Dante Andrews, MD
Dante Andrews, MD
Travis Stork
Travis Stork as Dante Jackson Andrews
Name: Dante Jackson Andrews
Alias: N/A
Age: 31
Hair & Eyes: Brown Hair/Blue Eyes
Faction: Navy: Medical
Position: Trauma Doctor
Colony: Canceron
Play Times: Mutable
Timezone: Time Zone

Biographical Info



Dante's father was a popular governor of one of Canceron's provinces and his mother was a sucessfull attorney. As the middle child, Dante had one older sister who was a symophonist and a younger brother who was well on his way to following in their father's footsteps. All are presumed deceased.


Dante graduated from The Staff of Asclepius University, not quite at the top of his class but pretty close to it. Suprisingly both his family -and- himself, the newly christened Dr Andrews took an internship on a medical ship, even choosing to stay on board afterwards to begin working towards eventually specializing in Internal Medicine. Clearly, these plans were waylayed by Warday.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

After Warday, Dante eventually found himself serving on the Elpis when it fell under attack, only to be rescued by the the CEC Kharon. It was there that Dante signed with the Colonial Fleet, going through the basic training and OCS on the Kharon. Given the rank of Lieutenant, he now serves as the newest trauma doctor on the ship.

Distinguishing Features


  • Dante can't carry a tune in a bucket.


  • Cooking and Bartending
  • Medical training

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
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Timeline of Events

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