PHD 237: Figure Shit Out
Figure Shit Out
Summary: Salazar & Tombs meet to discuss marine personnel.
Date: PH237 (11 Dec 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Security Hub
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #237
OOC Time: Fri Dec 11 22:00:28 2009

A pair of staggered desks flank the entrance, one occupied during most hours by a desk sergeant, and the other rotates between other personnel. In the back is a bank of monitors on the port wall in a 180 degree view. The arc of stacked flatscreens is under the watchful eye of an MP or three during most hours of the day, and recorded for review otherwise. These monitors are visible from the S2's desk (directly across on the starboard wall) and the station set just in front of them. One of the feeds always on display is a feed of the Brig. Other secure areas have been wired in since warday. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. An armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' and holds the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. A hatch midway through the room leads into the Small Arms Range.

Since his arrival and escort down from the bay by none other than Pickens, Tombs has: turned over his pistol to Brandy, poured himself a coffee, propped his ass on the S2's desk, and currently is lighting a cigarette. Nothing formal about the man, but then that should be something that the newly minted Lieutenant could expect by now, or should if their first meeting was enough to give anything over. However unlike last time-he is not pressed into tight blues or shit like that, instead the Lieutenant in the traditional green and khaki of the Marine corps.

Salazar has abandoned her usual rank-free broken down blacks for the marine duty uniform. She steps into the Sec Hub some time after the call went out that the Hestia's S2 boarded. She nods to Brandy, then moves in further, her eyes finding the Hestia's S2. "A little birdie told me you wanted to chat." She wears her sidearm holstered on her hip, and nods to the coffee. "Coffee?"

There's a faint look over towards Nikos, and Nate offers a faint nod back. "Well I would hope so. Y' know my callin' plan ain't so good for ship to ship. Was hoping you had sufficient warnin' this time." A grin there before he's pulling at his breast pocket for a rumpled pack of smokes. Extended, as a peace offering. "Already got mine, if you don' mind." A chuckle there. "Just wanted to pass my own condolences, over your Old Man." he'll let it hold silent for a bit. "Also wanted to talk all peaceful about th' godsdamned merger. See if we can figure shit out." Ahh nothing like Tombs' Aerelonian accent to make things right and homey.

Salazar smiles, and moves over to the coffee machine to pour one cup from the marine stash. "I had sufficient warning," she replies, settling the question as to whether she was making him wait on purpose. "I made my recommendations to Demitros already, but I'd be happy to discuss some personnel with you." She sniffs the coffee briefly before she moves over to sit on the CO's desk. She waves off the smokes. "I'll keep enough MPs to run security rotations on what's not sealed off due to the decreased personnel."

Tombs nods once, before he's bringing over his smokes to put right back into his pocket. Don't say he didn't offer or such. Still there's a deep drag, before that voice comes a long back with a good plume of grey smoke. "Well I ain't your Young Captain-or what is he now?" Yes he's in the know. "I just need to know if I am getting any trouble makers. Folks to look out for. Good NCO material for mixed squads…" A beat "Krauss should be doing this, but they got him all busy and what not." A shrug there. "Good. Course you need anything you can always reach us." a motion to the phone before he's going to take a drink of coffee.

"Lieutenant Colonel Demitros," Salazar replies, before she brings the coffee to her lips to taste it. "You'll want to keep an eye on Swift. He's had some personal problems. Good marine, but our shrink has been seeing him for some PTSD." She thinks for a moment, then notes, "Jarot, one of our demo experts, is a solid marine. Should be up for promotion any time. Barghest is quiet, but solid. Volker is coming back from a major injury, but is good with instruction in the range. Brand is a new recruit, mustered in when we picked up Cass. She was a dancer, but seems to be faring pretty well." She lowers the mug. "Cavalera is a colorful case, but he's solid on a mission. I trust him at my back despite the shadows in his jacket. Sometimes you might have to yank the leash to remind him it's there."

"There we go." a bit of movement before Tombs is reaching over to ash into an empty cup or such, before he's looking back to the Lieutenant. Names are heard and noted, but nothing is written down. "I'll be sure to see that he gets to know Chamberlain, our shrink on board-besides th' one he's used to." a twitch of his hand, which has him reaching to rub out the muscles in his palm. A muttered curse there, and eyes are back up. "I'll see how Jarot acclimates, before suggesting her to the Captain." a sniff there "Maybe get a fight night going, hep everyone feel the camaraderie. I run em over on our boat…So far good success." a chuckle there. "And Cavalera-take it he's one of the cons we're taking." which means he's been reading personnel files, but that would be his job. "A dancer- right. If she does her job, I'll be fine- and Barghest is th' tall blonde that can rip a man apart with her legs right?" Yeah he's got a good mind for faces.

