see what she wants since the last drink he made for her was roughly five straight shots. He smiles as he watches everyone moving in and out of the dance and he makes a few more drinks for others. He then looks over at Daliah and Ferris before he turns to look over at Praxis as he approaches the redhead and a brow quirks, "Hm?" He says softly though as he hears a familiar name he begins to look around the room and he spots Epi and he offers the Corporal a smile.

"Certainly sir!" Marcon says with a wide grin as he supplies the cake and forks. Surprise would be there for everyone… it's REAL cake. The miracle worker strikes again! Going to the rest of the table, he keeps adjusting the presentation.

Alyssa's smile grows as she walks over to Praxis, taking a fork and helping herself to a small, ladylike bite… followed shortly thereafter by a much larger, significantly less ladylike one. "Oh my Gods… that tastes like chocolate…" Suddenly remembering to cover her mouth, she blushes a little then looks up at Praxis. "Uh, sorry. Caught me by surprise."

Daliah smiles. "Not really. Painting's more my forte as far as artistic activities go. Dancing? Not so much." With her glass in one hand, she slips over to the side of Ferris which will make slipping her arm through his possible, right through his left, not really bothering to think to ask for permission first. "I like to watch though. And listen to the music, of course." That said, Daliah sips from her drink while looking around, noticing Praxis who gets a smile from her although it might go unseen, seeing as how he's talking with Alyssa.

Praxis' eyes widen just a little bit as Alyssa begins to consume the dessert he brought over for her, hands freeing themselves from the plate. There's a little smile and a brief shake of his head, dismissively. Raising his hand, he mentions, "Oh, no. Be my guest. Help yourself." He doesn't watch her eat, instead glancing elsewhere; still taking in the details of the party around them. "It would appear Marcon has brought many a treat you may wish to sample." A tilt of his head, "And maybe, after that, perhaps you would care to join me on the dance floor."

The music shifts again as it fades into something a little slower this time and couples come out to dance, the song itself is a slow and romantic and easily recognizeable to anyone from the colonies since it was used in one of the most epic love stories ever put to film, or so the critics said. Still though its all kinds of action, officers dancing with officers, enlisted dancing with enlisted, and the same two knuckledraggers still slowly dancing no matter what.

Of course, when Dal does make this bold little move to slide her arm around his, he blinks and glances around and down toward her, clearing his throat slightly. His free hand holds onto his drink, sipping on it as he approaches the little spot she had indicated earlier with her. Taking up the spot for the time being with the woman, he glances around again, trying to watch some of the funny goings on, all the while also enjoying the music. "What particular style of music?" he asks her offhandedly, seemingly just now thinking of what she had said.

Epi beamed up at Praxis, of course. "Thank you, Sir," she chirps, then dashes off to get herself a drink. Uhoh. Epi? Drinking? This could be a disaster. Given her size, it's likely one drink would knock her flat.

"No no, have some, please," Alyssa says, blushing a bit as she offers the plate up. "It's delcious. Perfect for a little pre-dance." She does take another small bite, though. Teeny. Barely notice it. If you were blind. She glances around. "You dance, much?"

Castor looks over at Epi as she approaches the bar he asks, "Hey there, Corporal, what kind I get you to drink?" He asks this as he waits to hear back from Eddie as to if she wants another Pan Colonial Cylon Blaster or a series of shots instead. At the moment he is cleaning Eddie's glass in a bowl of soapy hot water that is then moved to a bowl of cold clean water and then Castor dries it off. Clean as you go, that is the bartenders motto - not really - but it could be.

"Can't say that I do," Praxis replies to Alyssa's question about dancing very much, taking the plate back and finishing what was given to him. Subsequently, he offers up his arm for the redheaded doctor. "However, I should be able to manage, given what I know combined with what I have observed." He goes back to the food table in order to dispose of the garbage left over, jades returning to Odessyeon. "I promise I will not crush your feet." Mirth is in his eyes.

Adriana finally makes her way down to the Hanger, as she pauses just inside the door, she absently tugs at the hem of her dress, perhaps not used to wearing it for sometime. Finally moving out of the door, so she's not blocking folks she looks around, perhaps to see if she knows anyone here.

Marcon grins as he watches Alyssa wolf down his cake, aided some by the more restrained Colonel. Score one for fat chef! Looking around, he keeps eyeing people, trying to size up what they may like so he can surprise them with it.

Epi props her chin on her hand, grinning up at Castor. "Hit me with your worst," she says. Uhoh. This could be bad. This could be worse than bad. Yet - she seems a little distracted.

Eddie finishes a quick and uneventful dance with Absalom, that is thankfully free of foot stomping and ball crushing. The two partways and he's off to do whatever it is Absalom does, and Eddie's once more returning to the drinks table. "Line 'em up, bartender." Mooner says just after Epi.

Alyssa laughs, then takes the arm, walking with Demitros onto the floor. "The fact that you are even willing to try is nice. Lotta guys don't." She contunues to chuckle. "Let's see what we have, eh?" Turning with him onto the floor, she starts moving with the music.

A shrug preceeds verbal reply. "Depends on my mood," Daliah responds easily. "If I'm in Chapel I enjoy hymms and that kind of thing but then I can easily turn around and enjoy something hard that has a good base beat. I'm kind of versatile where that goes. What about yourself?" The sight of those who are dancing invokes a twinge of guilt in the medic and she looks up at Ferris as she murmurs a hasty, "Okay…maybe I'll dance. But only with you, Ferris."

Marcon is looking about when he sees Mooner walk back over to the drink table. She hasn't visited him yet, though, and he smiles, suddenly struck with inspiration. "hey, Lt. Morales. Could I talk to you a second, sir? I've got something over here I think you'd like…"

"Maybe later," Ferris responds casually, having taken to leaning on the wall behind him and considering the reversal of the question. "I've got a differing range in my tastes, I guess. As long as it doesn't offend the ear on the first go, why not keep listening?" He shrugs his shoulders a little bit, glancing toward Daliah again and raising an eyebrow at her face twitches slightly. "Somethin' wrong?"

Castor pulls out a series of shots and just as asked he lines them up and he pours Eddie's favorite liquor into the shots, "Knock them back when ever you want, Mooner." He then turns from his station and he looks over at Epi, "My worst? Think you can handle that Corporal?" He begins to get out some ingredients, "How about a Colonial Shooter?" He says as takes about one cup full of Lychee fruit, Lychee juice, and coconut cream together in a blender which is of course blended together and then he takes the mix which is he fills in a double shot glass about half full and after this he puts in three drops of Tabasco sauce on the top of the mix. The rest of the shot glass is filled almost half way up with vodka but there is just enough space left for a cherry. He has enough to make two of these shots both of which are slid over to Epi, "I think this will be good enough for you." Where did he get the fruit….don't ask but it would seem Leda is a serious bartender.

