Ens. Wolfram "Fiver" Fulk
Guy Pearce
Guy Pearce as Wolfram Fulk
Name: Wolfram Fulk
Alias: Fiver
Age: 34
Hair & Eyes: Dark Brown/Grey
Faction: Navy
Position: Chaplain/Ensign
Colony: Gemenon
Play Times: Play Times
Timezone: Time Zone

Biographical Info


Born to a rural Choir teacher(his father) and a stay at home mother-Wolfram was the second son of four boys. His brother clearly marked to become a teacher like his dad- and his younger brothers has promising careers already planned out for them. Wolfram-(named for his grandfather) however would have none of this. Once done with his college year courses he went and enrolled into the Naval Academy- forgoing Seminary, (traditionally reserved for the second son in Gemenese culture), and went the additional step by promising to do a tour of duty as a pilot if accepted into the flight program.

His grades were adequate- and he graduated the middle of his class in Military history. However his scores for the Flight Program were perfect and he was shipped on to OCS, and to do his flight training at Tencher Air Base, on Caprica. needless to say Wolfram showed great aptitude for being a pilot- and passed, coming out as an Ensign and a Raptor driver. It would be on Tencher he would earn the callsign: Fiver, due to how many bounces it took for him to bring his bird in for a landing. None of them too gentle either.

After training was finished he was mustered out to the Bellerophon, there serving in the 107th Wing, Bronze Squadron(Longboats), doing recons and SAR's. However it would be during a routine training SAR over Tauron- that something would go amiss. He, and another Raptor with a small viper escort would be shot at from malcontent miners during on of their strikes, thinking the birds were from the local Tau Garrison. Despite that not being the case- the birds tried to pull out as quick as they could. The vipers would make it, but Fiver's Raptor would not. Taking a heavy hit, he was forced to crash land his bird in the mountains, and would be considered MIA for a week.

Later he would be found by local farmers with his damaged crew coming in, seeking shelter and to get a hold of Colonial forces. Despite his actions in the cockpit, and the fact that he didn't sustain any serious injury, Fiver was scarred from flying all together. Despite what they might try and due, they could not even get him into a cockpit, let alone a shuttle to move about. As such- he was medically discharged from the Navy, with the invitation to return if he ever worked things out.

Fiver would not, instead he would apply almost twelve months later to Seminary back home on Gemenon, and go through the process of becoming an ordained priest.

Here Fiver flourished at his classes, and showed great skill in his preaching and teaching of the scrolls. needless to say- it seemed that the gods had thrown Fiver through the fire only to have him come out a better Priest than he or anyone else could expect. When time for ordination came- he again surprised everyone and took to being ordained as a brother of Hermes- and then putting in his letter to the Head of the Chaplaincy board within the Navy. Maybe he didn't learn from the last time, he was in the navy- or maybe he was just a glutton for punishment. Either way he was approved and welcomed back with open arms, and was immediately stationed with a Marine platoon, that would see some ground work on Sagittaron- before being sent up to help guard DSS Ori.

On the Ori Fulk earned a reputation as a caring spiritual leader, and one that specifically got along with both marines and pilots-though for the pilots, he held his own special ministry. He started doing small rituals for the retiring pilots, as well as for those who lost wingmen in combat or by accident (He would present the wing man a stamped coin, with the wing of Hermes on it- as a momento for their fallen comrade to do with as they pleased). When warday occured, he was of some of the survivors saved from the station by the Hestia- and as soon as he was cleared by command he went right back to doing, what he does best. Serving pilots and the sailors of the ship.

He still continues his rituals for the fallen, but has added to sprinkling ashes from the morning 'sacrifice' on the flight deck if action is to occur that day. As such the wing sees him as a valuable member of the ship- and a good luck charm. He is there for all of them, and will do his best, for the Wing, and the Hestia.


  • Jaeger Fulk( Father)
  • Maren Fulk (Mother)
  • Koos Fulk (Older brother)
  • Piet Fulk (Younger brother)
  • Martin Fulk (Youngest Brother)


  • Naval Academy - Gemenon
  • OCS - Picon
  • Tencher Air Base, Flight Training. - Caprica
  • Mdiv. Our Lord of the Air, Seminary. - Gemenon.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • 1yr CBS Bellerophon - Raptor Pilot, Bronze Squadron
  • Chaplain Posting - DSS Ori

Distinguishing Features

  • Several tattoos
  • Gemenese accent.



  • Great Hugs
  • Theology
  • Preaching
  • First Aid
  • Counseling.
  • Guitar

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Fullname. Summary of relationship.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Come Together PH 248 members of the Hestia and the Kharon come together for a memorial service Hestia & Kharon personnel
Dinner Time In The Mess Hall PH 243 Fiver joins some pilots and marines for grub Kore, Castor, Kai, Cinder, & Epi.
F-bombs And Promises PH 242 Fiver marries Salazar and Kai Fiver, Kai, Salazar, & Eddie.
Dust PH 240 Fiver encounters Jericho in the chapel during a vigil. Fiver & Jericho
Flawed PH 239 Roubani and Fiver have a discussion on the downfall of man. Fiver & Roubani
Ferried To A Ferry By Fairies PH 230 Members of the Hestia help pilots of the Kharon With their dead.. Kai, Capriel, Fiver, Adriana, Legacy, Iggy, Dane, Ramses, Jericho, & Sito.




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