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Food n Drink
Summary: Vendas, Valasche and Marek talking about food, coffee, flying, and meeting.
Date: MD 008
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Here in the still-quiet berthings, Vendas is slowly waking up. The curtain on her top bunk is tucked back and her legs hang off the edge as she stretches through a yawn. The woman hops down off the bunk and slowly pads her bare feet over to the locker, fidgeting with the lock and muttering under her breath.

Returning from a CAP at the end of her rotation, Fenris steps through the hatch without fanfare, drawing the door shut with reasonable quiet before she continues on her way to her rack with that damnably neutral demeanor. One glove is tugged at in preparations for it's removal, then after a couple of steps, the other follows suit. With Vendas' post-somnal emergence, she gives a glance her way, then comes to with a salute, "Major." she intones in a soft, even tone.

Vendas looks up at the opening of the hatch and smirks back towards her locker with the salute. "Don't hafta salute me if I'm in my skivvies, Valashe. And certainly not in the berthings." She fidgets with the locker for a moment and finally clangs it open, the door shaking as she does so. There's another soft grumble. "So the shipyards have you running CAPs?" she asks with a stifled yawn. "How've you been? Haven't seen you about the last few days." The Major has been busy as well, so its easy to understand.

"Five by five, sir." Fen replies, lowering her arm, "I volunteered. It gave me time to learn the area." She turns toward her rack and starts to strip down out of her flight suit, exposing her tatts in the process, then starts digging in her locker for her showering supplies.
Danika pulls on her green trousers and a grey t-shirt and goes about tying her hair up behind her head in a ponytail. "How have you been, Fen? Adjusting to the ship well? And have you had a chance to check out the sim room yet??" She glances side-long to her friend wit ha raised brow.

There's a thunking of booted feet in the hall, two sets of them to be precise. Voices too: one male and one female, the former a little more muted and difficult to make out. Then one set of feet is withdrawing, and the other is stepping into the berthings after the hatch is popped. The viper pilot is also kitted out in a jock smock, top zipped down, with a few smears of grease on his cheek and under his fingernails.

Fenris looks over to Vendas and shakes her head, holding her towel to her body with a folded arm while the other hand busies itself with the seach within the locker for the rest, "Kharon's an interesting ship, sir. I should have the layout down in the next day or so." Her head turns the other way at the sound of a new arrival and she turns to face him, tossing the towel up before saluting, "Sir." while her toiletries are left as they were, unfetched from her locker.

The Major nods to Fenris. "Yeah, this beast is four decades old. I don't envy engineering. I just hope they got a solid crew back there. When we were on approach in that raptor, the redhead was pointing out some weird shit. Like how the ammunition storage is right above main engineering. Hope there's never a damned fire back there." She shakes her head and glances up to see the Captain entering. Danika turns to face him and leans against the locker and nods to him. Glancing to Fenris. "Lieutenant Valasche, I would like to meet your squadron leader and commanding officer: Captain Marek."

Poor Fenris. She's suddenly got not just one, but two 'sirs' to contend with. And Kai certainly seems the type to prefer that little formality, skivvies or not. "Major, sir," he greets Danika with a polite nod, ditching his everpresent folder and pen atop the table, before slipping out his pda and tap-tapping at it for a moment or two. Boys and their toys. Fenris is watched in a circumspect manner while the CAG makes introductions, and then receives a curt, "Lieutenant," and an offer of his hand to shake. "I've heard a lot about you." His mouth curves in a small smile.

Fen's salute lowers as the hand is extended, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Captain Marek." she replies in a professional tone, "I hope none of the reports were too unflattering, sir." Her hand docks with his and she gives a typical Stick shake before releasing it.
Vendas nods once to Kai's greeting before turning back to her locker. She gathers up her own towel and tosses it over her shoulder before shutting the locker. "Of course, Valasche. I told him you were the worst pilot I had ever seen. That your behavior was far below acceptable levels and that you thought monogamy was a joke to be laughed at." She tilts a little smile in the LT's direction before moving to settle at the table and sitting on the edge. "Anyone know if the coffee here varies day to day? That crap they brew downstairs makes my stomach turn."

Kai shakes hands like a stick jockey, even if he doesn't particularly look like a stick jockey. Vendas' teasing earns a smile from the Captain, and a little shake of his head to Fenris once the Major's turned her back. "You've got to make nice with the CIC crew, that's where the good stuff is," he confides to Danika, pulling away to head for his locker and a change of clothing. There's only so long one can spend cooped up in a flight suit, after all.

Valasche's head turns back toward Vendas a moment as she spins yarns of horribly, horribly unflattering takes on her personal life, then, "You accepted my transfer at gunpoint, sir." she affirms with a little nod before turning back to the Captain, her own flight suit crumpled on the floor at her feet, "I'll do my best, Captain."

"CIC?" The CAG's brow rises curiously. "Really? I might have to find a reason to mosey on down there and steal some brew. I'm always curious what the Marines bring aboard but I'll trust ya." She nods to the man's back and leans back on locked elbows, hands splayed on the table. "Correct, El-Tee. Either of you guys been to the mess on the shipyards yet? They had fresh crab in the officer's lounge. I couldn't believe it. It was probably for an Admiral or something but I had to steal one. Too damned good to pass up, ya know?"

