PHD 242: Dances with Furies
Dances with Furies
Summary: Salsa Dancing spontaneously happens in the Black and Silver Berthings.
Date: PHD 242
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Leda makes his way to the berthings still in his flightsuit as he is coming off CAP. He makes his way to his locker and he stops there as he begins removing everything from his pockets into his locker since this is his post CAP ritual.

Absalom is lying atop his bunk, watching the world go by. As Castor arrives and starts emptying out his pockets, Absalom turns a little and asks, "See anything out there?"

Castor continues going through his pockets, gum is removed of all things, "Not a thing, so we get another few hours of peace unless the next CAP finds something." He turns to look at Absalom, "Though the stars out here still are pretty. Frak, I'd like to stay here just for the view." Hands reach back into his flightsuit, a pocket knife is removed.

"Yeah, its a nice view, but, personally I'd rather be planetside somewhere. I mean, sure, we've got a whole new battlestar to play with but…give me a few weeks landside to remember what it feels like." Absalom replies, smirking a little. He looks down at the watch on his wrist and mutters, "Only six more hours of layin around til I get to go zip around again."

Leda reaches into his top pocket and he stops for a moment and he slowly pulls out a piece of paper which he glances at briefly. A beaming smile comes to his face as he looks at the paper and it is placed in his locker, "Well, the next time we hit planetside I'll give up my share of free time to you. I kind of like staying in these giant metal ships. Seriously, a Battlestar is a good place to be."

"I'll admit it beats a pocket carrier any day of the week. Battlestar can blast the shit outta some Cylons. But, I'd like to have a little wind in my face, a few days of actual sunlight. Y'know. The basics." Absalom says with a slight smirk.

Castor having emptied his pockets looks over Absalom, "I know. I went seven years before I hit planetside on Solon II but you know I don't care if I hit planet side ever again so long as I am flying. Like I said, I'll give you my leave if it helps man." He then makes his way toward his bunk, "Seriously though, some sunlight would be good."

"We'll see. Sunlight is always good." Absalom says before he hops down from his bunk and starts to strech out slowly.

Leda looks over at Absalom, "So is a good CAP." He then takes a moment to look around the room, "Still though it is nice to be back on a Battlestar, frak if I ever thought I would make it back here." He offers as his eyes scan the room, "Hell, if you told me I would make it to the Furies I'd have laughed in your face though here we are."

Absalom smirks a bit, "Yeah, seems like they'll let just about anyone in these days," he replies as he looks down at his rather new looking Furies patch. He shrugs a little and adds, "Course, I aint seen much change to be honest. I fly CAP with Case, Blackcat and Crybaby. If it weren't for this hugeass ship I'd almost think I was back on Kharon."

Leda looks over at Absalom, "Well, anyone that isn't metal is freely needed here." He looks at his patches as he begins to slip out of his flightsuit, "Still though, I see the change, we don't have Papabear watching out for us and even though our new CAG doesn't suck I'm still feeling her out you knowo. Plus, I've got to meet a metric buttload of new people so I can begin looking for things from people. Scavaging on the Kharon was easy, but here? Seriously, it means I'm working double time."

"Nah, scavenging here's gotta be easy street. Somethin goes missing around here you've got thousands of possibilites as to who appropriated it. Back on the Kharon we all knew you were the one raiding the laides underwear drawers." Absalom shoots back, smirking just a little, before he pulls up his flightsuit over his waist, and starts to tie it off. Not regulation by far, but, he's off duty.

"It will be easy street when I get to know who has what and where. They've got booze here and I'm of a mind to score as much as I can." He then shrugs, "And I never stole….begged and traded for yes, but never, ever, stole. Also all of those undies were on request, frak, you think I would naturally work in underwear? Not a chance. The slap to the face ratio is so frakking high that it is occupationaly dangerous."

"It will be easy street when I get to know who has what and where. They've got booze here and I'm of a mind to score as much as I can." Castor then shrugs, "And I never stole….begged and traded for yes, but never, ever, stole. Also all of those undies were on request, frak, you think I would naturally work in underwear? Not a chance. The slap to the face ratio is so frakking high that it is occupationally dangerous."

"Yeah, alright. I'll keep that in mind for when I get into the bartering everything I've got for another cig game." Absalom replies, grinning just a little. He stretches again, and then starts to walk off towards the exit.

Jupiter stalks in wearing her flight suit, though she doesn't have her helmet or gloves. She's sweating profusely, as she does when she's spent too much time in the suit. She zips it down, and starts struggling out of the thing as soon as she passes the hatch. "Gods frakkin' damnit."

Leda looks over at Jupiter as she begins to curse, "What? CAP wasn't that bad." He offers to Jupiter and then he looks over at Absalom, "If it comes down to that we are at some high stakes levels where I will need to be slippery beyond all reason and I'd rather not go there if I don't have to. For now though cigs are easy to come by which is nice considering our situation on the Kharon."

