PHD 283: Diversity in Connection
Diversity in Connection
Summary: Three chicks walk into the Silver and Black berthings…there's a joke here somewhere. Maybe.
Date: PHD 283 (January 26, 2010)
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Hestia - Silver and Black Berthings

Reverie is preparing. There is sooper seekrit plot in her head. Considering the oddness and being ignored outside by everyone but Cass and Mimi, she is over by Sizemore's bunk. Shehrmms as she scrunches up her nose, bringing out her sooper seekrit chocolate stash as she plans an evening of romance in the AiQ. Mmm. Conjugal visits.

The hatch creaks open, admitting just over five feet of perky Aquarian and probably five pounds of hardbound book under her arm. She pauses to shut the hatch behind her, looking around for Reverie. It's a moment before she sees her, beside the wrong bunk. "Hey, Reverie!" she calls cheerily, waving and then holding up the book in both hands. "I just wanted to get this back to you before some other emergency came up."

From the main hub, all coffeed up now, Kallisto returns back to the bunks. Hers had been left temporarily unmade in her rush to get out there and get that black tar into her system. The time to remedy that has come, however. The mug is nestled safely on the shelf on the bunk itself, and the sheets are pulled up, taut, tucked under, making it up nice and tight. Something about setting a good example and all that, but mostly because this has been her morning routine for years and years.

"Oh hey! Just uh? Put it in my locker?" Reverie replies, wrinkling her nose as she continues to work on Sizemore's bunk. It's a good thing hers is across from it. Convenient huh.

Salazar wanders down the line of bunk until she comes to the one with the locker stenciled in tape that reads MAREK. She glances up to the bunk above, the one empty, the one that used to belong to Hale. Oh, the flow of bodies continues, and and out through the hatches. She thunks the empty coffee mug onto the shelf on the lower bunk, then turns her eyes to clothing. Sal pulls open the locker, digs around inside, then goes about the brief work of changing into blacks without the combat gear to go with it.

Mimi gives Reverie a quizzical look. "Okay," she says at last, moving over that way. The book is tucked under her arm, and she opens the locker in question. Just by chance, she catches sight of Kallisto making her bed. "Oh, hello!" she calls, waving. Thankfully, nobody's sleeping in here just now.

Reverie's brows raise as she looks towards the CAG's wife. She scrunches up her nose and looks back towards Mimi with a bright smile, having organized the chocolate on Sizemore's pillow. "Thanks. did you enjoy it? The text itself isn't that bad, kinda longwinded explanations for things that can be easily explained in a few equations, but it's a good foundation text."

Salazar shoves some dirty clothes in the bottom of the locker aside. She does the sniff test on a couple of tshirts, and eventually chooses one that is her size, and must be relatively clean. She drops to the edge of the bunk to pull on and lace her boots. Marines.

"Hello Mouse…Tycho," Kallisto nods to them as she enters the berthings to get herself prepped up a little. The bed is made, and thus, it's time to lay out what she'll need. The flightsuit. The few bathroom goods she has to wash up a bit before she flies CAP. All that sort of stuff gets set out on the bed for the moment, while she overhears the two other Raptor-types talking about math and things of that nature. "More math wizards hm?" she queries the two much younger women.

"Actually, I thought the text was a big help. Equations aren't my strongest suit… actually, it'd be more accurate to say that they're probably not even my strongest socks," Mimi replies, wrinkling her nose for a different reason. She sets the book inside, as unobtrusively as possible. Kallisto's question gets a faint smile. "Hmm? Hardly. At least, not in my case." She moves over that way. "I'm afraid you've got me at a disadvantage… you know my name, but I don't know yours. I know you're an artist, and that's about it."

Sal rises, drags a laden holster from the door of the locker, and slides a Picon Five-seveN free. She sets that on the edge of Hale's bunk, then bends to fasten the black leather holster along her right thigh. She navigates with a smoke still dangling from her lips, clearly accustomed to dressing and smoking at the same time. She mutters something under her breath as a large chunk of ash falls from the smoke, and lands on her boot. She jiggles her foot to clear it, then reaches into the locker after removing the cig from her mouth. She ashes into a coffee cup there, checks her reflection in the mounted door mirror. "Shit." That's said softly as the cig burns a perfect round hole in something that belongs to the CAG. She glances back to the mirror, shrugs. He probably won't notice. "Evening, pilots." The parting words are spoken as the marine reaches for her sidearm, briefly checks the magazine, click, smack, then the slide and the chamber, and shoves it into the holster to go on duty. She kicks the locker closed as an afterthought, then makes her way to the hatch.

