PHD 246: Fight Night: The Reckoning (Part I)
Fight Night: The Reckoning
Summary: Fight Night Aboard the Hestia. The card: Gresham V. Komnenos, Eddie V. Roubani, Epi V. Panda, Cinder V. Barghest, & Castor V. Iggy
Date: PHD 246 (12/20/2009)
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Retaining physical fitness is a concern on long tours of duty in the blackness of space, so each Battlestar is outfitted with a gym that personnel are not only encouraged but often required to use as part of their PT. The floor in the front portion of the gym has a section squared off and padded for hand-to-hand combat, whether it be boxing matches or training spars. Around the perimeter are rows of metal benches for spectators, which tend to get crowded when there's a heated match taking place..

The back of the gym is where all the equipment is, ranging from sets of free weights to medicine balls and jump ropes to the mechanised treadmills and stationary bicycles. Punching bags are off to the side, affixed to the bulkhead by thick metal cord. At the rear of the room is set of double doors that lead to the pool and the locker room beyond.

As the anticipated 'fight night' is being set up, Eddie's off to the side, toking on a cigarette while she practices holding up the bulkhead with her person. Her hands are already taped, maybe in anticipation of calling someone out into the ring, or knowing she might be on someone's list.

With the influx of new people and some tempers and lines being tread on, what the Hestia needs tonight is a big ol' punch to the face. However, no one can really punch a battlestar in the face-so the crew will have to make do with: FIGHT NIGHT!(tm) Already the gym has been allocated and shit moved around by the lovely members of the deck crew and engineering to make room for a few risers, a chalkboard at the end, and of course the raised sparring mat. Yup, everything is ready for business.

Currently standing by the box and smoking a cigarette would be the S2 dressed down in his off-duties. "Alright, scrotes!" comes Tombs' Aerelonian holler. "Get your tags in. An remember, you can be challenged if someone has a right stick up their ass. But you don' have to accept." A beat as he takes a drag. "Just know the rest of us will think you're a pussy." That being said. "Hurry it up, quicker you all beat th' frakkin shit outta one another, quicker you can drink and give each other highfives in th' hall." Yup, it is officially fight night.

Roubani too is already seated, simply waiting for the place to fill up. The tall Viper pilot doesn't exactly have a fighter's build, and the mathematical tattoo up his left arm probably seals the deal. But here he is and his hands are already taped up for the show. Good sport or something.

Coming from the Hatch, with a few other folks, filtering in for the night's activities. One lone ECO can be picked out. Not for his red hair, which helps, but for the rather obnoxious black and red, Unicorn T-shirt. Though if you were to ask Cooter, he would say it is pretty freaking sweet. A run of his head through his hair, before he's moving to head over to the box. Tags pulled off and tossed in, before he's looking for a seat. One that he finds over by Roubani. "Hey, man," Gresham begins, before eyes look over to the crowd. "I mean uh, sir." quick cough. "I've never seen so many…" people, people would be right word.

Tethys is sitting back, watching the proceedings with something pretty darn akin to happiness. "Now THIS is exactly how we did it back in the camps," she says to no one in particular as she looks about for a beverage. "So, who wants to tussle?"

Thorn's here as well, a cigarette hanging off the edge of his lips as he finishes taping his hands. He's not wearing anything nearly so flashy as Gresh, just the usual off-duty ensemble; tanks show off the tattoos on his arms as he rises, heading over to drop off his tags. The metal drops into the box with a satisfying clink, and Thorn shifts his smoke to his hand as he ambles around the gym, looking for a place to stand until the action starts.

Cinder is there, smiling tonight, curious about what Fight Night is all about. With no hesitation, she strides on in, tossing her tags in the pile. Looks like some time in the CMC has done her well… been shot, ain't never broke a nose, so… maybe now's the time, huh? Minus the tags, she's left standing in just her off-duties, pulling her hair back as she meanders around and waits for things to get started.

Alyssa is sitting towards the back, a med kit on her lap and a tall drink of water (no metaphor intended there) on the table beside her. She understood the concept, but suspected that she was going to be the one to clean up the mess, afterwards.

Epi? Looks utterly and completely delighted to be here. She's in her off-duties, smiling, and even bouncing on the balls of her feet. Her tags were among the first to go in. A little bloodthirsty, perhaps, but it's Epi after all. The little Marine goes off to one corner to stretch.

Kai arrives somewhere in the middle of the pack, showered and tucked into fatigue trousers and a t-shirt. He ducks off to the side of the hatch, blue eyes focusing on the ring while he lights himself a cigarette.

Roubani stretches up his arms, corners of his eyes tensing up until he lets his hands back down. His fingers idly scratch the extensive web of scarring up his right wrist and elbow and he picks up his water bottle, popping up the cap. Dark eyes skim faces while he sips.

With the crew filtering on down to the gym, Kalllisto feels maybe it's a good night to go down there and mingle a bit. The tall blonde enters the gym, sans sketchbook, dressed in her off-duties. She doesn't toss her tags in, but that's not to say she won't turn down a fight, what with her size and all. Been a while since she's had a scuffle at all. Climbing up on the bleachers, she takes a seat up in the top and watches people put tags in and draw tags out.

No tags plunked into the tin for Ramses. When she enters the gym, she eyeballs the gathering hoodlums with some trepidation. Well, there goes the workout. It's about then that she gets a whiff of Kai's ciggie and wrinkles her nose. Seeing the man it's attached to, she says, "Captain." All politeness.

It would appear that Alyssa isn't the only here on clean-up duty. Dressed in the duty greens, a honey brown-haired medic weaves her way through the crowd and posts herself at the side of the ring opposite to the doctor. When the people nearby realize why Ninaza's there, they scoot just enough that she can sit down, which she does, setting the medkit on her lap.

Through the hatch comes the CMC CO. No, not that one. Krauss is still playing with refinery workers, or whatever it is he's doing on the refinery ship. Salazar steps in, obviously visiting from the Kharon, unless that's a clone walking in to kill everyone where they stand. Given she's got a cigarette in hand, and doesn't appear to be armed, that's highly unlikely. She shoves the cig into her mouth, and ambles in with her hands in her pockets, eyes surveying the mixed crews.

