PHD 244: Dinner Time in the Mess Hall
Dinner Time in the Mess Hall
Summary: There are several discussions in the Mess Hall - also Marek's Posterior is Mentioned
Date: PHD 244
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<Editors Note - Our Game Starts in Media Res since the Poster lost the top half of the log>

Kore looks up at Castor from her food and blinks. Oh, he's being polite! That's not a bad thing. She reaches across the table and shakes his hand. "Sergeant Polly Kore. I'm a combat medic with the ship's marine detachment." she offers politely back. "You must be in from the Kharon, since I don't recognize you."

Leda nods his head, "Yeah, I'm from the Kharon, it is always fun to be the new kid at school you know." His hand shake is firm but not overly so and for a pilot his hands are suprisingly soft. "Ah, with the combat medics, we sent a few combat medics over here including one Corporal Jacobs. Good guy with a voice as smooth as velvet." He then begins to tuck into his food since he is indeed being polite, he is taking small bites in case he suddenly has to speak to Kore.

"I've met Corporal Jacobs." Kore confirms. "Haven't see him in action yet, though." She studies him a moment speculatively. "Viper pilot?"

Castor's head goes up and down and he smiles, "I guess I look like a jock, huh?" He says almost with a bit of a blush. Funny thing about Castor is that he looks a little bit like a puppy dog at the moment as his eyes twinkle slightly and he tilts his head to the side. "I've never seen the Corporal in action since I'm always in space going, pewpewpew."

Leda considers this for a moment and he says, "Other than a particular pilot yanking my chain I'm getting by just fine. This is the second Battlestar I've been stationed at. I was once on the Orpheus but she is an older model." He continues to eat, "Funny thing about that, I've been training for Raptor certification as well. Just in case. I want to be a flexible pilot though I like the Furies."

"I thought all pilots had to have rudimentary training in both?" Kore asks curiously. "I mean, don't you have to at least qualify minimally for Raptor piloting if necessary?"

Leda shakes his head, "Nope. They are two different systems. Think of a Viper as an F-1 race car. Fast, sleek, and one wrong turn and your dead. Now, think of a Raptor as a truck, solid, heavy, and it can carry things with it. Both piloting styles are completely different. It's why jocks don't go out and take the place of Raptor drivers. So, qualifying for Raptor piloting isn't neccessary if you are a jock and vice versa."

Kore endures the lecture with patience and simply nods. "Well, if we can manage to stay away from the Cylons long enough, perhaps you'll have time to qualify." she suggests affably.

Leda grins, "Maybe if we can find a place to hide from the cylons we can make that happen. For now though, my jock ass rides in Wolf-8 as soon as the deck crew get done stripping her and building her up again." He takes a bite from his potatos, "Your deck chief doesn't trust our deck chief so much I am guessing." He shrugs as more potatos are eaten, "Anyway, whatever it takes to get back in the air you know."

"I honestly wouldn't know anything about how our deck chief feels about your deck chief." Kore says with a shrug. "Only time I'm ever really on deck is when I'm part of a deployment, and then my eyes are on my CO." She and Leda are sitting at the only table with chairs left currently in the mess, with still a few left to spare.

With the place as it is, it is a miracle that anyone can find a seat. New faces mean new mouths, and so forth. All the same, when bustled out of the line with a mug of tea in one hand and a full tray in the other, the Chaplain does his best not to spill, pour or knock right into anyone. It comes with the full experience of having served with marines during chow-this sudden agility to get through lines and messes. Still when an open seat is spied. It is taken.

Thunk, or rather delicate thunk goes the tray before the mug comes down right next to Kore, at her left. "Sergeant Polly." the accent should be readably identifiable. "I hope I do not interrupt terribly, but I saw a seat by such a lovely young woman and had to take it." A sniff as he sits "Even if she is a marine." Nice words almost per usual from the chaplain. "How are you dear?" And with that grey eyes flit over to Leda as well, a smile. "Ahh, Welkomm Lieutenant." This one, he has not met. Not yet.

Leda eats a bit of his mystery meat this time as he looks over at the Chaplain, cloth, however, this pilot has cooled considerably since the last time he met cloth and he offers a friendly enough, "Glad to be aboard, Padre." He offers a hand, "Castor Leda." And Fiver probably won't see him since he has never gone to the Chapel beyond the occasional funeral service. Though as the joke about Polly being a marine is a made a small smile flickers on his face.

Kore smirks. "Do the Gods grant you your sense of humor, or does it just come naturally, Fiver?" Her sardonic tone is meant in good fun. "Because really, you should have told them 'thanks, but no thanks'." But she gives him an affable nudge of the shoulder. "Just for that, you can't have any of my trifle." She indicates the pink blobby stuff in a bowl that's part of her meal.

Fiver grins back over to Kore "I cannot say. Mysteries of th' lords." The nudge is taken, before it is given back. Still the ensign just grins as he takes time to scoop up a bit of green jello. "Funny, because I was not going to offer you Jello. Odd how th' world works." or the battlestar in this case. A faint teasing of a grin, before food has him occupied-well that and now Leda's hand as he reaches over and takes the shake. "Ah. I am Wolfram Fulk." With the Gemenese, that probably sounds a little butchered. "Most call me Fiver." or the usual religious titles as well. "You are from ht' Kharon, Ja?"

Leda tilts his head as he looks over the Padre and the puppydog pilot looks utterly confused since he was just asked by the Padre to call him by name and he says, "Fiver, this is a rare pleasure." His handshake like the one given to Kore is firm but not overly so. He then grabs a bit of carrot, "Yup, I just got here from the Kharon. I'm with the Furies now."

"I don't want your jello, Padre." Kore wags her fork at the holy man like she's gonna stab him, but of course she does not. Then quietly, "I was wanting to speak to you though, when you have a bit of time."

"Ah, a very lovely squadron, Castor. I know many of the pilots in it. All top notch. But, I would say the same about every squadron we have." A grin there, once the shake is over. Fiver's own grip is rough, perhaps a former military man, before the vestments came on him. "I used to be a raptor driver under a CAG quite similar to Captain Sito. You are in good hands." A grin over his food, before he's buckling in to eat. A few more bites of food, And there's a side glance to Kore. A nod there. "Of course, Polly." a little more serious there, but then he does not know the nature of said talk.

"Just wanted to know if you wanted me for the Memorial." Kore glances briefly at Leda, and then back to Fiver. "For the invocation, or anything like that."

"I dont know, Iggy seems like a royal pain in the ass." He muses softly, "Someone needs to bust her ass down." Then when the Chaplain mentions that he was a Raptor driver a little more respect is found for the Padre, "Well, she seems to be very specific though she is certainly different from Marek." Castor tucks into a bit more of his potatos, "So, where were you stationed as a Raptor driver, Fiver?"

"Nikos?" And there's a faint look back towards the pilot for a moment. A bite of food, as it seems the Chaplain is chewing over either his thoughts or his words. "She is a very bright, and enthusiastic woman. I would not say a pain in the ass. I hear she's a good pilot as well. However, if you have such a wish to..Bust her ass down." a lick of a tooth. "I suggest fight night. Put your fists, where your mouth is." And there's another bite, before he's reaching for his tea, having let it cool sufficiently. "I was stationed on the Bellerophon, before my accident, and calling." And he leaves it at that. A look over to Kore and there's a nod.