Kai's been with the fleet for going on thirteen years. He's seen and bunked with more than a few women in their skivvies, though Fenris is.. well, a little less easy to overlook than some. Nevertheless, he's focused on peeling out of his flight suit and tugging on a set of fatigues; there isn't so much as a spot of ink on his skin. A scar or three or four, yes, and that odd little metal band he wears on one wrist, but he's otherwise clean. "Have the marines arrived yet, sir? I was under the impression there was some confusion over which detachment was being sent." A fresh set of tank tops are pulled on, briefly rumpling his hair.

Fenris has a few scars, herself, though they're mostly concealed by the top of her attire. Her tattoos are fully visible, however, though her arms seem to be the only place so marked. She looks between the two, then, "No, sir, I haven't. I didn't know the shipyards had better food than the ship itself." Now, she knows, so, to other questions, "Has the rest of the wing arrived yet, sirs?" Question asked, she crouches down to pick up her flight suit and put it away before resuming her acquisition of toiletries.

Vendas smirks at Marek as he pays her a touch of extra attention but says nothing. No sense embarrassing anyone. "I know one Marine has. A private fresh out of basic. Nobody told her that pets weren't allowed on board. A pair of 'bunnies'-" she even says it all perky-like "-escaped from her bag enroute to the Kharon and escaped into the ship. A male and female. I suspect when the Captain arrives, there's going to be hell to pay for her. But I warned her what a Viper's fan blades might do to a widdle bunnykins." That grin is just too careful. Vendas will let Kai comment on the Viper squadron. "I've got indications that the first elements of the fourth special operations group will be here in the next few days. Once we get the Marines on board after that, likely we'll be shipping out."

Kai gives his shirts a pat-down, then tightens his belt while Vendas speaks on the marine contingent. There's a brief lift of lashes when the 'bunnies' are mentioned, and the little verbal emphasis has him smiling crookedly. "Who knows. Maybe the Captain will have an appreciation for rabbit stew." It's murmured as he hunkers down to lace his boots, and then Valasche's the subject of a brief glance. "We seem to be getting them in dribs and drabs. So far it's been us, and Ensign Morales." Something about that girl, has him looking a little less than thrilled. "I understand you're interested in reprising your role as flight instructor, with the Major's blessing, Lieutenant?"

Fenris looks to Vendas for a minute, "It would be a shame about the animals, sir, though, they really have no place aboard a warship. If they aren't caught, though, I imagine there will be many more bunnies by the time he arrives." Her shoulder shrugs a little, "The hardest part of keeping pets is knowing when it is best to let them go." Back to the Captain, she nods, "Yes, sir. I should inform that Captain that there may be loss of body control in some of the newer pilots if I am afforded the job."

Vendas snorts, watching the two interact. "Hell, I like rabbit stew. I just didn't have the gumption to tell her that the chief engineer is going to shit kittens if they find out she's let rodents loose on a carrier. But you're right, Fenris. But I guess the rabbits were a graduation gift for her. Someone should have told her.. though I guess nobody bothers to because its kind-of assumed." She shudders. Rodents like to chew on things. Sometimes those things are important. Other times, they carry high voltages. Anyone seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation? Remember the cat and the Christmas lights? Ahem. "Morales seems like an interesting little lady, don't you think?" It doesn't hurt to see how the man handles this kind of question.

Kai stays, for the most part, out of the conversation between the two pilots. He's taking the opportunity to finish off whatever he'd started with his pda, and the little beep it gives him seems to be a positive sign. Flicking it shut, he tucks it into a pocket of his fatigues and fetches his folder and pen. "This isn't, unfortunately, a traveling circus," he tells Vendas with a wry little smile. "I need more than 'interesting' in this squadron." Which isn't really much of an answer at all. But it'll have to do, because he's saluting the Major, nodding to the Lieutenant, and heading for the hatch.

Not certain whether or not the lack of reaction to her advisory was acceptance or condemnation, Fen refrains from remarking about straightening the 'interesting' girl out. She spares a brief, quizzical glance to the Major, then goes back to divesting herself of her sweaty clothes before she takes up her towel and such.

Vendas notes that Kai doesn't respond to Fenris but the Major does not comment on that directly. "We do what we have to do, Lieutenant. We ain't makin' cornflakes. They shit themselves now, they won't soil cockpits if it ever comes to throwing lead around for real." She then turns her attention back toward Kai. "So you don't like her? You'd prefer more pick of the litter then?" She is direct, isn't she? "You might see a problem child Captain, but the first year in a squadron will define their careers. She might take ass-kicking or some love, but we fail her, ourselves, and the fleet if we discard her outright." Not lecturing or angry, her tone is more that of a reminder. But there is certainly no sugar-coating with her.

"We'll talk, Valasche," Kai adds as he reaches the hatch. He's paused there a moment to look over his shoulder at Fenris. "Meet me after your morning shift tomorrow." It's polite, but don't mistake it for a request. It's most certainly an order. And then the Major receives the full brunt of his attention, and a glimmer of a smile. "I don't plan on discarding anyone, sir. She reminds me a little of myself, at her age." And that, it seems, is that. He nods once more to the pair, and lets himself out.

"Yes, sir!" Valasche replies with a salute, orders recieved and understood, "Have a good night, Captain." She glances to the Major a moment, then, nudges her locker closed with her toes.

Vendas nods to Kai as he leaves, a little smile on her face. One day she will learn to shut her trap before it gets her over her bounds. But today is not that day. "Enjoy your shift, Captain." She then glances back to Valasche. There's a questioning look as if she's asking for something.

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