As Jupes enters, Absalom turns a bit and brushes past her, before he asks, "What happen? Crash another ship?" as he turns to watch the woman walk off towards her bunk. He's got time apparently, so, he follows after her, adding to Castor, "Yeah, I'm a fan of how easy some of the niceties of life are to come by around here compared to back home." Yes, Kharon is still home to Absalom.

"It was my first rotation back on, Leda." Jupiter's give up on callsigns because they change so often anyway. "I think my intestine is bruised or something. Shit that harness was tight. That's really frakkin' funny, Shadow." She stuffs her flight suit in her locker, and stands there for a moment in her tank and a bright blue thong, ass hanging out. "Anybody seen the laundry bitch?"

Castor looks over at Absalom, "I know, right, we have a pool. We have a frakking pool." He then adds quickly, "Also if you aren't a fan of pee in the pool don't swim it in it, Smalls mentioned it the other night." He then looks over at Jupiter, "Jupes, the harness was as tight as it ever was I think you just forgot how tight it normally is." He then begins changing out of his flightsuit and into his off duties and he is kind enough to be quick about it to avoid giving anyone a show.

Aaaand Absalom's eyes travel down to Jupiter's ass for a few moments, before he says, "Well, it aint extra pounds you've put on that's makin it so tight. Did you piss off a deck monkey or somethin?" Absalom asks, tilting his head a little.

Jupiter rubs a hand over her belly. The shirt stays put, covering the many new scars underneath. But it's clear she's not amused. "Yeah, well. That doesn't make it better." She kicks open her locker and crouches to dig around inside for some pants. The party has to end sometime. "I have to pee. I'll be right back. Thanks for noticing my ass didn't expand." Maybe she forgives Abs the crash comment. Maybe.

Leda looks over at Absalom and he coughs as he spots what Absalom is doing, it isn't a *gosh* Roubani cough as much as it is a, 'Fool, check yourself' cough. How a bout a shiny new change of subject, why thank you Absalom for mentioning a deck monkey, "Well, there is that one PO here, frakker is obsessed with making sure everything is perfect. I caught him looking at my bird the other day and I don't much care for it since the Kharon birds are being stripped and rebuilt." As soon as Jupiter disappears Leda says, "Jupiter Black will kill you? Why do you want to check her out?"

"Yeah, I'm not much for any of these new deckhands either. Too much touchin my bird, not enough bowing and scraping." Absalom says, eyes watching Jupiter's non-expanding ass walk off to the head, "Why not? She's not bad to look at, and, what's the fun of life if you aint living with a little danger? I don't think she minds."

"Shadow, I know her type and unless you can be a balls on the wall, strong, leader she will kill you. Look all you want but there is a little danger and then there is walking into a firefight unarmed." Castor shakes his head, "Just remember what I said alright since I can't stop you from doing whatever you want." He then rubs his chin, "The deck gang is a bit like that though. It is like they really don't give a frak about the Kharon birds. I mean they are stripping them down one at a time. Who knows who will come next and what sort of repairs will be made."

"I know what I'm doing." Absalom replies, before he shrugs a bit and adds, "They're just takin em apart to figure out what they can salvage from em when the time comes I bet. 's why I took all my pictures outta my bird for the time being. I suspect they're gonna rip her apart and retrofit one of those junk Mark IIs with whatever they can salvage. Savages."

Leda grimaces, "I know what you are doing to and…" He pauses for a moment, "Never mind, dig your own grave." He then takes a moment to breath as he listens to Absalom give his view of the current situation, "They aren't going to rip apart shit. I'll go to the CAG myself, but I am not losing my bird. Not now, and not ever. While Hale seems to think the Mark IIs are good I disagree. They might be reliable but they are relics."

"Dig my own grave? Is some jarhead shackin up with her or somethin? Because, I know Dash don't give a damn…" Absalom starts, before smirking a little and commenting, "Those Mark IIs are ancient frakin tubs compared to our nice, sleek birds. They really ought to cannibalize all of them for parts."

Castor has nothing else to say in regards to checking out Jupes ass, "Nevermind about Jupes, you do what you want. I warned you is all." He then looks at the door as if to look at the ships on the deck below him, "And Frak yeah we need to tear those Mark II's down. I mean I flew one in training and that was good for training but I don't think we are going to pick up anymore strays for training."

Jupes is gone for a while, long enough for the boys to exchange thoughts, but it's no so long as to keep them wondering whether she fell in or ruptured something, which are two very distinct possibilities. "The frak." That's all she says as she wanders in.

Absalom looks just slightly dissapointed when Jupiter returns, maybe he was going to go looking for her. Either way, he asks, "Somethin the matter?" of her as she speaks up.

Leda doesn't say much of anything as Jupiter reappers and he waits to see what new thing Jupiter has invented to grump about.

"Papa Bear found hisself a Mama Bear." Jupes wanders over to her bunk and climbs up the ladder to it. "Morales said there was ceremonial bondage, but if you ask me, she's pregnant." This, my friends, is how horrible rumors get started. Misplaced pronouns do it every time. "Who has booze?"

