PHD 261: Dell Fight
PHD 261: Dell Fight
Summary: Rian jogs the corridors and ends up at the gym finding Dell already there pumpin iron and listening to some tunes. Rian attempts to just make friendly conversation but Dell sticks to straight war and gods talk. Rian attempts to startle the other Marine by pounding the punching bag a little to close to his face. Dell reacts badly and drops her to the deck.
Date: PDH 261(Jan 5 2010)
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Dell is at the heavy weights as classic rock blasts behind him. One moment after the next the man is not backing down as he lifts weights since he might not be able to throw down in a heavy fight but he is able to shoot anything that moves infront of him. For now a song titled Circle in the Sky is playing as he moves through his reps.

The rhythmic sound of boots running upon the cold metal floor echoes louder as Rian turns on a dime and jogs through the gym's hatch. Sweat pours from her brow and has collected down the front and back of her off duty tanks. Light steps take her to the towel rack, grabbing one quickly as she walks in place, cooling down. With one pull on her earbuds they fall from her head, now dangling from her pocket. The music from the gym surprises her, dark eyes growing wide and looking around. Heavy breathing she walks towards the heavy weights. "Good song," she breathes out, wiping her brow with the hand towel, "where'd you get the boombox?"

Dell is in his off duties working out as his arms are the current aspect of his toning that has taken the biggest aspect of his workout. Arms raise up and raise down. He continues to grunt this way and the next as he looks over at Rian, "Put up or shut up I always say." There is another grunt as he raises his end of the weights, "Thanks for the music and as for where I got it…my Pa gave it all to me." He says as he continues to lift weights, one repitition after another.

Rian gives the marine a long stare, watching him work for a few reps before speaking. "You managed to keep it all?" One dark brow raised in question, ignoring his previous statement.

Dell doesn't bat an eye, 'Pa gave it to me and so I keep it. One generation to the next." He stops to look at Rian, "Or are you calling me out?" He asks as he continues to lift weights.

Rian shifts her weight to one foot, crossing her arms over her chest the towel still dangling from her finger tips. "Calling you out?" she questions with a breathless laugh. "I was only curious how you managed to keep a music box throughout a nuclear war." She pauses a moment, "are you always this edgy?"

"Edgy my ass, I'm here on a mission from the gods and that is to kill every metal bastard that comes across me." He says as weights are lifted and lowered, "So my Pa gave me this music and I hang on to it. It is all I have left of my family." The marine grunts as weights are lifted and lowered.

Rian hummphs, "and I thought I was hard to talk to." She pushes off her left leg and moves towards the punching bags, dropping her towel in a nearby bin. On a shelf against the wall she grabs the white tensor and begins to wrap her left hand. "Do you really believe that you are here on a mission? Or has the thought crossed your mind that you may have just been spared like the rest of us?" She speaks louder now that she is farther away and no longer facing the marine.

Dell looks over at Rian, "Psshh, I am hard to talk too, period." He says as he makes one move to moving more weight, "Point is, my dad gave me music and my mission is to kill every metal bastard that moves." He says as he pumps weights, "So, if we have been spared it seems like we have a common goal, huh?"

Rian finishes wrapping her other hand with the tensor and moves before one of the large black punching bags. "Perhaps, but I don't believe I am on a mission from the gods." She squares up her stance and swings hard with her right fist, the sound of the impact is a dull thump and the chain clinks as it moves back and forth.

Dell continues moving his weights and then he stops and sits staight up, "My mission from the gods is to see everyone of those metal bastads dead." He then stands as he walks toward the bag to keep it stationary so Rian can hit it, "Go on let your anger out on this."

Rian's pale lips curl up into a half smile, though it is not the true happy kind. She watches as Dell moves to hold the bag, giving his bod a quick but thorough glance. The bag gets another one-two of her first before she pauses, moving on the balls of her toes, "I'm not angry." Though she contradicts that with a hard right hook and a left uppercut. Again she pauses, eyes focused on the bag as new droplets of sweat move down the side of her brow, "so you talk to the Gods regularly then?" Her voice slightly mocking. One quick movement and her leg is raised high, coming down hard and to the left hitting the bag right next to Dell's cheek through trying not to hit him.

As Rian pulls her punches Dell reacts as if it meant nothing, one move here or one move there means nothing, "I do talk to the Lords." He offfers as a true believer. "Question is, why are you arguing against the Lords?" He asks as he holds the bag in place.

Rian drops her leg surprised, jaw dropping slightly as there is no reaction from the solider from her high kick. A cocky move like that to most marines would at least earn a counter blow. A white wrapped hand reaches up to wipe hair from her brow, "I'm not arguing against anyone." She speaks plainly before giving the bag three left uppercuts, slightly more powerful then the last. "I blow the shit out of toasters whenever I see em, so if that's why I'm here I'm doing a damn good job."

As the counter comes up a hand comes up and snaps Rian dropping her to the ground as he all but falls on top of her pinning her arms with his knees and her knees and her legs with his arms, "You were saying?"

Rian falls back to the metal floor, the floor pads of course being a few meters away as they are not on the sparring mat. The clank of her head against the floor stuns her for a second but instinct kicks in and she rolls away from the falling Marine. On her stomach she holds herself up by the elbows and rubs the back of her head. "What the frak man! Are you a complete idiot? You could have knocked my brains out." Scrambling to her knees she checks her fingers for blood but they are clean.

Dell shrugs, "And I didn't flght clean did I. First rule is we take the enemy by all means neccesary or none." He offers as he offers a hand to Rian letting himself be utterly open, "So are you coming with me in my fight against the metal or not?" He asks as he doesn't budge from what he has done, "Are you in or you out?"

Rian frowns, "for frak sakes are you insane,? I'm not your gods damn enemy!" A fight wrapped fist still rubs the back of her head, dark eyes blazing as she stares up at Dell. "We fight on the same side." As he reaches out his hand she ignores it and stares into his blue eyes, letting him feel her anger. "In YOUR fight? It's OUR fight." Her reflexes are quick as she moves to a knee, hands now on the floor in front of her as her right leg juts out to kick the outstretched hand her body turning with the motion.

Dell finds himself suddenly turned over as he mutters, "Son of a bitch." Clearly Rian has the better half of Dell as he looks up at the woman and he says, "You are not my enemy. Never, but I want you to…ooooh frak….son of a bitch…." as he is twisted over, "The hell?" He looks up at Rian, "I think you just beat my ass."

"Of course I did! You're a gods damn nut job." Rian spits out, dark eyes staring into Dell's unblinking with anger. She rises from the floor, brows stuck in a frown as once more she rubs the back of her head. "You stay the hell away from me," Rian talks down at him, dark bangs shadowing her cheeks. She spins on her heel and stomps from the gym, her earbuds still dangling from one pocket.

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