Major Ezra Cass
Major Ezra Cass
Sam Elliot
Sam Elliot as Ezra Cass
Name: Ezra Cass
Alias: None
Age: 48
Hair & Eyes: Grey/Green
Faction: CMC
Position: Marine Commanding Officer
Colony: Aerelon
Play Times: If you see me on, just ask.
Timezone: CST

KIA PH 232 - catastrophic malfunction of a raptor.

Biographical Info

The life of one Ezra Cass is something if not interesting. Born to a poor family in Aerelon, up around the Dredges( A northern costal and agriculturual community-noted for its extreme poverty- and the fact that many of the colonies Salt Mines are in this region.) When the first Cylon war happened, Ezra was around ten- but he remembers running well enough. His family however were not of those further inland and thus farming was not an option-rather working in the Salt Mine was. So like his father and his older brother Ezra, recieving only some primary schooling would end up spending much of his time working in the salt mines. However once he was of age to get out and into the world-which in Aerelon that constitutes either joining the Navy, or the Marines. Sure you could try working on a space ship-some damned transport and such, but that usually only ended you back in Aerelon after a long damed time. All the same, once Eighteen-Ezra enlisted within the Colonial Marine Corps and was shipped out to basic duty and his first garrison call on Libris. He was first classified as a rifleman- however during his time within the corps and seen through exercises Ezra was pushed for further training in Sniper school.

It is unknown when the incident happened or exactly what it was-but at some point before becoming a Sergeant Ezra is said to have gone before the mast for some disciplinary reasoning-the offense however was not grave enough to kick him out of the corps. They did however flog him and sent him along his duties. And still the Old man bares the scars on his back.

Early in life, Ezra is said to have married a noted singer (in bars anyway) named Miriam Meschnall-from which he is to have had one daughter and two sons.

Some point in his career as an enlisted man Ezra is noted to have fought in the Saggittaron and Tauron conflicts respectviely, earning high marks as a marksman and earned himself the Colonial Medal of Bravery for helping extract a downed raptor from the then hostile streets of Cordova. He was made Master Gunnery Sergeant to the 19th Division of the 1st battalion (The Big Red 1) while stationed on garrison duty on Saggitarron.

During his stay on Saggitarron, it was impressed upon Ezra that he was to be sent, finally,to OCS as command had made it known, it would be a helluva loss to lose such a damned fine Marine to early retirement. Upon completion of OCS and a brief time enough to earn a Degree at the Academy. Ezra Cass was was assigned to the AssaultStar Prospero to serve as their S3. Two years later he was made the S2-before coming into his last year of what was to be his last tour. Being a favorite amongst the men he served with and in the Corps, Cass was asked for one last tour-this time to be aboard the Battlestar Bellerophon as the Marine Commander for Ghost Platoon, Kryptir Company, 85th Division, 1st Battalion. It was thought to be an easy cruise giving him time to see his family when on leave, and the last bit of work behind a desk.

Fate's plans were not so frakking on with that one-Day before the Holocaust, Ezra is said to have visited his grandson, Jeremiah ( Who lived on staton Idi), on his birthday-giving the kid a marine action figure, and a dud grenade-even though he told the boy how it is supposed to work. Not one of the best presents mind you for a kid, but that is how Ezra was. Upon saying goodbye to his Eldest son, and his wife he went quickly upon the Bellerophon to head out for another leg of the cruise.



  • Miriam Meschnall (Wife)
  • Nathan Cass (Eldest Son)
  • Gwen Llywen (Nathan's Wife)
  • Jeremiah Cass (Nathan's Son)
  • Robert Meschnall Cass (Second son)
  • Jesse Pfaffnik (Robert's Wife)
  • Emily Cass (Youngest Daughter)


Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Distinguishing Features

  • Grey hair
  • long hair for a marine
  • whip scars on his back
  • Awesome stache


  • Ezra is a Monotheist.
  • Ezra is an amalgam of several well known Marine fictional characters.
  • Ezra's grandson is currently alive and on the Kharon


  • Cult Rites (Demeter)
  • Sharpshooting
  • Command
  • Tactics
  • Being a Hard Ass

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot Th' Lowdown
cass.jpg Jeremiah Cass. He's my oldest grandson, form m' first born. He's a bright and sharp kid. I'll miss his parents, as I will miss all my children. But, I thank th' Goddess that he is still alive. Needless to say he can bring a smile to this old man's face.
Private Eleni Mackenzie. Mackenzie is a good kid, but so damned young. I feel like I need to watch out for her in some way. Though she held her own when the bombs finally dropped, and on the Elpis. That says a lot.
CeCe Batista. Some daughter to some such and such. All I know is she poured a drink on my shirt, and made me smell like a cheap Gemenese temple whore. I frowned at her. Needless to say when I was done she was behind the bar with an umbrella down her shirt. I ain't responsible for the umbrella.
Corporal Epi Jarot. Most of what I know of her, has been through the hearsay from nurses and the fact that Jeremiah has drawn a picture of her. They say she looked after my grandkid-which is no easy feat. For that I owe her something. Seems like a good kid, lets hope the reputation remains.
Ensign Salazar Nikos. She is running the Marines since thier Eltee took the cold nap. But she seems to hold em together. She's a quiet woman, but then maybe I scare her. Come to think of it I had a Nikos with me on Saggitarron once. A Cadmus Nikos, demo expert. Guy was crazier and louder than any frakking person I know. Even ran into a Nikos when I was in basic. If they are all from that same gods damned family, then I think I'll come to like her.
Virgil Gresham. A pilot with a bit of a taste for bad jokes, and skittishness. I think I scare him, but over all a decent guy.
Petty Officer 2nd Class Nigel Alphonzo Milius. You know that saying-that once a marine, always a marine? That stays with with the snipe. A damned fine man. When shit got rough on Elpis, instead of bitching and hiding, the Fat Man took up a machine gun and asked me to point him to the toasters. He can have my back anyday. And I will have his.
Private First Class Jules "Sunshine" Oyzmandias. Met her once on the Kharon. Good kid, a bit young. But it seems she doesn't let the shit get to her. If I was younger and enlisted. Thar would be trouble. As such she's safe. I see why they call her Sunshine.
Corporal Ashe Swift. Nice fella. A bit young- sorta reminds me of how I was when I first got into the corps. Hope he lasts though and doesn't do anything foolish like-get killed.
Captain Karim "Spider" Marek. I don't entirely know what I think about this man. He's an officer sure- a damned quiet one and seems to hold his own council. the Frakker reminds me a lot about myself at his age. Maybe that's why I am so damned rough on him. He tells bad jokes. I still think Joker should be his callsign.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
A Cubit Short - Elpis PH#134 The actions of the Bellerophon marines on the Elpis before the rescue from the Kharon arrives. Ezra, Eleni, & Nigel.
Talking Heads PH#139 Marines play the get to know you game. Ashe, Ezra, Jules, & Nyx



  • My family
  • Marines
  • Marines who do their jobs
  • Pilots who don't frak with my men
  • order
  • Punishment.


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