Well, with tags in, Tombs hand shakes the box around, letting them clink around, as a means to just entirely mixing them up. Nothing like having the sheer bit of chance, as opposed to cruelly placing pilots with Marines. Tombs has a little heart after all, just don't tell people that. As it stands, the Lieutenant slides the smoke into his mouth and reaches in, pulling out two names. A brief glance before he's hollering out. "Gresham, v. Komnenos. Get your asses in!" Box down, and he's sliding back into the ring. Oh this should be good.

Eddie has no qualms about smoking in here on a daily basis, but if there's any night for it, it's tonight. They'd all look much more convincing toking on cigars, but you work with what you have. Eddie draws the cigarette from her mouth with a taped hand, holding it down to her side to ash up against the wall. As the two names are called, she twitches a little smile.

Pandorian is wearing his marpats, as he's wont to. The top and sagebrush shirt are off, folded and set atop his boots. The intemperate trooper is rolling a bandage over his knuckles, grinning as he surveys the sea of people.

Thorn is finishing up his smoke as he leans against the wall, staring half off into space. That's about when Tombs calls his name. He blinks in slight surprise, but quickly pushes himself off the wall and makes for the ring. As he sees the person whose name was called to fight him, he grins wolfishly. "Well, Smartarse, here's your chance t' avenge yourself for th' push-up incident." With that, he ducks into the ring.

Roubani isn't smoking, for once. Nothing for him but water tonight, apparently. His teeth chew absently on the narrow part of the bottle cap and he watches the ring as the first two names are called. That might've been a chuckle under his breath.

Spotting Panda, Tethys walks over, resting her arm on one of his shoulders. "Looks like your little laundry situation got taken care of." She whispers to him, smiling. "I suppose you have a good two-step, as well?"

Ramses is given a casual little 'salute' from the Red Aces Captain with two fingers to his temple, though his eyes stay on the ring and the impending match about to be announced. He too makes no attempt to drop his tags in the box, delicate flower that he is. "Not going to throw down, Stonewall?" The query's made on an exhale of smoke away from her. Small mercies.

Ever see someone gulp really big, like a frog? Well, Roubani is about to play witness as the ECO pales a little-eyes focused on the ring, before he's moving to stand and pull off his unicorn t-shirt. Folding the item of clothing reverently, as one would a flag, Gresham offers it a kiss before passing it to Roubani. "Watch it for me. It's lucky." IE don't lose my last bit o' clothing, please. A deep sigh and Virgil starts taping his wrists and reaching for his gloves. "Uh-Yeah, well I might just de-thorn a rose bush tonight!" and then a faint front "Zeus, that was lame…" muttered, before he rolls in, as well.

Having heard about the fight night, Callie drops by, scanning the room as she does while looking for someone in particular. Not seeing the Marine in question just yet, she finds a seat near by, trying to choose a place where she can be seen easily as well as one which will afford her a good view of the matches as they take place.

Eyes back on the pilots, Tombs simply makes sure they do in fact touch gloves in the middle. "Alright, guppies, remember. Don't punch each other below the belt, or do shit that would make your mothers roll over in their graves." A look between em both, and with that Tombs steps back. "Get 'er on!" Cue the proverbial bell ringing or some shit.

"I got a pair of blacks and pats from supply," Panda responds testily, jerking his shoulder away from Tethys' touch. "You hear anything from that frakker?" the young man asks, craning his neck toward the hatch. Something catches his eye, making him rise up on his toes trying to follow it, but there's no chance of doing so in the press.

"Nobody's pissed in my cornflakes," the tall red-headed viper pilot replies, arms crossing over her chest as she strikes a pose next to the man. Two can play it cool on the sidelines and Ramses is game. Or something. "Difference of opinion on what's an appropriate outlet and what's not." A pause. "How about you, sir?"

Tethys gives Panda a look as he jerks away. "Fine then, if you're gonna grow a smelly one about your unis. And you'll have to be a tad more specific… there are quite a few on this boat who've earned THAT title."

With the same sort of gawking expressions, two blondes look on. One, Cinder, sits near the front and starts to watch the fights with a little bit of glee, a nice big Marine grin on her face. The other, Kallisto, looks a bit more stoic as she sits near the back. Senseless at is it, it's a good stress-reliever. Plus, these two are ECOs she's been seeing around a bit more now that the crews have transferred and all.

Slightly taller and thus with better reach, Thorn doesn't waste any time. As Tombs gives the signal, Thorn charges forward with a throaty noise. He doesn't seem to be using a strategy other than attack early, strong, and often. His initial attacks are aimed high, as Thorn aims a flurry of blows at Gresham's head - leaving his midsection unguarded as he throws himself completely on the attack.

Salazar's tags remain around her neck, tucked into her tee. She doesn't even approach the ring, but stands back to watch the proceedings, arms crossed. She smokes quietly, dark eyes scanning the crowd. There's a hint of a smirk as the names are called out for the bout next up. She tips her chin up to exhale smoke toward the ceiling of the Gym. When she glances toward the ring again, her eyes scan the other half of the room. She takes note of several marines and pilots she's familiar with. Eventually, her eyes find Marek. She doesn't approach, but does look him over very carefully, perhaps to see if he's still wearing his tags?

Kai is pinned somewhere near the bulkhead bordering the hatch, and behind a fair number of people taller than him. Which means he's only catching the fight in dribs and drabs at the moment; a fact that doesn't appear to bother him overmuch. He's mostly here to smoke, and waste a bit of precious off duty time. He also hasn't spotted his other half yet. "I'm just here for the overpriced peanuts and the sound of bones breaking," he murmurs drily. "Music to my ears." His gaze slants briefly toward the redhead next to him. Yes, she is taller than him. No, he doesn't appear to give a shit. The chain of his dogtags is barely visible above the collar of his t-shirt.