"Of course." says Fulk, "I haven't written the service out, but I plan to soon. Perhaps you can help me with the music selection? I haven't decided how traditional we will be.. I want the right…Solemn moment."

Kore nods. "Of course." she says instantly. "Just let me know when you want to get together about it." She moves to continue listening to the pair talk about folk on the ship.

"Fiver, she and I had a pilot heart to heart which is to say it was a tooth and claw argument. Implying that the the Kharon XO has a stick up his ass and then asking me how far up his ass was is not a good way to make friends." He then changes the topic, or he attempts too, "You were on the Belle? We ran into her a few times on the Kharon." As the talk goes to religion Leda simply goes quiet and he lets the others talk since this gives him a moment to work on eating his food.

"Ah, but you are a stranger in a strange land." Fiver quips back up to Leda. "Such questions will be the normal. After all Should I be insulted when I have people asking me about the quality of the officers that I look after on this ship?" He'll let it rest at that. As for being on the Belle, he nods. "Ja, for a year I was. Fresh out of training. My first and last posting." And he's sipping his tea once more. "Polly, tell me. How are things in marine country? I feel as if I am remiss there, sure I see your CO several times, but I don't venture in as much as I should-Coffee still shit?" And yes he curses with a bit of a twinkle and a grin as he looks to draw the marine back in.

"Well, you know me and coffee. As long as there's enough sugar I'll drink it if it's three days burned." Polly's stomach has won bets for well enterprising soldiers. "As far as I know, the marines are okay. You having trouble talking to Tombs?"

Leda nods his head over to Fiver, "Fair enough, Fiver." He offers, "Fair enough." He then says, "Coffee is coffee even when it is burnt over it is still hot and bitter. "Sorry to hear you aren't in the air anymore it would have been an honor to have flown with you." From Leda speaking to a Padre like this is a rare moment there is acctual admiration in his eye. He looks over at Kore, "Marines normally are okay so long as they don't go crazy and start blowing themselves or others up." He offers to Kore, "Not saying it will happen here but it did happen on the Kharon."

Kore says only, and a bit stiffly, "We're not the Kharon." she leaves it at that.

"I thought three days burned is how marines drank coffee anyway." A snicker there, as the chaplain still seems in good enough spirits. "Tombs? Well, yes an no. I mean he comes in, but you know him. The silent type-But I guess that is what you want in an S2. I was meaning th' platoon in general. I've seen a few new faces. Not so many of my old…" perhaps a way of trying to trick Kore into outreach for him. Though he does stop and he does look back to Leda. The two different statements, one about Marines going crazy-and the other about being an honor to fly with him. There's a slight clearing of his throat and Fiver nods. "Dankie for the compliment, Lieutenant.." As for this not being the Kharon, he simply nods. Far be it for an Ensign to say else to a Lieutenant.

Leda looks over at Kore, "Sorry, sort of slipped out of my mouth. Its how I got my old callsign, Bubbles." And as he remember that name he becomes quiet for a moment content to listen to the other two speak so he can work on eating a bit more of his food.

"Bubbles." That earns him a little laugh from Kore, a hand going to her mouth. Then, "Sorry, sir." Yeah, she forgot he's a lieutenant, just a little. "How many callsigns have you gone through?"

Fiver looks to Leda and there's a faint smile there. "Some how I can see that callsign fitting you.." A chuckle as the statement was meant in jest. And then he's back to eating, however, the brow that does come up from the Ensign shows that he too is curious about the number of callsigns.

Leda says, "Three, first was Tinman since I can go unemotional sometimes when the shit hits the fan, second was Bubbles because words kept slipping out of my mouth, and the third and current is Shepherd on account of how I look out for everyone around me like a Shepherd does." He looks over at Fiver with a grin, "I really don't want to revisit it since it was utterly humiliating."

"Then why mention it at all?" Kore can't help but inquire. She grins. "From what I understand, some callsigns don't come from flattering events."

Fiver raises a brow. "Three, I've only had one." and it still sticks, given the crew still calls him by it. Something the marines started doing once they found out their slightly funny Padre had been a pilot. Since then it has kept. "Ja well. I earned Fiver after hitting the deck five times while trying to land. Became a ritual, till I could stick my landings. Five bounces, then poof." a chuckle, as eyes look over back to Kore "Be Happy that you have medic, an Polly. Much more flattering."

Castor smirks, "Well, this all happened in roughly a three month period. When I frak up I tend to do it in the biggest way possible, world class level." He then says, "Fiver, huh, not a bad callsign to have considering the ritual part. I've been training for a Raptor cert for a while now. Not that I need it but you know. It is something I want to be able to do. The landings seem like the hardest parts, well, combat landings that is." He looks over at Kore, "See, that is the thing, a callsign, is not supposed to be flattering it should be slightly embarassing."

"Yes." the chaplain offers back uneasily, before taking another sip of tea. "They can be trouble to stick." and with that he's looking back to Kore, before he is shaking his head "Well, if you get a good one-you should earn it. That way people understand the respect. Be glad, you are a marine, Polly." a grin as eyes go back to Castor "Pilots can become too vain for their own good. Soon someone will want shark teeth on their viper."

A pair of eyes roll and they belong to Castor as he says, "I really hope no one does. I prefer my Viper to look the way they were designed to look. Though as for the callsigns yeah sometimes they don't stick." He eats a bit more of his potatos, "Trust me Fiver, I really don't want paint on my Viper." He then adds, "As for being vain, Jupiter and Eddie have a tendancy to knock my ego down so I try to stay as humble as the average jock can."

"Well, let us hope you can contain your mouth or whatever gets you into such trouble, so that whatever your current one is may remain. As for paint." that brings a brief smile and a laugh "Our Chief, is superb and a stickler for how she has things run. Your birds will be spotless save for the usual Military Grey." Fiver just grins and grins as he puts himself right into the hash. Potatoes and eggs, sausage things all mixed into a lovely batch of get it down your throat. "A humble pilot." a bit of a thoughtful pause on that. "If you can do it, I would put you up for Sainthood."

Leda simply nods, "Military Grey is good since there is no need to make it any easier for the enemy to find us. Colorful paint will just get you dead." And that is the Castor Leda opinion on Tactical Paint Jobs on Vipers, "I haven't met the Chief yet but she seems to have a pretty good rep so long as no one pisses her off." He also offers in all honesty, "And I really don't want to put up for sainthood." Ah gnostics what fools they are.

"Sadly, Lieutenant. Most saints never want to be saints. They are just put up for them. Usually after they are dead." Fiver muses before he's taking another sip of his tea. With the marine doing whatever she is prone to silently, the Chaplain focuses back over to the pilot. "Eh I know she is a little..prickly sometimes, but she gets her work done. So that is what matters."

Castor smiles, "Yeah, well, I don't plan on dying any time soon." His right hand goes to rub the back of his neck, "Usually, Deck Chief's tend to be picky, in fact, I'm more than certain that it is a job requirement." He then tilts his head, "Fiver, you should know I'm not a fan of the Lords." His voice becomes softer as he says this since he rarely phrases it this way, "Though you seem alright."