As soon as Praxis and Alyssa get to mid-floor, he comes to a halt. "I am confident I would not attended a dance if I did not have the intention of dancing," the young Kharon CO replies, watching her moves for a moment before glancing over sideways to look at another crewmember getting jiggy with it. Then taking a step forward, the doctor is taken in his arms: one hand grasping hers, the right arm curved around the woman. "Do keep up." It's at that point he engages in the salsa-like dance.

Eddie takes a shot in each hand, knocking back one before her attention is caught by Marcon. She archs an eyebrow in silent question, but before she goes over, she takes the second. The rest? No doubt she'll be back for. "What's shakin', Cookie?" Which isn't necessarily a term of affection for Marcon, she calls all Mess Hallers that.

Adriana smiles as she sees Alyssa and Praxis dancing, slowly she makes her way toward the bar. Leaning against it she waits trying to decide what she wants to drink.
"Just didn't want the bar to get all the love, sir." Marcon grins. "The chocolates are real, you know. Likewise the cake and pie. And best of all…" he ducks under the table for a second, returning with a small wooden box that quite a few old Kharon crewmembers had seen before. Opening it up, he removes a single, plump, beautiful strawberry, and offers it to her. "Just picked before I came over, sir. Absolutely fresh."

With a delighted laugh, Alyssa slides easily into the salsa, dancing and moving and turning as Praxis leads. "Now this IS a surprise," she says softly as she moves with him, letting her hips move just right with her partner and the music.

"I'm trying to remind myself not to be a downer and seeing all the people enjoying themselves after telling you I don't dance kind of made me feel bad." Daliah smiles when she says that, there being no shame when she mentions it. "And that means you don't get to be one either, Jaimson. C'mon. Let's have some fun, please?" The juice is quickly finished and the glass is set down before she's grabbing for the pilot's wrist, Ferris about to be -made- to dance if he doesn't somehow find a way to stop her.

The music does shift to something again with a salsa beat and the dancing that follows with it is equally salsa-esque as people are shaking their hips and moving fluidly, well, some people aren't but it is dim enough that no one can really make a fool of themselves on the Hangar Floor.

Epi just beams at Castor then knocks back the first of the shots. The cherry from the shot is reserved until the shot is gone, then she seems to utterly relish it. "All this AND music," she says with a broad smile. "Bliss."

Oh, Gods. This isn't really happening. However, Ferris is promptly pulled by the wrist toward the dance floor - and there's no way for him to actually -stop- her without hurting her feelings in return. So, depositing his drink glass where it can be found again later, Ferris follows Daliah out onto the floor with the intention of dancing. "Y'should, y'know, be warned. You may not be able to feel your feet later," he explains to Dal as he's tugged along, a sort of bemused grin on his face.

Castor looks at Epi, "This isn't a one man operation, a lot of us came together to make this happen. The cakes that Marcon made have real chocolate in them." He thumbs over to the DJ who is hidden behind a curtain, "And our mystery DJ grunted her approval for this. Matto helped with the decorations. All I did was ask for help and made sure I had a full bar to work with." He adds with a smile, "How is the drink, Corporal Jarot?" As glasses of juice are finished they are quickly taken up to be cleaned.

Eddie gives a surprised bark of laughter as the man produces a strawberry of all things. Fresh fruit. Eddie reaches out carefully, taking the offered morsel as if it was a prized possession. "You know, Marcon. If it wasn't against regs, I'd slam you down on this table and ride the wild out of you." She nips the end off the strawberry and makes a gutteral and highly inappropriate noise of exuberance.

As Demitros takes his partner around the floor, everything he does is recalled from memory. The fluidic style of the movements is not lost on the man. "In light of the event I had to prepare," Praxis admits to Alyssa while they move around the dance floor albeit in a fairly confined space. "I visted the library, analyzed videos of dancing in various settings and styles. I figured it was imperative I did that so I didn't appear…inept." In other words, the Commander did his homework. "I suppose you do not get a lot of time off, hmm?" The question is posed during a fairly intimate-looking dip. Such is the nature of salsa.

Marcon blinks at Eddie's reaction, then coughs slightly, blushing red as the sunset. "Uh, thank you, sir?" He really isn't sure if that is an appropriate response or not, but it seems to do. "Hope you enjoy it."

Alyssa moves easily with the dip, grinning and moving as her arms go around Praxis' neck. His almost clinical approach to language has her smiling, as well. "I have some…" she says as they move. "When a surgery is needed a surgery is needed, but otherwise our schedules are at least somewhat flexible. So long as I keep up on the paperwork and am available whenever I am needed," she turns with him in a fairly complex move that ends with her arms on his around her waist, then smiles. "Time can be made."

Epi just grins at Castor and shakes her head. "You're too modest," she says, laughing. "And it was wonderful. I feel warm all under! Really!" The second drink is lifted to toast him with before she looks toward the dancers.

Adriana waits patiently for Castor to notice her as she stands at the bar, occasionally she looks at the Dancers, smiling a bit. Twisting the other way she looks at the others in the room, mingling.

When Eddie speaks Castor listens and then there is a laugh that is full of humor and amusement since Eddie is well being Eddie and Marcon blushing is the cherry on top of it all. He then looks over at Epi and gets an 'aww shucks look' as he says, "Thank you, Corporal." He says, "And that warm feeling comes from the drink. You feel like another drink after this one or have you had enough?" He asks curiously, "One sec, Corporal." He turns to look at Adriana, "Sorry about that, what can I get for you?"

Eddie flashes Marcon a wink as a blush blooms on his cheeks. "Thanks hotstuff. This was worth getting all dolled up for." All dolled up meaning having showered the Pilot Stank off of herself before traipsing down here. She hoists what's left of the strawberry up in salute. "You sure know how to get a girl all riled up. Slide me a piece of that cake, and I might have to go change my panties." Eddie, lewd and crude.

Adriana turns back as she spoken to, speaking loud enough to be heard over the music "Can you make a White 57?"

During the 'fairly complex move', Demitros doesn't exactly appear as graceful as one can be. As much as he had learned, you can only transmit so much of that to practice. However, mistakes are to be learned from. He doesn't draw attention to a couple of his missteps, but instead makes up for it in further learning and doing. "It must be pleasant having more personnel to operate in the medibay; suppose on Kharon you more than had your hands full," he observes, maintaining a commanding hold on the date he had asked to this party. "Still, perhaps those two postings are more agreeable than the inhospitable surface of Scorpia was."

"Two's my limit," Epi tells Castor over her shoulder, moving to blend into the crowd. "For now." And then she melts into the crowd of dancers, taking her last shot along with her.

