PHD 246: Fight Night: The Reckoning (Part II)
FN: The Reckoning PT II
Summary: The stunning conclusion of FN: The Reckoning
Date: PH 246 (12/20/2009)
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And We're Back!

Alyssa is already ringside, and leans in. "Jarot?" She asks. "You okay?"

The pat has a distinct sound to those accustomed to it, like a hypnotist drawing a patient out of the trance. Panda reaches down, frowning sheepishly instead of the manic grin he'd worn in the fight. "Sorry 'bout that," he mumbles, partly from the swelling lip. More than swollen, he's getting a bit of a red goatee. "Need a hand out?" Tombs is just given a thumbs-up over his shoulder for his chastening.

Kellin grins at his colleague lifting the volume of his voice so she might hear "Not to bad Epi, you'll get him next time" He turns to look at at the ring as the next fight is called, fingering his own tags.

"Kicking pilot ass is always amusing, even if I'd rather be handing yours to you than playing catfight with a blonde." Salazar shakes her head, cig bobbing as she speaks. "Lazy frakkin' Saggies." She glances over toward the ring. She watches to be sure Epi rises before her attention returns to Karim. She pats his belly. "I'm ducking out for a bit. You stole my coffee mug. I want it back." Which means she's probably headed to the berthing to raid the locker.

Wince. Well, there've been less lopsided fights in the ring. Bar gives a little shake her head and starts to drift over to the little marine to see how she's doing. Clearly her intent as, once she does get close enough, she wonders, "Y'alright?" giving a look to her opponent. Her name caught from the MC, she nods to herself and slips into the ring to get prepped.

Roubani chuckles quietly at Eddie. "Just fine, pookie puff. I'd ask if you were alright in return, but I don't think I even touched you." His eyes flicker up from hers and around, absently. Noting faces he doesn't know more than ones he does. Like Kallisto, who he studies for a few moments.

Epi shakes her head at Panda, offering a little smile as she rolls to her feet and makes her way to Alyssa. "I think just getting it checked out," she murmurs to the doctor. Wait, a Marine unafraid of a medical professional? Frightening. She dips her head to the S2 before sliding out of the ring.

This…prolly ain't gonna be good, Cinder thinks as she stands up from the bleachers. Meandering toward the ring, drawing it out as long as she can, she starts to stretch her arms out. Crossing them in front of her, tugging on the elbow, she saunters on toward the ring. Arriving at the side of the ring, Cinder just hops on up, pretty nimble. Hmmm, probably going to have to use speed, since she certainly can't match the other MP for strength.

Castor's watches Panda for a long minute but Tombs has things under control and so Castor goes to take a seat near the closest group of pilots he can find.

Callie watches Cinder approach the ring with half an eye, the other half kept on Panda and Epi, her expressioon unreadable now. "Go Cinder!" Her voice isn't the shrill, excited shout it was when she cheered on Panda but she's rooting for her even if she doesn't scream.

Alyssa nods, then offers a hand over to the side, taking time to look at the stomped calf. "Frakker," she mutters to himself. "This whole thing is dumb enough without cheap shots." She puts her hands to the muscle. "Ok, raise your foot and lower it a few times, make sure everything's still attached."

"Don't reckon we have, I'm Lieutenant Freya Ramses… I'm with the Furies on Hestia here," Ramses says, taking the offered hand from the Raptor ECO and giving it a firm shake. "A pleasure. And a miracle of sorts, running into y'all out here like we did."

Eddie leans back, hooking her elbows on the bench behind her. "I won't be pissing blood tomorrow, but I'll be sore." Her eyes roam too, trying to pick out those she doesn't know from the Kharon. "You know, if this was about putting our differences out in the ring being the new kids…the Hestia folk don't seem too concerned about representing."

With Alyssa tending to Epi, Ninaza waits for Pandorian to emerge from the ring.

Kai's attention's pulled to the ring briefly as Jarot goes down, and there's a little twinge in his eyes at the calf-stomp. Difficult to say what he thinks of that tactic. But she seems to be picking herself back up again just fine, and his gaze pivots back to Salazar. "You wouldn't beat on an old man, Nikos," he tells her blithely. "I'm also pretty sure you promised to love, honour and obey me." She didn't. Nevertheless, he's falling into step with her as she announces her intent to find her coffee mug. There's a glance back to the congregation of pilots forming roughly on one side of the room, and then he's headed for the hatch. "You know, I was tempted to throw your tags in for you.." It trails off as they step out.

With a nod to Epi, Panda practically slinks off under the ropes. Once out of them, though, he can't help but turn around and join the cheering. "Cin-DER! Don't be afraid, she only looks like a man!" Grinning impishly, he presses the back of a bandaged hand to his lip to check on the blood. Hm.

Epi is rather obedient with the doctor. She lifts her leg, holding onto the other woman's shoulder with one hand. "If it weren't attached, would it hurt this much," the woman asks with a wry little smile. "I can flex my toes and can feel all of them."

Gresham falls silent for a moment as Thorn and Stonewall make acquaintances. Eyes looking back between the both of them, before he's grinning back in the other ECO's direction. "yeah well, I don't want to mar anyone's face. I'd feel really bad if I hurt someone. I mean fighting is completely different than this. " A pause "I guess I would hit harder if I was angry with someone?" A shrug. "Who knows."

