Basic Information

Elpis was an FTL-capable passenger liner that flew with the Battlestar Bellerophon mini-fleet carrying 972 survivors of the Cylon attack. Sometimes referred to as Ellie, it was officially designated an "Intersun Passenger Cruiser." With a length of 825 feet, it comfortably accommodated 1,000 passengers in style and luxury on journeys between the Twelve Colonies. A commercial passenger ship, it had no weapons or defense capabilities.

  • Captain Jonathan Scylla


Elpis ferried through the trade lanes between the Colonies, using Caprica as its hub. Most of its passengers are incoming via Caprica City, though it also docked in other Colonial space to pick up more passengers, as well as leave off some for shore excursions.

Notable Events

PHD 184: Elpis sends out a distress signal and Kharon comes in to save the day, almost biting off more then they could chew. They limp away with a few survivors and a Heavy Raider buried in the hull.

Character Ties

The Following People were rescued from the Elpis:


Christopher Helios - Flight Officer
Coco Batista - Shuttle Pilot
Callie Manfrin - Engineering


Andreas Zyne - Sports Icon
Estrella Flores - Bar/Pub owner
Virgil Gresham - Freighter Pilot
Neha Kavi - Documentary Journalist

Bellerophon Personnel:

Major Ezra Cass, Commanding Officer: Marines
LT. Jonathan Kappel, Engineering
PO (2) Nigel Milius, Engineering
LT JG Sapho Pournelle, Viper Pilot

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