Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles as Dell Triptolemus
Name: Dell Triptolemus
Alias: None.
Age: 23
Hair & Eyes: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
Faction: Marine
Position: Private
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: TBA
Timezone: KST (UTC+9)

Biographical Info

Dell Triptolemus was born on Scorpia as a third generation Arelonian who was blessed to Artemis and Demeter; the priest who gave him the blessing said that he would have a gift with animals that would help him in his work. He grew up like the last few generations of Triptolemuss have, working on the family farm. The farm itself was located high in the mountains of Scorpia as it was the cheapest land that his Arelonian ancestors could afford. However, they managed to pick the perfect spot and in time his ancestors had developed a strong farm that fed many of Scorpias children although no one would know it. The farm over the years branched out into many other fields beyond simple agriculture including husbandry. Many of the farm hands were family members or other long term employees that might as well have been family. This was the environment in which Dell was raised. While his accent is purely Scorpian his upbringing is strongly Arelonian and this means that from a young age he was put to work on the farm in one fashion or another. He didnt mind the work and he enjoyed spending time with his family.

In fact, his days as he grew up went like this, get up early in the morning to complete his chores to help fix breakfast, this meant milking cows, gathering eggs, and other similar chores. This was followed by a huge breakfast with everyone working on the farm that day. As soon as this was over he would move on to the next part of the day which meant helping the other farm hands and assisting them in anything they did. After this lunch would be eaten in the fields and it would be brought out from the kitchen to where ever each group of farm hands were at the time. After lunch he would switch and learn from another group of farm hands. By the time dinner rolled around Dell had completed his final chores and he would begin additional instruction, sometimes from his mother on the different subjects from the Colonies and other times it was spending time with the farm hands which meant learning how to drink and throw a punch, stitch a wound in an emergency though superglue sometimes works better. By doing this he picked up the skills agriculture, husbandry, construction, and how to cleanly slaughter animals as well as how to prepare the meat for market in other words he learned to be a father. Another funny thing is that just like his father was both fair and honest in dealing with people as well as horribly stubborn. He and his father always got along how ever sometimes Dell would but heads with some of the farm hands but nothing that a little bit of shouting and a few blows didnt cure.

However, on the weekends he was permitted to cut free and when he was a teenager he began to hunt. It pleased his Father to see his son come back with a nice buck or rabbit that would be turned into a stew. His Father especially loved wild turkey and so Dell would practice until he could knock the head off a turkey from a fair distance. He still enjoys hunting but only for food and never for the kill. When it came to hunting his father was so impressed with his skills that he eventually sent Dell off with other herdsman to protect the cattle as they were allowed to roam and graze. Dell seemed to show great skill at spotting trouble before it showed up, not because of any gift from the Lords but because he was able to keep his mind open and use to stay aware of what was going on around him. He also seemed to have a knack for responding faster than the average bear physically when something would happen from a farm hand throwing a punch to a animal suddenly bucking.

Now, there was a bit of controversy in Dells life and that came from college, his Mother wanted him to go and his father refused. He passed all of the equivalency exams and was accepted to college. In order to make his Father happy he studied agricultural sciences in order to become a better farmer. However, like all college students the world opened up to him and he wanted to see something larger. He began reading books about other places and other things that people had seen and so his mind began to wander. His Father tried to keep him at home by giving him choice work on the farm and a dog. Dell raised the dog, who he named Nemo, and, with the help of a farm hand he was able to train Nemo to do many useful things by command. Nemo and Dell have been inseparable and so man and dog look after each other. Eventually, however, wander lust caught him and so he wanted to go on a long hunting expedition at a remote cabin in the woods that his family had built for occasional vacations. For the past few months Dell and Nemo have been living in the cabin and enjoying the clean air of the highlands. He was living in a family cabin spending three months hunting when the bombs dropped and so Dell learned about the holocaust later than other since he never saw. After the bombs dropped he lived in a Marine Bunker and he would go out with Nemo to hunt for food. Now, he is in the marines and this forced him to leave Nemo behind.

He has been deemed a possible threat to his squad and was taken off the squad after an incident in which he had a fight with another marine. As a result he is not allowed near firearms which was the only thing that was keeping him happy the thought of killing cylons since he has been taken off of squad two he has become quiet and withdrawn. He spends his time cleaning the various heads of the Hestia and working in the Galley serving food his work is solid but he finds it boring. No one knows what he does with his off time these days and he tells no one. Some people think he might be crazy since he had dreams that he swears is a message from the Lords.


  • Scorpia National University

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Stubborn and Honest

Distinguishing Features

Rugged good looks?


  • Animals seem to like him.
  • He can't tell a lie.
  • He hasn't smiled since he was brought aboard the Kharon.


  • Firearms
  • Every Aspect of Farming
  • Construction

On the Grid

Known Associates

Private Damon Cavalera "I get the dude and I think he gets me. Hopefully he will keep me from going over the edge."
Corporal Epi "Shortstack" Jarot "This chick has her crap together. I could learn a thing or two from her."
Ensign Wolfram "Fiver" Fulk "Always trust in a servant of the Lords."
Lieutenant Emmanuelle Mimieux "She keeps saying I'm not crazy and yet she still isn't passing my psych evals. Still though she seems nice enough."


  • Women
  • Hunting
  • Using his hands.


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