Marcon may be easily flustered, but let it never be said that he doesn't rise to a challenge. Reaching to his table, he grabs a plate with a particularly moist and delicious looking slice, and holds it up for her. "Everyone knows, the fastest way to a pilot's heart is a knife slipped through her ribs," he says with a smile. "Barring that, chocolate does the trick, so I've heard." His blush remains, but his smile is huge. "You can leave the panties in Enlisted Quarters on the Kharon, whenever you like."

Castor looks over at Epi as she leaves and he says, "Have fun Corporal." And like that she is gone and Castor begins working on a White 57. He starts by filling his shaker three quarters full of ice and he add the vodka, Bourbon, and Grand Marnier where he lets the ingredients chill for about one minute. He adds some pineapple juice. He then secures the lid of the shaker and shake the ingredients briskly for about thirty or so seconds. He then remove the shaker's lid and he strains the mixture out into a glass, as he removes any chunks of ice that remain after he has strained the drink. He garnishes with a cherry since he lacks the pineapple normally needed. He slides the drink over to Adriana, "There ya go."

Alyssa smiles as they dance. "You'd be surprised. Rough as things were on Scorpia, I was THE doctor. Head of my sickbay, with all these people coming to me not just to have bullets out. Kharon and Hestia are both marvels of technology compared to what I had there, but…" she sighs. "I still wonder occasionally about the people I left behind, down there. But it is good to return to fleet service. New friends are fun." She gives Adriana a brief wave as she makes a turn.

Castor looks over at Epi as she leaves and he says, "Have fun Corporal." And like that she is gone and Castor begins working on a White 57. He starts by filling his shaker three quarters full of ice and he add the vodka, Bourbon, and Grand Marnier where he lets the ingredients chill for about one minute. He adds some pineapple juice. He then secures the lid of the shaker and shake the ingredients briskly for about thirty or so seconds. He then remove the shaker's lid and he strains the mixture out into a glass, as he removes any chunks of ice that remain after he has strained the drink. He garnishes with a cherry since he lacks the pineapple normally needed. He slides the drink over to Adriana, "There ya go."

Eddie waggles the remainder of her strawberry at Marcon. "Careful, kid." Like Eddie isn't just barely out of flight school herself. "You're going to end up waking up in the brig with me, the Padre, and a penguin, wondering what the frak happened and why you no longer have any eyebrows." She reaches out to take the plate, putting the rest of her strawberry on it's edge to enjoy later.

The music continues to be full of life as peoplpe are dancing and the DJ seems to be aware of the moods of the crowd as the music meets the needs of everyone dancing. Clearly the DJ is skilled at reading crowds.

Unfortunately the style of music doesn't really lend anything like ease for those less adept than some of those already cutting a rug but Daliah wants to try if only to show that she's willing to be a good sport as long as her partner is. "I'm a medic. I can raid Medical for ice packs if needed," she quips wryly, that being over the warning she got. "Let's just try. Can't hurt, right?" Can't hurt except for her feet and maybe even both of their prides. Once she got him into the crowd some she stops and turns towards him, her eyes held slightly wide now. "Okay. That was the hard part, right? So…now what?" So much for thinking ahead.

Praxis listens intently during the dance, diverting a good portion of his attention to her while still maintaining enough to move about the floor freely. "You favored it when you were being depended on, I am guessing," his smooth tones impart. "Initiative and impressing those above you may help you regain that feeling once again. As for your comrades down on the surface, we can only guess, unfortunately. Suppose you are adjusting well, yes?" Eyes flip over to the particular woman Alyssa waves at. "A new friend of yours?"

Adriana smiles and takes her drink "Thank you" She turns to watch the dancing, smiling as returns Alyssa's wave. Nursing her drink she eyes the food table as if pondering something.

"While I am sure it is lovely, I doubt it actually breathes fire…" Marcon says with a laugh, his time as a bartender on Aerelon coming back in a hurry. "…uh, sir." Snap back to reality time, he returns to his table of treats.

Eddie shoots Marcon one last wink as he is quick to add that sir, and then's she's off with her plate of treats and her belly of booze to meld into the background and enjoy the music and the sounds of life.

"Well. Hrmph." Glancing around, Ferris just sort of listens at the music for a few moments, listening to it thump lightly as he taps his hand against his leg to the beat. As he does, he begins to quietly figure out how best to approach this. "I suppose we could dance together," he comments idly, taking her wrist in turn now as he begins to move about the floor with her, making a rather idle attempt at making a few dancing moves along the way with the slightly younger woman. All the while, he's sort of self-conscious, but he eventually slacks up… despite the fact that, from time to time, his eyes dart down to his feet, checking the proximity of his own to Dal's.

Alyssa nods. "Another Doctor. Adriana. Lent me a dress." She turns in his arms. "They have doctors. Trauma surgeons, however, need to go where bullets are going to be flying, and their best hope on the surface lies with the fleet." She shrugs. "When I show initiative it usually means someone got shot bad. So all told, I can deal with being an obscure eltee."

Castor smiles, "Enjoy." He then stops to watch everyone as they are dancing as he absentmindedly cleans the bar. This is what he was hoping would happen that people would cut loose and have fun just for one night. A smile comes across his face as he turns to watch Eddie make Marcon squirm.

Daliah gasps a bit when she finds herself actually dancing, having actually figured that he'd talk his way out of it or maybe dig his heels in like a mule and just refuse right out. "I…oh…" As Ferris begins to relax she does as well and she actual smiles, this very enjoyable despite how she accidentally ambushed herself. "You're not that bad," she murmurs while widening her stance a bit, enough so that Jaimson should be able to shuffle his feet without stepping on hers.

The music begins to change to a simpler bit of music as the salsa fades since salsa is very high energy, this song is slower, the sort of stuff that a couple can dance to or a group of friends can dance too.

Praxis nods his head slightly. "Fair enough," is his reply to everything Alyssa had said regarding her work. "At the very least, I do hope you are content with where you are?" At this point in time as the music, Demitros slows the dance down to a halt, their movements having occurred over a rather extended period of time. Gotta take a break. Upon exiting the dance, a warm smile finds its way onto the visage of the commander. He opens his mouth to say something, and then the slower music floods the hangar bay. Well, that can be the break. He encircles arms around the doctor and moves slowly in a roundabout manner. "I thank you for attending with me. The alternative was to stay in my quarters."

Alyssa knows this one, as well, and her arms are soon around Demitros' neck. "I'm glad you asked me," Alyssa says with a smile. "I haven't been asked out in a long while. Got a lot of lines concerning repopulating the human race, though." She grimaces a bit… apparently she wasn't joking as much as she'd like. "It gets easy to forget that the rest of the ship exists, on quiet days in sickbay. We don't get a lot of visitors."

