Ensign John "Dutch" Elder
Ensign John "Dutch" Elder
Karl Urban
Karl Urban as John Elder
Name: John Elder
Alias: Dutch
Age: 23
Hair & Eyes: Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Faction: Medical
Position: Officer Candidate (Acting Medic)
Colony: Tauron
Play Times: Late afternoons, Evenings
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


Dutch is the middle child of a poor mining family from Tauron. His father was a miner, his brothers are miners, and previous to enlisting in the military John himself was a miner as well. Though after losing his eldest brother in a mining accident which also left his father crippled, John decided it good and well to leave mining.

In order to keep providing for his family, he enlisted with the Colonial marines at age 19, and proceeded to go through basic. Hell week was just that, frakking hell. However he came out of it and passed the Crucible with a damned fine time. It was during his time at Basic that his drill sergeant and fellow marines started calling the miner Dutch. The reason has never been explained by him or by any other who came out with him. From there he was enrolled as a Corspman, having been reccommended by his drill sergeant upon completetion. He worked well in his advanced training corps and was deemed, not only a good rifleman, but an excellent medic. Immediatly he was put in with the 37th Division, signed up with the Kharon.

Dutch's fellow marines seem to get along with the big guy easily, and his friends count him lucky, because if there is a fight, they can expect him to throw his weight in on their behalf. He was even rumored to be in the running for the silver gloves. However Warday kept that dream from ever coming true. At least for now.


Bass Elder- Father
Mara Elder- Mother
Peter Elder- Brother (deceased)


High school, some college

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

2 tours 37th Division. Marines

Distinguishing Features

  • Accent
  • scar on his left cheek
  • Burn marks on the left side of his body


  • Dutch is not his real name in fact the character's name comes from the wild bunch
  • Dutch is partially based off of Dr. Leonard McCoy from Star Trek
  • Due the mining shaft collapse, Dutch is scared of small places, and has a fear of being buried.
  • Dutch's favorite gun is the Leo Storm, Semi auto rifle.


  • First Aid
  • Firearms
  • teaching
  • Mining

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Frakkin Facts
Cpl. Ashe Swift. The Lance Corporal I have known since my tenure here on the Kharon. That bastard is nuttier than hell. But, he's a solid guy. A good young man- Great Frakkin Marine. I'd have him cover my ass any day.
Cpl. Epiphany Mielle Jarot. She's small, tiny and annoying. Don't ask me what happened here. All I know is, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
Ens. Nadiv "Poet" Roubani. The only viper pilot, I would call an officer. He's got what the Navy is all about. If other pilots could be like him, I could respect em.
Lt. Salazar Nikos-Marek. She was my boss aboard the Kharon. Nice ass, decent rack, and meaner than hell. Probably what everyone has said about a Nikos woman at some point in time. She's a career marine, and someone I would consider a good friend any day. As it stands she can have my back. I'll always cover hers.
Cpt. Karim "Spider" Marek. Lucky bastard who landed our last S2. A nice chap. Only pilot I've known to: get shot to frak and back, hook up with a Nikos, and survive after a crashdown on a hostile environment without eating his own gun. As it stands, the bastard is a lucky guy. Hell I might even come to like him if I get to know him.
Maj. Benjamin Capriel. He seems like a competent enough officer. He's got a charm that can bust some balls, and he feels the ease t' curse. I'll probably enjoy working with him from here on out.
LtJG Jupiter "Fingers" Black. I don't know what it is about her. Part of me wants to bend her over a table, the other wants me to strangle and beat her to death.

Timeline of Events


"Punch her in the tit."- To Lance Corporal Ashe Swift, when fighting Jupiter in the ring.
"I'm a Doctor Dammit-not a gigolo."- To Corporal Epi "Shortstack" Jarot.


Dutch's Soundtrack

  • marines
  • guns
  • fishing
  • fiddling
  • smart pilots
  • smoking and drinking


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