"You can't plan to die, only to do. Fates decide that." Fiver adds on before he's taking another sip of tea. Though the words that follow Castor next, bring a pause from the Chaplain. A look back to the Lieutenant and the Ensign just stares for a moment. "Thank you-though I must admit, Lieutenant. That is a very backhanded way to put things." And it seems the Chaplain doesn't have a problem speaking his mind now. "I understand not all like the Lords-that is fine. However, to base your opinion of me like that. It would be as if I said, I dislike vipers-though you're alright, kinda." A look back to Castor. "You would not like that would you?"

Castor nods his head, "Sorry, Fiver, I sort of had a habit of almost always yelling at our last Chaplain." He places his hands on the table, "See, thing is I lost my parents at a young age and then my brother a couple of years after that and I couldn't bring myself to believe in them since they all died. I got angry and just seeing a Brother or a Sister would make my blood boil with anger. Then my brother because of some prophecy saying one of us would live and protect others and one of us would die. So, I just got angrier about, in fact I tried to become my brother and roughly three months ago or so I started letting me be me and not my brother. I've got all kinds of religious issues, Fiver." He pauses and takes a sip of water, "What I mean is I know it sounds backhanded but I mean it as a high compliment, though I see how this sounded sort of barbed, so, sorry."

"It sounded very barbed.." Fiver adds on. "And I feel sorry for your last Chaplain. We are men too. And to blame him for what one person said, whether hard or not, or hurtful or not, is a rather blind thing to do." Fiver however is not chiding in these words. Instead he's calm, and simply occupied with his tea. "And that is a heavy thing to put on a child, but remember. You are not your brother-and if he was meant to die-then he was. Right now you cannot change that, but you can change how you are to yourself, and to others." A look there. "Which given that you said you are trying to be yourself. That is a step." A nod there. "Still. I thank you for the compliment-so do not focus on it. Just say, you are welcome." A grin. No hard feelings.

Leda nods his head as he listens. "Yeah, one of the Chaplains on the Kharon told me about how much hated gets thrown at Brothers and Sisters. He made me realize I shouldn't treat them so badly since they, like you, are people who hurt as much as anyone else." He then says, "So, if you don't mind my asking what is your story? I mean how did you get from the Belle to here and I know you mentioned getting wounded what happened there to?"

Fiver smiles slightly over the rim of his tea, another quiet sip before he is wiping his lips. "Ja. Part of th' job really. People often blame us for their loved ones dying or some bad luck, because we represent the gods in their life." A shrug. "People often forget the gods are big enough to handle our anger and lamentations.- so they figure men, and women who can break as easily are the perfect targets." As for the other bit there is a shaking of his head. "Not at all. I was was on the Bellerophon, and we were doing practice exercises over Tauron, when I was shot down by insurgents..err striking miners. Crashed into the mountains, and I managed to bring my crew out to a farm after a few days.." A slight smile "I received my calling shortly after that event, and went to Seminary before being bussed into the Chaplain's corps." Brief, but there.

Castor listens to all of this and he responds first to the being a Padre, "Well, I guess I'll keep an eye out for you. If anyone from the Kharon gives you crap come and see me. Though I used to be the person who blamed anyone representing the Lords for the death of my family." He then looks over at Fiver and he responds to the second part, "Did the Miners ever get brought up for charges?"

Fiver grins for a moment. "Oh, I think you won't-though if you do you would be part of the larger family that does." And with that he's placing his cup on his tray. "You see I came over with marines, so he marines like me. I used to be a pilot, and do my main ministry with them- so the pilots like me too. If someone comes after me-I can handle my own, and if not? There is a ship who loves and supports me." A nod there. "And they will you, too." As soon as everyone is done ruffling everyone's feathers. Which is to be expected given the new faces influx. "I do not know. I think they were strafed." And there is a shake of his head. "It does not matter, as I forgave them."

Castor looks over at Fiver and he nods his head, "Well, like I said I had a brief run in with Iggy earlier. Though I think she and I have differing personalities. Generally, I get along with every one on a ship, hell, I think of them as family. We are all just adjusting but yeah I think everyone here is alright and I still get to see the Papabear." He then stops, "Former CAG of the Kharon." He smiles, "It is our term of affection for him." He then takes a piece of celery up and after the crunch he says, "Do we have any peanut butter on this ship?"

Into the Mess Hall comes skidding someone's kid, probably on the run from a parent. Whoever this kid belongs to, well, the kid inherited some good speed and precision sliding capabilities. She looks to be in Marine off-duties - must be a Marine brat then. Right to the counter for food she goes, smiling up at the person dishing out the day's swill.

"Perhaps. It is a rough time for everyone right now, Castor." Fiver says softly. Currently, the priest and the other pilot are seated at a table somewhere in the middle. And yes, it has a few empty seats open as the night time crowd has ushered in and all that. " Kore is also there sitting with them, though she seems to be in silent food mode. But do not worry there are places open both by priest and pilot. Hurry while the getting is good.

"Papabear." Fiver replies with a chuckle. "Ja, I do not think anyone calls Sito that, but she is a good woman. good CAG." that is his estimation of the Captain. Though that last bit does cause an amused look to briefly flicker. "Ja, though you are asking the wrong person in the support department. Our Quartermaster would know more so than I."

Kore has been sitting and eating her food, only now she has time to leisurely enjoy what the cooks have deigned to call trifle. It's…pink. Like the sort of pink one drinks when one's stomach is out of sorts. But nonetheless, Kore picks up the bowl and damned if she doesn't start eating it.

An officer strolls in some moments after Epi careens through the mess hall, moving at a considerably more sedate pace. Hands tucked into the pockets of his blues trousers, Kai seems more interested in the deck roughly two feet in front of him, than today's offering, hastily scrawled in chalk on a blackboard that could use a cleaning. The little marine's enthusiasm has him quirking his lips slightly, and offering a subdued, "evening" once he's stepped up in line after her.

Eyeball one, Acctual, we have a another marine in the room, advise - Castor's eyes go over to Epi and then to Papabear, "Papabear. Are your ears burning. We were just talking about you." He looks over at Fiver, "Fiver, I'm sure she will get her own, nickname, give me some time." He looks at Kore's desert, "No, but seriously do we have peanut butter since it will make this celery taste better."

Epi looks over her shoulder, blinking up at whomever's in line behind her with the clear intention of offering a bright smile and a few words. Then she sees who it is and her eyes go utterly huge. Seriously, Epi goes into full-on anime mode. Even worse, she goes absolutely still. How does one know that Epi's surprised or dead? She stops moving. Those are likely the ONLY two times she stops moving. The smile on her face blossoms past brilliant into tiny thermonuclear weapon. "Captain," she squeaks, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "It's good to see you, Sir. I think they have jello, Sir. I saw some red jello at the end. Would you like some?" And then there's Castor, too, and the smile ratchets up one or two more notches. Someone's day has been made.

"Glad I don't have to worry about a nickname." Polly mutters, and looking up, nods respectfully to Spider before returning to her food. Whomever decided to call the crap she's eating trifle was a brave person. The fact that she's shoveling it down possibly makes her braver.