"You're not either." Seemingly surprised at himself, Ferris continues to dance rather hectically until the music's pace changes. At this point he goes wide-eyed. What, exactly, is Daliah expecting of their escapade out onto the dance floor? As things crank up for the actual legitimate couples, he sort of just stands there, looking a little awkward. He's not looking at Daliah, at least, not directly - rather, at a point just above her shoulder, and past it.

The music here isn't just gentle it is now outright romantic, it even manages not to be cheesy romantic as different couples sway to the music.

Adriana watches the dancers for a long moment before turning back to Castor "So I hear you like to play the gift giver in Recovery or did on the Kharon?" Yes she's actually making conversation, or trying to.

With how they got out on the floor at the tail-end of the last song, Dali hasn't had a chance to quell the urge to dance yet but the song itself has her balking; not knowing Ferris well at all, she's not sure about his comfort in this, nor is she sure if it's the proper thing to do thanks to the rank thing which doesn't do anything to help with the decision process. Nope, she just stands there like Jaimson does, the whole 'to dance or not to dance' ball dropped into his court.

The slow dancing is a bit strange for him perhaps, but Praxis adjusts as his arms to rest around her frame. Eyebrows shoot up in a direct emotional response to the pickup lines. "Well, thanks to the symmetrical structure of your visage paired with the color of your hair and eyes, I can perhaps see how you might be the target of a few unwarranted attempts to … procreate." A compliment, but not exactly the smoothest one. "Don't you have any friends that drop by when things are rather lacking in action?"

Castor looks over at Adriana and he nods his head, "It is something I do for people who are wounded, yeah." He studies Adriana as if to gauge if she is pleased or displeased by this, "The way I see it is that being stuck in medical is no frakking fun when you are banged up so I try to bring a bit of joy to people." He also looks over at Adriana's drink to make sure it is being drunk since a White 57 loses its flavor rapidly when it warms up.

Marcon walks over to the bar, carrying a small plate of chocolates and putting them between Adriana and Castor. "This seems to be where the action is, anyway. Enjoy, you two." He then returns to his station.

"I feel a bit like I have been weighed, measured, and then complimented." Alyssa's smile adds to the slight teasing tone. "Well thank you. I would say that, due to your clear, defined speech patterns and nervousness concerning where to put your hands, that you are a little bit nervous for some reason." With a grin, and completely on impulse, she pushes up to put a kiss on his cheek. "We're actually a pretty friendly bunch in sickbay, and I have made a few friends, yes."

Adriana chuckles "Just check with me when you come to visit my ward ok" She takes a sip of her drink "Laughter and cheer are good healers, something we don't use as often as we should" She tries to not start in on a medical lecture.

Daliah does understand but of course it really doesn't do much to help her not feel disappointed at the same time, a nifty little surge of conflicting emotions that lingers as she's led off. "It's okay…" she offers to Jaimson's back as she lags behind, trying to come across as being chipper. "I needed a drink anyhow."

Leda looks over at Marcon, "Hey, thanks. I appreciate the chocolate." Leda doesn't seem to want to eat his share since he can trade it later and so he adds, "Anything contraband in medical?" He asks Daliah curiously. As he smiles his eyes follow Daliah since she is coming toward the bar.

Adriana smiles and ponders the question "Well there are certain things that might not go well with the treatments we use. Other than that not really at least as far as I am concerned, I can't speak for the others so you might want to make sure I'm on duty"

Alyssa just smiles at the move. It was kind of like junior high all over again, but in a fun way. "My mistake then, sir. Must have been my imagination. Surely, a man who can command a CIC when the Cylons are attacking wouldn't miss a step just because some redheaded doctor kissed him."

When Alyssa kisses the the Commander, Leda does indeed notice, though, he doesn't tip as to how he feels about any of this since he quickly looks over at Adrianna, "Ah, well, in that case, how about this I will find you and I'll give you a list of what I am brining. Generally, I bring a box or a bag full of stuff." He says with a smile, still though, Castor saw the kiss - maybe he will track down the Commander later on to ask him about this turn of events.

"Well… Yeah. And maybe we can get some air, too?" Ferris asks Daliah this rather off handedly. Recovering what was left of his drink from where he had left it, he moves along, letting her wrist go now so that she's independant of his movement. His shirt collar's lightly tugged, and he rolls his neck a little, taking a sip of his drink and taking a breath…

"Exactly right, Doctor." At least Praxis can laugh at himself when it's appropriate, a smile mirroring hers occuring before the Colonel continues, "Suppose that even though the Cylon are fearsome, women are far more dangerous in a more subtle and sneaky sort of way," Turning and parting halfway from Alyssa, he guides her towards the bar. "Join me for a drink, Lieutenant?"

Adriana smiles at CAstor "Sure thing" She didn't notice the kiss as her back was turned to the dance floor.

Alyssa follows him with her usual smile, walking alongside him towards the bar. "Gladly," she says. "All that dancing makes you thirsty." As they approach the bar, she gives Castor her usual grin. "I don't suppose you have any Aquarian Rum, do you? I haven't had a rum and cola in forever."

The music shifts again this time to something more upbeat and fun, it isn't salsa but it is a popular pop song that has been remixed.

Daliah looks towards the bar and then shakes her head. "Let's get that air now." One look at the dance floor and then one more is made towards the bar before she nods, affirming her suggestion even if just to herself. "As nice as the party is, all this mushy…" Yes, Daliah actually said the word 'mushy', "…stuff's really just…starting…" Sighing, she begins to just go, making Ferris have to play catch up with her or stay behind.

Castor stands at the bar and he looks over at Adriana, "Well, it sounds like we are in agreement then." He looks over at the commander as he walks forward and he begins to prepare himself for orders on the drinky drinks. Then the order goes out, "Rum and cola coming up." He produces a bottle of Aquarian rum, it is mid shelf stuff but this is probably the finest quality stuff still around. He mixes the two in fair parts, it is strong, though not over powering. This is what happens when people who used to drink mix drinks - all of them are strong.

Adriana smiles warmly at Castor, nodding then turns as Alyssa and PRaxis come to the bar, she offers them both a warm smile as well "How was the dancing?"

"I suppose another one of the same drink would not go unappreciated," Praxis tells Castor while the CO and his partner reach the bar, his head turning over to look over Adriana as she asks after the dancing. "Ah, the dancing was excellent. Suppose I was lucky with my choice of partner." There's a wink shot at Alyssa before Demitros' arm is rested on the bartable.

Of course, no, Ferris isn't going to just kind of stand around while Daliah takes off. Instead, once again abandoning his drink, he moves to follow after her. "Great. Frakin' great," he mutters to himself, sighing a little bit and shaking his head and running after her. Trying to make it look a little -less- obvious that he is doing so isn't an easy feat, mind… But still, all the same. He's not far behind the woman.