"That's 'Sketch'" Reverie replies as she looks towards the older pilot and bows her head. "Not a math wizard, she just wanted to borrow a text on the fundamentals of spectroscopy. Considering the scanning equipment we utilize is all spectroscopy based, knowing and understanding the fundamentals of the instruments should make learning how to repair them and use them efficiently, even better." She smiles brightly towards towards Salazar. "Um, g'evening." she says, bowing her head before flopping onto Sizemore's bunk.

To Sal, Kallisto gives a little nod and a wave, but the unfamiliarity is rather clear. They aren't particularly close, and seeing as how they only time they might potentially be in here to have a sit down is sleepy times, well…it's rather hard to get to know her any better. As for Rev? "Ah…very good. Spectroscopic analysis was never one of my strong suits, either. Though I suspect you two might find my brother right interesting to speak with. He's a former, short-term Raptor ECO, after all. A real brain," she says, with a wink to them. "Quite unlike him, however, art, gymnastics, and history were my preferred areas of study."

To Mimi, Kalliso tips her head. "Kallisto Arturis. Sketch for short. To make the explantion equally short…" she says, reaching into her bunk, and flipping on the light inside. It reveals the loose papers taped up to the walls inside. They flutter around, but they're all charcoal sketches, some much finer than others, and mostly of the same four people; a man and three children. That would explain the request the CAG made of her, as well.

"I wouldn't know a thing about it if I hadn't worked with a lot of medical people before I came here," Mimi says after a moment. "Some of the wrecks my crew worked ended up involving drugs, and that's how they found out they were under the influence when they cracked up. Oh, wait… that's spectro/graphic/ analysis. I'm getting myself lost." She offers a hand. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Sketch. Looks like you're a pretty dab hand with a pencil." She glances up as the Marine moves past. "Oh, hey! Have a good one, Lieutenant," she calls with a smile.

"I was actually going to go into chemical physics, at least I had planned to. But duty calls and I was assigned here, so I'm all about spectroscopy." she says wrinkling her nose while she takes a deep breath. She's still confused as to how she never noticed the marine sleeping here, but oh well. "And oooh, pretty! You're quite talented." she says with a sage nod.

"Oy…I'm getting my spectros mixed up as well. It's been quite some time since I've been in school myself. Every new face around here makes me feel just a little bit older," Kallisto comments, shaking her head a little. She steps closer to Mimi…and finds herself practically looming over the young woman. It's a ridiculous 10" difference in height. "Well, I can certainly see why they call you mouse, Mouse!" she says with a chuckle, shaking the girl's hand. As for the art? "And thank you, both. It's something I picked up in my spare time as a hobby stemming from my career. Of course, with all the time here, alone in space, it just developed."

"I'm sorry you didn't get the chance, Reverie," Mimi says sincerely. "You seem like you would've been pretty good at it. About all I can do is fly and handle medical kits. And I could be better with the medical kits." She turns back to Sketch… and finds herself nose-to-boob with the other woman. She steps back and looks up. "Oh, there you are! Actually, there are other reasons, but I guess that one fits the best. I'm southern Aquarian. They build us small. But it does give me a lot of people to look up to." She winks at Kallisto. "Some more than others, of course!"

"No need to be sorry about it. I would've probably have gotten annihilated if I did that path." Reverie admits ruefully, smiling brightly the entire time. "And it's all right, I was a physics major at the fleet academy on Caprica." she says matter of factly. "I was only there for my ex anyway." she says with a shrug before peering back towards Kallisto. "And don't feel old. You're only as young as you feel." she says with a sage nod.

"Well long about now, I feel quite old." Kallisto leave the fact that having gotten her teaching credentials and what have you when these two were in grade school, and the fact that she's already been married with multiple children in a past life. "Caprica, you say? That's where I grew up, did my teaching and schooling, had my family…" Oops, it's not unsaid anymore.

"There /is/ that… makes me just as glad you ended up here instead of some prestigious university." Mimi smiles back at Tycho. "You're here to make me feel like an idiot, after all. It takes all kinds." And then Kallisto mentions the F-word. "Family… Sketch, did you say family?" Mimi asks, her face falling as she reads between the lines.

"My parents were both professors at Caprica University. Grew up in Caprica City and whatnot. that's how I got the first call sign of Princess. Got called Tycho cause I was initially the youngest and freshest face on the Hestia. Hence, Tyke, but when they made fun of my Princess moniker, I punched a guy out and got called Psycho. So they merged it into Tycho." she explains. See, that's how she got the callsign, not cause of her last name. She looks over to Mimi, "Naw, everyone's special in their own way. I'm just good with numbers and equations." she says with a sage nod. "And I'm sorry for your loss," she says, knowing how it feels.