If Epi's a thermonuclear weapon, Kai's a cold fish. He gives a faint, vaguely uneasy looking smile when the marine starts bouncing on her toes, like he half expects her to launch herself at him. Or maybe he's just a sullen bastard. "If you could save me a bowl, I'd owe you one," he confides in a low voice, reaching around her to fetch himself a tray. Castor's spotted across the way, and given a lazy two-fingered salute. As to burning ears, the comment just gets a raised brow. Since, well, he wasn't privy to the conversation prior.

Fiver smiles a little more as he finishes his tea. mug moved aside there's a reach finally for the cool metallic cup at the end of his tray. cold water, well-cool water. Cooler than his tea was. The remnants of his jello eyes, which is to say a couple miniscule globs that have evaded forking. "Oh, I don't know Sergeant." comes Fiver's voice again as he turns looking back over to Kore for a second. "I am sure I could give you something if you like." grin up, and he's back to focusing in on Castor. Enough that the chaplain hasn't seen Kai, nor Epi. "If you do." Fiver starts "May it be respectful." Did the Chaplain drop in a serious mode there? Why yes.

Epi squeaks and nods as she watches Kai for a moment, the bouncing slowing just a bit. "Got it, Sir," she says softly before launching herself into motion, dashing down to the end of the line. Of course, the one or two people in line ahead of her have something to say about that, but after the first apology, they only get a growl. Then it's off to the table with a few empty seats. "Sirs," she says to Castor and Fiver, smile brightening. "Sergeant. Anyone mind if the CA…err, Captain Marek and I take up these two free seats?" Yes, she even looks hopeful.

Castor looks over at Epi and that smile she is giving has him smiling and it is a big dumb goofy kind of smile he returns Papabears two fingered salute and he looks over at Fiver. Castor looks at Kore, "Well, Corporal Jarot here is sometimes called Shortstack. So, be careful or I'm sure Fiver will pass the word of a new name for you and people listen to him." He then looks over at Epi, "Sure thing, Corporal." He says making sure the space is open. "How have you both been?" He then looks over at Fiver and Kore, "Do you need any introductitons?"

Kore wags her spork about absently. "Please yourself, Corporal." Yeah, since Epi's a marine, even though she's new to the ship, Kore at least semi-sorta has her face in the mental file. Also, someone that tiny who carries weapons that big? Hard to forget. Then, "Are congratulations in order, sir?" This to Marek, before she smiles faintly to Castor. "No, it's fine."

Ye Gods, time for chow finally, following PT. Of course, maybe it's a good day when the hardest thing you have to think about is whether to hit the mess before or after you hit the head for a shower(but always before you hit the bunk). Looks like tonight the shower won out tonight (and maybe thankfully), as Cinder slides in, and hits the line at the front. At least they still seem to be serving something hot, which is a relief. No after-hours cold rations or snacks for her tonight. While in line, she takes the opportunity to look around the mess, and just like in gradeschool, tries to decide where the higest density of Kharon faces she recognizes are sitting so she can sit there.

Kai rubs his thumb against his cheek absently, maybe just scratching an itch or maybe trying to smother a smile as Epi goes darting off. Either way, he's up next for green beans. A large spoonful is scooped onto his plate, followed by a hunk of mashed potatoes and a slice of meatloaf. His coffee cup's filled to the brim, and then he collects his tray and starts threading his way over to Castor and Fiver's table. "Congratulations?" he repeats, setting his dinner down with a thump, and then dropping his ass into the chair shortly thereafter.

"Sanibona." said with a smile both to Epi and Marek. Nothing like that Kalimnos to get the mind going. Still it is offered easily and effortlessly to the two. A simple greeting more or less. "I take it everything is going well there?" Now Kai gets to endure probing questions from the Chaplain. Joy. Though give the Chaplain credit. He's not spilled the beans and he is being cryptic. At least he is good at keeping secrets. Fiver then looks over to Epi. "Nice to meet you, Corporal. I'm Fiver-the Chaplain aboard here." As opposed to the other battlestars around.

Epiphany slides into her chair, wriggling to get comfortable. Two bowls of red jello are ceremoniously placed near the top of Kai's tray before she even thinks about picking up her own fork. As Brand comes in, Epi lifts a hand in greeting to indicate on of the free chairs at the table. "Corporal Epiphany Jarot, Sir," she tells Fiver, her attention bouncing from one person to another with the same directionality as an out of control Viper. At the greeting from Fiver, though, her brows pull together and she blinks at him. "Sani-bona, Sir," she asks, butchering it. Castor and Kai get looked at, as if they could help her figure it out.

Kore shrugs. "Heard a rumor." she clarifies, but not much more than that. There's suddenly a high contingent of Kharon transfers, with her and Fiver as the lone original Hestia types. She keeps quiet for the moment, picking up queues from the collective.

Epi isn't going to get any help from the surly viper Captain. By the time Fiver offers his greeting, and Jarot beseeches him with a glance aimed his way, he's already started digging into his green beans. Mouth full, eyes down, he gives a grunt of incomprehension, and continues chewing. It's washed down with a swig of coffee, after which he mumbles to Fiver, "It's going well. Thanks." The words sound genuine, if brusque. Then he resumes eating again. "Sit around long enough in one place, and you'll hear a few.." His eyes flick briefly to Kore's collar. "Sergeant."

It seems as though there is only one table left open in the mess and Castor says to Kai, "On getting hitched, sir." He then looks at his plate and then back to Kai, "Oh, this is meat loaf…I was thinking it was Chibeefotk aka mystery meat." He then looks over at Kore and he smiles, "Alright." He looks over at Epi and gives a shrug of his shoulders, "I think it means something like hello." Leda isn't much of an linguist and he has spoken nothing but basic it might be the only language he knows. He continues eating his meat loaf as he looks over at Kore, "Where there is smoke there is fire, right?"

"It means, good evening, Corporal." Fiver explains, before he's flicking eyes to the munching Captain. A brief grin and a nod. "Good, I am very happy for you." By this one could easily think he means the day, though Castor being right on the money earns a glance-though no confirmation one way or the other from the priest. Instead he's sipping at his water. "Speaking of rumors, I am starting one now." Wait what? "If people would like to help with singing in the upcoming memorial. Please come by my desk in the Navy offices, or see Sergeant Kore." There a look around the table. "Feel free to spread that one.."

One good thing about the whole mess line thing is that it's in and out, quick. Tray. Slop on this, slop on some of that, grab a piece of this or hunk of that, a little dish of this or that, and done. With the tray loaded up, Cinder heads on over to the table with Epi, having seen her wave. "Heyo folks," she says, nodding and checking each of them out. "Captain, Shortstack…" the two she knows first. Then a bunch of other rounds based on rank. "Lieutenant, Ensign, Sergeant," she says with nods.

Singing? Epi just stares at Fiver for a long moment, head canting almost all the way to one side. She just blinks owlishly at him. "Singing," she asks. Yes, Epi is the type of woman whose thoughts get written on her face for people to read just before they come out of her mouth. Open book? Yeah, it was written about Epi. Rather than comment, though, she just digs into her own food with all the delicacy of, well, a Marine.

Kore gives a shrug. "It was one of those rumors that there's no harm in offering a congratulations for, even if one was wrong." She waves her spork again when Fiver mentions her, and then adds, "Sergeant Polly Kore." to the new faces. She looks up, nods to the newcomer. Now the table's getting crowded. Epi's reaction is faintly amusing, but she doesn't make mention.

