Jaimson Ferris
Eric Bana
Eric Bana as Jaimson Ferris
Name: Jaimson Ferris
Alias: N/A
Age: 24
Hair & Eyes: Brown & Green
Faction: Navy: Air Wing
Position: Ensign/Viper Pilot, Red Squadron
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Anytime Seen Online
Timezone: GMT -6 (US Central)

Biographical Info


It's of no consequence that Jaimson Ferris lived a relatively quiet, peaceful life prior to his service in the Colonial Military, and the fact that he enjoyed such for eighteen years of his life prior to college is of no consequence, either. Born and raised in the Scorpia Colony, his family lived in one of the major cityscape suburban areas, and needlessly said, the family feel firmly into the 'upper middle-class' bracket by principle. His father, Terrance, was a design contractor for the government, and from time to time, had the pleasure of working from the Ambrose Air Base. His mother, on the other hand, was a secondary school teacher; she taught mathematics and conceptual physics, and generalized physical science classes. He was raised well by both parents, and was put through a reasonable education system. Always a bit of a geek, and perhaps even a nerd, he studied the things that interested him, and tinkered with the things that he wanted to see how they worked. It was during his teenage years where he discovered the amazement of how planes worked - which were an amazing feat of physics in action, in his mind. He discovered it while on a business trip with his father to Ambrose - something his father figured he'd get a kick out of, at least. It did more than that, of course; it steered Jaimson into the direction which would begin his adult life - and when he finally graduated from Kirk Yancy High School, located in his hometown of Yantal, he enrolled in the Engineering College at the University of Ariston. His goal was to graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering degree, with an emphasis on Aerospace Engineering. His plan was simple enough. He'd get into this field, and get into one of the major development firms that worked for the government and developed the latest line of military hardware that the Navy flies. If only it were that simple, though.

hen it came down to it, and when he graduated with his degree at the age of 22, the Holocaust occuring would only be in a matter of time - but he never knew that, or else he would've likely made different choices at this point in his life. During college, the recruiting kiosks and booths set up in the Student union and cafeteria always caught his eye, but never really interested him too much. Sure, the idea of getting the chance to fly a Raptor - or let alone the latest line of Vipers - would be like giving candy to a baby as far as he were concerned. But he just didn't see the military, let alone the Navy, as something that was calling him. That changed when his big plans fell through; when his resumes, interviews, and other ploys failed, he came to realize that, in this business, it's perhaps 'who you know,' not 'what you know.' So, with his plans failed, he finally turned to the kiosks… and the recruiters. Taking the fact into account that he was a fresh graduate of an Engineering College, the Navy was quick to offer him a place in the OCS. 16 weeks later, and after proving he had the mettle and know-how, he recieved his commission of Ensign, and with his aerospace engineering background, another window - the chance to attend Pilot School, and Advanced Flight Training. Even though, to begin with, this wasn't his dream job, getting the chance to actually -pilot- a Viper shut him up real quick. So, one year and roughly four months later, after going through the flight training? Jaimson found himself back home, as it were, halfway flying a desk, and halfway working as a pilot, as he was attached to the 332nd Expeditionary Wing that operated primarilly from the Ambrose Air Base on Scorpia, and the 302nd Fighter Squadron, also known as the 'Red Tails.' When he wasn't a pilot, he was a data analyist for avionics pre-tests prior to the systems being installed on the assembly line of the Vipers that the base helped to assemble.

At this point, it was only a matter of days. Then, the worst thing could happen that nobody was prepared for: The Holocaust, and Warday.

The first nuke struck Ambrose before anyone knew what was going on. Small, to the point. Jaimson had been assigned to a CAP that night. When the strike by the Cylons began, though, it didn't take long for his four-man flight, and the rest of the Red Tails that survived the initial nuclear strike long enough to get airborne, to get overran by the toasters that came to dominate the skies. Jaimson himself was shot down and injured during the ordeal, the crash landing doing quite a number on him. He was one of the supposedly unlucky ones that hadn't died in his crash or killed in the initial strike - since he had survived, it was likely he would be collected by the Cylons to be tortured, interrogated, tortured some more for the fun of it, and then killed. He was lucky enough, though, to be picked up by the human resistance group that banded together to fight back against the invasion, and slowly, he was nursed back to health. He had only recently healthy enough once again to be one of the survivors that CEC-46 Kharon would pick up - where he could recieve proper medical care, and heal further. He's unsure as to what his plans are at this point… but either way, given the situation, he seems to be stuck with the Kharon.


  • Kirk Yancy High School, Yantal, Scorpia
  • Engineering College, University of Ariston, Scorpia (B.Eng, Aerospace Engineering)
  • Colonial Navy Officer Candidate School
  • Advanced Flight Training, Colonial Navy

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Pre-Holocaust, just days before: Served with the 332 EW (exped. wing), 302d Fighter Squadron (VFA-302), Ambrose Air Base, Scorpia

Distinguishing Features

  • Jaimson, for lack of a better word, is very, very tall. A towering 6'2".