Alyssa reaches to touch Adriana's arm with a smile as she sips her drink. "Lovely…" she whispers to herself. It's been awhile since she had any Aquarian Rum, she'd missed it. "The dancing has been fantastic. A willing partner, good music." She leans slightly into Praxis. "Wonderful."

Adriana smiles at her new friend "I'm glad Alyssa" She grins at Praxis "So it was fortuitous that he came to Medical earlier hmm?"

Castor begins to quickly mix another rum and coke as two of them are slide to Alyssa and Praxis. It would seem the Leda may have missed his calling in life. He doesn't comment on what is being said and he doesn't look over at Ferris at all or Daliah as they take off - seperately. Castor takes a sip of ice water and he continues to clean the bar as he goes. However, he does ask idly, "In medical? You alright, sir?"

Praxis looks up at Castor and then immediately sideways as Alyssa leans into the command member. Huh. You must've done agreeably well, Colonel. Regardless, he reaches up and scratches his neck. "I'm fine, Mr. Leda. I was actually down there looking for Lieutenant Locke in a last-ditch attempt to change her mind." There's a brief little shrug of his shoulders while he picks up the glass and sips from it. "One must press on, methinks."

Alyssa nods. "Fortuitous indeed…" though the mention of Lt. Locke earns Praxis a bit of a look. Apparently Alyssa hadn't been the primary target. She gives a bit of a shrug, though. The evening had been fun. She sips more of the drink with a sigh and looks to Adriana. "So, have you gotten out there, yet?" Not waiting, she looks over at Castor and nods. "Ask the Lt. to dance, Castor. The Specialist can man both tables for awhile, don't you think?"

Adriana smiles at Alyssa and shakes her head "No, just been enjoyign watching everyone else dance" She gives Castor a concerned look at Alyssa's suggestion.

Praxis raises his brows at the look he gets from Odessyeon. "I am merely being honest, Doctor. Not to make you feel inferior due to your perceptions of being the second choice - believe me, I am glad I took you along, and I would be willing to bet that you are too." Intaking a deep breath and sighing it out, he begins to wind down from the excitement of the evening. "I must also say it is a good thing seeing all of the other personnel over the past pair of days…It turns out I will be packing and returning to Kharon within the next 24 hours."

Castor first nods his head over to Praxis since there was some concern of cheating on the eltees face though when Praxis speaks the pilot has all the information he needs to realize nothing out of sorts is going on and there is a look of relief on his face. Castor then looks over at Alyssa, "The specialist might but I make the best drinks on the Hestia." He says bragging just a little bit though as Adriana looks at him he raises an eyebrow, "Am I to dangerous for you to dance with?" He then looks over at Praxis, "I'll miss you, sir." He says in sincere tones.

Alyssa shakes her head with a laugh. "You sure do have your ways of reassuring a girl, don't you?" Turning to face him, she looks up at him and grins. "I am VERY happy that you asked me, Praxis." Reaching over, she touches his arm. "Sorry to hear that you'll be leaving, though I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. You do have a ship to run, after all…"

Marcon was not about to let a comment like THAT go by unchallenged. Walking over to the table, he shakes his head. "The best drink on the ship, eh sir? Care to put a wager on that? I've been mixing drinks since I was old enough to walk."

Castor raises an eyebrow, "Well, we could have a taste test if you want? We have two people here who can judge? Though keep in mind I am older than you are so I have a bit more experience at mixing." More like drinking but still…"I think we have two very fair judges here." Though he looks over at Praxis, "Is Doc Locke going to go back with you to the Kharon, sir?" He asks a pained question but Castor is worried about Praxis after all.

Alyssa glances up at Praxis and gives him a friendly elbow in the arm. "Come on… what's the harm? The idea is to see who mixes the best drink, not who gets us bombed the fastest." Her expression changes, and she looks at the duelling mixers. "It's not,r ight?"

Marcon nods. "Too much alcohol ruins the taste, too little makes it a fruit drink. You need a proper balance." He turns to Castor. "So how bout it, sir… total creativity? Make your best drink, I'll make mine, on the fly, see how it turns out? Say… best of three?"

"The harm." Praxis repeats, muttering under his breath before shrugging his shoulders. "All right, fine. A little bit more fun before I head back to the guest quarters and begin to pack my things." Demitros eyes Castor when he speaks of Doctor Locke. "It's over, Leda. No further words about that particular subject or individual, if you will. Onto the games, please."

Castor nods his head, "Sure thing. Come on over here and I'll even let you go first." Leda seems happy enough to test out his skills since he has been doing this all night. Oddly enough he hasn't had anything to drink, not once. Though when Praxis speaks again he nods his head and says, "Sure, thing sir." He looks over at Marcon, "Or we can both work at the same time each of us making our three drinks. That way we can't outdo each other, sound good?"

Alyssa gives Praxis' arm a friendly squeeze as they walk to the middle of the bar. "There you go." She looks on eagerly as the two mixers start their strutting.

Marcon is already surveying the bar. "Turns is fine," he says eagerly, looking about to take full inventory of what is available. "Let's see… ah, yes, a sour mash base… a touch of cherry flavor… rum as the primary with a hint of whiskey… a scattering of mint and…" A glass is produced, placed before the eltee. "Suppose it needs a name as well, eh? How about…" he tosses a cherry on top… "Saucy Redhead?"

Praxis smiles slightly at the arm squeeze, and the watches Marcon mix and narrate the drink simultaneously. When it's finally completed and slided toward Odessyeon, the name causes the Colonel to laugh. "Very smooth, Specialist," comes the voice filled with joviality, then the Commander glances at Leda to see what he's going to produce.

Leda begins to remember all of his time in bars and as he does so his hands begin to work as he makes a Painkiller. Now, a pain killer is a rum cocktail that is traditionally made by frothing a mixture of dark rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, sweetened coconut cream, and shaved ice, and topping with nutmeg. Leda does his best to make the mix and he is doing this from memory and not from any manual. He slides the drink over to the taste testers.

Alyssa grins as the drinks appear in front of her. She looks over at Praxis. "You try out the redhead. I'll see how the Painkiller is." She takes a drink and grins. "Very good, Castor. Very good indeed."

Marcon whistles as the Painkiller takes form, and then grins. "I haven't made one of those in AGES, sir. Not a lot of call for Rum on Aerelon. Looks good, though." He smiles as Alyssa enjoys the drink, but him mind is clearly working on his next concoction. He looks up to Praxis. "And you, sir? How is the Redhead?"