Overwhelmed, shy about his recent nuptials, or just really really hungry after a day spent in the cockpit, the viper stick ducks his head again and resumes eating. Every so often, his fork tinks the plate. He's not a savage about it, just the sort of man who doesn't leave anything behind. As it seems introductions are being made, he wipes off his mouth with the back of his hand and offers in a low voice, "Captain Karim Marek. Good to meet you, Sergeant." He even attempts a small smile.

Kai also shuffles his chair over a few inches, so Cinder can slot herself in.

"Why yes, Corporal." A grin there on Fulk's face, though it does not quite reach. Perhaps it was the canting to the head that did it. Almost as if he had put socks on a cat and then tried to get it to walk around. Instead, the cat seems unamused. "Singing. You know, open your mouth, la?" a chuckle there. "For the hymns, there will be one I do, for the dead, but there will be the call to prayer I hope all will participate in, and the benediction." There, see not a huge over drawn ordeal. Sweating can de commence. Eyes do catch Cinder, and Fiver does offer a nod. "Private."

Before she even dirties her hands with supper, Cinder makes sure to introduce herself. "Private Cinder Brand. I'm an MP…I was new to the carrier, and now I'm super-new here, so…you know, that kinda stinks. So far, the chow's about the same though." An attempt at humor? Maybe, but she is blonde, so…no guarantees. Introductions made, she snags her fork, and takes a few bites, before she too is congratulating the Captain. "Oh! Congratulations Captain…almost forgot in all the excitement that is running laps. You and the S2, right?" Kharon's S2, now CO, but forever the S2 in her mind.

Epi just blinks at Fiver as if all that is a concept she's really not that familiar with. "Huh," she says after a moment, looking to Castor. "Lieutenant Leda can find anything, so maybe he can find you people to sing." It's a simple faith, Epi's is. And clearly she is utterly baffled by the notion of the singing. As the Captain wipes his mouth with his hand, Epi sighs softly and surreptitiously slides a clean napkin his way with her elbow. Otherwise, she remains quiet, listening.

Kore seems mildly surprised by Epi's reaction, but also amused. With all the faces that are far more familiar to each other than herself, she seems to take being a minimal participant as being the wisest course. "Likewise." she notes to Marek and then looks to Fiver a bit haplessly. So many people!

"Really, Brand, I think the food is better here. We have a greater stock now and any meal that is hot is a good meal." Castor looks over at Epi for a moment, "Now, that would be legendary wouldn't it, pulling a choir together via trading. I still know some people from the Kharon who owe me for a few things so I think I could get something going if you wanted. Though I can't say the people I can get would have the most pleasent of voices." Whoa, did Leda just offer to help a Priest? He stands to refill his coffee mug but as he comes back he does wave with his free hand and a cubit suddenly appears out of no where.

You know things are bad when a marine half your size is mothering you. Kai's brow creases a little as Epi slides over the napkin, and he regards it like one might regard an alien pod that's just landed on their front driveway. "Thanks," he murmurs to the young woman regardless, and resumes eating his meatloaf. Cinder gets a soft chuckle at her congratulations, though he swallows before speaking this time. "Yeah, me and the S2. Figured we'd put it off for long enough. I hope the jarheads aren't giving her too hard a time over there." To Fiver, "If there's anything I can help with, Brother, you let me know. Though I draw the line at singing."

"Well, that assumes the Marines over there got brains enough to even realize she got married. Maybe there's a reason she got married over here. And even though I'm not really religious," Cinder says, turning to the Chaplain. "I'm with the Captain on this one. Give me a shout if you need help with anything, but I'm probably not such a great singer. Haven't had much practice." Her mind is already working in other directions though.

Epi just beams at Kai as he takes the napkin. Good Captain. She goes back to her food, downing it rather quickly. Of course, she does comment, quietly, "If they do give her shit, it'll be taken care of." Apropos of nothing?

Fiver chuckles to Epi and shrugs all the same. There's a beat as he looks back over to Kore as it seems something was on his lips. Yes, now these two are the outsiders looking in, hmm? Perhaps some would see how the Kharon folks actually felt on their ship. A sip of his water, and there's a look back to Castor and Cinder, still amused the Chaplain shakes his head "Do not worry Corporal. Just let people know-that is all I ask." See he's not press ganging Epi into the Hestian Choir. So Joy there? However, for the words of the Captain fiver grins. "If you an Lieutenant Leda can find people who willingly want to sing. That would be excellent. Though if you can play an instrument, I always enjoy the help with services." And like that the Chaplain is doing his roping scheme. IE getting more people to come to service.

Castor looks over Epi, "If they give her shit she'll take care of it before anyone else has I get a feeling." He the places the coin in his pocket since magic tricks don't seem to impress anyone at the table. He takes his seat and a sip of coffee, "I'll see what I can find around here, singers I mean." He cracks his knuckles, "This ought to be fun. I haven't had to scrounge up people since flight school." He raises an eyebrow as he begins to mentally go through the ususual subjects.

Kai considers Fiver's request while he finishes off his meatloaf, and starts digging into his mashed potatoes. "I can talk to Black Cat." He gestures absently with his loaded fork before tucking the food into his mouth. "She likes to sing." Points to anyone who managed to understand that. To his credit, it's delivered in a deadpan, so there's no way to tell whether he's serious or just trying to throw the Wardogs' squad leader under the bus. Epi gets a look askance and a small smile for her offering, then it's back to mashed potatoes.

Kore finishes her trifle and says, "I think Fiver was just looking for folk who wouldn't mind singing the traditional invocation is all. Not expecting everyone to burst forth into a pubsing or anything like that."

Not so much her conversation anymore, Cinder just sits and digs into the meal in earnest. Is that potatoe? Or is it meat? Maybe some kind of stewed veggie or something. Either way, she's not so picky anymore, and chows down, even while she keeps an ear on the conversation. Learn by listening, of course.

Fiver nods back towards Kore "Ja, exactly. I don' want it to be a pubsing. Only those who want to sing. Save pubsing for the wake, when everyone is good and drunk, Ja?" Ad there is a shake of his head as he slowly rises. "Anyway I must to bed for services come early for me tomorrow." There's a look given to the Sergeant. "Come find me when you get off duty, please?" As for the others he's bowing his head. "Lalani Kahle." again in the traditional Kalimnos. Hooray for being Gemenese. "It means, Good night. Gods be with you all." And he is going to scrape and slink out.

Leda raises an eyebrow, "Well, I've been given a new challenege and I think it is one I'll accept. Seriously, if I can pull this off this will make finding…" he stops because even though he is getting excited he isn't about to reveal what he has found for others in the past and so he says, "all of the other things I have found." He says simply, "Relax, I'll make sure they will be willing."

"Well, good luck with it, Brother," Marek asides to the departing chaplain while finishing off the last of his mashed potato. The fork's dropped with a clatter, and he slides a cigarette out of the pack in his trouser pocket, cupping it with one hand and lighting it with the other. "I knew a few of the pilots that were shot down, if you need any tidbits about them." Of course, some are probably aware that he was Kharon's CAG before Whiplash poached him for her wing, so it'd stand to reason.

Kore attempts to steer conversation away. "So which of you besides the corporal," she indicates Epi, "Am I most likely to be slapping morpha on in the middle of a firefight?"