"You weren't drunk enough at our wedding to think the word obey ever came out of my mouth during those vows, stick jockey." Salazar glances back once, over her shoulder, eyes following Epi until she disappears in the crowd — which doesn't take long. When you're trying to watch someone in a room and they're five feet tall, they get lost fast. Sal steps out with Karim, "I checked to be sure you were still wearing them before …" And the rest is lost to the corridor.

"Likewise," Thorn says to Ramses as the pair shakes hands. He gives a short headshake, smiling dryly. "You're telling me," he replies. "Bugger, after our last run-in with th' Cylons, most of us thought we were finished. Until you lot showed up, anyway. Pulled our arses out of th' fire, t' be sure."

"You enjoy bleeding, it would seem," is said to Ajtai. Soft-spoken as she is, Ninaza draws close enough that she can be heard when pitching her voice.

Roubani shrugs one shoulder at Eddie. "It doesn't matter. They've got little to prove, haven't they. It is their ship." He doesn't sound bothered about this at all. "They don't seem to talk much, though."

Barghest looks to Cinder as she comes into the ring and she nods, rolling her shoulders a bit. Once her gear's in place, she enters the center of the ring and,when Cinder's ready, she extends a glove out the woman's way in a respectful sort of gesture. With Panda's interjection, she smirks back a, "It'll happen to you someday too, sweetie, don't worry." then steps back and brings her guard up for the festivities to come.

There's a faint glance back over to the side, as he's waiting for the other two marines to be ready. But it does at least seem, that Tombs is watching Epi for a little. Maybe to make sure she's alright there. And with that he's looking back to the two in the ring. "Alright kids, Get it on." Barked back, and boom, Bell's rung.

Alyssa smiles. "I think you'll be fine, though you might want to kick his ass sans gloves for that last shot." Alyssa looks up at Epi. "If it is still bothering you in a couple days, come by and we'll check to see if anything tore. As is, you look good."

Laughing at the MP, Panda offers a little fat-lipped wave. That's when Ninaza slips up beside him. "Huh?" the stampy Marine yorps with the erudition of a hound dog, looking around for the speaker. Upon seeing Ninaza, the clipped tones come into focus and form words; knowing it's supposed to be accented makes a difference. "Oh, uh, right. Heh, yeah," Dorian drawls, patting his dribbly lip. "Lets me know I'm tryin' hard enough."

Epi laughs softly and nods to Alyssa. "Thanks, Doc. I'll just wait until the next dance and hope I pull him again. Means I need to work a little harder." She puts the leg down carefully, trying to hide the wince.

Eddie gives a little titter of laughter, "Well, I guess not talking works out better for people like you and I, right?" Her eyes trace Kai and Salazar as they take their leave of the festivities, and then peel back to the ring. "I think I'm going to slink off."

"Would it be wrong of me to laugh at the thought of you, angry, Coo— Virgil," Ramses almost slips out with the man's callsign, a fact that has her wrinkling her nose. "Besides the ordinary average amount of hatred one would have in them living the lives that we live, what do you have to be angry about?" There's a smile there that she shares with Komnenos. "The Lords were truly looking after all of us."

Green eyes intently regard Panda. Whatever it is that Ninaza is thinking isn't readily apparent from her expression, apart from that she appears to be considering something. "Come," she says, finding a spot near the ring for the Marine to park it, so that she can tend to his lip.

"I think I'm going to as well," Roubani says, reaching back to put out his cigarette. "It's far too loud in here, and I ought to get some ice. Care to take a walk, then?"

Leda sits and watches the match, for once he isn't his usual chatty self but then again he doesn't look like he is in a foul mood. He is just watching in fights and taking in the sights. Maybe the puppy is just tired.

Gresham frowns, though it seems more of a put on thing, than the real actual deal. "No-" he admits before he's looking back to the ring, watching the matches, slightly. "Not really, it would take a lot for something to get me angry." he admits, as one hand reaches up to scratch the side of his nose. "I guess, like if someone did something mean to a loved one-" However he stops there, before he's rubbing his throat. "Scuse me.." words a little shakey and with that he's moving to slide out and over to a water fountain for a moment. That's his best bet.

Callie looks at Panda and sighs, shaking her head as she does. "That man will not learn," she whispers to herself while winding herself closer, waving to Castor on her way past. Once where Panda and the one tending to him can see her, she gives a tentative wave and then motions as if asking if they'd mind her joining them, holding off for a moment to do so.

Tethys pushes forward towards the ring, resting an arm on Leda's shoulder. "I wondered if you were gonna come," she says. "Don't suppose you'd know where a girl could get a drink? Or maybe if you'd feel like dancin' yourself?"

And into the gym, late, walks yet another short person. But this one, well, this one has a look that could strip paint off walls and unman a man at five hundred paces. No, she doesn't strut, but Abigail Nikos moves with definite purpose. The Hestia-based pilot has her chin up and her eyes scanning the room.

Eddie slips to her feet, stretching to her full height, which isn't much when you compare it to Roubani. "Yeah." She says simply, throwing in the towel on fight night.