Try out the redhead. Hah. Praxis scratches his neck slightly before proceeding to the drink, lifting it up to his lips and having a sip of the concoction presumably created for Alyssa. A quirk of his brow later and a thoughtful look towards the ceiling, it would appear that it agrees with him. "Not at all undesirable, Mr. Stewart."

"Well, if you have been drinking as much as I ha…er did you get to know all sorts of crazy drinks. I'm not professional bartender but I've drunk enough drinks in my day to remember how they are supposed to taste." Castor looks at Marcon's work, "Though it looks like you keep them coming fast and with some skill. Clearly you are a pro." He starts work on his next drink and Aquarian Sunrise and he uses the more popular version using tequila, orange juice, and grenadine syrup. He looks at Alyssa, "Thank you for your approval."

Marcon bows. "Thank you, sir. I'll go for a classic this time… a Scorpian Iced Tea." He dives under the bar. "Well, it isn't all the best stuff, but… vodka, oooh, from Picon, and some Tequila. Nice. The Aquarian rum of course, and… Gemenese gin?" He glances curiously over at Castor. "Never tried their gin before. Add some triple sec, some sweet and sour, and a splash of cola and viola…"

Praxis is taking some sort of enjoyment from this game of mixing drink, and how could the tasters complain? They were getting free fruity things to taste. Lifting the next glass up to his lips, Praxis tilts back his head to drink the next of Marcon's tasty Scorpian Iced tea, once again looking thoughtful and nodding his head a couple of times. "Excellent, Specialist," he agrees before checking to see how the doctor is holding up.

Matto didn't have far to go from CAP to the party, evidently. A stop by the head to wash up hands-neck-face, but he's still in his flight suit, sort of, the top half unzipped with arms tied around his hips, tanks vaguely sweaty, but— well, it's a dance, there'll be a lot of people sweating anyhow. He regards the decorations with some approval, then, spotting Mark, he lifts a hand in greeting from across the decking.

Alyssa laughs and claps. "An Aquarian Sunrise! Bless you, Leda!" Grabbing the glass, she takes an easy drink, savoring it. "Oh, that really hits the spot…" she says with a smile. Seeing Matto walk in, she gives a wave as she continues to lean into Praxis. "Hey there, eltee! Good to see you made it!"

In off-duties and not sweaty, Roubani makes it up to the party hours after it actually started. Due to CAP or otherwise, who knows. Maybe he was just letting the crowd die a bit. He pauses inside the entranceway, folding his arms and giving the activity in the room a slightly uneasy glance around.

Castor smiles, "Thought you might like that." He looks over at Alyssa and then to Praxis, "For my next trick I'm going to make a drink for you but it must be drunk quickly." He then begins making a The Flaming Doctor Popper. He starts by filling a shot glass three fourths full with Amaretto, and then one fourth using an Aquarian Rum known as 151 due to its high strength. He donesn't mix the liquor at all as the high proof alchol stays on top. He then steps up two classes of beer that are half filled. He then shot sets the shot glasses on fire and he drops them into the beer. The flaming shot is extinguished by the beer, of course, though this causes foam and so the drink has to be drunk immediately as he quickly hands the drinks over. It would seem Marcon and Castor are at the bar for a bar off.

Alyssa jumps at the drink, knocking it back like she had when she was a med student. "Oh wow…" she says, delighted. "That tastes JUST like a Dr. Popper. Fantastic…"

Marcon is working away, mixing for all he is worth. It is quite the concoction he has going, careful stirring and mixing and shaping. There is just one thing wrong, he realizes… this is a rather risky drink, and he is betting the whole thing on that Gemenese gin, which can't just hide behind the other liqours anymore. Taking a deep breath, he puts a spear of cinnamon in the drink and pushes it towards Praxis. "Rubber round," he says, nervously.

Praxis carefully gauges the ingredients being put into the drink, but it's not as if it really matters because Demitros has no idea what tastes like what in different combinations and proportions. Tossing the drink back almost in order to compete with Alyssa, Praxis immediately regrets it. It burns, it burns. It also doesn't taste great. "Water." he states with urgency.

Alyssa grabs a water cup from the bar and pushes it into Praxis' hand quickly. "Quick, drink this!"

Roubani keeps his distance from the gathering at the bar, leaning a shoulder against the wall. Watching the shenanigans in silence, both the mixings and the knockings back of said mixings. Observing superior officers in the wild.

Matto drifts closer to the mixology lessons, grinning a cheeky grin toward Lyss and then tossing an audible "Hey, Chief!" to the choking Commander over the musics. But soon enough the wallflower catches the Kissybear's eye and his course hooks to a pause as he levels a keen smile over there.

There is music in the background and people are dancing and having a good time in general as the crowds dance with each other. Right now the music is playing remixes of popular music - mashups of songs really - and it is all high energy.

Castor waits to see who the winner is but he watches as Praxis chokes and gets his water. "Ew…thats not a good sign." He says as he watches Matto at first and then he turns to look at Roubani and he nods his head before he turns back to Matto, "Want a drink? We are having a contest to decide who is the best bartender on the ship." He looks over at Marcon, "And Marcon here has been kind enough to get us real chocolate and fruits for this shindig. He cooked up a storm for us."

"Aww sir, I'm sorry… it's the bloody Gemenese Gin, I should have gone for another drink entirely…" Marcon is all over himself apologizing. "Here, if you want I could make up a… no… that won't help… maybe a… no…" the dude is clearly flustered. "Water's probably the best, sir…"

Praxis gets the water and pours it down the hatch, and then places the quickly emptied container down onto the bartable. Jade eyes rove over to Marcon and glare, before his visage softens. "You took the risk. Failed spectacularly, but took the risk nevertheless. Unfortunately, I don't believe it won you the contest." A deep breath later, a glance over his shoulder causes a nod to level at the unmistakable voice that calls him 'Chief'. "I believe that concludes the festivities for me. Please excuse me, Lieutenant. Specialist." The Colonel is sure to draw in deep breaths of air. "A more than satisfactory night, Dr. Odessyeon. Mr. Matto." No mention of the antisocial dude way off, as he hasn't registered on the radar.

Roubani has realised by this point that he hasn't the faintest clue what he's supposed to do in a drinking, dancing crowd. So he's quite well frozen up in his spot, only remembering to draw a breath in when he notices he's being nodded to and smiled at. He nods back at Castor and twitches a faint smile back at Matto, clearing his throat softly.

"More than satisfactory," Alyssa says with a small smile, looking up at him. "Your company was also complete unoffensive and not at all unpleasant." She seems to be teasing, a little bit. "Are you looking forward to returning to your command?"