For Gresham's luck, he can take what Komnenos slings at him. Which is to say a lot. Thorn's rather prickly with his fists as he is with his words. Doing the best he can, he takes a few of the smaller jabs, moving to stay just a step ahead, or tries to. Fists up, Gresham begins to weave, as a few test swings are given over, maybe to see what the other ECO can handle-maybe just to remember how to box from college. "C'mon, Cooter…" he says mainly to himself, before there it is. An opening in the midsection. Cue the punch going in. BAM! A hit, a very palpable hit.

Roubani pulls a foot up onto the bench, lacing his long fingers around his shin. The noise around him increases exponentially as first blows are thrown in the ring, but his part there's no shouting or whistling. Mild amusement to be sure, though, as Gresham gets in that nice punch.

The crowd parts just enough for Callie to notice Pandorian from her vantage point and she's back on her feet, making her way to where he stands next to Tethys. "Panda!" Giving the fight a quick glance, she winces as the fighters go at it, causing her to go a bit pale when the blows start to fly. "Frak." Clearing her throat, she hurries up, moving all the faster until she's just about next to the Marine. "There you are. How are you?" For now, the woman he's with is given a nod hello but nothing else.

A grunt from the Hestian S2, "Hit: Gresham. Keep it going ladies; my mother beat ass harder than that." Nothing like marine encouragement

Alyssa sits up as the fight starts, wincing as the blows start to land. Spotting Ninaza, she walks over, doing some elbowing to get there. "You ever worked one of these before?"

Not for the first time, Komnenos laments his obsession with the attack as Gresham first ducks around the heaviest of his blows, then delivers a startlingly heavy punch to Thorn's abdomen. The older ECO winces, but doesn't seem discouraged; Anton can take some punishment of his own, as well. He does, however, fall back and recoup for a moment; Thorn watches Gresh's movements before dashing back in, those prickly fists flying as he tries to push Gresham back on the defensive. The younger man seems like he's got some experience, though; try as he might, Thorn simply can't land a decisive blow on the slippery ginger.

Eddie pushes off her lean once the fight has begun and the gym has sufficiently filled up. Her cigarette gets shifted back to her lips where it's left to dangle as she finally maneuvers to pick a seat. See, the trick is, wait for everyone else to settle in, that way you can pick whom you're rubbing elbows with. She eventually plops down next to Roubani with a little grunt of greeting and some quiet words.

Unapologetic, Ajtai leans the other way. "Leda," he responds to the mechanic, dropping back to his heels and turning his attentions to her. "The frakker who turned me into a glow-in-the-dark target," Pandorian growls. The call of his name makes his ears twitch, and after a bit of looking over his shoulder he sees the little blonde who did the calling. "Hey, Callie-gal!" the Marine calls out, grabbing her by the arm and tugging the girl over. He grins and asks, "Help me with this, huh?"

Roubani turns his head slightly as Eddie sits down next to him, listening to her murmur. His lips twitch and he shakes his head, talking back to her quietly as he keeps his eyes on the ring.

No time to celebrate, as Gresham continues with the moving. If only he could fly as well as he does in the ring, he might be able to qual for a frontseater position. As is, Virgil will stick to boxing. "Egads," comes a muffled grunt as again Gresham proves slippery. His eyes watching the older man's movements before he's flinging back in with a right - right there for another hole in the wall, though this one's a little higher than the gut. This is more like for the ribs of Kom's right side. "You're like a frakkin' bear!" Scared - yes and no.

It's loud but Ninaza manages to hear the question. That, or she's shaking her head to indicate that she didn't catch what Alyssa asked. Either way, the answer is a negative, not an affirmative.

"Point: Gresham" Tombs remarks, "Common, Blondie." This yelled more or less over to Komnenos, "Hit em where he'll cry!"

Epi's off in her corner, stretching, watching what she can see of the fight. She is, of course, a little too short to see over everyone's heads.

"Ah, deal with it," Tethys says with a smile. "You seem to have survived." She returns the nod to the girl who ran over. "Any case, he doesn't seem to be here." With that, she goes in search of something to drink.

Mooner leans over her lap, propping her elbows into the meat of her thighs as she watches the match going on. Eddie continues on her quiet conversation with Roubani, the cigarette bobbing precariously as she ekes out a sentence or three.

A sidelong glance from Ramses has her staring down at Kai. He's kind of little, really. "Doesn't surprise me." Her tone is honeyed vinegar. "Big man like you. Scorpian, yes?" She has the advantage in being able to see over most of the crowd in this room and does so, watching the fight at hand. "Virgil is wearing a unicorn t-shirt."

Roubani shakes his head at whatever Eddie says. He does look just a hint amused at her answer, fingertips scratching his knee as he replies.

There's a blink at Tethys and then Callie looks up while taking the hand he's been trying to wrap, working the stretchy material over his knuckles and between his fingers only to then wind it down his wrist, the process then repeated. "Sounds like she's not exactly one of your fans," she comments dryly, perhaps having picked up on something in the departing one's voice - real or imagined - that gives her the impression that he isn't one of Tethys' favorite people. "What was that all about, huh?"

Thorn grunts, uttering a muffled curse as the ginger's fist strikes home again. "Frak me…" The little frakkers too squirrelly for Thorn to keep him in one place to pound him into dust, and he can't quite match Gresham's speed. Changing tacks, his next round of attacks comes in low, as Thorn aims a sequence of punches at Virgil's gut.

Alyssa nods to Ninaza. "Be ready to call it if it looks like it might get ugly. If someone is just getting pummeled, for instance…" she winces as Gresham lands another blow. "And watch yourself. Someone might choose to call us out, after all. I'd advise you to keep your tags to yourself, eh?"

The match comes to an end, and Cinder gives a little hop of excitement and a little clap! Not real sure who these two are, but still, entertained by the fight. Isn't this something monkeys would find amusing? Who knows. Part of her wants to get in there and try things out, but part of her doesn't want her ass beat.

At the top row of the bleachers, Kallisto continues to look on with that stoic gaze, silent. Brother takes after her, it seems, but at least, she brought herself down here voluntarily, right? Who knows whether she'd take a challenge if it's offered? When the first match finishes up, she's taking a look around the room, looking at all the folks here to watch the bloodshed.