After exchanging greetings with Ramses, Thorn looks back to Gresh. "That's what th' frakkin' medics are here for, lad. You're supposed t' let it all out. Beat th' frak out of th' other berk, let th' docs sort it out." Cold blue eyes swivel back to Stonewall, and Thorn raises a brow. "As much as I'd like t' agree, the Lords abandoned us long ago, I think."

Kellin watches the fight then with a shrug then tosses his Tags into the pile. He spares a glance to where Alyssa and Epi are, perhaps making sure his fellow EOD specialist is doing ok before he looks back to the action in the ring.

With the niceties taken care of, and the bell rung, Barghest goes to business. She exchanges a few probing jabs and body blows with the other marine, the highlights being a couple of body blows, and a rare hook to the head for her part.

The Marine follows the brunette medic over to a bench, room made for them as it would for any others. Panda doesn't seem to pay much mind to the treatment at all, in fact using the very mouth Ninaza's trying to take care of. "Calliegal!" he calls out, waving his hand at her, bloody bandage and all. "C'mon, give Miss Eir a sec and I'll put ya up on my shoulders to watch!"

Roubani leaves with Eddie in tow, tossing a small wave over his shoulder towards Gresham and Thorn.

Following the itty bitty Iggy is the rather small Smalls. What he's saying — his mouth is moving — gets drowned by the cheering of the crowd.

Ducking and weaving her best in the ring, Cinder is by far the less-experienced fighter. Sure, she uses her size and speed to her advantage, dipping in when she can and landing a few little rabbit punches, but Barghest is too big for them to do much. It's the blow to the head that sends Cinder stumbling back a little, blinking once or twice and taking a moment to get her head straight before she goes back in for more.

Leda turns slowly as he addresses Tethys, "Drink, I can get you one of those." He reaches into his back pocket and he pulls out a flask, now Leda hasn't been seen drinking for a long time but sometimes trades need to be made on the fly. He offers the flask over to Tethys, "Help yourself. As for the ring? We will see." As Iggy enters into the room Leda's eyes fall on the pilot and her diminutive friend.

Ramses looks after Gresham as he heads for the fountain and meets Thorn's blue eyes, a little roll in her shoulders. "To each their own, of course. I was raised on faith, figure I'll live with what comfort it gives me and some day, die with it." She oh so subtly changes the subject: "Which squadron did they stick you in?"

And once things have finished with the doctor, Epi takes the chance to slip off to a corner where she can cheer on her fellow Marines. She favors her leg slightly, in the unguarded moments. "Come on, Mor! Beat her ass!" comes Epi's war cry.

Iggy looks over her shoulder at Smalls and grins. "You gonna throw yours in too, Smalls," she asks. Yes, she actually -grinned- at the other pilot. She must like him. But then, as her own tags go in, she catches sight of Castor and the smile fades a bit. No, she doesn't nod, but her chin jerks up toward the man in one of those (normally) testosterone-driven greetings.

Deft fingers drift to lightly rest on Ajtai's lips, as if to instruct 'Don't talk'. Without a word, the medkit is opened and the necessary supplies to mend the mess that is Panda's mouth are retrieved. Concentrating on the task at hand, Ninaza's get to work.

Kellin looks his shoulder at Epi "Hey EPi want up where you can see better?"

Tethys takes a long pull on the flask and sighs audibly afterwards. "Ahhh, rum. Haven't had any of that in AGES." Her fingers start beating against the table. "I hope he pulls my tags out, soon. Gotta let the noncoms have some fun, right?"

There's one more second of hesitation on Callie's part but with Panda giving her the go ahead she drifts over, suddenly restless. The way Ninaza touches his lip gains the Marine a raised brow but she's too busy getting to where she can stand close by, not interrupting outside of resting a hand on his arm affectionately.

Barghest smiles a little as they seperate for the round break. She nods approvingly, though in regards to what one would have to know her better to be sure. With the women engaging for another round, there is much of the same for the most part, though she puts a couple of really good hooks to the sides in this time, leaving the face alone.

Thorn looks at Ramses with pursed lips, and nods. "Fair enough." He takes a pull from his cigarette, the breath of smoke spilling out as Anton blows a hazy smoke ring. "They stuck me in with th' Wardogs. CAG says it's supposed t' be a pretty hot shit outfit." He shrugs, smirking. "After flyin' with a SpecOps squadron, I'd expect nothing less." The pair of new arrivals gets a look from Thorn, which prompts another browraise from the tall ECO. The red haired kid following behind the blackhaired pilot… damn, is he short.

"I dunno, Booster," Smalls begins. "I can't say that I like getting the everlovin' crap beat out of me, even by you, so I'm thinkin' I'm gonna pass. I mean, if I really want to be smacked around or suffer some internal bleeding, I can always ask you later, right?" Cue lopsided smile.

Thanks! Leave that face alone, since it's one of the better aspects. At least bruises will heal…a broken nose might not ever set right! Once more, Cinder hops and bobs around in the ring, landing a few good gut punches at Barghest, even taking a swing or two at the side of her head. Bottom line is, she's not as big and can't reach as far, and whenever she tries to go under Barghest's guard, she gets pummeled in the sides and kidneys, making her grunt and wheeze a bit as the wind starts to get knocked out of her.

