"She gives a smile when the pain comes,
The pains gonna make everything alright."

Lt JG Eddie 'Mooner' Morales
Shannyn Sossamon
Shannyn Sossamon as Edwina Tomas Morales
Name: Edwina Tomas Morales
Alias: Mooner
Age: 23
Hair & Eyes: Black hair & dark eyes
Faction: Air Wing
Position: Lieutenant JG - Viper Pilot
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: Central Standard

Biographical Info


A navy brat all the way, Edwina Tomas Morales was born on base at Caprica City. Daughter of a Colonel, she got used to the nomadic life of being uprooted and shifted around to new schools, new bases, new walks of life. She never had a problem making friends, because she never cared if she kept them. Learning long ago to form an emotional detachment from everyone. Its somewhere around the age of twelve that she developed a nasty habit. In effort to make sure she was still capable of 'feeling', she began the masochistic artform of cutting, and its something that's followed her ever since. Thanks to her father, the only thing that appears on her medical forms is 'accident prone'.


A party girl by nature, its amazing the worst thing she surfaced from a bender with, was a child. As far as she was concerned, that was a sexually transmitted disease, too. Eddie was seventeen at the time. When the child was born, and Eddie turned eighteen, she was thrust into the military by her family with the warning that she either clean up and set herself straight, or the next time her father wouldn't be there to talk the MP's out of arresting Eddie for her exploits on base. Eddie's mother was tasked the challenge of raising Eddie's daughter which she named 'Saddie', while Eddie begrudgingly went to officer's school and the pilot's academy to earn her wings. Hopes were that Eddie would grow up, and eventually take responsibility for her daughter, but five years later she's not making much progress in that direction. In fact, for her to even admit she has a child, is a feat. Needless to say, Eddie voluntarily had the military doctors implant her with an IUD. No more accidental babies for her. The benders and partying continued.


What a twisted twisted little girl. Maybe its because daddy never loved her enough, or mommy never showed her enough attention, whatever it is, Eddie (aka Edwina) never really outgrew her rebellious stage. She drinks, smokes, fights and fraks too much, with a streak in her that can only be described as self destructive. The only real skill she has is flying, which is just justified in her brain as an advanced type of fighting. When in the cockpit, the stick is just an extension of her fist. She drives hard fast and seemingly reckless, but some how always seems to bring it back to the barn safely and at least in one piece. Mostly. She's been stationed to the Kharon only after some serious favors were called in by her father, a now retired Colonel, as a way to keep her out of trouble, figuring she'd have enough to keep her busy.

Distinguishing Features & Interesting Tidbits

  • Has a tattoo of the letter 'S' with a flower stuck through it on her right shoulderblade.
  • There are a myriad of small sliver thin scars that run along her forearms and perhaps other places on her body. Those scars and scabs have earned her the nickname 'Hashmark' in certain circles.
  • Earned the callsign 'Mooner' by giving her squad leader, Captain Marek the full moon experience in the mess hall.
  • During Hale's bachelor party, Mooner gave him the gift of a tattoo artist from Engineering. She, Hale, and Sapho got matching tattoos on various parts of their anatomy depicting the Vigilantes squad patch. Mooner's is on her left shoulder, opposite her 'S'.

On the Grid

Known Associates

The thoughts and opinions expressed herein might make me deserving of an ass-kicking. Read with caution.

Recent Eddie Sightings


"Fly it like you stole it."
"I'd rather live life with mistakes instead of regrets."

Eddie's Bunk

Decorated with lots of little memorabilia cartons of cigarettes and a store of booze, there are a few things of note that are tacked up in her rack. One is a picture of a wide eyed little girl, around the age of three who looks far too serious for her age. The second is a caricature of 'Mooner' doing what she does best, and giving a two cheek salute to a crescent shaped Raider. And the third is a sketch given to her for her recent birthday:


Eddie's Music


  • Booze.
  • Cigarettes.
  • Escapes from reality.


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