Eddie pulls the cigarette from her mouth, turning her head to look at Roubani. One of those devilish smiles occupies her lips, taking it's slow time to form and curl at the edges. "Doesn't mean I can't just call the frakker out." She says, a little bit louder in her amusement. The cigarette gets ashed between her boots, then stuck in her pie hole as she observes the end of the dance in the ring.

Thorn can thank many years of bullies and running away from fights, for Virgil's speed. There's a look though eyes wide as it seems the younger ECO, is back pedaling under the vicious attacks, using his speed to his advantage? Yes. Still, when push comes to shove, he's not going to run around the ring like a damned coward. That's saved for pyramid. Gloves look to block the best he can, before Cooter's fist is singing out and over with a left. Right for Thorn's jaw. "Lookout!" yelped as he swings. Yes, Virgil just told Thorn to look out… Here's hoping it doesn't hurt. Bad?

Apparently not a talkative sort, the medic replies by nodding to the doctor. A cursory glance is cast towards the ring before she asks Alyssa, "Should I not tend to them after the match?" The accent is rather thick and the vowels quite clipped.

"Now, now, let's be civilised. Difficult as it may have become," Roubani answers Eddie, though it can't be that serious from the way he's half-smiling. He tips the bottle up water up for a few swallows and then offers it over to her if she wants it.

Panda rolls his eyes, turning his attention to the ring. "KICK HIS-" he begins, just when the match ends. The Lance Coolie coughs, returning his attention to Callie. "Leda took it upon his self to wash my uniforms. She and the dumb frakker decided it would be great to put fabric softener in." He chuffs through his nose, shaking his head in disbelief.

Marek actually has about fifty pounds on the taller and far more slender Ramses; he's not little, so much as he's.. kinda short, relatively speaking. In the cockpit, it could be considered his own advantage. Her guess at Scorpian has him looking faintly amused, and dragging from his cigarette. "Nope." He doesn't elucidate any further than that, though. The outcome of the match has his brows furrowing slightly, and a long pull taken from his cigarette as he leans back against the bulkhead. For a man who lacks height, he sure slouches a lot. "You're one of Sito's." As in, a Fury. It isn't a question.

Salazar smokes quietly, her eyes on the ring, the ring, the crowd, the crow, Marek. She happens to look back every once in a while, when there's a nerdflail. She winces slightly as a nerdflail connects. Maybe she just imagined what would have happened if it were a marine throwing the punches instead. Then again, she could be feeling some genuine sympathy for nerd on nerd violence. Nerds weren't meant to fight.

Eddie gives a little bit of a shrug. "Like I said. I'm just going to let it go." As he offers her water, she offers him her cigarette. Share and share a like. She takes the bottle with her free hand and takes a good swig of it, likely hoping that clear liquid is something stronger then just good ole h-two-oh.

Callie clasps the end of the bandage in place as she looks into his eyes, her own narrowed slightly; having been a civilian up until about 3 months ago, she's not sure why it'd be a bad thing for them to have done that but the fact that Dorian's as bent over it as he is makes it pretty clear it is and that is all she has to know. "Give me the other bandage and hand," she murmurs, sounding sympathetic even if she doesn't exactly understand.

Fashionably late to the gala event of the fleet, Barghest, dressed in her downtime best steps into the gym, probably looking for something to vent upon. Grey eyes take in the festivities in progress and a little quirk of amusement tugs at the corner of her lips whilst she absently drops her tags in with the others before wandering through the ranks to find someone she knows.

Alyssa smiles. "Let's see if they need it." Walking over, first to Komnenos. "How you feeling, eltee?" She glances back at Ninaza. "You see to Gresham."

Nodding, Ninaza rises to her feet and makes her way towards Gresham, medkit in hand. "Are you in need of aid?"

Thorn's problem, he realizes, isn't his speed, his reflexes, or his strength; it's the fact that he can never seem to keep his damn guard in the right place. Just as he starts working low, Gresham attacks high. Is that… yes, Gresham totally just told him to watch out even as he threw the punch that connects with his jaw with a loud THOK. Thorn's head snaps to the side with a grimace. He doesn't even need to wait for Tombs to bellow to know that that was match point; Thorn steps back with a sigh, rubbing his jaw and giving Gresh a measured look. "You are entirely too bloody quick on your feet, Cooter." That's said with a slight smile, though, and a nod to the victor. Alyssa's question is met with a hurried shake of the head; the only real damage Thorn seems to have taken is to his ego, as he ducks out of the ring and paws for a cigarette.

"A Fury through and through." Ramses doesn't uncross her arms as she continues watching the fight. "He's kind of haus for a man wearing a unicorn shirt." Breathing in deeply, she asks of Marek, "Why do they call you Spider?"

The last blow in, the S2 is stepping in as a hand goes between the two pilots. Probably to make sure both know th' bloody thing is over. "Alright, kids. That's three. Winner is Gresham!" barked out for any just coming in. "Go an get patched up if you need it by th' doc or the Padre, an get outta my ring." Still, there's a faint look passed over to Komnenos, to make sure he's alright after the hit.

However, once the ring is clear, heads back into the box, and he's going to fish around for a bit. "Kozmas, mark Gresham for a win. An get the next card up-" and with that he is taking time to look over the tags. "Up next, Morales versus Roubani. Get your asses in gear!" And with that Tombs is ready for the next bout.

And out goes Gresham. A look over towards Thorn though, once he is out. A slight smile offered and with that Virgil offers a smile. "Years of running away from fights will do that, Sir." A chuckle as he is moving to head back to the pilot congregation. "And boxing in college helps too." Luckily, or unluckily for them, Gresham is on the way to Marek and Ramses.

"Hm? Oh, no I am good." Cooter says to Ninaza. "A little bruising, maybe. I'm fine, uh-really."

The right hand is held out to Callie, and Panda fishes a bandage from his cargo pocket with the other hand. It's handed over unsteadily, but with a smile. "Thanks, Tassel-Ass," he grunts, grinning at her. If only they could see how the other person mentally spells it.

Sliding through the legs of the crowd goes Epi, finally pulling up next to a certain Marine CO. "Evening, Sir," she says to Salazar, looking at the ring. "Coming over to fight tonight or just to spectate?"