Absalom snerks quietly, "I think I got somethin left from the Kharon in my locker, but, really, you think S2's preggo? Couldn't be because Mr. Ex-CAG is one of the most by the book people you'd ever meet could it? Maybe they aint frakkin til they're married."

Speaking of papa bears: as Kallisto steps out, the dark-haired former CAG trudges in, with a distant clank heard as he lets the hatch slam shut behind him. He's already starting to unbutton and unbuckle the various trappings that comprise his dress grays uniform, beginning with the sash. Heavy bootfalls carry him toward his locker, where he pauses a moment to finish shrugging out of the starched linen before reaching for the combination lock. His blue eyes briefly go to Absalom, then drop away again. Maybe he didn't hear that. He probably did. "Evening, Lieutenants," is his gruff greeting.

Castor spins on his feet, "The frak?" He says, "Papabear got hitched? Morales has to be lying." He then raises both his eyebrows and his eyes go wide, "The S2 is preggo? What kind of terrible plague of the worlds and yet utterly awesome child would they have?" Eyes shift to Absalom, "Seriously, Abs, a man is a man and he has urges that need to be taken care of. Even Papabear." He then looks over at Jupiter, "I scored some for barter, make me an offer and we'll talk shop." And then as Papabear walks in he just blurts out, "Sir, rumor has it you got married on account of you knocking up the S2."

"They're officers, numbnuts. It ain't against—HO." Jupes almost slides off the edge of her bunk as she plants it mid stream, and Kai walks in at the worst possible time. It's always when she's talking about him that he walks in, always at the worse. possible. moment. "Spider." She just looks at Castor as he rattles on and on and on. Gods when will it end. Jupiter grunts, falls back into her bunk, and covers her face with a pillow.

"I know it aint against regs, just sayin." Absalom shoots back, before he goes a little slackjawed at Castor's rambling. "And you said I gotta watch /my/ back."

Spin, spin, spin, pause. Marek turns his head slightly when Castor starts speaking, opens his mouth to say something, then shuts it again as the Lieutenant.. keeps going. Clearing his throat quietly, Kai resumes snapping open his lock, and shrugging out of his uniform jacket. "If I have any urges, Leda, it's to shove my boot up the asses of nosy, rumourmongering el-tees until they learn to keep their yaps shut." The sash is hung from a hook in his locker, ornamentation jingling softly as it's jostled. The jacket follows, and then he's fetching a clean tee shirt to pull over his upper body. His movements are a bit stiff, possibly explained by the bandaging covering his left shoulder and bicep.

Leda looks over at Jupiter since she started it but he doesn't call her out so instead he says, "Aye, sir, I'll tell them to frak off." He then looks over at Absalom and he points with two index fingers at his face, "Abs, I've had three callsigns, that equals world class frak up. My back doesn't need to be watched because everyone is waiting for me to frak up again since I'm a source of amusement."

There's a mutter into Jupiter's pillow, though the words are impossible to understand. It's either 'Frak me sideways' or 'stick a sock' or something like that. Anyway, she shoves the pillow off, and just lays up there in sweats and a tank, resuming the post flying cool off. She does not address Spider's potential nuptials again. Instead, "Shadow, give it here."

"Give what?" Absalom asks, looking down at Jupiter as she lies out on her bunk. He turns and digs through his footlocker for a moment, and then produces a bottle of something that looks more than slightly intoxicating. He tosses it underhand to Jupiter, before moving to sit on the edge of her bunk.

"You're alive, Leda, so you can't be that much-" Grunt as Spider hauls his trousers off, leaving him briefly in his skivvies until he tugs on a pair of olive drab fatigues. "-of a frak up." Clothing procured, he pats himself down briefly before fetching a pack of cigarettes and a half-filled bottle of what looks like Aerelonian rum from his locker, and shutting the door. "As for the S2, Morales is correct. I sure as shit married the woman." He nods to the group of pilots, and starts for the hatch again. "First person to toilet paper my bunk, will regret it," he mentions on his way out. He might be smiling a little, though.

Sparro walks in, a small smile on his face. "Spider," he says. "I was hoping to ask you for a favor, sir."

Castor looks over at Abs as he tosses the hooch over and raises an eyebrow as he tosses the booze over. He then shrugs as he looks at Papabear, wait, is that Papabear, with hooch, Leda steadies himself, "Thanks for for the compliment, sir." He then goes slack jawed as Spider confirms he is married and he is left utterly speechless.

"The booze, shit." Jupiter calls over, with a huff. She eyes Spider, then looks to Castor, then looks to Absalom. Luckily, just in time to see the bottle flying her way in a smooth arc. SAVE THE LIQUOR! She snatches it out of the air. The look either says 'do not look at me' or 'somebody go fetch with streamers'. So hard to tell. Maybe she just wants the booze. "My precious."

"Not so fast there Black. I aint givin it away free like. Its one of my last…bottles." Absalom says, shifting his eyes over towards Kai as he speaks about toiletpapering his bunk. "Thought never crossed my mind Cap'n."

