Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your question here? (+mail it to Nemesis on the game.)
A: Our answer here. (You ask, we answer. See above.)

Air Wing FAQ

Q: How do I get a callsign?
A: If you don't have one or have one you don't like and want to be renamed, the wing can and will help you out. Callsigns are generally given for something embarrassing or funny but can also be a play on someone's name. No explanation for the callsign is needed in the background when you apply, but it's a good idea to have a fun story ready in case someone asks. Its also worth noting that a pilot can be renamed. Generally a pilot holds a callsign for life, but it can be changed given the proper circumstances.

Q: What is a CAP and how long are they?
A: These are Combat Air Patrols. Its where the Viper pilots, sometimes with a Raptor, go out and patrol the space around the ship. They generally last four hours at a time. These are flown 24/7, in rotations. No special permissions are needed to fly these.

Q: What do I need to know about the Viper or Raptor squadrons?
A: Everything you need to know is here: Air Wing!

Q: Can I app a Commander or high-ranking char to run the Air Wing?
A: New applicants may app LT and below when first coming into the Air Wing. Promotions and titles will be given as slots open, and for IC and OOC merit.

Q: Can I transfer in as a pilot down the road?
A: If you have commercial pilot training in your BG, you may be able to transfer in later. Contact staff during the application process if this is something you would like to do. In most cases, you will be asked to simply app a pilot, but we are currently accepting nuggets.

Q: Can my pilot also be a Marine?
A: No. Pilots are naval personnel. There are no Marine pilots.

Q: Can I be Raptor Qualified if I'm a Viper Pilot? Or Vice Versa?
A: This is possible. Unless it is written specifically into your background, you can consider yourself tied to one airframe. Cross-training will have to be handled ICly. If it is included into your background, ensure that proper time is devoted and the reasoning is there. Cross-training will take three to four months and authorization must be given by both squadron commanders.

Cylon FAQ

Q: Can I app a cylon?
A: No. Pls see +news cylons on the game.

House Rules FAQ

Q: Hey, I have an idea for a plot. Can I run it?
A: If you have an idea for a plot, we ask that you submit it via +request using the template found in bboard post 1/36. The plot will be reviewed and commented on, and we'll discuss options. We encourage PrP and plot pitches, but they must be approved by Nemesis first!

Q: I played X character on another BSG themed MUSH. It is closed or defunct. Can I play that char here?
A: We ask our players to pitch new concepts, or moderate tweaks of old concepts. Please do not change only your hair color and call it a day. Reboots of the exact same concept make everyone sleepy!

Q. Can I play one of the characters from Galactica?
A. No, we do not have the FCs from Battlestar Galactica in this game. We are using the theme and the world, not the characters from the show. This is not Galactica, this is Kharon. There is no Galactica, only Zuul—er. You know what we mean. Temoh is hot, but move on.

Q: Can I app a criminal or someone who is a social deviant?
A: Not if you wish to be in the military, today, sir.

Q: Can I have an FC in my background?
A: Please avoid overt references to FCs (Feature Characters) from the Battlestar Galactica show. We prefer to explore original characters in the BSG theme.

Marine FAQ

Q: Where to marines go when action stations are called?
A: Sec Hub is the duty station for all marines. It's there you'll get your gear (weaponry and armor) and your assignments.

Q. Do I carry a firearm off duty or in the berthings?
A: No, you do not. All firearms when off duty are store in arms lockers, primarily in the Sec Hub. Marines should be carrying sidearm and rifle only when on duty. Patrols are done in combat blacks.

Q. How do I suck up to the S2?
A: You shouldn't be trying to suck up to the S2. Try her boss, the CO. You'll probably die quicker, and it'll be less painful!

Misc. Military FAQ

Q: I want to bring in a reference to the Caprica miniseries or show, can I?
A: We do not consider Caprica canon! Please do not make reference to things outside BSG itself. Check the boards or ask for other house rules!


Q: How do I set my Channel Title?
A: @chan/title <channel>=[ansi(<color>,YourTitleHere)] Ex: @chan/title military=[ansi(rh,Bullet Magnet)] will set your comtitle to Bullet Magnet in bright red on channel Military. For color choices, type help ansi() on the game. If you set anything blinking or pink background with yellow text, we will have to murder you. Kthx.

Protocol FAQ

Q: My char has been drinking during Condition Three. We suddenly go to Condition One. What should I do?
A: Report to the Berthings. Anyone found intoxicated or high in a cockpit or at their station sloshed will lose their flight qualifications/privs and will likely be brigged. A drunken pilot who is scrambled can kill a lot of people very quickly. When in doubt, see your Department Head.

Q: I want to play someone who bucks orders/authority/officers in the military. What can I expect?
A: ICly, your char will deal with the consequences. We believe in playing the chars people want to play, but you will be held accountable for actions your character takes. If your character talks back to their CO repeatedly, shirks duty, and is a PITA beyond reasonable limits, expect demotions, brig time, and possibly removal from the military. Your ability to get away with being mouthy and disrespectful to superiors only goes so far as your CO says it does. If their CO gets involved… hooboy. Don't even bring up Starbuck trying to defend this character concept. She should have lived in the Brig. She would never survive with a rank of Captain on this game.

Theme FAQ

Q: What the frak is our currency called?
A: Cubits.

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