Nodding to Gresham, the medic returns back to her post. A slight shake of her head is cast at Alyssa, as she passes, to indicate that 'Cooter' is fine.

Gresham gets a dour chuckle in response from Thorn; the tall ECO stiffly steps off to the side, cigarette in hand. "I'm fine," he says in the direction of the S2, the doctor, anyone else who's still wondering. He strides away from the ring momentarily, headed for the nearest water fountain for a drink and a splash of water on his poor abused face.

It's a few moments after the first match that Cinder spots two of the folks she had gotten a little buddyish with on Kharon. Figuring to say hey, she slides on down the bleacher bench toward Panda and Callie. "Heyo, folks. Finally getting a chance to beat someone's ass, huh, Pandy?" And to Callie, "Are you fighting too? Or just down here to wrap Panda all up?" Noticeably, there are no tags around Cinder's neck.

Ramses' question gets a glint of a smile out of Kharon's surly ex-CAG. His eyes are alternately on the match, and the crew elbowing their way in and out of the crowded gym, like he's half hoping to spot someone here. "I'm going to need to be a hell of a lot more drunk to answer that one," he tells her, leaning in just a little to do so, to compensate for the noise level in here. His cigarette's ashed onto the deck before being brought back to his mouth again, and Gresham's approach earns a slap to the younger man's shoulder with the back of his hand. "Good show out there, Virgil. You've got some fisticuffs hidden under that shirt."

Eddie gives a little coarse laugh. "Well shit." She makes a show of eyeing the man she was just having casual conversation with. "Looks like you'll be playing the part of some random schlub tonight." Mooner says to Roubani, drawing from a previous part of their muttered words to one another. She stands and moves to the ring, grabbing headgear of all things and tugging it down over her short hair. She stands still with her hands out as a marine pulls gloves over them and then she's into the ring with a little hop of her feet and a roll of her head.

Callie shaking her head, the roll's taken from the Marine and is quickly wrapped about it like the first, wrist, hand and digits protected fairly well by the time she's done. "There you go, Nip-Man. Now all you need is your gloves." Leaning up, she taps a finger to her cheek and adds, "Payment for my services, Marine," just as Cinder comes over to say hi. "Hey, you. Long time no see."

Roubani raises an eyebrow as he hears his name. Right after…Eddie's. "Ah, well. Of all the people I could be steamrolled by tonight, this won't be too disturbing," he comments to her amusedly as he stands up. Though four inches taller than Eddie is he only outweighs her by about ten pounds, if that. The JG doesn't have a good build for boxing at all, fueled in most part if not all by spirit. Following her down to the ring, gloves donned, he gives Tombs a polite nod and then one to his very familiar opponent. "Mo'afagh bashed." Kashmiri sportsmanship formality given, he's ready. Oh yeah, this is going to hurt.

Tombs grunts as he looks between both of the pilots. "Alright. I'll assume you heard the rules. Don't make me kick your asses out." A nod, and with that he's stepping back with a wave of the hand. You know. GET IT ON.

Wait. What. Ramses looks almost like she might lean away from Kai, but doesn't, instead she hears his response and wrinkles up her nose. "Mmmmmhmmmm." As Gresham steps closer, she gives the man some praise: "You were impressively masculine out there, sugar."

Salazar glances over as she addressed, then glances over and down to find Epi standing beside her. She smiles, and reaches up to pluck the cig from her lips. "Jarot. Just watching for now. There will be time in the future to beat up on the Hestia's crew." She brushes her fingertip over her lower lip, "How is it over here?" She tucks the smoke back into her mouth once the question's asked.

Barghest is rather slim on familiar faces, though she does catch Epi on her way to Salazar. Her course changes while the ring gets advanced to the next number on the dance card. She gives a, "Hey, Epi, sir." to the pair and turns her eyes momentarily to the ring, then back to the conversation she likely is intruding on.

Gresham grins once towards Ramses upon coming over and getting the slap, which seems to caught him to go a little off balanced. Face red, Gresham is looking right on over to Kai. "Thanks, Captain…" a little breathless, but he's peeling off the gloves and passing them over to a marine who's trailed him for it. "Shirt gives me luck." A beam back to Marek, that is till eyes are flicking back onto Ramses. And yes, just a shade redder there. Had to be the workout. "Th-thanks, Freya. Tried m' best…" Hey, at least he's not stammering. "Mind if I loiter with?"

Epi beams up at Barghest, smile broadening, then peers up at Salazar. "Well, we've got the CAG's ass to watch, but it's no fun without you to glare at them," she tells Salazar solemnly. "And it's…it is. Settling in. We all seem to be doing decently."

"Roubjob!!" Pandorian calls out, cheering the flier on. Or, probably flier. He does something with aerospace craft, that's close enough. His attention comes back down to Callie, and with a squinting grin he ducks in to peck the girl's cheek. "There's more where that came from," the buck teases, bouncing on his toes. Ehh? "That voice!" With a gasp he looks around, hamming up surprise. "I, I haven't heard it for what seems like years! I knew her, once, long long ago!"

At Roubani's words in Kashmiri, Eddie steps forward and taps her gloves against his, in turn. All civilized like, just for him. She smirks as she takes a step back, bouncing on the balls of feet while she watches Roubani for a moment to get into the rhythm of their impending fight. "Let's see if I can smack some math outta you…" It's surprisingly uneventful for a moment, before Mooner finally steps, going low for his abdomen first.

Kai isn't in danger of getting in Ramses' personal space, at least. He may have the manners of a brute, but he seems to respect that much. Some snippet of conversation nearby seems to draw his attention smack dab onto Kharon's marine representative. And his eyes stay fixed upon Salazar for a few seconds before drifting back to Gresham. Was someone talking to him? "Loiter wherever you like, Ensign. I'm not bumming you a smoke, though."

"Yeah, it's strange," Cinder comments. "You get on a new ship and your work gets piled on. Lot of ship here to patrol." That, and weird schedules have kept Cinder from bumping into Panda frequently since the transfer.

