Friends or Enemies (foe). 1x1.5 inch color icons for your Known Associates pages. If you would like to use these for your page as well, please do. If you need one you do not see here, please +mail Nemesis on the game.

In order to add a FoE entry under your Known Associates tab, simply paste in the following and change the proper bits:

|| [[f<image foe/name.jpg link="Name"]] || **Fullname With Rank**. Blah blah blah blah omg my best friend blah. ||

|| [[f<image foe/parts.jpg link="Parts"]] || **Private Warren Parts**. Parts is da man. ||

This will display as:

Private Warren Parts. Parts is da man.

The 'name' bits in the image link always = the name of the charobj on the grid.
If you have any trouble with the formatting of your various wiki sections, don't hesitate to ask on the game!

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