Sal nods in response to the various questions from Tombs, affirming his suppositions regarding the new marines to the Hestia. "Ajtai isn't the brightest bulb in the pack, but he knows his way around heavy weapons. If he can keep his eyes on the mission, and off of, as another of his squaddies put it, 'searching out every IUD on the ship', he's a good man under fire." Salazar continues rattling off names and qualifications until she makes it most of the way down the line of transfers. No reviews are glaringly bad, but some are certainly more favorable than others. "Some of them are fairly new, and I haven't had a chance to really get a handle on them yet. Trip is one of the really new ones. Former Resistance. He aims to please, but spends a lot of time with his stoic face on. He over plays it a little, and it gets to reminding you of a stray dog eager to please his new master. Solid shooter. There's a chance he'll be sniper material one day." She sips again. "Captain Marek and I both suggested a fight night to mark the occasion. I think there should also be a celebration with booze."

"Well, we'll need to beef up a new S3. Our last feller was hospitalized, and our DI got freaking shot to bits on Solon II." one of the three that Salazar had the honor of bringing back to him. A shake of his head there for a second, as he continues to smoke quietly. Give it to Tombs to not talk a lot when he is learning about the Marines that are to come under his command. "If he breaks regs-Ajtai-I'll make sure to have him in hack, and his nose so far up my ass that he can tell me what I had for breakfast a week ago, in order to keep his hose under control. We have a lot more marines, and a lot more ass on our ship, than hear. Like hell I wanna have some enlisted Officer co-mingling because they feel it's twue wuv." A kiss of his teeth and with that he's reaching to down some more of that delicious marine country brew. Though he would argue this sludge tastes much akin to his own sludge. "Well, I'll treat him like a private outta boot-Trip. Keep him busy so he don' have time to brood. Hate for someone t' beat his ass with a sock and some soap, because he said th' wrong thing in the chance of pleasin' someone. Hell Krauss won't take it. And I'll get annoyed quicker than a whore with a gaggle of dicks pokin through a glory hole." long drag, followed by a smile. "You know, we got a rather decent still that our deck gangers run-plus a lot of contraband that I keep locked up." read confiscated amounts of booze. "So maybe a night of punchin, an dancing to loosen everyone's lips and shit."

Salazar takes a moment to take that all in. It's a lot to digest, as it were. Local color happening in marine country — nothing really new. "I'm confident my marines won't give you anything you can't handle. Once they leave my care, I take no reponsibility for their action, but I would be more than happy to knock some sense into them should any of them happen to finds a sore spot to poke. We have an understanding, you see." Part of the Nikos way of running things is through violence, and a strong sense of squad justice. "I'll probably be riding it out quietly over here, on this bucket, while you lot have all the fun over there. I hope you'll invite me over for all the best violence, though."

Tombs is quiet for a bit. It seems both S2's are of the mind to simply listen and then spiel for a bit. Ones to: digest their words before shittin them back out. All the same a small grin barely ticks up towards Salazar, as he finally is getting up and looking for an ash tray. Sharp eyes catching one over by the coffee pot, which has him heading over there to deal with that. "I'll be sure to invite you over..Kinda like this pilot I know, though you ain't Tauron." a shake of his head, and a grin. "And that's how I do it. I'd rather beat someone's ass then keep em in Hock. Sometimes a silent punch out goes a long distance more-than waiting some time in the cooler. Each has their place." A sigh there. "Sucks bein' the ones that know all the secrets and watches all the fires." And he's mving back for his coffee. "However, people are usually scared shitless of you. A bonus."

Salazar nods. She rests a hand on the edge of the desk, and looks over her own coffee mug at the S2. "There are certain perks of the job, that's for sure. There's no justice like marine justice." She grins a bit at that, and nods to the man. "Let me show you our firing range. We can talk more turkey over rounds on the line." She nods to the SAR, and then heads that way. "Maybe go over some plans for this Fight Night. You might want to bring extra medics…"

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