Meanwhile, in the back, this fight seems to be a little more intriguing to Kallisto. Viper jock-on-jock action, though it looks like Mooner's getting the better of the Poet. Seems likely, if you just go by callsign. Nothing like getting to know your new squad mates through a little violence.

Roubani has no shortage of spirit, at least. When the fight starts he's as serious about it as he needs to be, backing up and watching Eddie's initial movements, a punch or two thrown to see what her style is for blocking or moving away from it. What he does have, unfortunately, is a dire lack of proper training. Forgetting to guard properly, he takes the full on hit to the midsection and damn that looked like it hurt. There goes his air supply. But despite the stumble he recovers with a slight stumble and a mental note not to do THAT again. Eyes on Eddie, here we go again.

"Lucky me." Virgil adds, as his hands move up over his head, there to rest and so he can catch breath. "I don't smoke, sir." He'll have a beer every now and then, but smoke? No. Still he is a lightweight. And with that eyes fall to the ring, and there's a wince. "Ow, ow, ow…" Poor Roubani.

"Good." Sal nods to Epi, then glances over at Bargh. "Evening," she greets her former minion — er MP. "Battlestar life is different, but recycled air is recycled air. At least there's more room to jog. You can do proper laps. Course that also means staircase PT is gonna suck five times as much." What with five times the decks. "Bonus: Extra brig space." She glances toward the ring. "Nice."

Tombs winces slightly, though he doesn't come in too quick. He watches to make sure the other pilot remains on his feet. "Shit. That's rough. You get another like that an I am callin it." So yeah: 2 to Eddie. A shake of his head and he's moving to keep an eye on the ordeal. "Hit her in th' tit. Girls hate that, kid." This more or less barked at Roubani.

"We ain't loitering, we're holdin the wall up," Ramses corrects the ECO, eyes on the newest fight. "So, they up and moved you to the other berthing. Can't say as I'm happy with that situation. I was kinda hopin you'd take the bunk under me permanent like on account of Vega is now it's occupant. Woman snores like a diesel truck."

The kiss has Callie grinning, as does his promise of more, the latter getting her to mumble, "You can make good on the rest of the payment later," out of the corner of her mouth. "So how has everything been, Cinder, all is well, outside of being kept busy?" The fight…well, that's a bit more than she was expecting and with a squeak and a whimper, she covers her eyes like not seeing it will make it all better or something.

Alyssa grimaces at the barrage of hits Roubani is taking. She walks towards the ring again, just ready in case she is needed.

Perhaps her best friend out of the ring, Eddie's certainly not pulling any punches /in/ the ring. At least she doesn't seem fueled by blood lust, which in the end might actually improve her game. When she gets in tight and gets tagged by Roubani decently, instead of wincing she's actually smirking. Glutton for punishment, that one. She shoots him a wink, then steps in again, this time going to clip his jaw.

Gresham nods back towards Ramses, "Right — holding up wall." And there eyes dart back between the other red head, and the fight. "Yeah, they did. I guess someone thought my whimpering was too much." A joke there, and he's turning to sneeze briefly into the crook of his arm, before looking back. "Though if I had my choice, I woulda stayed. Honest." At least now he knows what those noises meant. "And who knows? Maybe I'll be under you again sometime?" A smile before it dawns on him, what he just said. "Uh - Frak - I mean under your bunk. Not under-" and lips clamp shut. "I'mma gonna stop."

Ow, ow, ow, indeed. Even Kai winces slightly as Eddie wraps up the fight with a solid clip to the taller pilot's jaw, not giving him much chance to make good on his brief opening. "Shit," he murmurs on the heels of an exhale of smoke out his nose. "Looks like it hurt." Gresham gets a brief flick of his eyes and a dry voiced, "Better quit while you're ahead, Virgil."

"So far, so good," Cinder assures Callie. "Getting to know the new folks. Real duty starts tomorrow. How about you? And you too, Panda? Or are you too filled with bloodlust to think about that at the moment?" While gabbing, the fight is mostly forgotten. Unlike Callie, Cinder's seen enough violence to make this tame by comparison; not a lot beats seeing a Marine take 20-odd bullets and running a toaster empty.

"Least she's not going for the face." Bar muses absently with a roll of her shoulders, "I'll put up with the stairs fer that pool, sir." There's a little grin Sal's way before the big marine gives Epi a little nudge and a smile. "So, lots of bird on bird so far. Anything from our side, yet?" she wonders of no one in particular.

Panda chuffs an abortive chuckle, reaching out to clap Cinder on the back. "Good to see ya," he admits, giving her a shake. He glances over to the ring and gives a bit of a frown. "So shit, how've both of you been?" Dorian asks, looking between the brace of blonds before him.

Tit? Shya right. Roubani fends off a couple of Eddie's punches and manages to get a couple in, though they're just not aimed well enough to score that badly needed point. Giving up, though, is just not in his vocabulary. Someone might want to teach it to him when it comes to fistfights. He sees something coming and dodges, but drops his arm - bad mistake as her glove crashes right into his face. Bingo. His head snaps to the side and that's no doubt the call of the fight right there, leaving him looking pained but half-laughing under it. "Feeling better now, Eddie?" He calls to her, before he winces and leans over to catch his breath. His dark eyes flick to Tombs and he smirks. "I'll remember that. And my name isn't 'kid'. /Sir/."

Again, on her feet, medkit in-tow, Ninaza follows the doc.

Epi heaves a quiet sigh as Eddie lands one on Roubani. "Poor Knots," she murmurs. "And the staircase PT isn't all that bad. Does wonders for the ass." A pause and then the little Marine is blinking up at Salazar. "So THAT'S how you do it! I was wondering how you kept his…" Her brain catches up and her mouth snaps shut. Though she's grinning. "PT hasn't been bad at all," she finishes.

Thorn just watches the Eddie-Nadiv bout silently, wincing as Eddie makes quick work of the other lieutenant. As the fight is called to a close, Komnenos finally comes out of his bubble of solitude, approaching Roubani. "That looked like it might've hurt a little, Nadiv," he says in a deadpan. "Smoke?" He offers the battered lieutenant his pack of cigarettes.

