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Nikki SooHoo
Nikki SooHoo as Epiphany Mielle Jarot
Name: Epiphany Mielle Jarot
Alias: Shortstack
Age: 22
Hair & Eyes: Black Hair, Brown Eyes
Faction: CMC
Position: Demolitions Expert
Colony: Sagittaron
Play Times: When Logged In
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info



How much history can a 22 year old have, really? I'm a woman born of wolves, aka: Marines. See, my mother was a Marine, die-hard, and she met my father at one of her postings. Getting pregnant really wasn't in her 20 year plan because, well, what the hell does a pregnant demolitions expert get to do but sit on her ass for ten months? She told my father and found out there was a -tiny- hitch in things. Turns out he was married. To her CO. They tell me the testicle reattachment surgery went quite well, though my father would always walk with a slight limp. Mom, and the rest of her unit, were soon transferred out.

Mom's unit was one of the slightly odd once. They lived together, ate together, trained together and transferred together. I like to think of them as elite, but maybe not so much, in the grand scheme of things. They were all demolitions and weapons experts who occasionally did some of the questionable jobs that the government really doesn't like to talk about. Some of those stories got passed on to me. All of them were my family. They raised me - which is why I say I was raised by wolves. It wasn't a family of make-up parties and cooking brownies. Instead of riding a bicycle, I was taught how to field strip a rifle in under a minute. Instead of going to the prom, my Uncle Nuts (don't ask, it's a long story) took me out into the field for the first time for a game of capture the flag with the rest of the family. Sure, the bullets were rubber, but that doesn't mean they hurt any less. I was training with my family from the time I could walk. The Marine Way was drilled into my head - but lovingly. The whole pack raised me.


School? My school was my family. Though they all made me go to a place with real teachers. Not a fan. I made it through, squeaked by, and enlisted as soon as I had the opportunity. The family tried to talk me out of it - part of their tough love campaign. Yeah, they went through a phase where they wanted me to be a girly girl and do girly things. I shot Aunt Rita with rubber bullets just for suggesting we have a makeover party. The bulk of my education took place at the knees of my family, listening to their life stories, the lessons they learned. When you've got ten parents, there are a hell of a lot of stories. One thing they did suggest, since the doctors all said I was going to be on the small side, was gymnastics training. Now THAT I took to. It was a great way to burn off some of that excess energy. Did I mention that I can't sit still? Oh, yeah.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

I've got a decent reputation in the Corps. Because of my background and family, I pretty much went straight into demolitions after boot. This is only my second or so posting, so things are still shaking out a little.

Distinguishing Features

  • Bouncy
  • Can't stay still
  • Preternaturally focused when dealing with anything related to her job
  • Fond of "Death from Above" as a training technique for teaching ambush scenarios
  • Can bend in more ways than the human mind conceives of


  • Has one of her favorite bras floating around somewhere on the ship after Dutch left it behind in the storage room. No one knows who has it. Ashe was blamed.


  • Gymnastics - she's a bendable little girl
  • Demolitions - yes, the woman loves things that explode. As she's fond of mentioning, she can turn things into a fireworks celebration or blow the lock off a door with a sound lower than a mouse fart.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Sergeant John "Dutch" Elder. Grumpy as hell and a magnet for bullets. I swear the man takes more shots than a whore in a dirty movie. We kissed a couple times, both kind of a surprise to me. Then I had to tell him about Gunny. It didn't end well. I had to make a decision and honor forced me to choose the Gunny. Sometimes I wonder if I made the wrong decision.
Captain Karim Aiteru "Spider" Marek. Oh. Em. Gee. I'm sorry. I know he's a pilot. Really. Seriously. He's a pilot. He's like, the lead pilot. But he's the only man on this whole ship that makes my knees melt whenever he walks into the room. Me. I blow things up for a living. But one look at him and all I can think of is, well. Ok, so he'll taste like cigarettes, but you can't hold that against him. Yes, I admit it. He's the one I dream about finding in a dark storage closet one night. Of course, even if I did, I don't know what I'd DO with him. I'd likely just stare and stutter.
Lieutenant JG Nadiv "Poet" Roubani. Lieutenant Knotty Socks! He's a nice guy. A little weird, a little too quiet and intense for me. Sometimes it seems like his face will break if he laughs. But then he does something a little outrageous and you just have to stare. Not bad. For a former pilot. At least he was smart enough to get out.
Lieutenant JG Castor "Tinman" Leda. Sigh. Another pilot. But this one…there's something special about him. He was hurt pretty badly by that little snit Raptor bunny, but he was over it in no time. He still hurts, but he doesn't let it get him down. Yeah, I know I found a bomb in his locker. But he's good people and I don't think he did it. I hope he didn't. Besides, he promised to get me something of the CAG's. I'm hoping for a t-shirt I can sleep in. Strangely enough, he's become one of my closest friends. If regs permitted…I think we would be more. He understands me in a way few do. His words speak to my heart. But neither of us is willing to chance his career. I can't. It would be selfish. Maybe someday…
Lieutenant JG Willem "Rebound" Price. If I could find a convenient airlock for this man, I'd shove him out faster than he could scream. No, I'm not sore that he beat the frak out of me during Fight Night. What I AM sore about is his mouth. Any man who uses personal tragedy to get his way doesn't deserve to breathe.
Lieutenant JG Jupiter "Fingers" Black. Ok, yeah, another pilot. Sue me. I didn't think I'd like her or get along with her until we bonded over a lost bra. I know she's an officer, but I think, maybe, we might be friends one day. I do have to say, though - the woman kisses like a champ. My first girl-kiss. Yes, I kissed a girl and I liked it.
Lieutenant Praxis "Knight" Demitros. CIC nerd. But for an officer? Pretty nice. We're working on loosening that spiked stick from his arse. It'll take awhile. But he's another of those who'll surprise you at odd moments.
Lieutenant JG Anton "Thorn" Komnenos. The Lieutenant may have light loafers, but damn, that man can dance. We bonded while he was cleaning the Marine head with a tooth brush. Come on, I had to take pity on him!
Lance Corporal Ashe Swift. He turned out to be an unlikely friend at a time when I needed one, desperately. We've beaten each other up trying to be gymnasts. We've sniped at each other. He handed me the alcohol when I found out the Gunny had been flirting with other women. He's not one for hugs and the like, which is fine. He shows his care in other ways. In another time, another place…
Gunnery Sergeant Gerald Steele. My ex. It was good while it lasted, but I had doubts. It wasn't fair to keep going when I had feelings for someone else - and when I found out he was trying to get into the pants of pilots.

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