Kai starts to step around Sparro on his way out, but draws up short when the man asks for a favour. His lips twitch slightly like he might object to being held up, but after a moment he nods curtly. "Sure. Ask away."

"Rumor has it you have a guitar stowed somewhere, sir. I was wondering if I could borrow it for awhile. Mine got spaced when Black Berthings were hit and… I have some thinking to do. Playing guitar always helped with that." He smiles. "So could I borrow it, please?"

Leda looks over at Jupiter and he isn't moving to fetch anything but he watches her as she takes the bottle and then he looks over at Absalom, "First you make the deal and then you trade, jeez, now she has the hooch and you are on the low end of the bargain. Alright, Abs, here is how it is, I'll teach you how to trade free of charge if you will stop making rook mistakes like that." Then there is the mention of a guitar, Leda hasn't been here long enough to know who has what for scrounging or trading for one but that would be an amazing thing to get, "Birdman, maybe you and I should talk." He says as a smile crosses his face, "Or rather do business."

Jupiter glances over, even as she's uncapping the bottle. Condition three drinking is a go! She shoots a look at Abs, those pale blue eyes finding his. "Yeah, well whadda ya want?" She tips the bottle take a sip, so it better not be total ass water. OR ELSE!

Birdman's question gets Spider to pause, blue eyes flickering over the taller pilot's face like he's trying to assess something there. After about eight or nine seconds of this study, he nods slightly. "Sure, you can borrow it. You break it, I'll break you. I've got it tuned how I like it, so you don't frak with that either." Despite the gruff words and threats of violence, it's probably a safe bet that Marek doesn't just lend his instrument to anyone. He closes his hand over Sparro's shoulder, hitches his chin to where the guitar's stowed behind his bunk, and thumps on out.

It is not bad, the alcohol in Absalom's bottle. The man snorts at Castor's words, "Yeah yeah I know. Let me handle things." And as for Jupiter's question he grins a little and says, "We'll just say you owe me for now Jupes, and go from there." He reaches out and takes the bottle from her after she's had a drink and downs a swig himself.

"Thanks," Sparro says with a smile as he walks over to Spider's bunk, pulling out the guitar case and carefully opening it, pulling out the saught-after instrument. It wasn't his old one… no guitar would ever be his old one… but it was a guitar. He smiles as he starts strumming. "Hmm… a bit higher than I like, but we can deal. Thanks, Spider." He then glances up at Castor, his eyes questioning. "Wait. You think you can get your hands on one of these?"

"Frak off." Is her reply to Abs. She does hand over the bottle, and doesn't threaten his life for sitting in her bunk, though. It's progress. Jupiter glances over as Marek lends his guitar then stomps out. "Holy shit, Birdie. He must have really gotten married. He's letting you touch his strings." She waits, waits, watches to see when and if Marek's passed through the hatch…

"No problem," Marek answers over his shoulder. Followed by an "enjoy your evening, Lieutenants," before he heads on out.

Leda looks at Abs first, "Fine, I'm out of your way, rook." He says regarding Absaloms trading skills. he then looks over at Sparro as he moves to get the guitar, "I think I can get my hands on a guitar for the right price." He says, "The question is can you affoard it?" He looks over at Jupiter, "Wait, you married The…Captain Legacy?" He asks curiously, "That explains the need for a guitar since it allows you to serenade the Cap."

Sparro shakes his head. "Ever personal item I ever owned got sucked into space, Leda. So at the moment, I am pretty damned poor… even if a crapload of the cubits I lost were won from you in the first place at the Triad table." He glances up at Jupiter with a smile. "Marriage may have mellowed him some." His eyes then dart back to Leda. "I think she was talking about Spider, Leda. Thea and I aren't married. Not yet, anyway."

"Maybe later." Absalom says, passing the bottle back to Jupiter. He looks up at the talk of Kai actually being married and shakes his head, "You think Mooner would lie about something like that? I thought she had a thing for the CAG."

"You paper his bunk, Shadow, then I'll owe you." Jupiter glances over to the other pilot. "It's tradition. Pop the lock on his locker. I have some lipstick. We can write some notes." She nudges him. "Go. Wait, what? What about 'Cat?" Who? She so missed that part. Her attention wanders back to Abs. "… Who doesn't have a thing for the CAG. The man gropes like he means it."

Leda looks over at Sparro, "Then I can't help you. You want a guitar of your own you need to cowboy up and I might have lost money to you but that night but winning isn't everything. As for my misunderstanding, sorry, though you want a guitar of your own you need to cough something up to make it worth my time and the amount of trading I will have to do." He then tilts his head as he studies old man Sparro, "Then again, maybe you could offer me something worthwhile even if you don't have anything…" Leda lets out a soft hmmm. As for the papering of Papabears bunk, Leda is SO out of that one.

Absalom snorts, "Fine. Give me a sec to get some stuff together." He then hops off of Jupiter's bunk, and starts off towards the head, hands stuffed into his pockets and an innocent tune whistled as he walks.