Eddie's the first to step forward when Roubani takes the last hit, a glove under his arm just in case he needs the support. Her other arm wraps around him, hugging his head close to hers and she mutters something quietly. That said, she slithers away, confident he won't leave his feet and end up on his ass. "I wanna throw my tags back in." She says with bit of a grin and a glint in her eye as she backs out of the ring and gets stripped out of her gloves and the headgear that protected her temples.

"You still breathing there, Virgil? Cos you're awful red in the facial region." The taller red-headed viper pilot smirks at the man and punches him lightly in the shoulder. She nods in agreement with Kai then and asks of him, "I've met Poet, who is the little firebrand making a mess with his pretty face?"

"Point." Tombs is barking back as he's stepping in between the both of em again. "Winner, Morales! Kozmas!" Again barked to the Staff Sergeant in order to have the name and the win recorded. A brief nod is given over Morales. "Nice moves, Princess. Scoot'er out." A grunt and eyes slide back to Roubani. "Shit, son, you might need to go back to basic. Slide out an see to the medics. Make sure your pride is intact." Marine burn! And he's already back for the box, a look over his shoulder and there's a faint grunt. "Sure, tiger, I'll remember that."

Hands back to the box, and already Tombs is reaching in to find the next names. "Let's see here, I got Ajtai" a blink as he looks to the second tag. "And Jarot." And now there's a smile. "Alright, Marines. Let's see em." By 'em he means asses, in ring.

"Hmmmhmmm…" Callie manages to get out, still a bit too shocked by the sight of that level of violence, the fact that this is 'recreational' not mattering to her. When Panda's name is called she peeks through her fingers, giving him a stare through her fingers as she whispers, "Don't get hurt too bad, please?"

Poor Epi squeaks and dips her head to Salazar. "Sorry, Sir. New boss called for my ass. I'm not a pilot, so Ajtai won't take too long with me." She beams and heads up toward the ring, limber as always. "Corporal Jarot reporting to kick Marine ass, Sir," she tells Tombs with a bright grin.

Hearing the little marine's name called, Barghest gives a grin Epi's way and gives her a clap on the shoulder, "Get some," on her way to meet the challenge. She sidles closer to Salazar and more softly, "How ya think it's gonna go, sir?"

"I've only been here a bit myself," Sal mentions, probably to Bargh. She glances from the ring to Epi. She regards the shorter marine for a moment before she says, "I'm just an affectionate person." Salazar crosses her arms after adjusting she smoke at her lips. "Kick his ass," she asides to Epi, before stepping forward to make her way slightly through the crowd to catch up with Marek. She touches the back of his neck when she steps up behind the pilot.

Roubani chuckles under his breath at whatever Eddie said. He's nowhere near falling down, though some ice is probably in order for more than one part of him. That jaw's going to look AWESOME tomorrow. His gloved hand pats Eddie's back and he ducks out of the ring to make room, boots landing on ground near where Komnenos has come up. "Love one, thank you, Anton." Tugging the gloves off, he reaches for the cigarette.

"I been alright, you know-" Suddenly a name is called out. An important name. Panda practically leapfrogs several people, no doubt throwing a few off-balance in his eagerness to get into the ring. "HEY! Not that one!" Ajtai yells out, clambering into the ring. Wearing marpat pants and nothing else (pray they don't fall) Pandorian breathlessly looks to Tombs. "This Ajtai," he declares, jerking a thumb at himself. "Right here."

Hm, breathing. "Yeah, just.. I worked out and so my bod, is pretty glistening." He's trying to be all cool, though cool and Gresham go as well as fire and something flammable. Or something. Who knows. Still, he's nodding back to Ramses, as he looks over to Kai. "I try, sir. Sometimes the breaks aren't as quick as the motor. Odd saying that - heard it from my grandfather who used to raise bulls as a kid…" Oh gods, stop him now.

Having made her way towards Roubani, the soft-spoken medic inquires, "Are you in need of aid, sir?"

Tombs looks over towards Panda, before he's shaking his head. "Amazing, Lance Corporal. Now quit flirting and get your ass in the ring." There's a faint grin back Epi, as she reports off. "Go easy on him, Marine…" almost thoughtful there from the S2. "Leave some meat on his bones, please. Need his ass on morning rotation." Needless to say: GET IT ON.

Once in the ring, looking up at Panda, Epi smiles and just waits for a long moment, until he's settled and the call comes to start. Nope, she doesn't hesitate to bounce in with a flurry of punches aimed toward the other Marine's gut. She has that fierce, ferocious look on her face, like a teacup poodle guarding her bone.

"That'd be miss Edwina Morales," Karim offers up obligingly. "Though I don't recommend calling her Edwina." He drops his cigarette finally, and crushes it out with the toe of his boot. "Excuse me. I've got a marine to wrangle." Whatever that means. Gresham gets a friendly elbow to the side on his way by the taller man. "Don't let him talk your ear off, Stonewall."

Alyssa looks around at the crowd, nodding in approval as Ninaza does her work while turning her attention to the new fight.

Roubani shakes his bruised head a little at Ninaza. "No, no, thank you Crewman. I'm just fine." He has a similar accent to hers, Sagittarian. Though much more tempered. His dark eyes flicker towards Kai, Ramses, and Gresham, and then back to Komnenos as he tilts his head, lighting the gifted cigarette.

Oh, now this should be interesting, Kallisto thinks. One gung-ho Marine man against a pint-sized Marine chick. Will she get the leverage and beat him down? Will he run her down with brute force? The masses are eager to know!

Eddie slinks away from the ring, the sweat on her brow making her look invigorated instead of tired. Though she clearly has energy to go again, and even said as much about her tags going back in, she doesn't make an effort to go throw them back in, as others need fun too. She flops back down onto the bit of bench she shared with Roubani earlier, dragging her forearm across her brow, taking the moment to people watch.

"Knock yourself out," Thorn says to Roubani with a wry smile. "Take care of that jaw, eh?" With a final nod to the younger man, he sidles away, approaching the spot where Gresham's talking to Kai and a red-haired pilot Thorn doesn't recognize. He approaches the trio — well, duo, now that Kai's moving off. Geez, Thorn doesn't smell that bad, does he? "Ensign," he greets Gresham with a clap on the shoulder. "You've got a hell of a sidestep, mate."