"Yes, I did say family, in fact," Kallisto says to Mimi, while nodding to Reverie. "It's alright…I've very nearly come to terms with it. I still, somewhere deep down blame myself for not being there with them when it happened. Not stuck up here on some frakking Reserve training mission." One more little tidbit about her life that they may or may not have known. "As for them…well…" Once again, she motions to the interior of her bunk. "I didn't exactly travel with a lot of photos. I wasn't expecting to never be able to return. So I made due with what I have," she says, tapping her temple with her right index finger. To change the subject, she asks Reverie "What did your parents teach, Tycho?"

Mimi's silent for a long moment. "You couldn't have known, Sketch," she says at last. "Nobody could've." Words never do justice to feelings, so she opts for a hug for the much taller woman. Which means hopping up onto the edge of a bunk and standing on tiptoe on it. She's small, but she's resourceful.

"You have them in your mind and in your heart, and that's all that matters." Sure, it's cheesy, but Reverie is fine with being cheesy. At the question, she wrinkles her nose and scratches the back of her nhead. "My dad taught physics, focused on condensed matter. My mom was a professor of electrical engineering. They had a couple department of defense contracts to help in the war. That's why I got into the fleet academy on Caprica."

"Ahhh, not the sort of intellectuals that would've been teaching my classes then. I mastered in history, then went on to be a teacher in secondary school," Kallisto replies to Reverie. At the hug though, she opens her eyes wide and steps back a teeny tiny bit, patting Mimi on the shoulder. "Ah…uh…" she gasps out a little, surprised. "I appreciate the kind words, but you're not telling me anything I don't already know. It's still not going to stop me from missing them, I'm afraid. The same for all of us, really. No matter how many memorials we have or candles we light, it's not going to bring anyone back."

"Well, no…" Mimi says, stretching as Kallisto's backstep takes her farther from the bunk, and thus takes the Aquarian's body farther from her feet. "But I hope it reminds ya we're all here for you." She tightens the hug just a bit. "Um, can you step forward a bit? If I let go, I'm gonna ground on my face and hurt me, and we're flying double CAPs already, so we can't lose any more," she asks, as pathetically as she can, though she's trying not to laugh.

"Sorry for the double caps. I'm still grounded til I get everything resolved with medical." Reverie says softly to the little Mouse before peering back towards the older woman. "Oh, my parents weren't a fan of the liberal arts. They almost threw a conniption fit when I told them I wanted to be a writer." she says with a hearty laugh. "And no, as long as you remember them, they're with you. That's what I believe."

Mimi's little question makes Kallisto chuckle quite heartily. "Oh gods…that is rather funny. I'm sorry. You remind me of another Raptor sort…Smalls. Excitable little fellow. I think he calls me a glamazon, or some such. You'll have to ask him, though." As she explains why she's chuckling, Kallisto does indeed step forward, to let Mimi back onto the bunk so she can get down without faceplanting in to the deck. "I've been flying double CAPS for…well, for a while. I think maybe I'm old reliable around here or something. I never have a problem with it. Reminds me of a banner that hung in the gym where I practiced gymanastics…a LONG time ago," Kallisto chuckles. "Do your job is all it said."

"S'okay, Reverie. I need the practice anyway," Mimi says, and gratefully drops to the floor once Kallisto is closer to the bunk. "Thank you. I haven't met Smalls, but everybody who mentions him says he's good people. Maybe he read that same banner!"

"He has 'foot in mouth' syndrome." Reverie says matter of factly. "But he means well." she says with another shrug before smiling at the two women. "I should get ready. Josh'll be off his CAP soon and I have to be sexy for our date." she says with a wry grin. "See you two ladies in a bit." she says before she eases on nup to grab her shower kit so she can head to the head.

The mention of Smalls having foot-in-mouth syndrome seems perfectly applicable, but he does mean well. To Reverie, Kallisto offers a nod, but returns to her own bunk to prepare her own shower supplies. "Like Tycho, I need to hit the showers as well. Unlike Tycho, I need to do it to get cleaned up pre-CAP. So if you'll excuse me…" Kallisto says to Mimi, taking her small shower stuff bag and making for the hatch.

Mimi nodnods and waves after the two. "'Bye, Sketch! 'Bye Reverie! Get clean and enjoy what comes after!" she calls. Which leaves her alone in the barracks. "And I'd better get out of here before somebody notices I'm in the wrong room," she adds, to herself, Salazar's talk of pranks before still strong in her mind. She quickly makes her escape.

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