Nathan Fillion
Nathan Fillion as Thomas Alexander Dane
Name: Thomas Alexander Dane
Alias: Knuckledragger Number Two
Age: 30
Hair & Eyes: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Big Shoulders, Ruggedly Handsome
Faction: Deck
Position: 1st Petty Officer
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: TBA
Timezone: KST (EST+14)

Biographical Info

Thomas Alexander Dane was born on Caprica, which is a funny thing, since he was born to immigrant parents from Aerelon. This meant that money was always short and this meant that his parents were always scrimping and saving as he was growing up. However, Thomas didn't notice any of that growing up in his early years. It wasn't until he hit elementary school that things began to change and all of the kids with money began to pick on Thomas for his hand me down clothes. In fact, he got in his fair share of fights when he was young sometimes he won and other times he went home with a bloody nose and a black eye. Then he hit middle school and it continued still but when Thomas hit high school something odd began to happen. He began to show a serious intelligence in shop class. His teachers took notice when the class was given a semester long assignment of putting a car together. Thomas managed to get it done in two days as he had an eye for how machines worked and how they should be put together as mechanical and spatial intelligence came naturally to Thomas and he even instructed others on what to do and how to do it. The vintage car was restored beautifully. During the test of the semester Dane continued to teach the rest of the students how to do things since the shop teacher was mostly ineffective in helping the students receive the knowledge they needed.

However, Thomas family could not afford to send their son to school and Thomas wasnt sure of what to do. His Father suggested that he join the fleet to earn some money for school. So, Thomas entered into the fleet and he developed a broad knowledge of technical skills both mechanical and electrical, however, he also developed an odd quirk. He became a perfectionist as he was consumed with making sure every part of the machine he was working on fit and worked perfectly. He became so obsessed that if he couldnt figure out why a machine wasnt working he would strip it down and completely rebuild the machine from start to finish. Sometimes this meant his work was a bit late but he always made sure whatever he was working on worked. In fact, he discovered that he loved working on anything the Colonial Fleet could offer him. He has fixed just about everything including a Viper Mark-2 since he was once ordered by his deck chief to get her working since the Commander wanted to give it as a gift to an Admiral who survived the first cylon war.

In terms of military service Thomas has re-enlisted several times and he has developed a strong sense of duty toward the Colonial Military and serving his fellow crewman, oh, and everyone else. He learned to work closely with his fellow deck gang and he prefers team work rather than working alone. However, this has created an odd quirk if Thomas is obsessed with making sure machines work perfectly he has also become curious as to how to improve machines and curious about the people around him. His curiosity has gotten him in trouble once or twice as he has gone a bit too far into looking into the lives of others or into trying to gain permission to try to tinker with a machine. His sense of curiosity has also lead him to keep close tabs on everyone in the deck gang as well as the condition of every ship on the Hestia.

In terms of his skills as an Aircraft Technician, Thomas has trained up in melee heavily mostly because he doesnt want the deck crew to look bad during a crew fight. He has met the military standards for firearms. His first aid skills have been honed as he has worked from having to patch people up after someone has made a mistake on the deck before medical could arrive. He has also learned to keep alert since accidents do happen and if he can stop someone from making a mistake then that is a good thing. He also has done heavy research into almost every ship in the fleet and he has a good knowledge of Colonial Military ships so mentioning the name of a ship will lead to him bringing up various bits of history about the ship that was named. Of course his technical knowledge has been learned, honed, and improved so that he could probably fix anything that flies in space since he is well versed in pretty much every aspect of ship repair on every level. In fact unlike others he has never specialized in mechanical or electronics but he has worked hard to do both. He has also learned a lot about fabrication and making sure that components fit together. Given time and raw materials he can recreate many parts needed to fix the birds that he is tasked to work on which is a useful skill at the end of the world. One skill has stood out and that is his ability to teach deck hands what to do. While he isnt currently the deck chief other deck hands regularly seek him out to ask him how to do something they are comfortable with or that they might not know.


In terms of his military career Thomas has served in several locations but he has served the longest on the Hestia where he has been hoping he can take on the role of deck chief and he has been working his ass off to get it. When he started on the Hestia he was a PO 2nd class but about three years ago he was promoted to PO 1st after spotting a hairline leak in one of the fuel valves on a Raptor that would have turned into a major problem during flight and it would have lead to an explosion during the flight. The bird had been cleared though Thomas felt that something was wrong and his curiosity and perfectionism forced him to make a final check at the last possible minute before the Raptor took off. He earned the promotion because he saved the Raptor, he crew, and the one of President Adars Military advisors who had been visiting the Hestia who was returning home.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Saved one of Adar's Military Advisors from dying once.

Distinguishing Features



  • Has rebuilt a car in high school so quickly that the teacher had to assign other work for him to do.
  • Usually, works with Smith and Jones two specialists that he is trying to mold up for promotion.
  • He has been working on Fleet ships for over thirteen years.
  • He is equally good with mechanics and electronics never having specialized.
  • He is a known perfectionist and he does not like the motto FIFI.
  • Has a strange sense of curiousity about others and about machines that he fixes.
  • He has a strong sense of duty about his work.
  • He knows a little something about many ships just by their name.
  • He has an eye for machines, even ones he hasn't seen before he can guess as to what does what and how it fits.
  • He has trained for dances and he can throw down in a fist fight.


  • Electronics
  • Repair
  • Teaching
  • Naval History
  • Fabrication
  • Melee

On the Grid

Known Associates

PO Judah Vicks. Man has a mouth on him that would make a marine blush but his work is solid.
PO Naomi Tethys. Tethys used to be an outlaw tech, I'm afraid she will start pulling redundancies on our ships. I think she has a hack it or frak it thing going on witht Vicks.
PO Mason S. Montgomery. Mace and I go way back on the Hestia. She is good folk and she works hard enough.
Deck-Chief Corinne Flowers. She has no grasp of what it means to run a deck. She gives orders and lets us follow them and then when she gets a bit of gruff she takes it out on us. She hides in her office all day. Something about her recently seems off.


Coming Soon


  • Naval History
  • Learning About People Around Him.
  • Making sure things work properly.
  • Vipers
  • Raptors
  • Electronics in General


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