Epi crinkles her nose at Kore, though smiles. "I'm not that bad of a bullet magnet, thankyouverymuch, Sarge," she says with a grin. Her feet have now started swinging under the chair. One hand reaches out to nudge the jello closer to Kai. "Swift is the bullet magnet. Or Elder. Pike just kept threatening to put me on their frequent flier plan."

"Which Corporal? Shortstack here, or Swift? Both sponge bullets up pretty good. I think Ashe actually made a toaster click empty." Cinder smirks in the direction of Epi, but at least now she has come credabilitiy, and her perfect skin has been marred by some gunfire.

Apparently having nothing to say on the subject of bullet magnets, Kai smokes quietly while the conversation filters around him. He reaches for his spoon, jello certainly not forgotten about, and alternates drags from his cigarette with cubes of wobbly pink dessert. Mmmm.

Leda looks at the Marines from the Kharon and he asks, "Do we have any marines who haven't been shot?" He tilts his head as he asks this aw the puppy is giving his curious puppy look. He looks over at Marek, "Sir, I'll pass word, and get him a choir." He looks over at Kore, "To be fair, I've only been in the sickbay once and it was for observation."

Kore says wryly, "I look forward to meeting everyone. Helps to know who I need to grab by the strap." She then looks to Leda. "I don't think he's looking for a choir." she says patiently.

Epi nods enthusiastically at Cinder, though the smile has faded. "He made it click empty," the woman says quietly, though she's not happy, clearly. "And that's good, Lieutenant. You don't want to be in the Sickbay, really. They're very nice people, but the food's for shit. And other patients make you flash so they'll stop rattling their cuffs against the bed rail."

Kai had been quietly eating his jello and enjoying his smoke, up until Epi piped up with that last bit. He pauses with the spoon an inch from his mouth, and looks slantwise at her. No, on second thoughts, he isn't going to ask. Tink, goes the spoon against his teeth. A glance at his watch has him picking up the pace, and finishing off the first bowl of jello in record time. The second one is slid back toward Epi. "You all have a good evening," he murmurs, chair grinding against the deck as he scoots it out and begins to rise.

"Sir." Kore bids him farewell with a polite nod, studying the others thoughtfully. Memorizing faces, maybe?

Leda muses, "Next time he pulls a stunt like that he is going to the brig assuming I don't pistolwhip his ass and then send him to the brig, frakker." On the subject of Vicks Castor is not a fan, there is honestly someone on this ship that Castor doesn't like at all which is sort of a first. "And I wasn't there long enough for anything other than cookies and water." He then adds, "Though I visit a lot since my friends keep ending up there." He looks over Kai, "Sir." He then looks over at Kore, "And I've been given a personal challenge and I want to see if I can do it."

Cinder nods to the Captain, but she's not far behind him. She doesn't spare the speed in eating, and before you know it, she's got utensils scraping metal tray, just like worn brake pads. "Well, as nice as it is to meet you all, I'm not long for the chow hall. This is just sort of a pit stop." Yup, plenty of exploration to do as per the MaA's orders for the first week of off-duty duty. "See you folks later!" she says as she stands, and takes the tray and all to the wash, and then she's gone.

Poor Epi looks crestfallen as Kai stands up to take his leave. It's as if someone just took her ice cream cone away. Strange, isn't it, how someone so small and innocent seeming is an expert at blowing things up. "Night Sir," she says quietly, shoulders drooping a little. "Night Brand." Goodnight, Moon. "And please don't hurt him, Lieutenant Leda. I don't want your career to suffer for him doing stupid crap."

"You keep your nose clean, Leda." It sounds vaguely like a warning. Then Kai's chair is nudged back against the table with his boot, and his hand lands briefly on Epi's shoulder as he slips past and heads off to bus his tray. Duty, or possibly rack time, calls.

Castor looks over at Brand as she darts out and then over to Kai as he makes his out and when he is told to keep his nose clean he huffs a bit as he looks over at Epi, "Fine, thoough he keeps up like that and someone is going to get him." He takes another sip from his mug though it quickly goes away when he watches Epi's reaction to Papabear. He has seen this same look on the faces of other women. "One of these days I'm going to figure out how Papabear does that to women and I'm so going to do it all the time."

"So your personal challenge is to provide the Padre with something he didn't ask for and said he wasn't looking for. Good luck with that." Kore notes mildly. She then blinks at Castor. "Does what to women?" She's genuinely baffled.

Epi's cheeks color and she grins over at Castor. "It's the ass," she tells him, voice dropping slightly. "Seriously. And that air of…I don't know, aloofness." And likely a few other things. "Plus? Viper jock." Yep, Epi looks like she's going to melt like jello in the sun. Her attention bounces back to Kore and she grins. "The chaplain said he wanted people to sing, so Leda will find him singers. The Lieutenant specializes in going out of his way to make sure other people are happy."

Castor looks genuinely suprised, "You mean you didn't see what just happened here? Kai left and Jarot is sighing like a school girl looking at her first love. Papabear gets attention from women, I liken it to a superpower. Women just go weak in the knees around him." He smiles warmly as he cradles his coffee which he spits out, "Frak!" He then turns to look at Epi with a smirk, "Well, damn, I don't think I can compete with that since I'm already pulling double PT's so my ass is as nice as it is going to look." He snaps his fingers, "Oh well." His eyes go over to Kore, "What Corporal Jarot said, I go out of my way to make sure people are happy around here."

"I'm a woman, and I'm not weak in the knees. I didn't even notice his ass." Kore blinks a bit, brow furrowing. "Should I feel cheated, you think?" she asks the others.

"The next time you see him," Epi tells Kore with a solemn nod. "Look at his ass. It's a thing of beauty to behold." A napkin is passed to Leda without thought, thanks to the minor spewage. "Add to that, he's just a really nice man."

Castor accepts the napkin, "Thanks, though Epi is right, well I can't speak for the ass but Papabear looks out for us. Hence the nickname, Papabear, he is like a fatherly figure that you feel safe being around." He looks over at Kore, "Hang around him a bit and he will get to you with his subtle charms. I have a feeling a lot of hearts were broken because of the wedding." Which suddenly makes him think about something as his eyes show an air of concern.

"Check out his ass next time, check." Kore nods to Epi with a shared solemn air. Operation Butt-Cheek Check is underway! In secret. She then gives Castor a chuckle and a shrug. "I think I'll have to wait and see if this cult of personality manages to infect me too. It's not like I spend a ton of time with Air Wing personnel while working. But maybe that will change."

Epi grins broadly at Kore and shakes her head. "Oh, you'll spend plenty of time with them after fights. They spend more time in the Infirmary than Marines do." Then she looks to Castor, head tilting to the side slightly. "Everything ok?"

Castor says, "And pilots can get hurt on missions which means if you happen to be on the deck you might be doing triage if a lot of pilots are hurt." And on the subject of Kai, "Were I a woman I'd offer myself to him in a wommanly fashion." He then turns to looks at Epi as he he says softly, "Yeah. I just need to talk to a friend that I am worried about."