"If there is a guitar left in the universe besides this one…" Sparro says with a smile as he plays, just enjoying the feel of music coming from his fingers again, "Then I'll see what I can do to trade for it. Or maybe I'll snoop around Solon or Keros next time we go dirtside… see if one got left behind." He closes his eye for awhile. "But in the off chance you manage to find one that someone is willing to part with, what can I do for you, Shepherd?"

Jupes takes some quality time putting down the some alcohol to start the buzz right. Abs can be sneaky all he wants. She's being sneaky perched in her bunk with booze! She snickers quietly and stifles a soft burp. Hot!

Once more, Eddie enters the other side of berthings with a pillow tucked under the crook of her arm. She bypasses most of the folks she knows, her face obscured by a fringe of hair. A glance up as she reads the names written on masking tape and then she's heading in Jupiter's direction. Mooner hitches up her chin when she's within range down that little side pod. "Black, you frakking anyone tonight, or can I bunk with you?"

Castor looks over at Eddie, "Someone using your bunk, Mooner? Or are you just trying to spark rumors?" Leda asks briefly as his eyes flick back over to Sparro, "Glad you asked, I'll get you the guitar and we can talk about the payment later. Just give me some time, something this big and on a new ship will take me a while to get. Also, I'll have to use part of my personal stuff to get it." Leda looks over at Abs as he walks towards the bathroom and he rolls his eyes, "Sucker born every minute."

Sparro shakes his head. "Terms first, Leda. I don't want you getting the damned thing and then whining because what you want is something that I can't give. If you run off on your own and get it, and I can't, or won't, pay, then it is on you." He then glances over at Eddie and smiles. "Do the two options have to be mutually exclusive, mooner? This could give the enlisted dreams for years to come."

"It's colder'n Hades balls up here at night, Morales. I got no frak offers, so if you promise to spoon me, my bunk's open ta ya." Jupiter doesn't even ask the other pilot why she needs somewhere to sleep, nor does she act as if it's in any way an odd question. "But I might be drunk by then, so if I put my hands anywhere fun, just go with it." Yeah, Abs provides the liquor and Eddie reaps the benefits.

Eddie tosses her pillow up into the void, and pauses with one hand and one foot on the short ladder that leads up into Jupiter's bunk. "I'm going to tell you this once Castor." Eddie flips the hair out of her eyes, so she can look at him darkly. "And I'll even use small words so you can understand. Stick out your thumb, shove it up your ass. And spin." Eddie must be in some kinda foul mood to mouth off to Castor like that. With a grunt, she hoists herself up into the bunk with Jupiter. "Just remember. Small clockwise motions." She retorts to Jupiter, before hamstering in and claiming a piece of realestate for her rump.

Absalom returns with a pair of rolls of TP, spots what Eddie is doing and frowns darkly. Figures. He tosses one of the rolls at Jupiter's bunk and says, "Get to writing Black. I gotta run fly CAP, so there best be some hooch left when I get back." Fat chance.

Leda looks at Eddie he holds his thumb up and then he turns it so it is facing the floor, as if to do the I'm Rubber - You're Glue Dance, "Rumors, it is then." He turns back to Sparro as his hand goes back to his side, "Terms, huh? Alright, you have frak with all to pony up. So, instead here is what I want you to do. Something this big is going to cost you. So, here is what we will do, sometimes I acquire something in a trade and I need to keep it safe and I can't keep it here or in a safe spot. You agree to guard these special things for me without stealing them or making off with them and I'll get your guitar for you somehow."

Sparro quirks an eyebrow at Castor. "What could you possibly be stockpiling that you couldn't keep here?" he shakes his head. "Forget it, I don't want to know. No deal, Leda. Blank checks like that are too dangerous, and I have my own career to worry about. And soon… a wife. I appreciate the thought… but whatever it is you're up to, it sounds shady. If I ever come across something worth trading, then we can talk again." He starts strumming again… with a bit of a wry glance towards Eddie and Jupiter, he starts playing some hot salsa chords. You know… just in case they needed inspiration.

"Really? I like it counter clockwise," Jupiter replies to Eddie, offering the bottle over to the other female pilot. Some might call these two the bad influences in the wing, but since Alex showed up, their attitudes seem almost warm and fuzzily familiar. "Hey, I didn't say give ME the paper. Like I'm gonna get busted by myself." She glances over at Eddie, and jiggles the bottle. "Have some." So maybe she'll get Morales toasted and they can go down together. For the crime, you perverts, not that other thing. "Or, I feel a sexy dance coming on." Saaalsa.

Eddie takes the bottle and and takes a drink, ghosting a smile to Jupiter. "Have at it." But it seems Jupiter will be dancing alone, or at least without a Moonbeam partner. One shot of liquor, and Eddie's stretching out against the wall, her back to the room as she bunks down for the night. Cheap date.