The gym is crowded and from all of this hustle and bustle the tags of Castor Leda are dropped in for a fight. Leda turns to watch who is fighting and he raises an eyebrow. Last time Epi threw down, Wil beat her and Panda looks a bit tougher in the ring. Still though Epi has that acrobatic duck and weave thing going for her. He then begins to look for a seat in the gym.

"Lotta people need my ass," Pandorian quips. He skips back, looking like a defensive movement at first. It ends up being a feint, allowing him to coil his legs and explode forward to tackle the half-pint demolitions specialist with a bellowing roar.

With a nod of understanding cast at the pilot — after a cursory scrutiny to make certain that he actually is okay — Ninaza, again, returns to the post. Green eyes flit to the ring, brow gently furrowing at what she sees.

"Poor guy. You're kinda inept around women folk, aren't you?" Ramses points out the obvious to the already red-in-the-face Gresham, following it up with a disarming smile. As Kai walks away, she watches his back and then her attention snaps back to her location as Komnenos rolls up. "Hi there."

Yeah, no. Epi's clearly not happy with that tackle. Or the fact that he manages to land it. Her eyes narrow a little once she manages to get free from Panda and she tilts her head to the side, circling slowly, looking for just the right moment to strike. This time, she takes a few quick steps in and attempts to land an uppercut under that chin of Panda's.

Marek doesn't get very far as Sal was already on an intercept course. "Did I just hear you say wrangle?" Salazar's question is spoken almost into Karim's ear. She shakes her head and notes, "If Morales ever gets grounded out of the cockpit, I'll fight you for her. She's one of the least annoying pixies around." She glances down at the crushed smoke. "You never police your brass," she mutters, before bending to pick up the cigarette butt from the deck of the Hestia's gym.

Kellin steps in, evidentially just coming off duty he finds a somewhat safe place to watch for a bit before he decides if he wants in tonight or not.

Gresham looks back toward Freya, and he's shaking his head. "Slightly, but I do have my moments. Maybe." However whatever he was going to say is lost as Kai bids his farewells and Komnenos slides on up to clasp him on the shoulder. A grin for the Lieutenant. "Thank you, sir." A beat "Thorn. I jus' got lucky-lucky that you scare the hell outta me - kinda fuels the fight for me." And with that he's rubbing his ribs gently, as eyes inspect Anton's face. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Thorn can't smell too badly, since Marek's hand lands briefly on the back of his shoulder as he sidesteps past. "Good fight," he tells the raptor driver-in-training. Kallisto's given a quick turn of his lips that doesn't quite qualify as a smile, but Salazar manages to successfully draw his attention away. "Why should I, when you're around to do it for me?" he retorts easily. Eye contact is made, and held. "You can fight Whiplash for her. I hear she keeps a pitchfork under her desk." Ha ha. Get it? Pitchfork? Aerelonian hayseed? Maybe it's only funny to Kai.

Rolling off of Epi with a snickering chuckle, Panda circles the opposite direction from her, clapping his hands together rhythmically before him. That gives her one hell of a tell to time off of, and her fist slips up just as his hands are swiping together. The man's jaw is forced shut, no doubt seeing stars, but these are Marines after all. Dorian's hands continue to come together on the very forearm Jarot drove her fist into his chin with. He steps and twists, driving the fireplug to the ground and delivering stomp to the calf.

"KICK HER ASS, PANDA," Callie shouts out before catching herself, the fact that Epi's female not really registering to her along with the fact that guys shouldn't be beating up on girls. So much for her reservations from earlier. When he swings she hoots and hollers, cheering the Marine on.

Leda is fixed on the fight as he just stands there near the door watch as Panda clearly brings on a violation of the rules diving, calf stomping, then again, if people want a street fight…eyes flicker over to Callie for a moment and he continues to quietly watch this fight.

Annnnnd, the little Marine goes down like … well, we're not going there about Marines and Pilots. Epi hits the mat after Panda's maneuver, which likely hurt like a bitch. She's going to be feeling it tomorrow. After a moment, her hand taps on the mat and she looks up at the larger Marine. "Good match, Ajtai," she allows, offering him her hand.

Roubani watches the new fight in the ring idly, picking up his abandoned bottle of water and taking a long drink from it. He rubs at the rising bruise on his jaw with the heel of his hand.

Eddie tilts her head slightly, mildly amused at the fighting tactics of the marines as this has turned more into a wrestling match then a boxing tournie. To each their own, but at least this fellow is mildly amusing. She glances up at Roubani, "You alright, peanut?"

"Thanks, sir," Thorn replies to Kai with a nod. He smiles thinly at the other ECO's admission. "Well. Glad I could motivate you, at least." He raises a brow at the question. "Good gods, Cooter, you'd have t' hit a hell of a lot harder than you do t' worry about that." He grins, kidding on the square. "You move like a gods-damned butterfly, but you hit like a feather." His eyes swivel to regard Ramses. "'Lo," he returns her greeting with a nod. The red-haired pilot gets a scrutinizing look, then Thorn offers his hand. "Don't believe we've met. Lieutenant Komnenos — Thorn — formerly of th' Kharon."

Match over, the medic is yet again on her feet. Not yet moving, Ninaza waits to see if Alyssa is going to check on Epi, seeing that the doc is closer.

"That's it!" Wow, another quick working over from them Kharon folks. A shake of his head, and the S2 is already coming in, in case he needs to separate the two. "Ajtai, next time don't stomp the calf, or I'll kick in your knees." First time warning. There's a look back to Epi to make sure everything is alright. "Good match, you two. Now slide out." Tombs is looking over to Kozmas, to get the record down, and he's reaching back for the box. Easy to go, right?

"Next Fight: Brand, Barghest. Get your asses in th' ring!" Another Marine rumble it seems. Alas and alack. Seems in house fighting is par for the course tonight. "Remember, kids, keep it clean. I'll hit harder." And with that Tombs'll wait for the others to get ready before ringing that bell.

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