Panda wiggles his fingers at Callie again, but the fingers on his lips get the man's attention. "Right," he nods, closing his eyes and dipping his chin in deference. From then he's still, aside from drawing his arm back and forth under Callie's fingers briefly.

Epi catches sight of Kellin and smiles, weaving her way slowly over toward him, trying to hide the limp. "Heya," she says to the other Marine. "Better view from here?" Then she raises her voice "Hot DAMN! Good show, Barghest! Good try, Brand!"

Water and whatever else Gresham needed to take care of, taken care of, he's moving back to where Ramses and Thorn have themselves. He's got wall holding up to do-important piloty business that. Eyes looking back to Thorn, and there's a faint blink. "We're a hot shit outfit?" Apparently someone else is in the Wardogs and had no clue of the history of the squadron. "Oh eff." Though that is more or less to himself. "I didn't think I was anywhere close to Hot shit."

Well, this one seems to be over before it even begins, Kallisto thinks to herself. As the night draws on, and a few more pilots from the Hestia squads drift in, she starts to finger the dogtags around her neck. To throw in, or not to throw in? Regardless, she seems content enough to watch the Kharon folks beat each other's asses, silent as normal, but at least showing her face.

Kellin eyes his friend chuckling a bit "It seems to be, if you slide in front of me you should have an unobstructed view" Shifitng a bit to give EPi more room "I wonder who'll get next?"

"The Wardogs are good people. Lost more'n a few just after Warday. Lot of young hotshots." Ramses grimaces at the memory. "Men and women that are left are pretty damned good. You should fit in fine." She smiles as Gresham returns, "Hot shit on a stick, anyway, which is almost as good as hot shit just by itself. Hestia had something of a reputation, back before the Colonies got blown to shit."

Leda sits there watching and waiting to see who will go next, "Everyone gets a shot PO, just…excuse me, it looks like I am being called to the ring. Hold on to the flask for me would you?" He stands the puppy and the kitty are about to throw down. This ought to be mildly entertaining.

"And that's murder she wrote." Whatever th' frak that means. Must be an Aerelonian thing. Still Tombs smirks back over towards Barghest and to Cinder. "Good fight marines, now clear th' dance floor so we can see who the lucky couple will be." Here's hoping for a Hestia Kharon match, or a Pilot, Marine dance.

With the Staff Sergeant recording the tallies, Tombs is getting the new names, which happen to be..Well that grin says enough. "Hot an Holy shit-this should be good." But, then it is good when a Nikos is in the fight. "Representing our beloved boat: Nikos!" and that might get some cheers of awesomeness. "And some other guy-Uh. Leda. get your asses in."

Alyssa sighs. This was a good way to get in practice on basic first aid, it seemed. Walking back to ringside, she leans over towards Cinder. "Just like old times, eh? Need any patching up?"

Epi grins wryly up at Kellin then turns toward the ring agian. "They've been pretty good fights so far," she says quietly. "Fair ones. I think they've all been former Kharon folks, though."

It doesn't take long for Ninaza to finish-up since there's no need for stitches. The wound is cleaned and disinfected, and then something applied to stop the bleeding. The smell and sensation should be familiar to Pandorian. That all done, the supplies are returned to the kit, but it is not closed. "Your hand?" she then inquires, evidently wanting to check it. At that moment, she notices the Marine moving one arm against fingers that are not his. Looking over, a polite nod is offered to Callie.

Barghest breaks on the second round and runs a hand against her head for a moment then gives another nod. With the begining of the third round, she moves in a little less cautiously, opening with a feint to the head that becomes a jab from the other side. There are several more blows traded between the two, with a telling jab-hook to the ribs amongst them.

Ahhhhhh, there's now a smile on Iggy's face. It's not a pretty smile, either. Sharks probably come to Iggy for smile lessons. "Wait here," she tells Smalls quietly. "This shouldn't take too long." Cocky little thing, our Booster. She launches herself up into the ring, nodding politely to Tombs. "Sir," she says quietly. Shoulders lift with an audible pop as she waits for her opponent, watching for him.

Kellin nods to Epi "So I noticed, you did pretty good out there yourself" He watches as the next two are getting ready "I wonder if teh Hestia old timers are just watching ti see how good or bad we are?"

When the name Nikos is called out, no one is cheering, grinning, hooting or hollering louder than Smalls. "Sure thing, Booster!" he calls out, before genuinely adding, "Good luck, Shep!" Poor Castor is going to need it.

A whisper is bravely attempted, Callie counting on the ambient noise to drown out what might be too loud to keep private between Panda and herself. Blushing once she pulls back, she looks over to the medic and smiles, nodding hello to her as well. Next fight announced, Callie winces and takes to watching, her fingers staying put on his arm.

"Happy to…" Tethys says with a grin, taking another pull on the rum. She closes the flask after that, though. No point getting called up just to see three guys instead of one. That would be a bad night for all concerned.