Matto slips into the middle pod just in time to duck a roll of TP getting chucked at the less penised of the Black siblings, lifting an arm and hunching shoulder a little before he scuttles on to the second set of bunks on the wall facing Jupiter's. "Hey, guys," he tells them, brightly enough, scrambling up to his own bunk.

Leda raises an eyebrow, "Career my ass, you don't want a promotion. Lame cop out but fine, if you find something good enough come and see me and I'll see what I can do. As for what I stockpile, I guess you will never know." He doesn't even remark on the shady comment as he looks away from any sexy dancing and he looks over at Sparro and the guitar, "What kind of wizardry is this?" He asks as he keeps his eyes focused on Sparro, "Madman, hows it?"

"Things change, Shepherd. Even me, occasionally." The salsa continues but gets a bit more spice. Sparro has apparently missed playing considerably. He nods to Matto as he plays, but then glances up at Jupiter. "Care to help the musician wet his whistle, Fingers?"

Jupes glances around as all of her drinking partners suddenly vanish. "Do I smell?" She sniffs an underwing, then shrugs, and swings her legs on the edge of her bunk, bottle in hand. "Sure, Birdie." She tips a little out of the bunk after capping the bottle, and passes it down.

Matto gives a vague grunt as he stretches out, drawing his arms up overhead nd folding them between his head and his pillow, one leg stretched out and the other knee raised toward the ceiling of his bunk as he looks over the large piece of paper acting as backdrop to almost a third of his bunk, on which some industrious soul has executed a nice rendering of a house. "If your nose hasn't stopped working," he answers the Tips, "Is it booze o'clock?" he wonders, then, turning his head away from the house and looking across the pod.

Leda looks back at Sparro, "Maybe I should learn to play guitar since you now have some sort of freakydeaky power that gets you sexy dances and booze." He smiles as he begins to think of the possibilities and then he without a thought he shrugs, "Nah, who am I kidding. I'd never pull it off." He looks at Jupiter, "You don't smell, Jupes, I think Eddie is a lightweight with the hooch." Leda then walks to his locker and after going through his locker ritual he produces a cigar, a real one and not one of the cheap ones he is normally seen with. He cuts the tip of the cigar with a cutter kept in his locker and he places the cigar in his mouth as he slowly begins to go through the relocking ritual with that done he reaches into his pocket and produces a lighter which he uses to light his cigar, "New ship, new possibilities, Sparro, think about the guitar thing?"

"The same exact moment I find something I think you could use, we'll talk about it, Shepherd. Promise." Sparro pops the top off of the bottle and raises it to Fingers in a toast. "You smell like a woman, Fingers. All told, you could do much worse." He takes a long pull on the bottle, his head giving the slightest twitch after. "Damned, but that is nice. What we got going here… the piss of Ares himself?" Putting the cap back on, he gets back to the playing, again with the salsa. "You got moves for the music, young lady?"

"It's always booze 'o clock, but it's hard to get people to gimme the booze so's I can observe it right and proper like," Jupiter informs Matto, with a grin and a mock salute. It's a heyo from the viper to the raptor. "Oh, I see what you did there. Real funny, Madman." Uh huh. She might have a little buzz going. "No way is Morales a lightweight with the hooch." She glances back over her shoulder. "I dunno, I got that bottle from Shadow." She resumes some slow Salsa inspired dancing, though it'd be more impressive if she were 1) wearing a dress, and 2) dancing with a partner. "Nobody's called me young lady since that time I got pulled over for driving a stolen vehicle."

Matto doesn't seem readily inclined to go dancing, himself, shifting his legs as he turns to his side and watches Tips wriggling down there, blinking his eyes a few times as if trying to squeeze out the vague feeling that they were watering up. Tips' greeting sparks a smile, but otherwise he seems content to let the others talk, for now.

Leda looks over at Jupiter and he offers a hand to the woman, "Want to dance? Remember, I'm safe." An odd thing to say but Jupiter should know what he means. He then looks over at Matto, "Cat got your tounge?" He asks as he waits to hear back from Jupiter. He also looks over at Sparro, "Good, I look forward to doing business with you."

"I'm sure it was, Fingers." Sparro grins as he plays, picking up the pace for awhile, giving her a good beat to move to. "Man, I've missed this." Guitar playing, probably. Bummer he suddenly was trying to behave.

Jupes gives a little finger snap, then drops out of the dancing posture all together, and without warning. "Man, you can't dance Salsa and be safe, Leda! Even if you didn't like girls, you pretend. It's all about passion. I can't work with 'I'm safe'." She drops her hands to her hips. "I have to be worried you're going to tear my clothes off in front of the innocents." She waves a hand at Matto. She grins then, at the idea of applying innocent to the raptor driver. Still, it's the idea of the the thing!

"Dude, that's Birdie over there," Kissy tips his head in the Birdman's direction to let Castor know whose tongue Cat's got. He wrinkles up his nose and grins a little at being cast in the role of the innocent, dragging his pillow up overhead to hide from the scandal before he peeks out again. "Don't look at me; I wouldn't know a salsa from a cha-cha," he offers up helplessly. "Though she's right, dancing isn't dancing without a healthy dose of sexfulness," he does agree.