Castor looks at Marcon, "Maybe we can try again later, you know?" Leda is humble in his victory. He smiles warmly as he adds, "And to be honest I don't think I could bake a cake to save my life. If I can't cook it over a fire then I can't cook much of anything. Besides, I saw how Eddie was all up on you. I think if the regs weren't in place she'd have dragged you by your hair and things would have gone down."

"Well, that is the first time I've touched alcohol in awhile…" Marcon says, still sounding rather morose. "I've been saving most of my trades for cooking ingredients." He shrugs, then offers his hand. "Well done, sir. Maybe someday you and I can dream up a way to get some good stuff coming in regular. And if I ever touch that Gemenese stuff again… just punch me, okay?"

"That I cannot answer definitively, Alyssa. There are simultaenously things that agree and disagree with me pertaining to my return to Kharon," Praxis says, brushing off his uniform as if trying to get rid of dust. "But thank you. Until next time." Turning around, the CO begins strolling across the bay to go back to his quarters to pack.

Alyssa looks a bit like Praxis got halfway through a sentence and then just walked away in the middle of it. "Praxis, wait!" She calls out, hurrying to fall in step beside him. "I'll walk you to your rooms."

Matto twitches his head to the side to beckon Nadiv away from the wall and toward the demonstration area, heading closer, himself, eyeing the Commander as he passes by, then grinning a teasing grin at Mark, "Looking for more victims? Well, I'll chance it, I guess. Hey, Lyss. What's up?" he asks her. "What're you guys making, anyhow?" he asks the two in competition.

Wall, people, wall, people. Oh, the choice. Roubani clears his throat softly and unfolds his arms, hands going into his pockets as he heads for the makeshift 'bar'. If he could untense those shoulders, he might be able to pass for a normal person around here. "Gentlemen."

Castor looks at Marcon, "Hm?" He begins to think, "Well, perhaps we should broaden our arangement?" He says as his eyes flash with keeping the good stuff coming in on a regular basis." He then turns to look at Matto, "What do you want us to make, Matto." He then smiles, "And the competition is over. I won…though I think if it came down to it in a professional sense Marcon would probably beat me out. I just like playing bartender at parties." He looks over at Roubani, "Hey ya, fancy a drink? We also have soda and some juices available." He points over to Marcon's station, "And the specialist here has made some amazing deserts, just ask Eddie."

Fatigue settling in, Praxis is ready to get outta here. "Very well," he says to Alyssa while Demitros goes to to the stairway to go back to his room.

Marcon smiles a little, running over to grab what is left of the chocolate cake and strawberry pie. "Yeah, I took the loss this time. Bad risk on some wierd stuff." He places the pastries down. "These are top notch, though. As Lt. Morales will attest to."

Matto lifts his chin suddenly, head craning to look across the dance floor, "Is she here?" he wonders, "I'd hoped to bother the girl for a dance, if I stumbled over her." Looking back toward the bar, "What the… cake -and- pie?" he sound incredulous, looking aside to Nadiv with a 'did you have something to do with this?' look on his face. "Oh, wow, that pie looks amazing. And if you can make me a Ganymede Singing I'll turn lush and imbibe two nights in a row. But just one drink," he adds, almost in admonition. "I don't need a repeat of this morning."

Chocolate. Oh man. Roubani makes what sounds like a quiet sigh of happiness just upon hearing the word. "Wasn't it Brentano who challenged the teleological content argument using man's desire for chocolate as the example? He was onto something, surely. It smells lovely, Specialist." He gives Matto a 'not-me' look as answer to the questioned glance shot his way, then gently scratches his nose with his pinky. "I'll have some s…" A slight hesitation, and he changes his mind mid-speech. "Actually, sure, a drink is fine. Whatever you're making."

Leda goes to work on the drink quickly as he goes to work on a Ganymede Singing. It takes him a few minutes as he measures every bit and he makes sure everything is just right - which reads strong though not overpowering. He then turns to work on Roubani's drink and he makes a Pan Colonial Cylon Blaster. He pushes the drinks over to the pair respectively, "Enjoy them." He smles as he looks at the chocolate and he finally succumbs as he picks up a piece and eats it. "Wow, you really are good at this, Specialist."

Marcon grins at everyone. He is back in his element. "Thank you, sir. Worked awhile on them. Luckily, I have kitchen facilities to feed a full crew and only a skeleton group who actually eat. And no more eltee peering over my shoulder!"

Matto takes the drink up from Castor, nostrils flaring as he just sniffs it for a moment. "Myrrha's tears," he murmurs, taking another breath and then finally taking a slow, small sip, holding it in his mouth for a moment before he swallows it, feeling the slivers of flavors part over his tongue. "That's just lovely. I never thought I'd see another one of these in… ever, really." He eyes the pie, next. "Can I…?" he asks of Mark.

Roubani mouths a 'thank you' to Castor, wrapping his hands around his glass. The chocolate sampling looks like it amuses him a little bit, as he watches the scene like someone might watch a particularly poignant moment in a film. "Were you some manner of chef before the military?" He asks Marcon.

Marcon grins. "Of course! It's… uh… a teleo…" he glances helplessly over at Rou. "Uh… it's chocolate. But damn good chocolate."

Leda looks at Matto and he says, "One of the benifits of having used to drink so much is that I remember how a lot of drinks should taste. Give me the right alcohols and mixers and I can make just about anything for you." For his part Castor hasn't had anything to drink all night and he is the guy manning the bar. Ah, temptation….still though he looks at Roubani and he nods his head, "I figured we needed more nights like this. You know to help people get together. So some of us got together and worked all of this up."

The music in the background takes on a salsa beat again as people begin to dance very close to each other…junior high dance this is not.

Pie. Kissy takes another sip of the drink before he settles the cup down and finagles out a thin slice onto a plate. Eyes shift to Mark as he picks out a tiny sliver of strawberry and drops it into the drink to finish off the taste. The slice of pie gets lifted, next, and he nibbles at the end of the thing. "Oh, wow. I think I might like it here," he jokes a little. "How's the…" he looks to N's drink, "What's that?"

"Highball," Roubani answers Matto, after taking one sip of it. He rubs his tongue over the roof of his mouth. "Vodka, gin, tequila, rum, triple sec…sour mix. Or is that brandy in there?" He raises an eyebrow at Castor for confirmation or denial, at the same time nodding to the pilot's words. "It's nice. I apologise I missed most of it. Was it busy?" Not that it isn't still.

"Fresh strawberries, too, sir. Took a bit of preparation, though. The soil I got from Keros wasn't all that great, but the new plants are doing great now. Got four of 'em!" He smiles proudly. "Though I go back to Kharon in the morning. I'm here as a favor to Lt. Leda."