  • Ferris' previous postings are a nod toward U.S. Army Air Corps History, in particular, the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of all African-American pilots, and the first unit of it's kind in the Army Air Corps during World War II. The air group, known as the 332d Fighter Group, was tasked with the 99th, 100th, 301st, and 302d Pursuit and Fighter Squadrons. The group saw combat in the North African Campaign, as well as in the European Theater, renowned for their escort and attack prowess on assault runs. They were, in the European Theater, the most sought after of fighter groups to lead bombing runs over Berlin, due to their impeccable record and lack of losses.


  • While it's not widely known, Jaimson is really, really geek-esque. He's pretty decent with numbers; number crunching, analysis, etc.
  • The level of skill that Ferris posesses in the cockpit is relatively unknown, as the only people who saw him ever fly are likely dead. It's unknown as to how he'll function later on as he gets back onto the flightline.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot Thoughts
CAPT Karim "Spider" Marek: When I think back on my short stay on Ambrose, I remember my old CO… and how much this guy's already reminding me of him. I loved Hammer. So, I think I'm going to grow to love Spider, too. He was always good to me… and the Cap's idea of getting me back into the loop is Double PT. So, the mindset is definately the same. He seems to be pretty level headed, understanding… We'll see.
LTJG Nadiv "Poet" Roubani: When I first met Poet, he was working on something in the mess hall, and I was a nosy bastard, in a way. Seems we both like math. He was also an Ensign, now that I think about it…
LT Samantha "Case" Passi: Case first accosted me when she found out I was sleeping in what I assume to be her ex-boyfriend's bunk - because said ex-boyfriend is dead. Well, no. Accost isn't the right word. She just seemed a little shocked… and then warned me to change the sheets. Then, the next day, she gave me a sore jaw in Fight Night. I trust her… but I seem a little wary of her, for some reason. No need to hate on someone you don't know real well yet, though.
LTJG Willem "Rebound" Case: Rebound first met me when I took up residence in the bunk under him. Me and him sort of just clicked and hit it off right as things got started, too. I think the fact we shared a sort of… kinship in the fact we were both ground-pounders, in a way, helps to aid and foster that kinsmanship. I got to watch him lay a Marine out pretty well during Fight Night.
CPL Epiphany Jarot: The Marine that knocked on her ass by Rebound… To think, this shortstack is a demolitions expert… but be damned if she can't drink a little and then hand-stand on the back of a couch. Because she can.
Ariadne Adelphi: I first saw her get her ass handed to her during Fight Night. Then, I encountered her in the head - in a priest's robe, as she's apparently one of the ship's chaplains… For a midnight service. We talked briefly about Hermes while I shaved. While I'm not much of a religious man, this was the first time I found myself relatively unable to really say much around a holy person, as it were.

Timeline of Events

  • 24 Years Ago (Roughly): Jaimson Ferris born to parents Terrance and Marissa.
  • 6 Years Ago: Jaimson completes high school course of study, begins matriculation as a Bachelor of Engineering.
  • 2 Years Ago: Graduates with B.Eng from University of Ariston; Enlists in Navy and becomes Officer Candidate
  • 1 Year Ago: Graduates OCS, commissioned as Ensign; begins Flight Training School
  • MD045: Ensign Ferris completes AFTS; assigned to the 332d Expeditionary Wing at Ambrose, tasked to 302d Fighter Squadron.
  • MD053: The initial attack on Scorpia by the Cylons occur. The 332nd Wing and the 302nd Squadron are overran. Ensign Ferris is forced to make a crash-landing, resulting in debilitating injuries. The same day, he is rescued by a rag-tag group of humans that'd banded together to defend eachother.
  • PHD082: Ensign Ferris, still disabled by his injuries, is among the survivors from Scorpia, and the only survivor of the 332nd Wing to date, to be rescued by the Kharon. Ensign Ferris is admitted to the Kharon medical bay for extensive treatment of his injuries.
  • PHD101: Ensign Ferris finally discharged from the Sickbay; claims his own bunk, and awaits a final decision from the CAG as to whether or not he can continue service with the 51st Fighter Wing.
  • PDH103: Ensign Ferris meets with CAG, Captain Karim "Spider" Marek; his fate is decided: he will be tasked to join the Red Squadron of the 51st Fighter Wing, on a probationary status, until his skill level can be assessed. Also, in the same day, participates in the Third Official 'Fight Night.'


  • "Hey, hey, hey, hey … hey. I'll have you know, el-tee… That you provide good hooch." - Spoken to Anton "Thorn" Komnenos during a post-Fight Night 'party.'


  • Taquitos. Same as above. It'll be filled out when there's something to add.
  • Like long walks on the beach? Add it.


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