Leda shakes his head, "Well, then I'm the finest dance partner you never had, Jupes." He then smirks, "You lost your chance, Tiger." He then takes a seat at the desk and he takes another wiff of his cigar, so in the room there is now booze, dancing, and fumerela, the unholy trinity that sends preachers preaching, oh we got trouble right here in Berhing City which starts with B which rhymes with P which stands for Pilots. "Yeah, about that…Kissy, I know. Though Jupes mostly wants to kill me and this would give her an excuse."

"Unbelievable…" Sparro says with a laugh. "Safe dancing. What is this, a junior high social?" Unslinging the guitar from his neck, he takes a moment to put the guitar carefully away as he steps up to Jupiter with a smile. The music has stopped, of course, but he starts a quick stacatto rhythym of claps and stomps. "It's gotta be dangerous. Like a game of Chicken." He holds out his arms in an offer. "Shall we?"

"Oh, ho ho. The engaged man steps up to show how it's done." Jupiter nods, and resumes a dance posture, one hip canted, hands up with a snap. She grins. "Okay, but don't spin me too fast. My abs haven't quite recovered fro my down time and all that." Some may remember her Colonial Day dance with Marek that was all hands and ass shaking. Jupes ain't afraid to get bodily about it, but she's still recovering. "You wanna lead, or shall I?"

Matto vaguely recalls the impressive floor moves Jupiter and the Marek had perpetrated that Colonial Day. A little more hazily he recalls double-teaming Moonshine with the Priest, which… seemed like a really good idea, after all that ambrosia. The music having stopped, he pushes up on an elbow, dragging down a duffel which had been sitting stowed on his topshelf. "What's the beat, now, Birdie?" he asks, dragging through a side pocket of the bag to pull out a pair of whistles, then tucking those away again, opening up the main compartment and digging out something red and fluffy, tossing it aside on the bunk.

Castor looks at this and he says with flat sarcastically, "Truely ladies and gentlemen this is the end of times dancing without music." Though he lets the pair have their fun as he adds, "Still though, this is a sight to see." He looks back over at Matto and he smiles for a moment, "I think they are making it up as they go, impromtu and all." Leda takes another puff of his cigar and he doesn't just smoke it since he is practically enjoying every moment he has with this new acquisition.

"Music DOES help," Sparro says as he steps up to Jupiter, one hand taking one of hers, another going to her waist. "But since the musician was the only one willing to step up…" he suddenly is dipping Fingers, and he looks down at her with a smile, "We'll just have to make one up as we go. Ra-ta-ta, Ra-ta-ta, Ra-ta-ta-TA!" Giving a bit of help with his voice, he gives a basic rhythm as they start the dance, being careful with her abs but otherwise dancing for all he is worth. "One of the important parts," he adds, as though lecturing Kissy and Castor, "Is knowing when to lead… and when to let HER lead…"

Jupes' other hand, the one not taken by Sparro, goes to his shoulder. "Smarter than you look, Birdie." Jupiter grins and goes with the dip, extending it to the point that the curve has to be painful. It's funny that. The best dance moves feel ridiculous. The more it hurts, the better it looks. She slides the along with the dance, steps sharp and well places. Salsa dances are the only dances she really knows, so one can't really call her a dancer, so much as practiced in this one tradition. A little leg wrapping happens at intervals. Her down time effects it a little, but really, dancing in such a small space allows the pair to take some of the edges off.

Matto grapples a wooden box, not too large, between six and seven inches cubed, and sets it on his lap, unlatching it and opening it up, he steps in as musician, even if he's not all too clear on the technicalities of the beat, squeezing out a reedy-voiced tune from the palm box as he eyes the dancers' feet, trying to take cues even as he tries to find a tune he knows that almost fits the beat, finally settling on, "Fidgity, fidgity, fidgity Phil… fidgity, fidgity, fidgity Phil…" he sings lightly along with the accompaniment.

Castor for his part isn't dancing but he moves to his locker and he produces a portable media player with a docking station for speakers and he sets it on the table, "If you do it, do it with frakking music. I've got salsa music on this thing." Wait, Castor listens to Salsa? He is about to turn the thing on when Matto starts and he raises his eyebrows as this is impressive and amusing at the same time. "Didn't know you were musical there, Matto."

Both hands are around her waist as Sparro pulls her forward, a smile on his face. "The grey whiskers can fool you, kiddo." He whispers with a glimmer in her eye, and then suddenly he spins her around, his hands sliding up hers, placing her hands behind his head. He glances up at Kissy with a smile. "Not bad, Kissy. Not bad at all. I always do prefer live music, when I can get it." Leaning back with her weight on him, he chuckles to himself. "Let me know if I am going to fast for you, Fingers."