"I went with the brandy, good catch there." He smiles as he says, "I tend to make them strong so I hope it isn't to bad." Castor then says admirably, "Though I try to make sure it is as balanced as I can. I'm half tempted to make margaritas. I miss margaritas." He looks at what he has and he sighs, he could make one for himself but he won't. He then looks back over at Marcon, "Just get me your grocery list and I'll get you the flour and the other things you need and thanks for your help with this tonight."

Matto lets the strawberry soak in the sworling liquors as he munches at the pie, taking up another chunk that falls to the plate and tossing it into the drink with the other. He can't help but look a little surprised at the Poet's identification of the drink, but it's an amused flavor of surprise, at least. "Trade you sips?" he asks, then, to Mark: "You're growing these, eh? Nice."

"No, it's perfect," Roubani assures Castor. He takes another swallow or two and pushes the drink towards Matto. If he registers the surprise or amusement on the other's face, it doesn't show. "Go on. What's in yours, then?" His eyes flicker briefly to Marcon. "How is Kharon doing these days, if I may ask?"

"It's a hole in space surrounded by bulkheads for no obvious reason," Marcon says with a sigh. "It could be so much more, though. I've had ideas… and I think I could make them work, with the proper expertise helping me out."

Castor says, "Well, a Pan Colonial Cylon Blaster is equal parts vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec with one and one half parts sour mix and a splash of cola." He smiles, "Now I could have made a Braindeath, I haven't made one of those in ages. Its one ounce of moonshine, four ounces of premium gin, four ounces of cold whiskey, two ounces of tequila, five ounces of Rum, a worm from bottle of tequila, and two ounces of lemonade. Mix, stir, drink, and then watch as your brain dies."

"One part ambrosia, one part Kerzshur's, one part Rosy and like a half teaspoon of saltsyrup to help the Rosy stand out," Kissy explains the drink, "At least, that's how they taught me to make the stuff," he adds, "I've been known to leave out the Kerzshur's and double up on the ambrosia, myself, but I guess that should technically be called something else," he smiles, sliding the drink toward N and taking up the other to give it a thoughtful sipping, brows drawing down at the description of Kharon. "Sounds like a jellyfish," he murmurs. "Seawater inside, seawater outside… But whoever would have thought the partition of a membrane would make life happen?"

"As well as a human in the bathwater," Roubani remarks in murmur, as to the jellyfish comments. He picks up Matto's glass, looking at the liquid a moment before lifting it up and taking a healthy sip or two. Possibly three. "Mm. Not bad at all."

Marcon is still caught up in his fantasy, idly pulling a strawberry out of the pie to eat. "Enough dirt, and enough light, and we'd be in business…"

Castor looks over at Marcon, "What about that farm kid they pulled off of Scorpia. Maybe you could get him to help you?" Castor says as he looks over at Matto, "Jelly fish, huh?" He begins to honestly think about all of this as he says, "Well, we are here now so, I don't think we are much like a Jelly Fish anymore."

"But jellies have fewer distinguishable… bits," Kissy points out, "I mean, organs-wise. I think," he adds, taking another pensive sip of N's drink before sliding it back over in his direction, considering invertibrate anatomy, from the distant look in his eyes. He snaps back out of it, "I'm partial to it," he agrees, "And this… well, this is a little on the strong side, for my preferences," he admits, "But it's pretty good, for all that."

Kore kinda wishes she had a dress, but presumably everyone is in their off duty clothes and it's not like people have much time for frocks. And she's a little bummed that she's missed a great deal of the party. But she's here now, and even let her hair down - down, but still pulled back - as she meanders through. BYOB? Frak, she doesn't have any.

"At least a spinal cord," Roubani admits. As to the rest, who knows. He pushes Matto's drink back to him and takes the Pan-…whatever it is back, lifting it for a new sip.

Castor is playing bartender and there is still some edibles around from Marcon's kitchen which have REAL strawberries and REAL chocolate. Castor looks over the bar as the two men talk and he says, "Well, think of it this way. Jelly fish sting and animals with spines are strong so either way we can protect ourselves." He is washing glasses from previous drinks at the moment. He looks up as the combat medic enters the room and he does his best to make eye contact through all of the waves of dancing people. Though that might not be working out so well.

Since she's eyeing the bar anyway, contact is easy enough to make. Kore makes her way around the the dancing throng to head to the makeshift bar, and ohhh, chocolate and strawberries. She has to fight a moment of sheer gluttonous greed.

"Bones," Kissy nods, taking back his own drink and sipping up a sliver of strawberry to his lips, kissing at it and then sucking it in with a little bit of the booze, squishing the fruit between molars and looking generally pleased with life. "How did we get on jellyfish, again? Someone threw a jellyfish at me, once. Got me right in the leg. Hey," he tells Kore as she comes up. No, he doesn't really know her, but to hear him greet her, he might have been greeting her thus casually for years. "So have any of you hit the floor yet?" he looks over to the floor in question.

Matto smiles as he serves Kore the best he has to offer. "Here you go, everything a soldier forced to subsist on a processed algae diet needs." His grin is huge. "Help yourself!"

Roubani glances down at the floor at their feet, frowning slightly. "Why would someone hit it?" He's distracted from this bizarre issue by Kore, to whom he offers a faint smile. "Evening."

Castor smiles and he says, "What can I get for you?" Castor asks curiously, "We have juice, soda, and I can whip up just about any drink you can imagine." For his part Castor seems to enjoy playing bartender because he hasn't left his station all night. He looks over at Matto first, "Kissy, why would someone throw a jellyfish on you that is just plain evil." He turns and looks at the floor, "I haven't but our DJ has been keeping people moving all night." He looks over at Roubani, "Yeah, it is kind of crazy."

"Vinegar's good for that." Kore notes absently. "Jellyfish, I mean. Hey." she adds to Kissy, seeming at ease, adding, "Not on the floor yet, but I'm working on it. Evening." she replies to Roubani, and then to Castor. "Anything involving juice and booze, if there's any to spare, if not, some sort of cola if you've got one."

Unfortunately, that time has come. That time to beat all other bad times. Dishes. "Guess I had better start getting these cleaned up. If the Hestia mess crew finds I failed to wash out their pans and the like, they'll never let me use their equipment again…"

"I'm talking about dancing, N," Kissy grins at the very same N he addresses. "Though with the amount of liquor flowing tonight I'm surprised I didn't step over more speedbumps," he chuckles, the last comment moderately quiet. He continues to sip from the Ganymede Singing, "I'll probably head out there soon, m'self. If I can find a nice soul to escort me," he grins at N, "Or by m'self, if not. Dancing's good for you, y'know."

Castor smiles as he begins to make a Mai Tai for Kore and with that the pilot is starting to bring the bar down as he has to stash all of the booze and mixers. Most of it will be returned to the Pilots Chest but some of it belongs to Leda.

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