"Man crushes. So cute." Kore says wryly, and nods to Epi. "May be that I will, but - you all are my first charges. And arguably, I'm a corpsman before I'm a medic. But I'm admittedly damn better at being the latter - which doesn't mean I'm bad at the former. But I'll work on whoever's in front of me. Or whoever I need to drag away from the action."

Epi's head bobs to Kore and the smile just grows by leaps and bounds. "Watch out for Jacobs. He's very sweet, but very lonely," she tells the Sergeant. "He's also a damned good medic. Of course, he rarely ever gets out of the Sickbay to go with us on ops. Elder's a medic, too, but he stayed on Kharon. He attracted bullets like crazy. I guess because he's so big." Castor gets a look, one with a hint of worry, but she doesn't push.

Leda smiles, "Corporal Jarot, trust me, I think things are going to be fine I'm just worried about someone because of the wedding is all." He then looks over at Kore, "The Corporal is right, Elder is legendary in taking bullets and kicking pilot ass. Whenever we had a dance back on the Kharon he would beat down every pilot like it was his job. I managed to hold my own with him once but he still took me the hell down. Getting beaten by Elder is sort of a tradition by pilots."

"I've met Jacobs." Kore confesses with a grin. "We're trading medical journals. He also tried to flirt with me. When he winked, I asked him if something was wrong with his eye."

Epi shares a small smile with Kore. "He's a good sort," she says softly. "Truly. He needs to find someone so he won't be lonely. I won't touch him with a ten foot pole because he was panting after pilot snatch." She lifts a shoulder delicately. "Any man who'd flirt with me then stop so he could flirt with a pilot needs his balls twirked."

Castor raises an eyebrow, "He did, huh?" He then begins to think about it as he says, "Well, maybe we could find someone for him? Do we know any single women who might go for him. He is a nice enough guy though I heard about him being rough on some of the marines."

"I'm not into men just because they're lonely, sorry." says Kore immediately. "Besides, if a fellow marine won't touch him, why should I?"

"Well, I'm in love with someone else," Epi tells Kore with a wry twist of her lips. "So it's not ALL his fault. He's just a natural flirt. And you don't need to go for him. I'm just keeping an eye out for good women he might do well with."

Castor looks over at Epi as she says she is in love with someone else and he tilts his head, "In love, huh, must be a heck of a lucky guy to land someone like you. I bet he is tall, utterly charming, and a big goof." He then adds, "It is true I've seen him flirt with a lot of women on the Kharon. He'll find someone someday." He looks over at Kore, "And relax wasn't implying anyhing."

"Well, I'm glad you all have something to remind yourselves why we fight." Kore says amicably enough. She doesn't seem particularly keen on the whole love thing herself.

Epi gives Castor a wry little grin, then heaves a theatrical sigh. "I don't know about goofy, but sadly, he's now a married man. Which means all I can do is look. And dream." Pause. "And I'll stop there before I incriminate myself for lusting after Kharon's former CAG." Yep, she's got that impish look on her face. "We fight because we have to. I mean, who else will?" She's a simple woman.

"Well, like I said no man can compete with Kai on this matter. Sadly, Epi, I don't think he is going to become single again either for some time." He then adds, "And yeah, Kai isn't much of a goof." He then looks over at Kore, "We fight because we are ordered to fight. Some of us want to fight because we are angry, some of us figh to protect what is left of humanity, and some of us fight because we will not let humanity die." He looks over at Epi, "As for lusting, I don't think you'll have a problem, lusting isn't a crime so long as it stays inside of ones head."

"I know why I fight." Kore says with a shrug. "I don't assume as to anyone else." She leaves it at that.

Epi leans over toward Castor and asides, sotto voce, "Lieutenant Salazar would cut me into so many little pieces that the Sarge would have to be a wiz at jigsaw puzzles to put me back together again if I even thought about touching Captain Marek. So I will admire from afar." Then she bounces to her feet, smiling at the pair. "Sorry to cut this short, Sarge, but I have some primer cord to prepare. Lieutenant, thanks for the company."

Leda gives a two fingered salute, "Any time Corporal, any time." He then smiles, "And I think Marek would stop her before you got hurt. Even he knows he is hot. It is an effect, the Marek Effect. The S2 is just going to have to get used women wanting him." He watches Epi as she prepares to leave, "Have fun with the primer cord." He then looks over at Kore, "Well, then you've got your reason." He doesn't try to get what it is out of Kore.

Kore doesn't seem inclined to share. Everybody wins! "See you, Corporal." she offers amicably as Epi retreats. She look ack to Leda. "So. How much do you know about music?"

Leda looks over at Kore, "Other than I know what I like? Not a lot. It wasn't part of my educational background." He smiles, "Street rats are to busy trying to busk for food and a bed for the night." Did Leda just say street rat, why yes, yes he did. "Why do you ask?"

"If you're putting together a choir…" She peers. "Busking, or begging?"

"Oh, I know some people who can sing. It isn't hard you just sit in the general lounge and you listen to people practice of play." Leda shrugs, "I did a lot of things when I was homeless, my brother and I both did. We begged, busked, and while we never stole we would scrounge for a lot of things. Even ate out of trash cans. That is why I never complain about the food here and the scroung is the reason why I can ger things for people. You get so used to look at who has what and who will trade for what and who is willing to give this or that up. I also packrat a lot of things for trade. Get it over here was a bitch."

"How'd you busk, then? Do you play something?" Kore inquires curiously. That's what she understands busking to be: performing in public for money. She's seated with Castor at one of the few remaining tables, though the crowd is starting to thin.

Crowds…Great. Glitch hates crowds. Especially in the showers. But secondarily in the mess. Poor guy isn't made for military life, but he doesn't cry about it. He joined up, afterall. He makes his way to the food station, picking up a tray. It's wet. He eyes it with a menacing glare, as if this would insta-dry it. He then puts the tray down and picks up another tray. This one is merely damp. Once more it gets a nasty glare. He tries a third tray, which is less moist than the others and he accepts it with a frown, getting himself a plate of…well, it's definitely edible…or it should be. He gets his food and starts to look for a table. There's too many people. He looks like a lost child in this mass of military folk.

Castor leans his hand forward and he pulls out a coin out from behind Kore's ear, well, that is a simple trick even grandfathers know, but then he places the coin in Kore's hand and he says, "Hold this." And as soon as she squeezes he pulls his hands away showing the coin is no longer in his hands, "Open your hand." And whenever Kore opens her hand she will see that the coin is not there. "Could you check your pocket please? I think you will find a coin there."

Kore reaches into her pocket, and produces the coin. "Oh, that's neat!" she says in delight, and offers it back to him. As she does, she glimpses the crowd and spots a familiar face. "Oi, Glitch!" she calls out. What if he doesn't recognize her? You know…with her clothes on?

Castor smiles, "Yeah, magic was my gag, also, when you have an identical twin for a brother it made it easy to pull off certain kinds of disappearing and reappearing acts. My brother was a musican though." He cracks his knuckes after he pockets the coin. "Then again, it is how Palmer found us and turned us around. That guy saved me from a pretty bad life." He looks over at the new person, now it is his turn to be the new kid in the room surounded by people who know each other.

The deck mechanic blinks as his name is called out. And not just any name, like Specialist Zane, but is 'actual name'. His gaze sweeps across the masses until a familiar face is noted. One that causes his white skin to go flush for half a second. Yeah, he's remembering more than he should about their last encounter. She called his name out, right? So he should go over there. "Sarge…Er…Polly, right?" Once he arrives at the table, he sets his tray down, "Good to see you…" clothed.

