PHD 275: Eddie is Okay
Log Title
Summary: Leda expresses his trust in Eddie while Reverie disagrees.
Date: PHD 275
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Reverie is back in the berthings! She was being driven insane staying there with people she didn't like at all. And now, she's back in her uniform (which is much warmer that hospital gowns) sitting on her bunk as she scribbles in her pink notebook. She wrinkles and taps the pen over her chin as she purses her lips before scribbling down a few more things. "Waittaminute is that right?" and she does a few mental calculations. "Frak, forgot the mu."

Leda wakes up early and he looks unhappy, "The frak?" He says as he sits up because normally the pilot is asleep during these hours, "Who in the he frak is making noise and waking me up?" He says as he looks around the room and his curtain is drawn to the side so that he can look at Reverie and then he pauses, "What is it that you are going on about since you woke me up and good to have you back here?"

"I forgot the permeability constant in the Biot-Savert law." Reverie admits ruefully, scrunching up her nose as she shows Castor a bunch of equations. "People said we need something stronger than our usual munitions. And since all our munitions are still combustion based, figured I'd tinker abit with a more feasible hand held railgun. We have the power I would imagine."

Leda looks over at Reverie and he says, "You…wha?" As he blinks he rubs his eyes since this is his normal sleeping time, "I mean our munitions are effective." He says softly as he watches the woman and he says, "You know what….you need to stop thinking and start drinking." He says as he looks at the woman, "Can you drink yet?"

"I'm not really a fan of drinking." Wow, how the hell did she end up in the military. "I'll have something every now and then, but I shouldn't be mixing it with my pain meds. I'll end up passing out or worse." Reverie replies matter of factly.

Leda nods his head and he says softly, "As soon as you are off your pain meds you should take it up?" Leda says as the odd man out who is never seen with a drink of any kind. He smiles as he says, "You need to sleep when you must." He pauses for a moment as he rubs his eyes again stiill sleepy, "Are you still mad at Eddie?"

"Moraleslut? I think she's one of the most despicable human beings in existence. Yes." No, she doesn't answer the question really. "And naw, it clouds the brain and my brain is scrambled enough from taking a bullet." she says matter of factly.

Leda looks over at Reverie and he says, "Wait did you just call a superior officer a slut?" He asks without judging tones but he doesn't look pleased either, "I understand that you think she is full of air but she is an officer and a good one. If she was on my wing I would consider myself lucky. I understand you are in pain and that is sucks and I get that her loud demands for treatment bothered you…but she really is a good pilot and I'd put my life down to save her if I had to…" He takes a moment, "And she is hardly a slut since I keep tabs and I have never seen here with any one and that means man or woman and trust me I would know…I keep track of such things since information is its own form of money."

"Riiiight. That's why she was.." and she just shakes her head. She doesn't seem to be pleased at all. Reverie eases on up as she takes her things. "Go back to bed, lieutenant. I'm not going to get into another argument over how everyone from the Kharon is oh so wonderful and without flaws." And with that she starts hobbling towards the hatch.

Leda looks at Reverie, "To late now…I am up." He says with a smile, "I am not here for an argument…I am just saying you seem to hate her and yes…Eddie has her flaws but she is a good pilot." He then takes a moment to look at the other pilot and his face is full of compassion as she moves to the hatch, "And I would simply like to talk to you since you seem to be pushing the Kharon and Hestia issue."

"Look. As far as I am concerned, the Kharon crew is still Kharon crew. You guys act that way, so I will act that way." Reverie says firmly and resolutely still hobbling towards the hatch. She has her notebookwith her and is slow but she doesn't face him.

"Ensign, I respect your opinion but right now I'm on the Hestia and that means I am Hestia crew." Leda looks at Rev, "We are on the same crew and that means you look out for me and I look out for you and the sooner you understand that the better." He adds, "If you think Eddie is bad wait till you see Black. Jupiter tends to eat the skin of her enemies alive…so just accept we are all in this together and we are all Hestia now."

"Wonderful, more scum of the earth." she says with a soft sigh before she steps on out.

Leda looks up at Rev and he says, "I've been called worse but I am still here for you." He says softly, "But you are making your way through allies…so good luck."

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