Eventually, the gut-shots take their toll, and Cinder is holding her stomach while leaning against the ropes. When the S2 finally calls the match, she looks pretty relieved. Nodding at Barghest to show no hard feelings, she gingerly slides on out of the ring, gritting her teeth and moving a little sorely back towards the bleachers. No blood, except for maybe a busted lip or something, but man, that's gonna be sore in the morning!

"Just goin' from what our new CAG said, Cooter. Haven't met enough of them t' know for myself, just yet," Thorn says to Gresham. "They'd not have assigned you here if they didn't think you could hack it. Get some experience under your belt, an' you won't have t' wonder about whether you belong or not, either." Ramses gets a nod. "Seems t' be th' prevailing opinion. Captain Sito thinks highly enough of them, anyway, an' if th' CAG is satisfied, y' must be doing something right, eh?" A quick glance to the ring ends with a wince as Thorn looks over just in time to see Barghest putting a hurt on Cinder, then Iggy and Castor being called into the ring.

Gresham is quiet for a moment as he looks back over to the ring as the names are called out. And then it is back right on to Ramses and Thorn. "Well, I musta done something good for the CAG to put me in there..Losses or not, I doubt she'd want a nugget frakking things up for everyone else." And that gets a breath. "Huh." Gresham adds after a moment. "That's the third Nikos I've seen since joining up. Are there a lot of em around?" or is it one great cosmic coincidence.

Leda steps into the ring and he has seen Iggy go at it before and when he is in audible distance he offers a simple, "Abigail." He says softly, grrr puppy, grrr. As soon as Castor steps into the ring however, he is all business as his eyes lock onto Iggy's at the earliest possible moment and they stay there.

Barghest nods to the other marine, then to the S2 before slipping out of the ring and divesting herself of the protective gear for the next match on the list. She gives a glance toward Epi for a moment, then moves on in Cinder's wake to try and catch up with her.

"Alright kittens," Tombs starts, "Remember: No hitting below the belts. No cheap ass shit, or I will break you so quick, th Doc'll have to pry my boot from your ass with a crowbar." There let that sit in, and Eyes flick over to Castor, and then back to Iggy. "Nikos." comes that hayseed accent of his. "Make 'em cough up his balls." Wait-what? And with that Hands's out and raised. "Get it on.." Bang the Drum.

Ooooh. Oh no he didn't! Castor did NOT just go there with Iggy. Her eyes narrow as she studies him. "Tincan," she says quietly, starting to circle. Looks as though she's sizing him up. Once the go-ahead has been given, she continues to move, continues to study the man. Of course, Tombs gets a brief look, a small grin. Apparently he knows her well. Without further ado, she steps in with her arm cocked back, blown into a straight shot to the solar plexus.

Having seen enough to keep her entertained for the night, and making sure her face is seen at these ship-wide fraternization events, Kallisto decides maybe it's time to mosey on back to the berthings and get herself some shuteye. On her way out, she nods to all the folks, and spends a minute or two here and there, congratulating the victors and losers alike, even if they don't know her. It's just the nice thing to do, and so she does, even if she doesn't know their names or know them personally.

"Don't think of yourself as a frak-up nugget, then," Thorn says to Gresham with a slight scowl. "Think of yourself as the Colonial Fleet ensign that you are, an' act like you've got a pair." His expression softens slightly after that bit, though. "Frakkers must breed like rabbits," he opines in response to the Nikos question. "Now that I think of it… there was a Nikos or two on the Solaria, as well."

"Oi! Castor! Hit her like her sister would!" Tethys shouts from the side, walking up to the ring itself. "You know her weakness… go for it!"

Epi starts to bounce up and down on her toes as she studies the events in the ring. "Ooooh. I don't know which is going to go where," she says to Kellin, keeping her eyes on the proceedings.

"Nah," Panda says to Ninaza, flexing the hand with the bloody bandage. "This is all from my lip. I don't hit girls," he notes, flashing a grin to the medic and the mechanic on either side of him.

After sliding out of the ring, Cinder manages to sit down with a grimace on the bleachers. She's holding her midsection, but doesn't seem any worse for wear. Sore, as you can imagine, but nothing feels sharp and stabby, like it's broken. Really, she's thinking how much it's gonna suck to go on patrol tomorrow, since her official start to duty on the new ship starts then.

No, Ajtai did not understand. "No… your hand… has it yet healed?" Ninaza asks.

Kellin grins down at Epi and laughs at her bouncing "So far it looks even up, this should be a good one. KICK HER ASS LEDA"

Gresham glances back to Thorn for a moment. "A pair?" apparently the meaning is lost- or he wasn't paying attention to what Komnenos said as he keeps focused on the fight that is going on. There's a wince as the first few hits go, but then it could be that he is shadow boxing. "Weird. I knew there were a couple on the Kharon..Knew of a Marine on the Bellerophon." a wince. "Hmm."

Oh no, she…*pop* Wait, the solid hit to his side that yes, she did, right into the kidney in fact. This causes Leda to grunt loudly in pain but he manages to hold in there since this isn't his first dance. He pulls back and throws a feint blow so he can trick Iggy into leaving her jaw open and then he leans in a throws his blow. Two solid hits, this should be an interesting fight after all.