Oh, silly people and their silly modesty in the head. It's so provincial and cute! Like puppies. "Lieutenant Leda, this is Glitch. Glitch, Lieutenant Leda. Siddown, Glitch." Kore beckons him over. "There's not a lot of seats."

Leda raises an eyebrow, normally, Leda is the puppy around here but this is an odd moment and he utters to himself, "Its like looking in a mirror." Leda offers a hand to Glitch, "Glitch? Is that like your callsign?" He asks curiously as he studies the man. Offduties, damn, then again he wasn't introduced as an officer. Well, this is a puzzle.

Puppies? Whose a puppy? Grease monkey dammit! Glitch erms a bit and looks around as he sets his tray on the able and sits down, presumably in a position to look at both Castor and Kore. "Uhh…callsign?" He looks over to Kore for a moment like he might need help and then back to Castor, "Not really…Sort of…I guess it could be? Stuff seems to…you know…glitch around me. Sometimes it is good, sometimes bad. I dunno, people just call me that a lot on the deck. So I go with it." While not the exact origins of the name, he seems content to leave it there. A glance to Kore, "Erm…sorry if I was, ya know, awkward…like before."

"I think Glitch is a specialist? One of them that's gonna keep your birds up." Kore supplies. She smiles faintly at Glitch. "No worries." she assures him.

Some pilots might be mean to the Deck Gang but Leda isn't one of them, "A deck hand with a callsign well I've seen the Elephant." Which is a way to say 'I've seen everything and I want to go home since I've seen the Elephant at the circus and that is the last part of a big top show'. He smiles warmly, "Nice to meet you Glitch and if you can keep my bird flying without glitches I would deeply appreciate that." He looks over at Kore, "Awkward how?" He asks curiously, "Did I miss something?"

Who is awkward? Not Glitch, Mr. King of Cool! He tries to focus now his food, taking a hefty bite, before nodding to Leda quickly, "Er…well yeah." he says after swallowing hard. "But it's Glitch. Not Elephant." Okay, so maybe he's a bit literal. "And I don't really make the glitches….I just find them…sometimes painfully." Nickname, anyone?

Kore chuckles. "I need more coffee." she announces, rising from her seat. "Look you two, don't let anyone steal my chair." With that, she heads for the mess coffee service.

"Chair Duty, I'm on it." He looks over at Glitch, "Sorry, it is a way of saying I have seen everything." He smiles as he looks at Kore, "Chair duty, I'm on it." He looks at Glitch, "So could you please tell me what happened?"

Chair…duty. Right. Glitch just stares blankly at Kore as she leaves him alone at a table with a stranger. Not like he knows her any better. But they bonded over a song in the shower, right? Not really. "Er…" he falls silent and gets some food onto his fork, cramming it into his mouth, "Right." he nods, chewing it up and swallowing, "We..uh…met in the showers?"

Kore fills up a mug of coffee and drops three - no, five! - sugars into it, stirring quickly and only feeling marginally guilty.

"Oh." He pauses as he considers this, "So…neither of you have seen someone naked before?" He says this looking a bit confused, "I mean I've seen pretty much everyone of the pilots naked at some point on the Kharon and it will be the same here." He smiles, "Though if you want privacy that is a luxury, a good one." Castor watches the sugars put in bubt he doesn't say anything.

Buh…Glitch just sits there looking awkward. Where the hell is Kore to explain this in a very brazen and overall blunt fashion. "No…I've seen people naked." He sound almost defensive, like he was being accused to of being a virgin, "I'm just not used to…you know…showering with…you know, ladies." Right, cause they are all prim and proper.

Kore returns from getting her coffee and returns to her seat. "Thanks." she sips her coffee, smacks her lips in satisfaction, and asks, "Now what are we talking about?"

"Well, it can be a very enjoyable experience with the right people and in the right situation. Though, I guess it was odd once long ago being naked in front of complete strangers." He then tilts his head, "We were talking about grooming habits and introductions."

There is a moment of relief that crosses over the greasers face. For whatever possible reason, Glitch seems to have now latched onto Kore as being 'safe'. Even if she does scare and petrify him in many situations. "…Yeah." he states flatly and takes another bite of his food. "I was just…y'know…explaining how we … erm … met? While you were getting some coffee with your sugar." Was that…a joke?!?!

"Oh, I've had two tours of duty, that's plenty of time to get used to the head. But he and that other deckhand…Callie? They seemed a bit gunshy." Kore notes easily. "Didn't bother me none. Though Glitch here has a nice butt." Did she look? Maybe! Maybe not! She then laughs. "Sorry, it's just how I like it. I'll likely have to give it up when we run out of sugar or we run out of toothpaste."

Leda lifts a brow and asks softly, "Is it nicer than Papabear's butt?" This is all he asks Kore, perhaps an inside joke.

Glitch is…mortified. He turns red. Quite red. He then tries to cut some food with his fork, which of course snaps the food and sends part of it flying off the table and into the back of some big musceled naval enlisted man's head. "Frak…" Glitch mutters under his breath. And so he tries to look innocent, cramming more food into his mouth. Nope, he didn't do anything at all! "Er…pappabear?" Inside jokes…great.

Kore is ignoring Glitch now, not so much to be mean as to give him a modicum of privacy. Oh sure, she's nice about when everyone's got clothes on. To Leda she laughs and says, "I didn't see his butt, remember? But I refuse to call him Papabear."

Castor looks over at Glitch, "Trust me, Glitch you want women thinking you have a nice butt. You just got a compliment from a lady, accept it and move on." He watches the blushing and for once the puppy might be out puppied here. "Papabear is the fomer Kharon CAG, good man." He smiles, "Right, I forgot." His smiles doesn't fade in his admiration for Papabear, "Captain Marek also works."

And to that, Glitch just falls silent again. Meanwhile the Navy dude is looking pretty pissed, getting up and starting to look around to see who exactly hit him with 'salsbury steak' basically hamburger with sauce. So Glitch just stares at Castor for a second, then over at Kore, "Er..thanks then." Right, accept it, move on. He does just that. And so he goes along with the conversation as if he was totally in on it, "Oh, the CAG. Right."

Kore gives both men a grin. "Me and my coffee are gonna go for some PT. Don't get into any fights in the mess while I'm gone. Or I'll end up having to come all the way back to patch you up." With that, she rises, gives them both a brief wave of her hand, and heads out.

Leda looks over at the Enlisted Man, "It was a mistake back off." His eyes meet at the brow as he looks over at gltich, "Walk away." He looks over at Glitch, "You alright over there?"

The Navy dude considers the marine getting up, the Lieutenant telling him to walk away and the unassuming Glitch. He grumbles a bit, but sits anyway. Glitch offers a nod, "Yeah…yeah, good. You know…Good salsbury." The stuff tastes pretty nasty actually. "Sorry…I'm sorta awkward around new people." Well duh.

Leda looks over the guy as he walks away, "Yeah, well, I don't like people giving shit to knukledraggers. I got your back, kid." He looks at his off duties, "Though you may want to go change out of that and get it cleaned."

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