Jupes casts a look over to Castor as he busts out the music player. Castor listens to salsa, indeed! SHe wouldn't have called it, but then it does have an allure. The easiest part about being a pilot and dancing the salsa is all the spinning doesn't disorient you in the slightest. Jupiter's hips never stop through the changes and footwork. She drags a hand down Sparro's neck, then spins away with a flick of her hand. "Don't pull something, gramps." She throws her arms up and puts a little extra shimmy in as she walks two steps off, backs up one, does a change up and comes on back. Damn you, salsa!

Sparro steps over to put the guitar away. "And not bad for a whippersnapper. Makes me sad you missed the bachelor party a while back." His smile is pretty darn mischevious. "But this is the part where the geezer goes to bed. Maestro, my thanks." And with an elaborate bow to Matto, he heads for the hatch. "And thank Kai, when he gets back. If he gets back."

"Me too, shit. CAP then salsa. Good way to end a day, but I gotta get up there before Mooner hogs the blankets." Jupes waggles her fingers to Sparro, hands off the bottle to Matto with a, "Cheers, Mads," then heads up to yank open her locker and pull out the toiletry bag. The bedtime ritual begins with dental care. "Thanks for that. I needed a little ass shakin'."

Castor just watches this happen, happy Jupiter, Leda tilts his head as he watches her, yes the puppy is confused - very confused but she isn't being grumbly and that is nice and so he quietly smokes his cigar and he looks over at Matto, "We need a dance and not the hitting kind, I mean the shake your ass kind."

Matto tips back the bottle and takes a half-swig, followed by a fuller swig thereafter, once he's given in a test. The liquor goes sloshing down again as he lowers it, squinting. "Oh, man. That'll do, Tinners. That'll do just fine," he sips just one more time, then starts to putting things away, furrowing his brow as he finds something tucked away under his pillow, drawing out a little notebook and then grinning as he opens it up to a saved place and reads it. "Eh? Sure thing, Tips," he grins. "I agree. If I could only get the boy to dance, somehow," he muses.

Jupes has her moods, she's just usually in the jock-riled mood, which lends itself well to terrorizing those from whom she smells fear. Endorphins take the edge off, it seems! "Do what I do. Get 'im wasted." She shrugs. "I mean, either he'll dance an' strip, pass out, dance and break something, or dance and puke. Either way you've got like a 67 percent chance of dancing." She's definitely buzzed, because she can't do simple math.

Leda gets a look in his eye, "Well, you could help me plan one? That is a start. Plus it would help all of us from the Kharon get to know a lot of people and if tonight is a preview then we are going to have fun. Also, get your boy drunk enough and he will dance with you." He says with a smile, "Jupes, you wantt to help us plan a dance?"

"That seems… dishonest, somehow," Kissy notes, "I mean, you wouldn't get someone drunk to make someone sleep with you… and dancing is about as close as two people can come to having sex without actually going ahead and doing so. This seems morally fuzzy to me. But maybe that's just the booze talking," he wrinkles his nose up. "Anyhow, I think a dance sounds like a lovely idea. If there's anything I can do, just let me know, yah?" he smiles, jumping down and staggering a little on the landing, then straightening. "Hem."

Jupiter tucks the bag under her arm, then glances over to Castor and Matto. "Sure, but really all you need is food, booze, a big space, and good music. People will show for just about anything if there's booze. The rest just locks them in." She glances over to Matto. "It's not about getting them incapacitated. It's about loosening them up. Some people need a little lubrication to get their courage in place. Two drinks, not six." She winks.

Leda says, "Aparently you must have studied all the time in college since clearly you did not go to parties." He looks over at Jupiter, "Well, how about this, I've got a new ground with lots more stuff to find. Let's say I scrounge up some booze and food. Then we talk to the CAG about getting permission for space, we put you on music detail Jupes, and Matto here decorate the room for the occasion? I mean we might be able to bring a few others in on this planning?"

Matto grins lopsidedly at Castor, "Something like that," he agrees flattishly. "Decorate it? I could see what I could do, but— who knows what sort of decorations are on board." He considers Fingers, "I dunno. It seems like shades of the same behavior, if you're serving drinks with intent."

"It's not like you're gonna tape it and sell it for cash. It's just a little dancing. No harm ever came from dancing," Jupiter grins, and heads for the hatch, then tugs it open. "Maybe a twisted ankle or two, but the reward. Oh, so worth it." She grins, then steps out. Destination: Head.

Castor looks over at Matto, "Matto, I'm with Jupes on this one. Not enough to throw complete sense out of the window but just enough that there is a small crack in the window. This has been going on since the dawn of time in relationships. Remember that song, Baby, its Cold Outside. Totally has a line about getting the woman to stay for a drink. That is part of the game." He smiles and says, "Right you are on decorations detail, Matto." He looks back over at Jupiter, "Are you on board for music?"

"Yuh huh," Jupes calls back, before she disappears through the common room and into the head. It's not exactly a 'yes, I'm in', but from Jupiter Black, that's about the best you're going to get. She has a mission, and that mission involves dental floss. Do not get between the woman and her teeth.

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