"Well, I don't think I have the stomach to watch this one… you boys have fun, y'hear?" Reaching back to pull her hair into a pony tail, Ramses steps away from the ECOs and heads for the door. "Have a good night."

The blond snipe leans in, placing a kiss upon the side of his head while waiting, keeping a deligent eye on him as well as how Ninaza tends to him.(Callie)

The surprise shows only briefly on Iggy's face as she steps back out from the hit. Yes, she took it, square on. Ow. She shakes her head for a moment, then starts to circle again, dancing on the balls of her feet. Then she's moving in, one hand coming in a hook toward his jaw, the other coming up toward the point of his chin. She's not playing, it would seem.

Barghest doesn't give the ring a second glance just yet. She throttles back a little as Cinder settles into place and, more cautiously, she approaches the other MP. Once close enough, she quietly offers a, "Good fight." and her hand, then, even more softly, "Gonna be ok?" with some concern in her expression.

When Iggy gets hit, the impossible happens. Smalls shuts up. No doubt that he'll make up for lost time, once the shock wears off.

Komnenos sighs. "Bollocks, Cooter. A pair of bollocks. Really, I have t' explain this t' you?" He shakes his head, the northern Aerelon accent thickening as he speaks to the other ECO. "Look, everyone fraks up sometimes, eh? No way around it. But I saw you in training… you're no bloody fool, no matter how hard y' might try t' convince people otherwise. You'll do fine, so long's y' can stay out of your own way." Ironic advice, coming from Thorn, who's certainly had enough practice in career self-obstruction. He turns to Stonewall, offering the woman a nod. "Night, Ramses… rest well."

That's pretty common where Panda's concerned, the not-understanding thing. "Oh, yeah, it's fine," he says, holding the left hand up shakily. "Scabs came off in the shower, didn't come back, they're just a bit raw." He leans forward, nudging Callie in the hip. "C'mon, climb on," Ajtai urges her, pointing to his back. Then with a quick wink over the other direction he teases Ninaza: "You want one, too?"

Alyssa smiles as Cinder walks past her without a comment. Just pride wound, she supposed. Looking up at the ring, she offers a small shout for Leda. Gotta go Aquarian, after all…

"Yeah, should be. Just sore, ya know? You got me good in the gut, afterall." The show of solidarity isn't lost on Cinder, as she takes Barghest's hand and gives it a nice, firm shake. "Really gonna suck tomorrow though. I should probably pop into sickbay and get a pressure bandage or something. I'm scheduled to run normal patrol starting tomorrow.

Gresham blinks as he watches the fight continue along. A shake of his head, and Virgil looks right on back to the departing Ramses. "Night, Freya." a smile given as he keeps a lingering look on the departing redhead pilot-before he's looking back towards Thorn. "I don-well Maybe I do." and there's a deep breath there. "I just-I dunno, you know?" And with that he quiets down for a little bit, letting the fight do the talking. "In the cockpit, it's different. Brain wires up. Out here? Not so much."

To the answer, Ninaza faintly nods. As that left hand shakes, green eyes lock onto the movement, much like a cat would notice the slightest rustling. After a moment of acute observation, the question registers and she appears vaguely confused. Eventually, the medic slowly shakes her head.

Epi seems to be holding her breath as she watches the two combatants. "He's not bad," she says after a moment, a hint of surprise in her voice. "Wow."

Kellin grins "Yeah, not bad for a stick jockey" He glances at the pile of tags "Hrm not many left in there at least from what I can tell anyway"

There's a look around to make sure Panda's talking to her before she slips behind Panda and drapes herself over his back and shoulders, Callie holding off on wrapping her legs about his waist, letting him hook his arms under her knees when he's ready to bear her weight, the rest of everything else fading to the point of being noticed out of half a ear or eye.

Yup, that is what a hook to the jaw looks like and his head rolls and he staggers for a fraction of a second from the blow which gives him just enough time to feign being dizzy so that she draws closer to finish the job and when she gets close enough he suddenly throws a punch of his own aimed flat out for Iggy's stomach, why go to Iggy when you can trick Iggy into coming to you.

Yup, that is what a hook to the jaw looks like and Leada's head rolls and he staggers for a fraction of a second from the blow which gives him just enough time to feign being dizzy so that she draws closer to finish the job and when she gets close enough he suddenly throws a punch of his own aimed flat out for Iggy's stomach, why go to Iggy when you can trick Iggy into coming to you.

Panda notices the intent stare at his hand and looks down at it too. "Yyeahhhh," he sighs, closing the fist up and adding softly, "don't worry 'bout it." Whether she can catch the words themselves, inflection and a look of frustrated resignation should communicate the message. Callie gives him a good out, allowing Panda to focus on hooking his arms under her knees and lunging to his feet. "Your loss," he shrugs to Ninsy with a sudden flush of good cheer.

Yep, Iggy takes another punch and her brows go up ever so slightly. Looks like the puppy has a bite, and Iggy is clearly relishing this opportunity to see what he's made of. This seems to be more than just about a simple dance. It's two people, two pilots, getting to know each other. For now, the corners are safe. Rather than dancing backward away from him, Iggy brings the -other- hand around for a hook into his gut. Again. She seems to have a thing for Castor's stomach.

"I know, I know. One thing t' say it here, another t' remember it when y' got Raiders on your arse, eh?" Thorn sighs, taking another pull from the cigarette. He offers his pack to Gresham with a questioning look as he continues. "All I can say is that th' most important thing is t' trust your abilities. Hesitation is a killer." Someone must have poured happy mentor pills all over Thorn's breakfast, as he offers the younger ECO a reassuring smile. "Don't think yourself t' death, eh? Lords know I had enough trouble figuring that out."

Barghest winces and looks a little awkward, "Sorry." she offers contritely. The shake is answered amicably, then, "You've got some good umph on that left o'yers. Should show it more." with a little smile. There's a look back now at the fight in progress and a brow arches, "Lively mixup." then, back to Cin, "It causes you any trouble I'll make it up to you, somehow."

"You missed me getting my ass kicked," Epi tells Kellin with a crinkled nose and a sigh. "I mean, seriously get my ass kicked. By Ajtai."

The hit lands heavily into Leda's stomach and there is a sound of air coming out of him and that hit probably left a nasty remark. However, there is something that he hears a voice in the audience and his eyes twinke for a moment as he his target is Iggy's jaw, it would seem Leda has a thing for Iggy's jaw. Leda is still standing, for now, though the look in his eye says he has fight in him.

Kellin chuckles "I caught the last bit of it" He looks down at Epi "You will really feel it in the morning, you should go get a soak or something"

Iggy moves back, away from Leda for a moment, in a rather sportsmanlike move - it's a chance for him to catch his breath - all this after he gets her jaw again. Lots of little lovetaps, it would appear. But once he's caught his breath, the game is on again. Iggy moves back in for the kill, not holding anything back as she goes for the point of his chin again, clearly trying to knock his head off the proper axis.

"Usually." Gresham adds, before he's shaking his head rather quickly. It seems that there will be no cigarettes for the younger ECO "Thinking keeps my mouth from rattling on sir.." A cough there, as eyes continue watching the dance. "I dunno. Maybe I am just being highly ridiculous. I could see myself being that, quite easily."

"Hmmm, it should be ok. Kalson should understand what happened. At least I got my ass kicked by another MP, right?" Cinder smirks up at Barghest. "But yeah, a pressure wrap should about do it. In fact, I think I'mma get going and see if I can scrounge one up, either from sickbay or another jarhead." Cinder grins at Barghest, but grits her teeth and stands. Before she leaves, she heads on over to Panda and Callie, wanting to say bye to them before wandering out.

Leda gets more than a love tap to the chin, in fact, he gets a full on connection to the chin from Iggy's hammerfist. Castor's head spins back but that is one of the perks of being a pilot excellent spatial awareness and his hand comes back again aiming for Iggy's jaw. This is clearly a fight for the ages as kitten and puppy fight it out.

Once hefted, Callie's grip tightens, helping him keeping her from falling on her ass once he gets up. "Who was that," she utters into his ear once she thinks to ask him, her voice held in a neutral tone now.

Iggy Nikos has taken quite a few hits, but she keeps coming back for more. Either she's a masochist or she's out for Castor's ass. Poor Leda. There's a bit of an advantage to being short, once in awhile. She goes low, bending her knees as she steps in. There are already bruises forming on her jaw, but she's not giving up. Rather than one simple shot, she comes in with another flurry of hits to his gut.

Epi grins up at Kellin and nods. "Though I don't think we have any tubs here. I can probably soak in the pool for a little bit…" Though she's keeping an eye on the fight.

"Hope ya feel better." Bar says quietly, gently clapping Cin's shoulder as she starts to move off, "Take't easy now." That said, she drifts on over toward where she remembered seeing Epi last while the chin music continues to play loud and proud in the ring, though that melody changes with the Nikos' elevation. Hmm, nice speedbagging there.

Alyssa sighs in disappointment. And he'd been doing so well, too.

Leda takes his punches to the gut as the flurry connect in a rare moment where Leda is open. However, even in defeat Leda goes down swinging as he throws one last punch to Iggy's gut before he colapses to the ground with a grunt, "Is that all you got." He isn't exactly passed out but he sure as hell isn't moving at the moment as he just rests there on his knees as his hands are behind him.

Kellin chuckles "Well true, true..the Pool might be a good alternative though" He winces as Castor goes down "That's going to stign a bit I think"

"That's Eir," Dorian replies with a shrug that bucks Callie on his shoulders. "She works in medical." There's no more explanation as Panda cups his hands around his mouth and whoops (which pulls Callie even further up his back). "Yeah-heah!! Way to take 'im down!" he shouts out to Iggy, then lowers his hands slowly. "… Uh… whoever you are," the man says quietly.

"Hit!" comes Tombs voice as his hand goes between them both. And right there Tombs starts grinning. "Match: Nikos!" That is enough to get a good rousing cheer from the Hestian contingent and a smile from the S2. And with that He's looking over towards Kozmas. "Add one under Nikos." Not under the Hestia-that'd be too mean right, all the same he's looking back to them in the ring. "Alright pukes, clean it out-Nikos, drag out your drooling boyfriend with you." A faint smirk is tossed Castor's way before he's moving to look back to see what tags are left.

"We all know I'm too damned much woman for you, Tincan," Iggy says quietly, holding a hand out to the man. "You gave me a good run, though. Good fight, Shepherd." Yes, she actually uses his callsign, as if he's a real pilot now. Tombs gets a one finger salute, but she's grinning. "Come on, before you puke on the mat."

Thorn shrugs at Gresham's refusal, and slides the pack back into his pocket even after he takes another long pull off the one in his lips. There's a smirk. "Oh, you are that, t' be sure. But in this case, no. Every pilot, every ECO, goes through that shite at some point. The good ones overcome it. The bad ones end up dead." He shrugs philosophically, tossing the remains of his smoke to the floor. He looks back to the ring just in time to see Iggy laying a hurting on Castor. That looked painful. "Well, Cooter, it's been lovely, but I'm out for th' night." He turns away to leave, but finds himself stopping and looking back to the other ECO a moment later. Komnenos looks around a bit before muttering one last thing to his fellow ECO, then striding for the hatch.

Small as he is, Smalls is pretty damn hard to not notice. That shock of red hair is bouncing up and down with the rest of him, arms enthusiastically waving, all kinds of cheers coming out of his mouth. "Huzzah! You both were great!"

Epi's nose crinkles up as Castor goes down. "Well damn," she says, drooping a little. "I was hoping he'd win. But he DID put up a good fight!" That has her brightening. "I guess I'd better go soak now, before I start to hurt."

Gresham shrinks at the hit from Iggy to Castor. A nod given over and Cooter's turning to follow Komnenos out. "Yeah, yeah. I am too. I got some stuff I wanna do before I hit the rack..Like shower." Still the Ensign keeps an eye out onto Thorn, before he's nodding once more. "Thanks, man." That a little quieter, before he too is following suit through the hatch. "I mean it."

Tethys glances around and sits back, leaving the flask on the table. "Nice hits there, Nikos."

Puppy - 0 Kitty - 1, however a hand does come to Iggy as he says, "You too, though I think my stomach is going to hate takeoffs for the next week or so." Of he had any animosity toward Iggy there is not a hint of it in his voice. Again, as a voice is heard there is a grin which looks all the goofier with a mouth gaurd still in his mouth.

Kellin grins at Epi "Yeah he did at that" Nodding at Epi "Hey when you get done, that's if you don't mind company, I have some ointment that will help with the soreness"

From bloody Marine to pummeled pilot, Ninaza makes her way towards Leda. Like a record, with those clipped vowels and decided accent, "Are you in need of aid?"

Iggy squeezes Leda's hand as he stands. "Good match," she repeats quietly, then moves out of the way to allow the medic to come in to do her duty. "Thanks," she calls to Tethys, sliding out of the ring to get some ice for her poor jaw.

"Don't mention it." And from the look on Thorn's face, he really seems to mean 'don't mention it'. Or it could just be his usual abrasiveness setting in once again. "See you." With that, Komnenos shoots one last look to the ring as the Iggy/Castor bout ends, then he's gone.

Leda looks over at Ninaza, "Oh, all that I can get." He squeezes Iggy's hand back as well. As to his mouth, yup, there is some blood in there and his jaw is starting to swell a bit, oh and these lovely blacks and blues are forming underneath his shirt. He moves to go see Ninaza as he winces slightly. "PO, my flask, I'll need it."

Alyssa moves over to Nikos with a smile. "Nice fight, there. Need any help? He got a few good hits in."

Ambrose is on it. "Here you go, Iggs." Yes, Iggs. Hey, he's got an ice pack. "That was great. I hope you didn't hurt him too much. Shep seems like a good guy, y'know. Hey, stay put. I'm gonna see if I can scrounge you some booze."

Epi grins at Kellin and shakes her head. "Thanks, but I've got some from the last time," she tells him. "Catch you tomorrow at PT?"

Tethys nods, walks over and hands the flask to him with a large smile. "Good fight, flyboy. Looks like you're good for more than stick management afterall."

Kellin grins at Epi and nods "Count on it" He leans back a bit so he gets a better look at his friend "I might efven go easy on you since you'll likely be sore still"

Iggy gives Smalls a wry smile and shakes her head. "I…" And then he's off for booze. Sigh. The ice pack goes to her face and she shakes her head at Alyssa. "I'm doing ok, thanks," she says quietly. "Smalls'll take care of me."

Leda looks at Tethys, "Well, I've been training to fight marines but it looks like Booster there is a continder to take them down so it looks like I need to start training even harder."

Ninaza hands Castor a cold compress for his jaw. Then, with gentle diligence, the medic starts to examine the pilot, checking for anything broken, detached, dislocated, ruptured… well, the list goes on. With Nikos not needing a doc, perhaps Alyssa would like to give her professional opinion.

With that being said, Tombs is looking to his watch before he's checking the box one last time. "Alright we're callin it. Snag your tags- and clear on out. We got folks comin in to tear this down, so let's not linger. You can all give hjays to each other in the showers. Come on folks, let's move it." That being said the S2 is moving to slide out of the ring himself. Who knows, next time he might even put in. As it is he's called it. Let the lights clock out an people go home. This Fight Night is over, but there's always the next one.


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